Reinventing You: Turning Back Time With Your Look

We can’t reverse time and completely change the decisions that we’ve started to regret when it comes to our style and beauty habits. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t start fresh. We’re going to look at ways to at least create the illusion of turning back the clock. After all, sometimes a woman finds that a style just doesn’t work for her anymore and doesn’t reflect the real her. If you’re that woman, here are a few steps worth considering.


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Start rejuvenating

You might not be able to turn back the time to undo all the choices you’ve made, but you might have more chance of winding back the clock as far as your skin and hair is concerned. Beyond a great skincare routine, getting more active and maintaining a healthy diet has been proven to reintroduce a lot of the vibrant youthfulness you might think might be gone for good. There are even cryotherapy treatments that can help tighten your skin, giving you a much more youthful look without the scary invasiveness of surgery.

Permanent isn’t always permanent

There are some things that we might think are more permanent, but truly you might have more sway over them than you think. For instance, pregnancy stretch marks might never truly disappear, but peptide full skin screams and green tea are both proven to help them heal. Laser tattoo removal is becoming more affordable for those of us with some regretful artistic choices made by our younger selves. Caring for the skin after the removal and a little patience is necessary, but it’s no longer impossible to be fully rid of a tattoo.

Say goodbye to old friends

It’s time to undergo a full wardrobe audit. That might be hard for some of us to hear who have been holding on to old favorites, even if we haven’t used them for years. But it’s time to really look at what you wear, and what you don’t. It’s not enough to take out pieces that you spot that no longer work. Empty out the whole closet and go through every single pile, clearly separating the yes pile that you still wear often and the no pile that you’ve been constantly trying to find excuses for but just can’t.

Find your muse

Of course, where you demolish, you have to rebuild once more. Where do you find your inspiration? Celebrity fashion and finding your kindred spirit in that world can be a great help. But Pinterest is a great tool for finding that style of your own, too. Spend a few weeks (or even months) collating different images of things you’ve loved from all across the web. When in doubt, work with what you’ve got. Dress to suit your skin tone, your eyes, and your hair.

Whether it’s letting go of some painful memories or begrudgingly pushing aside past choices to explore other options, creating a new you is always a great chance to discover what really works for you. It’s worth giving it a try at least once.


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