Swim Your Way To A Better Body Today

(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/2jShZra)


As you’re aware, there are plenty of things you can do to get fit and improve your body. Typically, you’ve got two different types of exercise you should be doing to get as fit as possible and see great results. On the one hand, you should try strength training to help build muscle and get stronger. Then, you should add in some cardio training for more of a fat loss effect.


When it comes to cardio, different people all have their preferences. A lot of people choose to run or cycle to get fit. Having said that, there’s one activity that stands out above the rest; swimming.


That’s right, swimming is the ultimate activity if you want a better body, and need to get fit. So, I thought it would be beneficial to show you how to get into swimming and why it’s so good for you.


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Tips To Start Swimming

My first advice would be to find a swimming pool that has actual swimming lanes where you can do lengths. You don’t want to go to a pool that’s just full of kids and people having fun. There needs to be a place for you to take it a bit seriously and swim lengths back and forth. Most leisure centers provide this.


Secondly, to make life easier for yourself, I suggest you wear the right gear. Try and find a proper swimsuit that’s skin tight, so it doesn’t weigh you down or offer resistance. You could also get one of the swim caps sold by places like Swimcapz to stop your hair getting everywhere and disrupting your rhythm. Not only does the right gear make it easier to swim, but it will also make you more comfortable.


To begin swimming, my advice is that you focus on swimming for as long as you can. Swim back and forth until your body forces you to stop. Then, have a little rest and go again.  Do this for half an hour/ forty-five minutes, and you’ve got a good workout in. Another idea you can use on different days is to set yourself a distance and try to swim it in the fastest time possible. Then, keep trying to beat it on different days and get the time down lower and lower. Both of these ideas will help improve your fitness and burn loads of calories.


(Link to picture: http://bit.ly/2uIEG5o)

Health & Fitness Benefits Of Swimming

How can swimming benefit your body?


  • Burns loads of calories: Swimming involves using multiple muscles all at once which helps you burn loads of calories and lose body fat.


  • Strengthens core muscles: When you swim, your muscles are fighting against water resistance. This means they work very hard and can get stronger. Especially your core muscles such as your abs, legs, lower back, and glutes.


  • Low-risk of injuries: If you run or cycle, you’re putting a lot of pressure on some of your joints. This can cause injuries to your knees, hips, or ankles if you keep doing these activities. With swimming, there’s almost no impact on your joints, meaning you can get fit without worrying about injuries.


In summary; swimming is a fantastic activity to add to your fitness regime. I suggest you start doing it and swim your way to a better body!


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