Take Control of Your Health Now

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Looking after your health should be something that you actively do. It’s important to make healthy choices and to address problems with your health when they arise. Everyone sometimes does “unhealthy” things, but they can still fit into a balanced and healthy lifestyle. You might feel, though, that you’re not as in control of your health as you would like. Maybe you feel too busy to be healthy, or it seems like the world around you dictates how healthy you can be. Maybe you’re even dealing with an illness, which makes you feel like you lack control. If you want more control over your health, start with these steps.

Set Health Goals

Whenever you want to achieve anything, setting goals will help you get where you need to be. Until you define what you want, you can’t come up with a plan to get there or start making the right moves. The goals you set for your health could vary a lot, depending on your health now and what you want it to look like in the future. It could be anything from improving your diet to being more mobile. If you’re currently not very active, you might just want to start going for a short walk each day. Or perhaps you want to set a bigger goal of running a marathon.


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Ask for Help When You Need It

You can’t always do everything on your own. Sometimes you need help to get healthy and stay healthy. Many people ask their friends to come to the gym with them, so they have motivation. Someone battling an addiction might look for help at alcoholrehab.me so they can get professional treatment. Perhaps you need help from a therapist to discuss mental health issues or from a physiotherapist to help you regain more mobility. If you need help to take control of your health, don’t hesitate to ask for it. You can still be the one in charge. 

Arm Yourself With Knowledge

Being knowledgeable gives you the power to make decisions about your health. Keeping up with the latest scientific studies and medical research is a good idea if you want to feel empowered. You should be able to explain why you’re making a particular health choice, whether it’s changing your diet or choosing a treatment for an illness. You need to know what options are out there if you want to make healthy choices that you think will work for you.


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Make Time to Be Healthy

If you really want to take control of your health, you need to make time for it. Some decisions about your health will easily fit into your day, but sometimes you have to make an effort to change your routine. Don’t put off exercising or seeing a doctor because you think you’re too busy for it. It’s up to you to make some decisions and to dedicate yourself to meeting any goals you set. But it’s also important to find time to relax.

Only you can make the decision to take control of your health. If you want to do it, there’s no time like the present.

Need More Energy To Get Through The Day?

Feeling fatigue throughout the day is something we’ll all experience, but some of us get it worse than others. Boosting your energy levels instantly, especially when you live a busy lifestyle, seems impossible. Yet there are solutions to this age old enigma, so don’t get yourself down over yawning or getting a bus when you could walk the next five minutes. We want to stay healthy, and having deep restorative sleep is one of the main ways to do this. But what can we do when your bed is too far away?



Eat Some Chocolate

No you’re not reading that wrong. Eating some chocolate can give you a quick energy boost for the afternoon, and is just as effective as coffee in the morning. Cocoa flavonoids are great at boosting your cognitive ability, making you more aware mentally as well. A chocolate with a high percentage of cacao is better for these purposes, so be sure to shop for the dark stuff. Perfect for a five minute break!

Going on from this, be sure to have a snack every now and then to keep you going. Food is the body’s main source of fuel, and so keeping it well oiled will help your ability to stay vigilant and on task, especially at work!  

Use Sports Nutrition To Your Advantage

 The professional athletes do it in their training routines, so jump on that bandwagon with them. Consuming sports nutrition products doesn’t have mean you’re on a heavy duty routine, but be sure to balance it out with a little bit of exercise, as that’s what your body needs.

 We’ll all be having to pull our physical weight in some areas, and taking products designed with muscle fatigue in mind makes us more likely to stick to it. Having a daily snack that includes a product like Driven 2.0 Pre-Workout Energy and Pump when you’re on any kind of exercise routine will give you a surge in energy to make the effort something you can keep up with. 

Take A Quick Walk

Exercising is a good way to tell our bodies to wake themselves up and get out of a slouch. Have a quick stretch and then take a walk around the block to keep your legs healthy and your mind awake enough to be aware of its surroundings. Whilst a little bit of exercise can sound detrimental to your energy levels, it promotes quality nighttime sleep and ups your body’s stamina.

Even being outside can help you to feel awake and alive. When you have a spare 20 minutes, and really need to get your headspace in order, try hitting the exit of your building and escape into the great outdoors.

