Aging And Health, How To Keep Up!

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No one wants to get old, but the fact of human life is that we do! Everyone gets old eventually, and during this time it’s very important to keep ontop of your health. As you get older your immune system starts to deteriorate, and your bones become more brittle so you have to account for these things. It can be hard to know what to look out for and what not to, but if you carry on reading you’ll know 


As mentioned in the paragraph above, as you get older your bones become more brittle and are easier to break, and this is because our bone density begins to drop. This is caused by the lowered production of collagen in our body, which is a protein that is used to create more bone cells. With less collagen in our body, our bones become more brittle because we cannot keep maintaining their mass. This can be combatted effectively by specific exercises that stimulate bone growth. Exercises that involve a lot of bone jolting are incredibly good for countering the loss of bone mass because it actually stimulates the growth of more bone cells, which gives you more mass and therefore prevents the problem. There is a huge range of exercises you can do that are specifically designed for this, but they aren’t stand alone treatments so if it is becoming a major problem for you, go see a doctor!


As you age, you’ll begin to notice things like cellulite and stretch marks that appear on your  body, but don’t fret! These are naturally occurring and don’t have any bearing on your health whatsoever, but they can impact your confidence a lot. These things can be easily removed or their effect made less visible by using products like bio-oil that help to revitalize the skin in the area, meaning you don’t have to look at the marks anymore so you can feel healthier with your body!


Your digestive system’s effectiveness often decreases with age too, but like everything we can combat it. Your body will need increased amounts of fiber and probiotics that live in your gut, as well as an increased amount of fruit and veg to make sure your stomach cells have got enough nutrients to keep them going! If your stomach cells are happy then your stomach will be too, which means that you’ve got one less thing to worry about.

Doing all of these things will keep the horrors of aging away from you for as long as possible! You’ll not have to worry about slipping over and breaking a hip because your bones will be as strong as ever because of your exercises, your skin will be smooth and supple so you can feel confident as you grow older, and your stomach will be marching on strongly to serve you well for years to come. Of course if you’re going to be exercising there are going to be a few things you’re going to need, so look at this to get you started!

The Gifts That Really Say Something

There’s a big occasion coming up. A really big occasion. Something like a special anniversary, one of your best friend’s big birthdays, or someone’s first Christmas since they’ve moved back from wherever they went. In times like these, the normal perfunctory gift just isn’t going to cut it. You need to get more thoughtful, you need to make the gift really say something and have a value beyond its price tag. So, what do you go for? That’s what we’re going to figure out together, now.


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Making the look

It’s not always the right choice, but if you really know someone’s style, then getting them just that little extra touch to their wardrobe can really be heartwarming. If you get a best friend an accessory that completes their outfit, for instance, it shows that you really do know and appreciate them. If you get your man a pair of fancy cufflinks, it’s a way of demonstrating his value, that you appreciate how good he looks in them. Of course, you can make some bad choices with these gifts, too. If you get your best friend a perfume or a skin cream, it might send across the message you think they smell or have bad skin. So, do be careful.

A language all its own

When it comes to gifts that communicate, then the gift of communication itself can sometimes have a far great emotional impact than anything. Love notes, gratitude letters, and the like give you the time to really compose yourself and hit those seriously sentimental points in detail. However, expressing it without words can sometimes be the more poetic and beautiful way to go. Carefully coordinated flower delivery bouquets do more than sending a message, of course. They create a beautiful, bright and pleasant-smelling reminder of the day that they can keep in their home well after they first receive them.


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Something that’s really from you

It requires more effort, but it’s often cheaper to give them a handmade gift. The budget option might fit you if your finances are stretched pretty tight, but no-one can deny the value of a gift that you spent real time to make. Plus, you get the chance to customize it, including little heartfelt touches and inside jokes that make it truly from you to them.

Experiences, not things

Some of the most memorable gifts aren’t really about the physical qualities of them. Rather, they’re about the experiences linked to them. If you can provide an unforgettable experience, then you’re creating something with real meaning. That might mean concert tickets, it might mean a day out for afternoon tea, a spa trip, or even just a Blu-Ray of a film you think your special person would really love. It’s about more than something they can get a use out of; it’s sharing a special experience with them. We focus on new material goods a lot in life, but it’s been found that we value experiences and memories infinitely more.

