Yummy Tummies! Achieving a Healthy, Strong Core

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We live in a society that is obsessed with personal appearance. We take pictures of ourselves and post them online for the approval of family, friends, colleagues, casual acquaintances, and strangers. We spend more of our hard-earned cash than ever on beauty products and cosmetics. Everything is about how we look. But with so much focus on physical aesthetics, it can become easy to forget to pay attention to what is truly important: our health. There’s no use looking great if you feel awful at the same time and are having a difficult time functioning. So, it’s time to strike a compromise between the two. Here’s how you can look and feel great at the same time. Let’s focus on the centre of our bodies first. It’s time to start working towards a yummy tummy!

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If you experience bloating or perhaps suffer from a condition such as IBS (or irritable bowel syndrome), you’ll be extremely familiar with the importance of diet when it comes to the overall health of your gut. Try to incorporate as many gut-friendly foods as possible into your diet. Bananas are a good place to start. They help to restore normal bowel functioning, reinvigorating your body with lost electrolytes and potassium. Bananas also contain plenty of fibre to aid digestion. Whole grains are also a great source of fibre. Aim to get between twenty and thirty grams of fibre into your diet each day. For a complete gut-friendly meal, try kimchi. This is a Korean dish that comprises cabbage, radish, onion, and plenty of spices. If you’re looking for quick results that can offer you a Flat Belly Overnight, you can try out specialist diets. However, when it comes to changing your body shape, it’s beneficial to remember that patience is a virtue.


Having a strong core is massively beneficial for your overall health and will also have to give your outward appearance a toned, athletic look. Consult your GP or a professional personal trainer and request help with drawing up an exercise regime that will be able to tone up your abs. This will likely consist of stomach crunches, oblique crunches, the plank, the side plank, and variations on these moves. Do a ten-minute exercise regime every day, and you will see positive results sooner than you’d expect.


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You shouldn’t attempt to change your body shape when you’re pregnant. Afterall, your body’s changing shape to accommodate the growth of your child. However, there are certain things that you can do to make things more comfortable and to reduce changes in your permanent appearance once you’ve given birth. Try out cocoa butter on the stretched skin across your stomach to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and soothe any tenderness.

So, there you have it! Achieving a healthy, strong and smooth stomach area can come down to the right combination of diet, exercise, and specialist knowledge. Remember to consult your GP before making any major changes to your lifestyle so you can achieve the best results possible in the safest manner.

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