31 Day Fresh Start Challenge – Week Four

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Can you believe it is our final week of the #31DayFreshStartChallenge?! It seems like we just started, and now here we are, getting it all together and feeling prepared for the rest of this year. This week is about applying all the practices we have implemented during this challenge, while continuing with the planner, meditating, and journaling habits we have created.

Sad about this challenge ending? Well no worries, we can still stay connected and I will be checking in through out the year! If you haven’t yet, pop on over to my Facebook or Instagram, I will be sharing a lot of positive messages through the year, and getting back into my “Bookstagram” posts on Instagram as well. I will be here as well when you have questions, need a little guidance, or even just a boost. Now lets #BootUp and prepare for this last week of fun!

Day Twenty-Six: Check in with that planner, and start looking into the next month for items that need to be added or adjusted. Take time to check in with your meal calendars and workout calendars as well. This is a great time to start working on the February calendars as well. That way when January ends, we are ready and don’t get off track.

Day Twenty-Seven: Tidy your whole house, this shouldn’t take long if you have been keeping up with your house cleaning schedule and not allowing too much clutter to collect. How is your house cleaning schedule working? If it needs any adjusting, make those changes today.

Day Twenty-Eight: Clean our your email inbox, and possibly any collected mail that has been delivered to your home. Make a gratitude list today as well.

Day Twenty-Nine: Meditate for 10 minutes, and take a 20+ minute walk by yourself. Listen to the sound of nature again, and allow your mind to clear a bit.

Day Thirty: You know the feeling when you receive such a caring and kind message? Spread that love today by messaging at least three people to tell them how much you appreciate and care for them.

Day Thirty-One: Cook your favorite meal tonight to celebrate making it through the full 31 Days! Over dinner reflect over this last month and how far you have come, think about the wonderful habits you have implemented into your life and how you are going to make 2020 an incredible year for yourself and your loved ones.

Tomorrow, be sure to journal about the final week of this challenge. At the end of each week this year, sit down and journal a little. Just imagine the wonderful things you are going to be able to write down this year, and visit as needed. The memories you are going to make will be held in its pages for years to come.

Thank you so much for joining me for this challenge, it has been so much fun and I am so grateful for everyone who participated. I am looking forward to the possibly of other challenges through the year, as well as other New Year’s challenges in the future.

All by best to you and your loved ones!

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