The real benefit of all the gifts above is psychological, more than practical. It sends a message that is going to resound much longer than the gift itself. When you achieve that, you know you’ve really hit the mark.


How Busy Working People Can Maintain Good Physical Health

There are many articles on this blog that offer fitness and health advice to adults. However, some people don’t have enough time during their busy working days to visit the gym. They can’t find a spare half an hour to jog around the streets in their local area. So, how do those individuals avoid illnesses and maintain good physical health? Well, it’s often wise for people in that position to think outside of the box. With that in mind, there are some tips and ideas on this page that might come in handy. Readers should use them to gain some inspiration and ensure they don’t let things slip. We all know what can happen if people fail to care for their bodies.



Invest in office blood circulation equipment

There are lots of tools and devices people can use to ensure sitting at a desk doesn’t damage their health too much. Most of those products are designed to boost blood circulation. There are foot stools anyone can use that have pedals created to reduce incidences of stiff ankles and ensure the blood can flow properly. Experts recommend that people working in an office should get up from their desks and walk around for ten minutes every hour. However, that isn’t realistic in most instances. So, under-desk devices that keep the joints moving and the blood flowing are a godsend.



Take supplements and specialist dietary aids

People who work in offices could always benefit from taking supplements, vitamins, and dietary aids. That is because they spend most of their time sitting down under artificial lighting. So, people in that position should increase their intake of:

  • Vitamin A – plays a role in the growth and development of several systems in the body.
  • Vitamin B – a nutrient that helps keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy. 
  • Vitamin C – a water-soluble vitamin and powerful antioxidant.
  • Vitamin D – helps the body to absorb calcium.
  • Folic Acid – helps the body produce and maintain new cells.
  • Calcium – helps in the process of building bones and keeping them healthy 

Programs like Le Vel Thrive have proven to work well in many instances. However, it’s vital the individual performs a lot of research before opting for something like that. Some programs are better than others, and some are just designed to make money. So, it’s essential for individuals to understand the nature of the process before they invest.



Use a bicycle for the commute to and from work

Busy workers often struggle to find the time to visit a gym. Still, that doesn’t mean they have to avoid exercise altogether. If people decided to start out for work an hour early every morning, most folks could use a bicycle for the commute. That will help to get the heart pumping, and it could also assist with elevated concentration levels in the office. Bicycles aren’t expensive to purchase these days, and most people could buy them online for next to nothing. Indeed, lots of charity shops stock those items too! The health benefits of cycling include:



Consume a healthy diet as much as possible

All workers should try to maintain healthy eating as much as possible. That is the case, even if the individual takes a lot of vitamins and supplements. Finding time to prepare healthy meals can seem like hard work. However, it’s possible to reduce preparation times if the individual cooks in bulk. They can then freeze separate meals and consume them as and when required. Fruits and vegetables are important, but people also need a suitable level of carbohydrates. So, perform some research and plan the shopping list accordingly. Some of the healthiest foods include: 

  • Fruits and berries
  • Eggs
  • Meats
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Vegetables
  • Fish and seafood
  • Grains
  • Legumes

There are hundreds of thousands of recipes online that anyone could try. Some of them only take a few minutes to prepare, and that’s excellent news for busy individuals.

After reading all that information, people who work long hours should find themselves in a better position. Now it’s just a case of putting that advice into action and altering the individual’s routine as soon as possible. Those who spend hours sitting down at a desk every day stand a much higher chance of developing many illnesses. So, it’s imperative that everyone spend some time thinking about their physical health. When all’s said and done, we only have one body, and it would be a shame if it wears out earlier than it should. Good luck!

