Myths About Therapy That Are Preventing You From Living a Healthier Life

There are some people in the world that haven’t’ seen a doctor for the past few years because they deal with their pains and issues by waiting it out or taking over-the-counter medicine There are also some people in the world that rarely ever visit a dentist because their teeth haven’t fallen out yet.


These are the types of people that think of therapy as something that they’ll only resort to later in their lives or when they have a serious issue. However, misconceptions about therapy are often what leads people to live harder lives than they need to. One of the biggest problems with how we perceive therapy is due to people’s inexperience with it. Some of us think that therapy is only for mental issues, others think that therapy is just glorified talking and some consider therapy a complete waste of time.


So in order to help you out, we’ve gathered up some common myths about therapy in an attempt to debunk them and convince you to think of therapy as a way to help you no matter what problems you might have.


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  1. Therapy is a fancy way of talking


It’s true that a lot of talk goes into therapy. In fact, some people even think of therapy as a glorified way of talking and most of it is common sense. For instance, if you don’t get enough exercise and you’re seeing a therapist about your health issues, then they may link your lack of exercise with your current health state. While this sounds really simple and obvious, it doesn’t mean that your therapist can’t suggest further improvements to help you out. Don’t forget that therapists are trained professionals that understand their field inside out, so although therapy involves a lot of talking, none of it is wasted and many of the things your therapist says will be beneficial to your understanding of a certain condition.


  1. Therapy is only for serious mental issues


Therapy isn’t just for mental conditions. Therapy can be an effective way to prevent mental issues from happening later in someone’s life, and it’s applicable to all stages of your lifestyle. Therapy also doesn’t have to be restricted to mental issues. For instance, Action Spine & Joint is a physical therapist that specialises in dealing with joint and back pain. Even if you’re currently only experiencing a little pain, it doesn’t mean that therapy can’t help you in the future by teaching you about your body and its limitations.


  1. Therapists only act like your friend for their job


Therapists work based on trust. No matter what condition you have, you need to communicate with your therapist in order to give them the information they need to help you treat your condition. Therapists need to go further than just being your friend in order to do their job correctly, and they usually provide you with a phone number or other contact details that you can use in order to stay in touch.


Therapists can help treat a wide range of different issues, but only if you’re willing to open your mind to them and trust them with your private information.

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