Be sure to look at what you like and what you can change in your routine anyway for more energy in the long run. You can do whatever suits you and your schedule when it comes to topping up your energy, but some methods will be easier than others.

Patch Up Your High Healthcare Costs

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Are you overspending on medical care? Whilst our health is the most important thing any of us have, it shouldn’t be a reason to get into unhealthy debt. There are many ways we could all be saving money on our health. Here are just a few handy methods.

Avoid big brand medicine

The medicine that’s advertised on the TV isn’t always the most effective. In many cases, you’re paying a higher price for this medicine simply because of the brand that comes with it. Lesser known brands are generally cheaper and can be just as good.   

Compare insurance rates

Everyone deserves to have medical insurance to help pay for those unexpected hospital trips and big expensive life-saving ops. Insurance costs will vary widely from provider to provider so always take the time to compare what’s out there. Sites like healthinsurancequotes.co are set up especially to help shop for quotes. Always keep checking for a cheaper rate – it rarely pays to stick with one company.  


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Consider raising your deductible

Your deductible is the amount you’re willing to pay before your insurer steps in. By raising this amount, your insurance rates will be drastically cheaper. The only downside is that you will have to pay this deductible if you ever make a claim, so make sure you have some money put aside.

Take out an FSA 

FSAs are tax-free savings accounts into which you can put some of your income each month for a rainy day. Being tax free, you’re getting money you wouldn’t otherwise have. These accounts can be spent on most medical expenses and even at some dental practices and opticians. Healthcare.gov gives more information on what an FSA covers.

Make use of club incentives

Various clubs may offer discounts on healthcare for joining them. This could be a gym or a business group. Your local state Farm Bureau may even offer a healthcare discount – you don’t even need to be a farmer to join.

Pay for treatment in advance

Sometimes offering to pay for treatment in advance can get you a discount. This won’t help you in an emergency, however for many planned clinic visits it can save a lot of money. You can ask your doctor or the billing office for such a payment discount.


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 Check your medical bills

 Occasionally, hospitals can over-charge patients. It’s always worth checking your bills for errors before paying up, as you don’t want to be paying for treatment you never received. Check your insurance company has also paid the right amount as billing errors can also happen here too.

Live a healthy lifestyle

Rather obvious but important, living a healthy lifestyle will result in fewer hospital visits and less medication. It can even have a positive impact on your insurance rates – heavy drinkers, smokers and those that are overweight are generally more of a risk to insurers and so have to pay more expensive rates.


Unique Gifts To Say…

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I love you. How do you show someone such a strong emotion. Sometimes all you need is the perfect, unique present. Perhaps you are buying for a special occasion such as your wedding anniversary. Maybe, you’re looking for a gift for someone else’s, or perhaps you just want to show someone in your life how much they mean to you and how much you really care. Well, there are a few possibilities to consider here when looking for gifts that say ‘I love you.’

Personalized Jewelry


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If you’re looking for a romantic gift, why not consider designing a piece of jewellery completely unique to one person. It’s always special to be able to give someone something that no one else has. There are plenty of companies online that provide you with this possibility. For instance, Taylor & Hart will design and create the perfect engagement ring for your loved one, ensuring it is the ultimate ring sure to get that picture perfect I Do. Or, perhaps you just want an upgrade for a ring that is starting to look a little old and worn. If that’s the case, this could be the perfect upgrade.

Love Book

What about a book that tells the story of two people. With Lovebook, this is a possibility. Essentially, you’ll be able to choose the title of your book and the pages. Create your own content or use the custom pages that they have created for you. Show your appreciation of someone, recounting special memories, writing in their favorite poems or perhaps just giving them a good old laugh. The best part? It can be used for absolutely any occasion you like and doesn’t need to be exclusive for couples. You can design a lovebook for your best friend, your mom or your brother. Show them how much you care with a gift could not be more unique. 

A Puzzle From The Past

Do your parents remember where they met? A puzzle gift could be the perfect present for their anniversary. Playing the puzzle allows your parents to discover where they met together, replaying their first steps together as a couple. We’re sure this could be the perfect gift for your parent’s Golden Jubilee. It’s just one of the many unique anniversary gifts for your parents that you can choose from. If you don’t think they’ll appreciate this, why not reprint their wedding photos in HD quality? 

