Trying for a Baby? Do These Things First

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If you’ve decided that the circumstances are now right for you to revel in the delights of parenthood and you’re poised to start trying for a baby any time now, just wait a second, take a step back and think about what you can do to increase your chances of a fast, healthy pregnancy. There are a few things that, if you do them before you start trying, will make the whole process of conceiving, carrying and giving birth to your little bundle of a joy, a whole lot easier. Check them out now:

Organize a Preconception Visit

Obviously, if you want to get pregnant, you can just start trying for a baby, but it’s never a bad idea to dot all of the I’s and cross all the T’s first so that you can start trying from the best possible position, so to speak. As such, it’s never a bad idea to schedule a preconception visit with a fertility expert like the one at By doing this, you can have yourself, and your partner’s physical health checked out, identify anything that could make getting pregnant harder and ensure that any medications or supplements you’re currently taking aren’t likely to interfere with your efforts to conceive.

Think About Genetic Screening

You might also want to think about having a genetic carrier screening carried out. This will flag up whether you or your partner are carriers for any serious illnesses like cystic fibrosis, which can be inherited so that you can make an informed decision and prepare yourself for any possible issues.

Start Taking Folic Acid

Many women start taking folic acid as soon as they find out they are pregnant because it is known to protect against birth defects like spina bifida, but it is actually a very good idea to start taking folic acid as soon as you decide you would like to try for a baby, because it will build  up and offer an increased level of protection from the second you conceive.

Give Up Your Vices

If you currently drink often, smoke regularly or take drugs, it is vital that you start kicking the habits now before you start trying for a baby. Numerous studies have shown that smoking and taking drugs can result in low birth weights, miscarriages and other birth defects, as can drinking to excess while pregnant. Although you might think that you’ll be able to give up once you find out you’re pregnant, it isn’t always so easy, especially if you’re addicted to a substance, which is why you should make serious efforts to quit now before you have a little life inside of you to worry about.

Lose Weight

If you’re overweight, and especially if you’re obese, losing weight,  you can see at, will make it a lot easier for you to conceive more quickly and it will also help to protect you from things like miscarriage and gestational diabetes if you do get pregnant.

You might want to jump in and start trying for a baby right this second, but it really is better to wait a while, start improving your health and then try if you want to have a healthy pregnancy. At least, do the things on this list before you start to seriously try and conceive!

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