Family Feuds That Cause Stress And How To Solve Them

Is there anything that can hurt us so badly, I mean really cut us to our core, that a fight with a close relative? It can be truly heartbreaking. Unfortunately, there are so many things in life that it’s easy to get into a feud about, it can seem unavoidable. However, while you may not be able to stop disagreement on the big stuff, you can stop these things turning in a feud that affects your nerves and wellbeing by checking out the advice below.

Caring for elderly relatives

When an elderly relative starts getting frailer, not being able to move around as much, or care for themselves properly it can be hugely stressful. This is only reinforced if you have different opinions to the other members of your family about what should be done about this.

You may think that it’s time to find facilities that would be suitable for your elderly relative to live in, to ensure that they are safe and well cared for. However, other members of the family may think the best decision is to care for the person by taking them into their own home.


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Of course, there is no easy answer to this question, and each situation will be different depending on the people involved. All you can do is go through the benefits of your view like meals and care being provided all the time. Then listen to the other side of the argument and try and come to a sensible compromise. After all, you both want the best for that person, so is it really worth falling out over?

Borrowing money

Never a lender or a borrower be. That is what we are all told, and it is certainly good advice, especially within the family. This is because lending or borrowing money can lead to an of lot tension and easily develop into a long-term feud.

Usually, this is because of one of two situations. The first being that the person borrowing the money doesn’t pay it back in the designated time. This can be further reinforced if the lender sees them spending money despite this.

The other situation is if the lender is not gracious about the loan and talks about how indebted the borrower is to them all of the time. This can be particularly stressful as no one wants to hear this and it can make them feel very guilty and inferior. Something that will no doubt lead to a family feud of epic proportions.

So how can this situation be solved? Well, the best way is to avoid it in the first place and only get a loan from a bank or financial organization.

If a member of the family asks you for money, it can be helpful to say that everything you have is tied up in investments and you can’t access it, rather than giving them a straight out no. As this will help keep tempers cool and assist in avoiding a family feud and all the trees that come with it.

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