Hire A Celebrity 

If you have enough money, then you can get a celebrity to appear for a loved one. That’s right, the top celebs can be booked for the right price. This is where stories come from of celebs appearing at people’s weddings, singing at their anniversary part or perhaps taking them on a trip of a lifetime. If you don’t have the money to book a celeb, try Omaze. You might just get lucky and win the gift of a lifetime.

As you can see, there are numerous unique and personal gifts to choose from. Some of these options are sure to let someone know just how much they mean to you.


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How To Improve Your Physical Appearance To Make An Excellent First Impression


Like it or not, people will always judge you on your physical appearance. Provided they stick around to get to know you better, the way you look underneath will eventually become more important. However, you should still care about the way you look, whether you care about the opinion of others, or not. The way we look helps us in all aspects of life, from going for job interviews, to going on that all-important first date, so for the people who matter, it is good to make that excellent first impression.

Now, we are not all blessed with stunning good looks, but that doesn’t matter. We can still improve our appearance, without trying to look like a catwalk model. So, to help you make an excellent first impression on the people who count the most, here are three proven ways to improve your physical appearance.

Eat the right foods

For all aspects of your appearance, it is important to eat a healthy diet. Certain foods are good for your skin and hair, for example, and they are a natural way to improve your appearance without the need for expensive cosmetic products. Foods rich in vitamin E and omega-3 are prime examples.

Then there is the issue of body weight. We don’t agree with body shaming, and you can be beautiful whatever your body size. However, if you are trying to lose weight, we gave you some dieting advice here, https://leopardprintlindsay.com/2017/07/03/diet-advice-made-simple/, which may help you make the right food choices.

Focus on your smile

Smiling is something we should all do more often, as not only will it brighten our day (and face), but it can give a lift to the people around us, as well. However, those of us with bad teeth may be inclined to keep smiling to a minimum.

For starters, don’t worry if you haven’t been able to maintain your pearly whites. We lose enamel as we get older so our teeth will become naturally discoloured. A tooth-whitening toothpaste will help, but you should also avoid soft drinks and smoking which will stain your teeth further. A dentist can help for a longer-term solution to teeth whitening, and they can also correct crooked teeth with a brace. Rather than the unsightly metal braces of time gone by, they now use invisalign trays which are virtually invisible. For more information, read what this dentist has to say, https://www.southviewdentistrycharlotte.com/service/invisalign/, and you will see the benefits. 

Dress sense

You don’t need to be a follower of fashion, but you should still have some dress sense when it comes to picking out your outfit. You want clothes that fit perfectly, are comfortable to wear, and are a showcase for your natural body features. People often base their opinion on what you wear, so you don’t want to stand out from the crowd too much, unless you are trying to make a particular statement. For more advice, we recommend you read the article at https://www.leaf.tv/articles/how-to-improve-dressing-sense-for-women/ to help you make the right choices when choosing what to wear.

Thanks for reading.

What’s Your Age Again? Secret Tips To Looking Ten Years Younger

Of all the things that can shake us to our core, there are none quite as dramatic as looking into the mirror and thinking, ‘wow, I got old.’ While much of how old we feel is connected to our attitude and how happy we are, it’s hard to deny that it’s difficult to feel youthful when we’re constantly reminded that we’re no longer a spring chicken. However, we don’t have just to roll over and submit to time’s march; we can fight back, and in fact, there are a number of things we can do that’ll take ten years off our age. Take a look below.


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Get Active

You might have resisted joining a gym in your younger years, but it’s worth reconsidering if you’re determined to look and feel younger. Exercise has many, many benefits; it boosts our mood, improves our health, and yes, makes us look younger than we are. How? In many ways. Studies have shown that exercise can slow down the aging process in cells, which means at a fundamental level you’ll be fighting back practically. It’ll also keep your trim and toned, so you won’t have the telltale signs of belly and arm fat that can give your age away.

Take Care of the Skin

For most people, it’s not their attitude, how they dress, or anything else that makes them look old: it’s their skin. Above anything else, it’s important that you take care of your skin if you want to maintain that youthful look. If you’re spending time in the sun, it’s imperative that you wear lotion to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. If you’ve already got a few wrinkles and blemishes, take a look at the cryotherapy treatments available at http://www.cryology.com; it’ll tighten your skin, giving it a more youthful and more energetic look. Additionally, make sure you have a skin moisturizer in your makeup bag, and use it on your hands regularly.