6 Essential Fitness Items That Everyone Needs

In the world of fitness, it can seem that everything is necessary, from finding a gym membership to signing to the latest HIIT training classes. In reality, when it comes to the kind of physical activities you choose to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, you are the one who set the trends and the go-to places. That being said, it doesn’t mean that there is not essential fitness items and trends that you need to make your journey to a better you. But, contrary to what most magazines seem to imply, these items and essential tips have nothing to do with finding the best Hollywood coach for a dream body or trying unhealthy diet just to drop a dress size. Your fitness essentials are the allies of your workouts and your efforts. With them, you can embrace the fitness path with your mind at peace.


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#1. The right pair of shoes

Let’s start with the obvious one: Except for certain types of activities such as yoga and swimming, you will always need a pair of sports shoes for your workouts. Not two people need the same shoes are we are all built differently, so it’s best not to follow your best friend’s recommendations on this subject. What you can do, though, is check the online reviews for workout apparel on These guys take the time to test every single object in the fitness field and to explain what each body type needs. Beware: Quality sports shoes can be expensive, but they are worth it. Nobody likes to train with painful shoes!


#2. The indispensable mat

You may not be a yoga fanatic, but yoga is a great activity for your recovery day and to improve your overall balance. On, you’ll find useful advice on how to pick the perfect yoga mat and how to find a great beginners’ class. A yoga mat might seem like a waste of money at first, but it’s an item that you can use for your home workouts too. It doesn’t have to be yoga; you can use it to hold a plank, for instance. It’s the kind of things that can make a great deal of difference and bring a lot of comfort to your workouts.

Pink mat


#3. Sports underwear

Everybody who is interested in sports needs sports underwear. There is no way that you can train if you’re wearing standard everyday lingerie or if you’ve opted for your sexy ensemble. It’s just not comfortable and, it’s ruining your workout – especially if you need to stop regularly to pull on your pants or your bra. WomensHealthMag has produced a helpful article to review the different kind of sports underwear and how to pick the one for you. As a rule of the thumb, you should have enough items for each day you train in the week.


#4. A leakproof water bottle

Whether you choose an outdoor activity or you join the local gym, you need a sports water bottle. It’s important to keep hydrated as you train, and consequently, you shouldn’t get exercice if you can’t drink, especially if you decide to run in the heat, for example. The main issue with water bottles is that not all leakproof bottles are designed to keep your gym bag dry. A lot of them do leak water if they are inclined at the wrong angle, even if they’re shut. In short, do your research before you buy your bottle.


#5. A headband that keeps your hair in place

If you’ve got long hair or medium-long, then you are probably aware of the struggle to keep your pony in place as you train. Keeping your hair off your face during your sweat session might sound like a fashion problem, but it is a real struggle for fitness adepts. A headband is always a great way of keeping your hair away from your face and absorbing the sweat at the same time.

Yanina Wickmayer’s headband


#6. A tracker that tells you how your body is doing

There are plenty of fitness trackers on the market. But if you are really interested in your fitness journey, you need to pick a tracker that can monitor your activity, your sleep cycles, your monthly cycles and your breathing. You want the full package so that you can see the big picture. Improving your fitness levels doesn’t always mean beating your time. It could mean sleeping better or getting regular periods. Think of your body as a whole.


At the end of this list, from the fitness shoes to the all-in-one tracker, there is only one thing missing to complete your fitness journey: Friends to share it with.


How To Fake It, Naturally


When it comes to the world of beauty, there is so much to take in it can all feel a bit much. With lotions and potions, treatments and procedures, you can often feel like there’s a lot to take on. Then there’s also the look you want to go for. Sometimes you can see some of the more out-there beauty looks and want to run for the hills. But you don’t have to. And although your self-worth is not based on how you look, you can feel better in yourself when you get your beauty down. If you want to feel your most natural self, but with a little help from the beauty world, here are a few tricks on how to achieve that.


Go Up A Shade


First of all, you may want to think about your tanning options. Although laying out in the sun for hours is unhealthy for your skin, a natural sun-kissed glow always looks good. So fake it. Try out a few different tanning products and see if you can find a shade and an application method that works for you. With your skin a slightly darker shade, you may feel that you look healthier and feeling more confident overall.


