The Very Best Alcohol-Related Gift Ideas

Know someone who always fancies a tipple? The fact is that alcohol, alcohol-related products, can make great gifts. It can sometimes be hard to pick a gift when the person whose birthday you are celebrating already has everything. If they are big drinkers, and have a passion for alcohol, in a healthy way, of course, then an alcohol-related gift could be ideal.

For all of the best alcohol-related gift ideas, read on. Below is a list of products and experiences that anyone who loves to have a drink will obsess over.

Homebrew gin kit


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Did you know that you can brew almost any alcoholic drink at home? From wine and beer to vodka and even gin. Gin has become an increasingly popular drink over the past few years, with new varieties coming out all the time. From colored gins to flavored ones, there are all sorts of new gins coming out each month. Bearing in mind the fact that gin is the next big thing in alcohol, a home brewing gin kit could make a fantastic gift, as long as the recipient likes gin, that is. If not, there are plenty of other homebrewing options to choose from.

Gift hamper

How about putting together an alcohol-themed gift hamper? Fill it with a range of gourmet alcohol-related treats. If they always drink one type of drink, such as whiskey, attempt to find a range of different types, such as Japanese whiskey, for instance – you can read a review Kikori Japanese whiskey, one of the most popular whiskeys, online. You could also add a glass, a whiskey-themed cocktail book, and a branded stirrer. Alcoholic boiled sweets could also make a great addition to your gift hamper – it’s just a case of choosing a selection that you know the person that the hamper is for, will like.

Cocktail making masterclass


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What about treating them to a cocktail making masterclass ticket, or two tickets so that they can bring their partner or a friend? For anyone who loves alcohol, a cocktail making masterclass could make a fantastic gift – it could allow them to learn the tricks of the trade and how to recreate their favorite cocktail. Whether they love strawberry daiquiris, are mad about mojitos, or love whiskey sours, a cocktail making class could allow them to learn how to recreate their favorite drinks.

Vineyard or factory tour

Do they have a favorite drink? If the answer is yes, booking them tickets to a tour of the factory that the drink is made at, or if it’s wine a tour of a vineyard, could make a fantastic gift. When it comes to alcohol-related gifts, a tour of a vineyard or factory where the person’s favorite drink is made could make a fantastic present. It’s just a case of ensuring that you book tickets for a time that is convenient for them.

There you have it, a guide to the very best alcohol-related gifts. Take note of the suggestions above, and you can ensure that you pick a present that is appreciated and valued.

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