Eat the Right Foods

You are what you eat, or so they say, so make sure you’re eating those foods that will contribute to a youthful look. Fish that are high in Omega-3 (see a list at usnews.com/wellness), high-quality olive oil, dark chocolate, and green tea will all help keep you looking young. And bonus: these foods and drinks are delicious, too.

Don’t Fight All Battles

One part of looking young is…not to try to look too young. You can’t win all the battles, and knowing which ones to let go off will, paradoxically, make you look younger. There’ll come a time when you have to get rid of those flowing locks, in which case switch out for a shorter bob. The same goes for clothes. Eventually, you should give up on following the youthful fashions, and instead focus on clothes that’ll bring out your best features.

And finally, remember to stay open, energetic, and full of fun! With that attitude, plus the tips mentioned above, you’ll have people amazed when you tell them your real age.


Turn Your Backyard into a Winter Wonderland

When winter starts to creep in, you might feel sad that you have to say goodbye to your backyard. It’s hard to make the most of it when there’s no sun, and if you grow anything out there, you need to start protecting things from the cold weather. But just because it won’t be hot and sunny anymore, it doesn’t mean you have to stop using your yard. If you love being outdoors, you can keep using it and enjoy it as much as possible. There are lots of changes you can make, especially to your deck or patio, so that you can sit outside in the winter.

Deck or Patio Cover

Before you do anything else, think about how you can create a cover to sit under in your backyard. You could do this in a few different ways. There’s the possibility of extending the roof of your house at the back or perhaps putting up an awning. Another option is to have a gazebo cover, parasol, or something else you can move up and down. With a cover over your deck or patio, you can stop too much heat from escaping. So if you’re sitting using a heater or enjoying a fire, you can keep everyone warmer. It can also keep you dry if it starts to rain or snow.

Outdoor Heaters

When the weather is cold, it’s pretty hard to stay warm when you’re sitting still. So if you want to sit outdoors, you’ll need something that’s going to help generate some heat. One possible option is to use moveable outdoor heaters, so that you can put them where you want and store them when you’re not using them. More permanent heaters are available too and can make a great feature for your garden. You could have standing heaters or perhaps ones that you mount onto a wall. It’s important to remember that you’ll need energy for these heaters to run so think about the practicality of that.



A Fireplace or Fire Pit

Another option to keep warm is to have a fireplace or a fire pit. These are convenient, eco-friendly, super warm, and they can look great too. Anytime you want to sit outside and keep warm, you just need to light a fire, and you can keep it burning for hours. Plus, you can’t toast marshmallows on an electric heater. A fire pit creates a fantastic focal point for gathering around with friends or family, and you could cook with it if you wanted to. If you get a free standing one, you can easily move it when you’re not using it.

Comfortable Furniture

Once you have a fire (or a heater) to sit around, you need somewhere to sit. You might have outdoor furniture for the summer, but it’s not necessarily good for winter too. Perhaps you will choose to make your existing furniture cozier by adding blankets, cushions, and throws. You can make sure everything in more comfortable and plush to help everyone stay warm.  Or you might buy some new furniture just for winter. However, remember to think about the practicality of any furniture and accessories you use. Ideally, you can take any textile items inside or store them somewhere so that they stay dry.

A Hot Tub

Sitting in a tub of water outside might not be at the top of your list during the winter. But if it’s a hot tub, you can stay warm and have lots of fun. A permanent hot tub in your backyard can be used all year, but it also takes up a lot of room. If you want to save space, you could consider an inflatable hot tub instead. Relaxed Wellbeing has some top recommendations for inflatable spas. However, you should be careful having an inflatable hot tub outdoors in winter. Some say not to use them below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which is fairly cold, but there are many places where temperatures drop lower. Hot tubs can create great parties, but only if they can work.



A Sauna

If staying warm in a hot tub doesn’t appeal to you, you might want to consider building a sauna instead. In some colder countries, like Sweden and Finland, practically everyone has a sauna in their home. If you want a sauna in your backyard, you don’t have to have that much space. You only need to build a small cabin with a heater and space to sit. Some saunas are heated with a wood burning stove, which is easy to install. Others require gas or electricity lines, which complicates things a little. Before you invest in a sauna, do your research into style, size, and what sort of heater to use.

