Can You Get A Healthy Body Without The Gym?

There are many different ways to exercise. For many people, going to a gym is a simple and effective way of exercising and maintaining fitness goals. The draw of the equipment and on-site trainers is appealing, but there are many people who pay a gym membership and never get their full value for money. If you’re cutting back on your spending or looking for ways to get fit for free, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find some great ideas for working out without setting foot in a gym.

Use your commute as your workout

Image: Pexels

How do you travel to work? Do you drive or use public transport? Either of which could be costing you money as well as a valuable exercise opportunity. Walking, cycling or even running to work can help you to get fitter and help the environment too. This is one tip used by busy people who find it difficult to find time for exercise and to keep in shape. It won’t cost you anything (apart from the initial cost of a bike if you don’t already have one) and can help you achieve your fitness goals without resorting to extreme exercise. Walking to work could help you to reach you daily goal of 10,000 steps and give you time to catch up on podcasts, listen to the radio or simply enjoy some ‘me time.’

Use your own body weight

Image: Pixabay

Some of the most effective workouts don’t come from exercise machines or weights – they come from using your own body. Some great ideas for bodyweight exercises include burpees and press ups, and you can start getting more creative with objects that you have around the home or garden. Body weight exercises can be done at any time and anywhere, so if you often use the excuse of being too busy to head out and exercise, this is a good solution. You could start finding half-hour windows to do some circuits that require nothing more than your own body, and maybe a good soundtrack.

Make the most of online resources

The internet is an amazing place for fitness inspiration. You can get workout plans easily or advice on how to tone specific areas, as well as enjoy workout videos online. Many people have turned to streaming yoga online as a way to benefit from professional instruction without the inconvenience and cost of going to a class. You can find workout videos to suit all kinds of ability and fitness level, and if you want the feeling of working out with others – there are some amazing live streaming events you can take part in to enjoy group workouts. The options for online workouts are endless, and you’ll always find something new to stop you getting bored of your routine.

Exercise is important and finding alternative ways to work out will make you fitter and more energized. By experimenting with different kinds of workouts, you’ll rely less on a gym to fulfill your goals and find ways to exercise that suit you and your schedule.


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