There’s a Life after Illness

It may be redundant to state that there is a life after serious illness. It may sound silly to say that those who survive an illness are allowed to carry on living. But just because those that survive serious illness are afforded the chance to continue living, it does not mean that they necessarily take it. It does not mean that they embrace the second chance they’ve been handed. It does not mean that they ever get over the scars, either physical or emotional, left behind after their illness.

These are the common plights faced by those that survive serious illness and live to see another stage of their life. But it doesn’t have to be this way; read on to see how.

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Dealing with the scars 

Serious illnesses are always going to leave behind scars, it’s inevitable. But, whether these scars can be seen on the body, or just felt by the patient emotionally, is completely dependant on the type of illness that they suffered and what had to be done to cure them. Some patients may experience one, some may experience the other, and some may experience both. All instances of illness are different, and therefore bring about different results.

To deal with physical scars, try applying products that contain onion extract or quercetin, or light moisturising serum and lotions that are full of antioxidants, to the scar in question. To deal with the much tougher scar that is the emotional one, try facing your problem head on. Try doing everything you possibly can that the voice in the back of your head telling you not to do. This could mean buying yourself mastectomy swimwear, taking yourself on holiday and flaunting your post-surgery body, even though the voice in your head is screaming at you telling you not to. It could mean involving yourself with a group or hospice that is involved with the illness that you beat, even though the voice in your head is telling you to stay as far away from it as can be. Or it could mean moving away and starting a fresh, even though the voice in your head is telling you to remain where you are. To deal with scars, you have to face them head on.

Dealing with Post Illness Stress Syndrome 

PIS Syndrome is something that those who have faced a serious illness and beaten it are likely to experience at some point in their post-illness life. It is the vivid reminding of the illness to the patient and the pain it brought them. And this vivid reminding can be triggered by a number of things. It can be brought about by the fear of the illness resurfacing or even seeing a new symptom appear within them. It can simply be brought about by a smell or sight that the patient associates with the illness. It can be brought about by the patient seeing a loved one suffer with either the same illness, or a different one of the same seriousness. And it can be brought about by the anniversary of the diagnosis.

Whatever the reason for the triggering of PIS, just know that it is real. It is just as real as its cousin, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and it is just as real as any other disorder. So, admit that it is real, if you ever find yourself suffering with it — only once you do that will you be able to really begin combatting it. And as you begin to combat it, ensure to seek as much help as possible. This could come professional health providers, a charity or even an illness hospice. 

Life, for a serious illness survivor, can be tough despite how fortunate they are to be alive. If you are ever in such a situation, just remember that a positive mindset is the number one tool at your disposal. When used correctly, it can be life changing.


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