Organize Your House, Organize Your Life – Welcome Home


We made it! This has been such an amazing month of organizing our homes and our lives. I truly hope that you all have gotten some great tools here to continue maintaining these habits. I want to finish off this series with one more amazing lesson I learned, and would love to pass it along to you.

I remember Oprah saying years ago, “Your home should rise up to greet you.” And that has always stuck with me. Your house should be a place of comfort, calm, happiness, and joy. This doesn’t mean having expensive things, to me it simply means having a space that is clean, clutter and mess free. It means that the spaces in my home inspire me and bring me happiness.

As I began this journey, one thing I had decided for myself at the beginning of the year, was not to do big parties anymore. I love hosting, I just need to focus on doing things on a smaller scale. I knew that if I made changes to my formal dining room would help me stick to this decision.

This room was only really used twice a year, for the parties, otherwise it was just…there. At times it was a catch-all, other times I’m sure the room felt completely ignored. I decided I wanted to turn it into a reading room as well as a play space for our young daughter.

In my husband’s office we had a small couch, and in our living room we had an accent chair and side table. I moved all of those items into that space, took the leaf out of the table that was already in the space to make it smaller, and moved some of the toys in along the wall.

I immediately fell in love with this space! It is so warm, welcoming, and comfortable. The space makes me feel inspired, and our daughter loves it! (As you can see, our cat loves it too.)

This room is now used everyday, and we were able to clear some of the toys out of the living room, giving us more space in there as well. It’s amazing how a few simple changes can make your home that much more comfortable. I truly feel that my home rises up to greet me each day!

I encourage you to find a space in your house and create even just a small section of relaxation. For the readers, having a reading corner is very inviting.

A space that is quiet and comfortable to go to at the end of the day where you can enjoy a cup of tea, coffee or wine will help you ease into your time at home. It can help us be more mindful and patient with our families.

In closing, being sure that our living rooms and kitchens remain clean and straightened, as well as making our beds each morning, will help our home continue to rise up and greet us each day.

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