Helpful Things To Remember When Your Self-Esteem Is Low

(A positive image)

Many of us suffer from a low self-esteem, whether that’s on an almost permanent basis or a temporary lowness. Quite often, this is brought about by life circumstances, negative people in our lives, and our own self-reflections. If you are feeling low today, or in anticipation of a day when you might be, here are some helpful things to remember when low self-esteem hits you.

You are beautiful

Not one of us is perfect – not even those photoshopped models who populate the internet – so don’t worry if you have one or more imperfections. Looking in front of the mirror, we can often stand there and sigh at what we see before us. That’s normal, but don’t compare yourself to society’s standards. You are who you are, and you are beautiful, despite your negative self-image, on the inside and the outside. Of course, there are ways to improve your body image, such as hitting a diet plan if you feel you are overweight or getting a breast injection fat transferif you are unhappy with your breast size, but don’t do anything because other people say you should, unless it’s for a medical reason. Accept what can’t be changed, change anything you feel you should, but be thankful for the person you were made to be, flaws and all.

The past is in the past

We all make mistakes – all of us – but don’t beat yourself up forever about them. Whatever it was that you did, whether it had small or life-changing consequences, don’t let them define you forever. Seek forgiveness from others if you need too, but don’t persist if they rebuff you. If you hurt yourself, forgive yourself! We need to let go of past deeds while learning from the mistakes we made. So leave the past in the past, as there is nothing you can do to turn the clock back. Pick yourself up, be in the present, and make plans for a better future.

It doesn’t matter what other people think

There will always be people who put you down, with derogatory comments and uncaring remarks. There are also those people who think they are delivering words of wisdom, yet instead, those same words can wound you deeply, especially if they don’t really know what they’re talking about. Chances are, you can probably think of harsh comments that were made to you or about you from this last few days. Still, you don’t have to listen to those comments. If there is no truth in them, you don’t have to take them to heart. And for those haters who persistently damage your self-esteem? Delete them from social media and eliminate them from your life if you are able to do so. Or at the very least tell them how their words make you feel, and give them a little self-awareness.

You can be happy

Sometimes, we have to choose to be happy. If low self-esteem is affecting you, do something that will lift you out of it, such as mood-enhancing exercise or a favourite hobby. This is better than dwelling on your misery, such as reflecting for too long on the things that have hurt you. Get up, find your happy place, be with supportive people, and lift your esteem again. It may be an effort, but admit it, you would rather feel good about yourself than not.

Final thought

When you are feeling low, remember the above. We hope our words made sense to you and we hope that they will positively help you when you find yourself struggling. You’re worth much more than how you sometimes feel, so look after yourself today, and give yourself a positive break with our reminders should a low mood start creeping in.

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