Helping Hands And Healing Hearts: Supporting Your Partner Through A Health Problem

There is nothing more important in this world than your health, and when we have a partner who is undergoing treatment for a major health problem or disease, it can be devastating in many ways for you, as well as them. It can be difficult when your partner has been diagnosed with a health condition that is serious, or potentially life-threatening, as you may not feel that anything you do or say is the right thing. So what is it that we can do, as partners, to make sure that they have the support they need, but also so that we can bear the brunt too?



Listen To Each Other

Even if you don’t know what to say, you can still keep them safe in the knowledge that you are willing to support them through thick and thin. Remember it’s not even about what to say a lot of the time, listening is just as important. And you don’t even have to have a conversation, you could just spend time together relaxing, and this could be just as good for you both because it’s doing the things that you normally do. Just because your partner is going through a lot of changes doesn’t mean you have to completely alter your lives.

Get The Relevant Information

If your partner is going through a disease like prostate cancer, which is, of course, only something men can suffer from, it can benefit you to get as much information as possible about the disease. Not only does it keep you in the loop, but also it gives you a much better idea of the journey, in an emotional sense as well as to get an idea of the treatments, your partner will be going through. During treatments or medical appointments, it may be beneficial for you both to come up with a list of questions, so you are both up to speed with the whole process. And if your partner were going here for treatment, where a treatment for prostate cancer goes beyond the typical procedures, it would be in both your best interests to get as much information about the operation as possible. We can feel that when we are going to the doctors for a consultation or a treatment that we are taking up their time. This shouldn’t be the attitude to take, so make sure you get as much information as you can, after all, it is your life! 

Accept Help

It can be very frustrating for you, especially if the doctor has prescribed a lot of changes to your partner’s diet and lifestyle, and you may feel that you are nagging to an extent. So if people are offering help in some way or another, however little, take it. If it’s something as simple as sending you both a care package of food or a sympathetic ear, it’s important for you to make the most of this. You need support as well as your partner, and it can be difficult for you to want to say this to your partner as they’re going through the problem, but if you can find time to yourself to get away now and again, it will help to reinvigorate you.

You can feel that you are giving a lot with a little return when looking after a partner going through something like this, but with well-rounded knowledge as well as access to the best moral support, you can care for your partner, and yourself, sufficiently.


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