Get Things In Line


Next, let’s talk about teeth. Smiling is something you should feel confident with, but when your teeth aren’t in line, it can make you feel uncomfortable. So do something about it. There are lots of options that can help you to get straighter teeth, some of them will be more expensive than others, but you should be able to find a solution that suits you. Then, you’ll still be naturally you, just a straighter version.


Get Some Length


Now we’ll move on to hair. For most people, hair is like a safety blanket. It makes up a huge part of who you are, so you want it to look right. If you’re not happy with your hair shape, why not think about adding in some length? With Remy human hair extensions you can get a longer look but in a natural way as the hair is real. Plus, you’ll also get more volume to work with too.


Go Semi-Permanent


Another beauty solution you could consider is permanent makeup. It’s actually a semi-permanent solution that can last a year or two and will give you filled out brows, eyeliner, and even lipliner. So it will save you from applying makeup every day. You could also do the same with lash extensions if you want a complete makeup look, but naturally.


Get In Shape


Finally, the last thing you may want to think about faking for a natural finish is your body shape. If you’re uncomfortable in your own skin, it can affect your confidence. But when you learn to dress for your body shape, accentuate your features, and downplay the parts you don’t look, it will give you the biggest confidence in the most natural of ways – without having to change anything about your body.


Fantastic Fashion Gifts Which Won’t Fall Flat

Buying clothes or fashion accessories as gifts is always a risk. Fashion is, after all, a personal matter. Even when we think we have a good grasp on what someone likes, they can surprise us. And, we’ve all been on the receiving end of a clothing gift which fails to hit the mark.

But, if you have a fashion fanatic friend, it seems a shame to skip the massive gift potential of their love. If fashion is their favorite thing, no other gift will make them as happy. It’s a dilemma, and a difficult one to get around. But, with a bit of clever thinking, there’s no reason fashion gifts have to be off the cards forever. These suggestions should ensure your fashion foray pays off.

Shopping Trip Suggestions


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The chances are, you and your fashion conscious friend go clothes shopping together often. So, they probably won’t think anything’s amiss if you suggest a shopping trip in the lead up to their birthday.

But, while they think this is the same as any other trip, you can get your detective head on. When shopping with other people, we get the ideal opportunity to understand the ins and outs of their style. Take note, not only of what they pick up but also what they say about it. Most of the time, we self-censor while shopping. So, the chances are they won’t buy every item they like. If you listen hard enough, you’ll be able to return to buy the things that didn’t quite make it into their shopping cart.

It’s also worth taking this opportunity to get an idea of their size if you aren’t sure. Buying something that’s the wrong size could potentially ruin your thoughtful gift.

A Personal Touch

We all love a personal touch, especially when it comes to fashion. As such, you can’t go wrong with personalized pieces as gifts. The thought behind presents like these ensures they win a place in the heart of anyone who receives them. And, keeping things simple means they can work with any style. Something like these engravable bar necklace options are neutral enough to work with most outfits. You can be sure that a piece like this will become a staple of anyone’s style. Similarly, you could personalize bracelets, bag chains, and even earrings.

The Personal Shopper Experience


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So, you want to cater for your friend’s love of fashion without actually buying them clothes? There is, after all, a lot of risk involved. And, wouldn’t it be better to let them buy something they picked for themselves?

Most people following this train of thought would opt for gift cards. But, we’d advise against it. In many ways, gift cards reek of no effort. Instead, you could go down the alternative route of a personal shopper. In most cases, you pay for the shopper and invest a certain amount of money for your friend to spend. It’s an amazing experience that is sure to be a once in a lifetime!

Bringing the Joy Back into Photography

Photography is one of the most wonderful hobbies in the world. It’s an activity that can make precious memories for you, it’s one that can take you around the world and it’s something relaxing that you can do without stressing your body and mind too much. Like any art, photography can be expressive as well. The types of pictures you take can really define you, and there’s always a chance of turning it into a lucrative career if you’re dedicated to your craft.


