Underrated Television Shows You Should Be Watching


Have you run out of television shows to watch? You’ve probably seen Westworld and Games of Thrones, maybe even twice! Sure, everyone has heard of those shows, but what about the unsung heroes? If you have run out of television programmes to watch, you may find some of the series below the perfect cure for your boredom.

Designated Survivor Kiefer Sutherland has created some amazing series, and Designated Survivor certainly delivers. In this, he plays a man who is sworn in as president after everyone in the U.S. government is virtually killed because of an explosion. Not only does he have to acclimate to this new and unfamiliar role, but also the potential for more attacks adds even more pressure. The show deals with terrorism, government leaks and civil rights in an entertaining and thoughtful way.

Eden of the East – If you are a fan ofanime, this is undoubtedly one of the most underrated shows. With 11 episodes of psychological awesomeness, this series has romance, drama, and suspense all built into one. The unique plot involves a man who loses all of his memories. He then discovers he has been given a certain amount of money and he has to save Japan using it. Once the money is spent, the game is over.

Humans – Humans is a programme that asks the question a lot of people wonder about the future: what if robots are created, which act and look exactly like humans? It is a complicated moral premise, and one that is incredibly interesting, as robots start feeling and thinking the way humans do. If you are a fan of Westworld, this is a natural next watch.

Difficult People – In life, we avoid unlikeable characters. But when it comes totelevision, it can often be the characters that we love the most. This is most definitely the case with Difficult People. The series follows two best friends, which are quite frankly, pretty awful people. The show is based in New York, and the two struggling comedians go about their daily life, with all of the personal and professional antics and issues that come along with it. It is a funny serious, which you won’t be able to get enough of.

Drunk History – If you thought history was boring, think again. This show puts a hilarious spin on famous historic tales, as intoxicated comedians recount tales while actors need to mime their ramblings as dialogue. It is a unique show, which has included some great guest stars over the years, from Ronda Rousey to Jack Black.

So there you have it: some of the most underrated and under-watched television shows. Have you seen any of the series mentioned? From terrorism attacks to anime, there is something for everyone.


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