Self-Worth Starts With Loving The Person In The Mirror

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We’re pretty sure you’ll gently nod your head when we say having poor body image is horrible. You don’t like the only body you’ll ever going to have. That is a horrible realization to hold and live with. What you may not have come to realize, however, is just how much of an impact this low self-esteem of yours is having on your quality of life. That may sound rather melodramatic and overly-exaggerated to you, but it isn’t. Self-confidence is what gives us self-worth, and self-worth is what we measure ourselves by. It is the thing that says we are good enough to achieve our goals and the thing that tells us where to set the bar when it comes to deciding on our goals. In short, your low level of self-esteem is what’s telling you that you aren’t good enough when what you need to be shouting into the mirror is that you are. You are more than good enough and you have everything you could possibly need to make your dreams become reality.


Unfortunately, despite what Gandhi said about a few drops of water in the ocean, just a few negative thoughts dropped into your day can begin to intensify quicker than the emotions of a Big Brother contestant. A few negative thoughts about body image can lead to crippling anxiety, unbearable depression and, yeah, you withdrawing on a social level.


That is why we have come up with a few little tips that can help you to fall in love with your body and start to strut down the street like you are Beyonce. Confidence comes from within, and it outshines any outfit you can ever pull on. So let’s go.


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Confidence Is The Sexiest Outfit Ever

We had to start with this because we dropped a little hint toward it above, and it is absolutely right. We all know someone that isn’t conventionally good-looking, not by beauty magazine standards anyway, yet they still manage to turn heads every time they walk into the room and have everyone in place gravitate towards them. Why? Because confidence is so damn attractive. It is like a magnet. Look at Jay Z. He’s hardly an Adonis, yet he is one of the coolest men on the planet. Period. That’s because he oozes confidence. What’s the lesson here? If you can love the way you look, then so will everyone else. How do you do this after weeks, months and years of self-belittlement? Simple: you start by faking it until you make it. Don’t walk past a large shop window and look at yourself in a negative way, picking out all the little things you hate about yourself. Tell yourself you are beautiful. Put some earphones in, pop on The Prodigy’s Stand Up, let it put a spring in your step and tell yourself that you are god damn gorgeous. The more you do this, the more it will become second nature. We promise.


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Express Yourself A Little (Or A Lot)

When your body confidence is so low it’s crashing into the rocks at the bottom of a metaphorical cliff, one of the first things that takes a major hit is your style. You start to wear things that will hide your body. Don’t do this. Instead, start dressing to suit your shape. We all have parts of our body that we loathe and wish we could change. But we also have those little bits that we like, those favorite parts, and those are the things you should start showing off a little more and start accentuating. You’ll be amazed by how a little revamp of your wardrobe can pick you up. Just buying a few pieces that make you feel comfortable with who you are and that little bit more stylish can go a seriously long way. In fact, it is worth doing anything that will make you a little more confident. Screw what society says, if it will boost your self-esteem it is worth doing. If a little bit of consumerism will help, indulge. If you’ve been contemplating plastic surgery, then go and find more information at If a massage is going to lift your spirits, then who is there to tell you otherwise, the same goes for a new hair style. There is a lot of pressure on women to just enjoy what they’ve got and, to a degree, that’s right. But there is nothing wrong with expressing yourself and doing whatever it is that will lift your spirits. Like we said, body confidence can lead to you achieving your dreams. So pamper yourself, treat yourself and, if you want to change the bits you really don’t like, go and change them.


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Runaway From Social Media

This whole idea of comparing ourselves to others is one of the most unhealthy and unhelpful things you can do, especially if you are suffering from self-esteem issues. But that is exactly what social media promotes. Facebook is bad enough because we start comparing our behind-the-scenes footage with other people’s exaggerated highlight reels, forgetting the content isn’t reality. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Then there is Instagram, which encourages you to pit yourself against supermodels, Instagram-models, and just genetically blessed people in terms of society’s standards, all of which have been manufactured by fashion powerhouses. Basically, don’t get swept up in any of this stuff. Don’t compare your life to theirs, and don’t let yourself think about how amazing they look. Just focus on you. Concentrate on loving you. And if that means deleting the Facebook and Instagram apps off your phone they do it. Use the time you would spend scrolling and comparing to read things that could actually help. Go to and look at this list of books that could help, of which our favourite is How To Build Self-Esteem and Be Confident. You are judging yourself too harshly, and social media isn’t helping.


Getting hung up on the way you look is about as unhelpful as anything can get, especially when we only have a limited amount of time to enjoy who we are. That’s why it is so important that you make a drastic effort to overcome your negative body image. The perfect body is a made-up thing. What isn’t, however, is the need to accept and appreciate this amazing body of yours. Yes, your body, the one you have now, the one you will have always, is amazing, you just need to realize that. Then you can start enjoying it more.

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