Sadly, photography can take a lot of your time due to the travelling it involves to get some of the most breathtaking shots, and it can also be expensive due to the equipment you need and how much you’ll end up paying in travel fees. But whether you’ve put down your camera in favour of other hobbies or because you can no longer afford it, here are a couple of ways to give yourself the motivation to pick up photography again.




Give yourself a reason to travel again


Photography and travelling go hand-in-hand. Photographers are always looking for new places to snap up some beautiful landscape pictures, or backdrops where they can photograph friends and loved ones to create priceless memories that you can keep forever. Take inspiration from photographers such as Peter Lik, one of the most prominent landscape photographers who makes a serious living from his beautiful pictures. Those types of photographs can only be achieved by being in the right place at the right time, which is why travelling is such a wonderful companion to photography. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to get out more and travel, then use photography as an excuse—get out there, explore and find something amazing to snap a picture of.


See beauty in everything


Photographers have a keen eye for beauty. When you’re a photographer, you appreciate the finer details in life and your surroundings which can seriously boost your mood and give you a positive outlook on life. Those flowers and trees you walk past on your way to work are no longer ignored when you’re a photographer. You’ll see beautiful plants and you may even stop by to take a couple of amazing pictures. It’s this ability to see smaller details and appreciate things in life that will ultimately improve your mood, boost your mental health and even slow down life so you can enjoy it to its fullest.


Give yourself new job prospects


Becoming a photographer is something that can be done in your spare time. After all, you aren’t expected to set up an expensive photo shooting room and you probably won’t need an expensive DSLR to start up your photography career again. As a result, it’s something that you can do without having to heavily invest, meaning that it opens up alternate job opportunities even while you’re still working a full-time job. Here are a couple of ideas on how you can earn an income with simple photography:



  • Selling stock photographs – there are many places to give away stock photographs as royalty free, but if you have a particularly good collection of images then you may want to actually sell them on the internet. Stock photographs are used for everything from articles to blogs and even publications, which is why they’re always in demand.
  • Writing and selling a book – as a photographer, you’ll likely do a lot of travelling. Because of this, you can write comprehensive books about various countries or destinations and include your beautiful photographs in the book.
  • Selling prints – if you prefer to keep the ownership of your photographs, then why not sell prints? You can sell the pictures in frames, you can sell them attached to bags or shirts and you could even sell merchandise with your pictures as the theme.





Motivating yourself to try again


It can be difficult trying to motivate yourself to take up a hobby after dropping it due to time or money constraints, but photography can be an incredibly fun hobby to take up if you’re after something that gives you an excuse to travel and can make you see the world from a different perspective. It can start from something as simple as taking a picture of your children and capturing their younger memories, or it could begin when you go on holiday and soak in all of the beautiful sights and scenery that the world has to offer.

A Gap In Your Knowledge: Preventing Age-Related Memory Problems


There are so many things that we have to be concerned about as we approach old age and it’s not just our physical faculties declining with every passing decade. But the focus in recent years on our mental faculties with regards to diseases like Alzheimer’s and age-related dementia means that we have a lot more to be concerned about now. And while a lot of people are told that there isn’t much you can do about it, there has been research to show that you can prevent your risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s by implementing some of the following into your life.


A Healthy Diet

A lot has been spoken about the impact of a healthy diet on your brain. In degenerative brain conditions like Alzheimer’s or dementia it is suggested that inflammation can inhibit communication between the brain cells. A lot of health organizations speak about the importance of a healthy diet to prevent these types of illnesses but it’s important to distinguish between what type of dementia you or a loved one could potentially suffer from. A type of dementia like Lewy Body dementia is one such type with no known cure at this moment in time, but you can find out more from if you are concerned that you may be suffering from this specific type of dementia especially if preventative measures aren’t working.


Stimulate Your Brain

This is a vital part of preventing any cognitive decline from something like memory loss all the way through to serious conditions like Alzheimer’s. It’s shown that people who continue to learn new things throughout their life are less likely to develop dementia or Alzheimer’s and you can stimulate your brain in many different ways. You can play strategy games or puzzles to give yourself a mental workout, and you can find plenty of games on to stretch the various parts of the brain. You could also do something more enjoyable like learn an instrument or a foreign language or indulge in new habits.