Lots of Light

Don’t forget that you’ll need plenty of light if you want to use your backyard as the days get shorter. Don’t just concentrate on your deck or patio, but light up the rest of your yard too. You might have a tree you want to string some lights through, or perhaps a path that you want to highlight with a row of lanterns. For convenient outdoor lighting, try using solar-powered lights. They will allow you to have lighting without wiring everything in. You can also use natural light from candles, torches, and lanterns. You might also want to have some lights that are wired in, though.

Set Up a Tent

For family fun, pitching a tent in the winter can be great. If you feel like your lawn gets neglected, some camping with plenty of warm sleeping bags and blankets is a good idea. You could even consider setting up a large teepee or yurt, which is fantastic if you want to have a larger space to enjoy. Some of them are even big enough to have beds inside, or perhaps to set up a cozy dining space.

You don’t have to stop using your backyard in the winter. There are plenty of ways you can make it a fun winter space and enjoy it even through the coldest months.

Can You Really Make A Career Out Of Doing What You Love?


There’s an incredibly old saying that goes “find a job that you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” It’s something that you’ve likely heard before, and it’s become something of a cliche. However, that doesn’t make it any less true. The truth is that most of us end up getting stuck in jobs that we don’t really care about and we just assume that that’s the way things are meant to be. We just assume that you’re supposed to spend each day feeling bored or frustrated at work rather than feeling overjoyed to get out of bed each day and start working. However, that’s not the way things need to be. The truth is that it’s almost always possible to make a living doing what you love. It’s just that the path to achieving that is often rife with obstacles and challenges. If you’re willing to fight through all of those things, here are a few ways that you can go about making a career doing what you really love.

Find what you’re passionate about

This might sound strangely obvious, but the truth is that it’s actually much more of a challenge to figure out what you’d be happy doing with your life than you might think. Sure, there are probably a lot of things in your life that you really care about, but what do you love enough to dedicate every day to it? Perhaps your passion lies in things like TV, movies, and music? Well then consider if you can’t make a career out of writing about those things, or even making them if you’re the creative type. Or maybe you really love being able to help people develop and improve themselves. If that’s the case, then you could make a career in everything from therapies to career guidance.

Do your research

Of course, just because you know what you really love doesn’t mean that you’re suddenly ready to start earning a living. It’s crucial that you do as much research as possible to figure out what the potential career paths in your chosen passion are. If something like yoga is the thing that you’re truly passionate about then looking at the kinds of things offered by https://kayayogalifestyle.com/teacher-training/ is incredibly useful for understanding how to actually make a career out of it. Or perhaps you’re a real gearhead whose passion for cars eclipses everything is in your life? Well then you should figure out what kinds of careers to pursue that would make you happy. Whether you want to work as a mechanic, fixing up old cars, or an engineer, designing the next generation of new ones, there are always different avenues you can follow, no matter what your passion is.   

 Of course, it’s important to remember that, even when you’re working a job you love, there will be days of frustration and hard work. The difference is that you’ll feel so much more prepared to deal with these things when you’re doing something that you’re passionate about than you would if you were just working to earn a living.


The Essential Bikini Babe Beauty Routine

When you want to look good on the beach, it’s time to force yourself to trim and tone your body to the exact standard you want it. Many women around the world, know full well they’re not superheroes or some kind of Hollywood movie start with about ten different personal trainers to help them. It’s hard work to get the body you want, and it always takes dedication and consistency to get the results you want. It can be irritation looking at other women, who fit perfectly in their skimpy bikinis and have bodies which not only are they confident in, but willingly flaunt. But it’s time to wake up and realize, that they’re not special or have something that you don’t. You too can achieve that sexy beach body; bikini babe looks if you want to. All you need is little guiding principles that will point you in the right direction.


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Begin the grueling schedule

You’re not going to get those toned abs, by sitting on the sofa. What puts most people off from working out, is the fact that, we all have jobs, and we also have lives that fill up our time in between shifts. Fine, time to work around the feasible time, by making room in your schedule. By waking up a mere 15 minutes earlier than you normally do, you can perform 1 or 2 exercises every day before you go to work. A simple 10 minute sit up routine, with a minute or so break between sets is incredibly effective if you stick to it, day after day, week after week. Change it up to hit the areas you want, with body weight squats or lunges with light weights. You could also develop a yoga routine which tones all the muscles. It may be grueling the first couple of weeks, but soon your body will adapt, and your aches will be fade away. 

