Creating The Perfect Space To Practice Your Craft

Do you consider yourself a crafty person? A bit of an artist? Then you need somewhere to practice your craft. There’s no two ways about it! Having a dedicated space to practice your craft helps to get you into the ‘zone’ when creating. If you’re surrounded by distracting things or sat in an uninspiring room, your craft may suffer.

Fear not! The tips here will help you to create the perfect space to practice your craft, so you can stay focused and enjoy it a whole lot more. Read on to find out more!

Choose A Quiet Space

The first thing you need to do is choose a quiet space. The good news? You don’t need a dedicated room. That’s an option, but not necessary. Don’t make excuses! You could set it in the corner using a corner desk if you have to. Then you’ll have your very own ‘craft corner’. You may not be able to completely block out distractions, but you can wear earphones.

You could even turn a large cupboard into your craft space. The space doesn’t have to be big at all. If you do have a dedicated room, you can afford to have lots of fun and get really creative!

Make Sure It Shows Off Your Personality

Now, when decorating your room you need to make sure you show off your personality. Rooms like this will actually make you feel like getting creative. Make sure you use colors and patterns that you love, and include art, inspiring quotes, images, and plants too. All of these things will create an amazing room you feel great creating in.



Have Appropriate And Comfortable Furniture

You are going to need some appropriate and comfortable furniture in your craft space. You need to think about the crafts you do and the furniture that’s suitable. For instance, solid wood sewing cabinets handcrafted by Amish craftsmen can make the perfect addition for a multitude of crafts.

If you’re a writer, you may only need a small surface to practice your craft. If you make things like pottery and jewelry from scratch, you’ll need a slightly bigger item of furniture.

Keep Everything You Need Close By

Having everything you need close by is important. What you do will depend on whether this is a little or a lot. Having great storage options can help here. If you’re short on space, make sure you choose a desk with plenty of drawers. You can also use vertical storage options to make the most of your floor space.

Get Organized

Organization is the key to a great craft room. Using chalkboards and paint you can make your craft room look quirky while keeping everything in order. Plain old labels work too, of course. Label all of your boxes to minimize the time you have to rummage!

Natural & Task Lighting

The lighting in your craft room is very important. Natural light is best for day time, as it’ll help you to feel energized and awake. Task lighting for when it’s dark outside is also important. You don’t want to strain your eyes trying to put your piece together.

What will you use your craft room to create?


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