Exercise Regularly

It has been shown that physical exercise has a massive impact on your brain and regular exercise can reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s by 50%. While you can do exercise routines like strength and weight training or cardio but at the very least you should aim for 150 minutes exercise at a moderate intensity. It’s also important to introduce coordination exercises that will help you to improve your balance and keep you more agile as it’s been shown that head injuries can contribute to your risk of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia. Give yoga or tai chi a go or try different exercises with balance balls.


These three lifestyle changes in conjunction with cutting down on stress and improving your sleep quality as well as engaging in more social activities will help to cut down on the risk of developing these diseases. It isn’t a nice thing if we see someone we love go through this but with the right changes to our lifestyle we can prevent this before it is too late.


Self-Worth Starts With Loving The Person In The Mirror

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We’re pretty sure you’ll gently nod your head when we say having poor body image is horrible. You don’t like the only body you’ll ever going to have. That is a horrible realization to hold and live with. What you may not have come to realize, however, is just how much of an impact this low self-esteem of yours is having on your quality of life. That may sound rather melodramatic and overly-exaggerated to you, but it isn’t. Self-confidence is what gives us self-worth, and self-worth is what we measure ourselves by. It is the thing that says we are good enough to achieve our goals and the thing that tells us where to set the bar when it comes to deciding on our goals. In short, your low level of self-esteem is what’s telling you that you aren’t good enough when what you need to be shouting into the mirror is that you are. You are more than good enough and you have everything you could possibly need to make your dreams become reality.


Unfortunately, despite what Gandhi said about a few drops of water in the ocean, just a few negative thoughts dropped into your day can begin to intensify quicker than the emotions of a Big Brother contestant. A few negative thoughts about body image can lead to crippling anxiety, unbearable depression and, yeah, you withdrawing on a social level.


That is why we have come up with a few little tips that can help you to fall in love with your body and start to strut down the street like you are Beyonce. Confidence comes from within, and it outshines any outfit you can ever pull on. So let’s go.


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Confidence Is The Sexiest Outfit Ever

We had to start with this because we dropped a little hint toward it above, and it is absolutely right. We all know someone that isn’t conventionally good-looking, not by beauty magazine standards anyway, yet they still manage to turn heads every time they walk into the room and have everyone in place gravitate towards them. Why? Because confidence is so damn attractive. It is like a magnet. Look at Jay Z. He’s hardly an Adonis, yet he is one of the coolest men on the planet. Period. That’s because he oozes confidence. What’s the lesson here? If you can love the way you look, then so will everyone else. How do you do this after weeks, months and years of self-belittlement? Simple: you start by faking it until you make it. Don’t walk past a large shop window and look at yourself in a negative way, picking out all the little things you hate about yourself. Tell yourself you are beautiful. Put some earphones in, pop on The Prodigy’s Stand Up, let it put a spring in your step and tell yourself that you are god damn gorgeous. The more you do this, the more it will become second nature. We promise.


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Express Yourself A Little (Or A Lot)

When your body confidence is so low it’s crashing into the rocks at the bottom of a metaphorical cliff, one of the first things that takes a major hit is your style. You start to wear things that will hide your body. Don’t do this. Instead, start dressing to suit your shape. We all have parts of our body that we loathe and wish we could change. But we also have those little bits that we like, those favorite parts, and those are the things you should start showing off a little more and start accentuating. You’ll be amazed by how a little revamp of your wardrobe can pick you up. Just buying a few pieces that make you feel comfortable with who you are and that little bit more stylish can go a seriously long way. In fact, it is worth doing anything that will make you a little more confident. Screw what society says, if it will boost your self-esteem it is worth doing. If a little bit of consumerism will help, indulge. If you’ve been contemplating plastic surgery, then go and find more information at If a massage is going to lift your spirits, then who is there to tell you otherwise, the same goes for a new hair style. There is a lot of pressure on women to just enjoy what they’ve got and, to a degree, that’s right. But there is nothing wrong with expressing yourself and doing whatever it is that will lift your spirits. Like we said, body confidence can lead to you achieving your dreams. So pamper yourself, treat yourself and, if you want to change the bits you really don’t like, go and change them.


