5 Reasons To Shop Around For Medical Treatment

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We shop around for holidays. We shop around for furniture. But few of us shop around for medical treatment. There can be great advantages to doing your research before committing to a particular clinic or prescription. Here are just five reasons to shop around for healthcare.

You can avoid previous treatments that didn’t work

Not every form of treatment works for everyone, particularly when it comes to medicine for mental illnesses. Shopping around could allow you to find an alternative option. For example, Ibogaine treatment for heroin addiction has worked for many as an alternative to commonly prescribed naxalone. There are then holistic medicines such as St. Johns Wort for depression and ginkgo for slowing down dementia.

You could save costs

The costs of procedures aren’t fixed. Certain hospitals may have more high tech scanning and monitoring machinery, which may result in more expensive treatment rates. As for medicine this is easy to lower the cost of by shopping around. Most people will automatically opt for big well-known brands when there could be smaller independent brands out there that are just as effective but cheaper.

The risk could be lower

Surgery risks are generally calculated on a nationwide basis, meaning that you’ll be given the same stats from one hospital to another. However, this could be untrue in some cases. A specialist doctor within your area of surgery such as a specialist heart surgeon may be able to provide a better success rate due to their greater experience and more specialist resources for the job. Some people may even look at lists of best rated surgeons/clinics around the world in order to minimise risk.

Meanwhile, in terms of medicine, hypoallergenic alternatives may be needed if you’ve previously had a bad reaction to particular prescription drug

You could jump the queues

If you want to jump the waiting list for an appointment, travelling to another clinic other than your local one could be an option. There are many specialist private clinics abroad that specialise in providing low waiting periods for patients. In serious cases such as needing a new heart, this could be an option for ensuring that you get treatment in time.

You may get better quality care

If you’re not too worried about the cost, shopping around private clinics might be able to ensure a better quality of care in terms of more individual attention and a more comfortable setting. You may even want to travel abroad and stay in a luxury hospital (such people are known as ‘medical tourists’). You may even be able to spend some of your recovery lying on a beach. Such treatment is expensive and not for everyone.


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