Like a lady

Self-grooming is incredibly important to feel comfortable in your own skin when wearing a bikini. If your skin is often inflamed and you have spots in some places, attack them directly. If you have spots on your shoulder or your back somewhere, get a cream that will combat the bacteria, and use it twice a day, before your day has begun, and once before you go to bed. What will make the sun lotion gleam on your skin is a smooth surface, with healthy clear skin? You should look through the plethora of bikini trimmer reviews to find the best kind of product that will match your needs. You can trim your hair in the wet or dry, and find the right kind of blade and smoothness you want for your skin type.


Photo by – Pexels

Glistening in the sun

Your hair stands out more when you’re on the beach because normally your hairstyle compliments the clothes you’re wearing, but in a bikini, your hair plays a more active role. Far from being in the background, your hair is going to be the sign of youth and desired beauty. Nutrient-rich shampoos and conditioners will help your hair shine in the sun and fight off the heat. Dry hair will become frizzy and tangled, so a little nourishing conditioner with natural ingredients will protect the natural oils made by your hair, under the heat of the sun.

Looking gorgeous takes a lot of hard work as it’s nothing like the airbrushed magazines portray it to be. But when you know you’ve put in the effort, gotten up in the morning to do your crunches and lunges, together with clearing your skin of any blemishes, it’s going to be all worth when you get all the attention on the beach.


Seizing The Opportunity Is All About The Attitude You Have


With winter approaching, the time for self-help motivational guides has come. Not only because winter is the most difficult season to motivate yourself in, but because in 2017 in our society, there should be no reason to feel down about yourself when such abundance surrounds us. Luckily, no matter and in spite of the external circumstances of our life, a solid set of behaviors and attitudes can mean all the difference when meeting the challenges of life, not least our aptitude to bearing the weather.

Stay Fit 

Everyone knows you should do exercise, but how well are you switching up your routine? As with anything, you’ll need variety in order to make things interesting and to prevent you from being dulled to them. Many people begin an exercise regime believing that they’ll stick to it, only to give it up a month later because they haven’t treated it with the priority it deserves. Stay healthy and fit in your life, and many of your life circumstances will be met with a vigor and strength which would have seemed impossible before. A difficult situation in the day is much better to cope with when you’ve worked hard in the gym that morning.

It sets us up for the best day we can have, and in that instance gives us the time we require to relax into our routine with a much clearer mind. If you’re used to lifting weights or running outside, why not push your limits through HIIT workout classes at your gym? If you’re tired of your standard spin class, why not try an accessory to your workout such as yoga or adding in more bodyweight exercises?

Not all variants in a schedule mean you need to add more volume, either. Taking a deload week when lifting weights where you do nothing but light walking can help de-stress your system so you can come back to the routine with a fresh, rested perspective. You are much more likely to seize the opportunities surrounding you, regarding career, relationships and social events if you take these measures to prevent feeling lethargic, especially in cold, dreary weather.


It’s easy to forget the progressive mentality required to help you keep going in the direction of your goals. Luckily, it’s not hard to re-establish, even if you’ve been lethargic and close to depression for some time. To overcome this feeling, you need to introduce yourself to new habits and new ways of thinking. This sounds easier to declare than to do, but that needn’t be the case. There is a prevalence of inspirational material out there, and it all depends on what you bring into your world.

What do you allow your mind to be drawn to? In the age of almost freely available content and information, there is so much out there to be inspired by. If you find yourself reading celebrity magazines or looking at the Instagram pages of people who are better and happier than you, you might be putting yourself into a hole of negative thinking. Instead, listen to inspirational, nourishing podcasts. Believe it or not, but the soundtrack that carries your life through your music tastes also says a lot about your personality. Listening to upbeat, inspirational music, even though it can seem cheesy to those who aren’t used to it can help overcome your current lethargic moods, as the music speaks to us on a level more profound than mere rationality.

Over time, you will become the person you want to be. Who says it has to be sooner rather than later?