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Runaway From Social Media

This whole idea of comparing ourselves to others is one of the most unhealthy and unhelpful things you can do, especially if you are suffering from self-esteem issues. But that is exactly what social media promotes. Facebook is bad enough because we start comparing our behind-the-scenes footage with other people’s exaggerated highlight reels, forgetting the content isn’t reality. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Then there is Instagram, which encourages you to pit yourself against supermodels, Instagram-models, and just genetically blessed people in terms of society’s standards, all of which have been manufactured by fashion powerhouses. Basically, don’t get swept up in any of this stuff. Don’t compare your life to theirs, and don’t let yourself think about how amazing they look. Just focus on you. Concentrate on loving you. And if that means deleting the Facebook and Instagram apps off your phone they do it. Use the time you would spend scrolling and comparing to read things that could actually help. Go to and look at this list of books that could help, of which our favourite is How To Build Self-Esteem and Be Confident. You are judging yourself too harshly, and social media isn’t helping.


Getting hung up on the way you look is about as unhelpful as anything can get, especially when we only have a limited amount of time to enjoy who we are. That’s why it is so important that you make a drastic effort to overcome your negative body image. The perfect body is a made-up thing. What isn’t, however, is the need to accept and appreciate this amazing body of yours. Yes, your body, the one you have now, the one you will have always, is amazing, you just need to realize that. Then you can start enjoying it more.

Swim Your Way To A Better Body Today

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As you’re aware, there are plenty of things you can do to get fit and improve your body. Typically, you’ve got two different types of exercise you should be doing to get as fit as possible and see great results. On the one hand, you should try strength training to help build muscle and get stronger. Then, you should add in some cardio training for more of a fat loss effect.


When it comes to cardio, different people all have their preferences. A lot of people choose to run or cycle to get fit. Having said that, there’s one activity that stands out above the rest; swimming.


That’s right, swimming is the ultimate activity if you want a better body, and need to get fit. So, I thought it would be beneficial to show you how to get into swimming and why it’s so good for you.


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Tips To Start Swimming

My first advice would be to find a swimming pool that has actual swimming lanes where you can do lengths. You don’t want to go to a pool that’s just full of kids and people having fun. There needs to be a place for you to take it a bit seriously and swim lengths back and forth. Most leisure centers provide this.


Secondly, to make life easier for yourself, I suggest you wear the right gear. Try and find a proper swimsuit that’s skin tight, so it doesn’t weigh you down or offer resistance. You could also get one of the swim caps sold by places like Swimcapz to stop your hair getting everywhere and disrupting your rhythm. Not only does the right gear make it easier to swim, but it will also make you more comfortable.


To begin swimming, my advice is that you focus on swimming for as long as you can. Swim back and forth until your body forces you to stop. Then, have a little rest and go again.  Do this for half an hour/ forty-five minutes, and you’ve got a good workout in. Another idea you can use on different days is to set yourself a distance and try to swim it in the fastest time possible. Then, keep trying to beat it on different days and get the time down lower and lower. Both of these ideas will help improve your fitness and burn loads of calories.


(Link to picture:

Health & Fitness Benefits Of Swimming

How can swimming benefit your body?


  • Burns loads of calories: Swimming involves using multiple muscles all at once which helps you burn loads of calories and lose body fat.


  • Strengthens core muscles: When you swim, your muscles are fighting against water resistance. This means they work very hard and can get stronger. Especially your core muscles such as your abs, legs, lower back, and glutes.


  • Low-risk of injuries: If you run or cycle, you’re putting a lot of pressure on some of your joints. This can cause injuries to your knees, hips, or ankles if you keep doing these activities. With swimming, there’s almost no impact on your joints, meaning you can get fit without worrying about injuries.


In summary; swimming is a fantastic activity to add to your fitness regime. I suggest you start doing it and swim your way to a better body!