Life After Addiction: How To Move Forward

The decision that you made six months, a year or two years ago has led to this moment in your life. You chose to admit that you had an addiction, sought professional help and embarked on a new chapter in your life. The feelings of hopelessness and emptiness that had dogged you for years have been replaced by optimism and anticipation. You are nervous about what life after rehabilitation has in store for you and feel worried that you may slip into the depths of addiction again. Although daunting, the hard part of your journey is complete and it’s time that you congratulated yourself before venturing down a new path of discovery. Have a look at this advice to guide you on how to move forward after addiction.


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Keep Perspective


Remember, it was not so long ago that you used to wake up and your first thought was on which horse you were going to place the first bet of the day, what alcoholic beverage you were going to enjoy before 9 am or how you were going to fund your high that morning. That mindset seems alien to you now, but you may be at a loss as to what to replace it with.


Take it slow and don’t rush yourself. Enjoy feeling your way into your new life and develop a routine at your own pace. It may be a good idea to have a friend that you can call first thing each morning just to touch base, say hey and talk about anything that may be troubling you. You need to make some readjustments to your life and begin to enjoy finding a new way of living.


Stay Away From Temptation


The most important thing that you can do when you leave any treatment program is to cut all ties from your life of addiction. This means people that were a negative influence on you in the past. These people, who you once thought of as friends and that you may still care about, are not ready to seek help yet and will bring you back down to their level should you contact them.


Think about what you would like to do now. Are there any hobbies that you would like to take up now that you are clean and sober? Maybe you’d like to explore your flair for art and take up a painting class. Perhaps you fancy learning a new language or joining a sports club. These activities are a great way to meet new people and open your eyes to what other joys and thrills life has to offer.


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Get Healthy


You’ve already kicked an unhealthy habit so now it’s time to build upon that and maintain your newfound good health. If joining a gym isn’t your thing, spend as much time outdoors as possible. The natural daylight and fresh air will invigorate you. You can walk, jog or hike to explore new areas. Rambling clubs or outings with friends are another way of enjoying the outdoors.


As well as exercising, focus on your diet. Cut out the refined sugars and fats and strive for a more balanced diet. The food that you put into your body can dictate your mood, energy levels, and concentration, not to mention your weight. By eating well, you will look better and feel better.


Catching A Relapse Before It Occurs


You may find yourself at times thinking about your life before recovery. For some reason, you may consider taking a step backward. Before you give into this thought, make contact with the specialists at your recovery center to talk through your issues. They will not leave you to fend for yourself after your treatment and will be there to support you when you are moving forward post rehabilitation.


By addressing any negative thoughts early, you will be able to make minor adjustments to your mindset that will see you back on the right path after a blip. Deviations will occur, but it’s how you manage them that counts. You will always have an addictive personality, but you are now armed with the toolkit to enable your rational thought processes to take charge and keep addiction at bay.


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Look To The Future


There was once a time when you couldn’t look beyond the next few hours because your addiction was all-consuming and did not allow anything else to enter your headspace. Now, you are encouraged to look beyond the next day, week and month and start planning for the future. When you have found new activities to explore, slipped into a stable routine and have successfully reconnected with friends and family, you will be proud of all that you have achieved on your road to recovery.


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