Three Signs of Aging Skin- And How To Combat Them

When you start noticing signs of aging, it can be difficult to deal with. Many women report feeling less attractive, a loss of confidence and a strange realization of their own mortality. After all, old age is always ten years older than you are right now- right? While we should be lucky to grow older (since it’s a luxury denied to many), there are ways you can keep hold of your youthful good looks for as long as possible. Here are five common signs of skin aging, and what you can do to combat them.

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As we age, hormonal changes in the body make skin thinner, drier and therefore more prone to damage. Collagen and elastin which keep the skin supple and elastic begin to diminish, and fine lines start to appear. Eventually, these lines become more pronounced, and the skin can take on a wrinkled appearance. While there’s nothing you can do about the body’s internal aging process, factors such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol and other drugs can all take their toll. Therefore quitting these will hugely benefit your skin. Keeping the surface of your skin hydrated and protected from the elements will also prevent the acceleration of aging. Eating the right foods to nourish from the inside out also keeps skin at its best, and can improve the overall appearance as well as slow down the aging process. 
Age Spots

Doctors are unsure of exactly why age spots develop in some people, but from a scientific point of view, we know that it’s the result of excess melanin or skin pigment. These flat brown or black spots aren’t dangerous, but they can look unpleasant and can cause distress and a lack of confidence. Spending time in the sun is a major risk factor, so quitting the tanning beds and sunbathing while you’re still young is advisable. Always wear SPF and cover up with light, long layers where you can. Age spots can be treated with prescription medication from the doctor causing them to fade, or you could look into skin whitening products which have been shown to be effective. Medical procedures such as lasers, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels are other alternatives.
Loss of Volume

As well as being a cause of wrinkles, declining levels of elastin and collagen can also lead to the loss of volume in the skin. It’s suggested that we lose 1% collagen each year so is something that will get progressively worse. Anti-aging products containing magnolol, oligo peptides and hyaluronic acid are all said to help combat this effect. For more severe loss of volume- fillers, fat transfer procedures, and even cheek implants can help to restore a youthful appearance to the face. Of course, you should always carefully weigh up the pros and cons of a surgical procedure. Look into the risks and how long the treatment lasts for.
Do you take any steps to protect your skin, or reduce aging? Have you already started noticing some of these signs?

Show Your Skin Without Worrying

It’s getting to the time of the year where we start to show off our skin. After all, we have been hiding away our legs and arms in recent months under sweaters and long trousers. But now that the sun has come out to play, it’s time to flaunt our body. But it can leave people feeling nervous when it’s time to show off their skin. After all, they might not feel confident with how they look. But here are some ways to show off your skin without worrying.


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Moisturize your skin well


You want your skin to look great when it’s time to get your body out this summer. In fact, you would like your skin to glow, so you look great while out in the summer sun. But a lot of girls don’t know how to do this. One way you can enjoy glowing skin is by moisturizing well before putting on an outfit. In fact, you need to start applying moisturizer to areas like your legs and arms daily. After all, these areas can often get dehydrated, especially in summer months. Therefore, moisturizing the skin will ensure it gets hydrated and gets rid of any dead cells. That way, your skin will look fresh and radiant so you will feel less worried about getting it out in public. And remember to exfoliate too, so you are left with glowing, beautiful skin! After all, exfoliating will stop problems like flaky and dry skin!


Give your body a boost


It can often put us off getting out our skin if we are not happy with the areas. For example, we might dislike the shape of our legs. Or our chest size might be leaving us so unhappy that we are looking online for the top 4 best breast enhancement/ enlargement cream. Therefore, we hide away under clothing which will keep these areas covered. But you need to give yourself a boost to ensure you show off your skin without worrying. One way you can do this is via losing weight. After all, if you shed some pounds, you might be more comfortable in your skin. Therefore, exercise and eat healthier to ensure you lose some of that extra weight. And you might be surprised that losing weight can alter the shape of your body parts. So it might not be necessary to go under the knife! Therefore, make these changes, and you will soon feel happier in summer to show off your body.


Work on acne issues


A lot of girls fear getting their skin out as they have areas which are problematic. For example, some women are finding they are struggling with acne on their back or chest. And it stops them wanting to show off their skin as they are embarrassed of these spotty areas. However, you don’t have to live with these issues. For one thing, you can hunt down some cream which can help to make this form of acne a thing of the past. Also, make sure you are eating a healthy diet and drinking water regularly. After all, both of these will prevent acne occurring. And once you have sorted it out, you will feel happier with your skin.


And remember to shave your legs and underarms, so you have smooth and luscious skin when you get your skin out!


Feeling Fabulous For Summer

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A bikini body is sort of an arbitrary statement. It came to light a couple of years ago when somebody pointed out that all you had to do to get a bikini body was wear a bikini. That’s the literal definition of it – a bikini on a body. So why are we still so wrapped up in how our bodies look and what others will think of them? One of the greatest things that we can do with our body is be confident with it, and not focus on the aesthetics. This can be hard to do, especially as we have all grown up with role models, celebrities and famous influences all shaping our beliefs on what a perfect body should look like.


Eating and Drinking


Instead of thinking about how to feel fabulous in how you look, consider how you can feel better within yourself. Your mindset, your feelings on a day to day basis. What you consume in both food and drink can play a massive part on how you get yourself working in the morning. Make sure that you are drinking plenty throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated; eight glasses of water, each containing at least eight fluid ounces of water, is the recommended daily amount for you to be taking in to keep your levels balanced. Ensure that you are eating the correct types of foods to pass over the feelings of bloat and keep you energised and focused in whatever activities you have planned. Getting a good range of superfoods into your diet can help enormously with this.




Exercise is something that we mainly think of as a tool to get us looking good, but we never really think about the other benefits. Sure, the consequences of us working out continually wil get our bodies into shape and stepping towards the desired effect, but we should be thinking about getting our fitness levels up to scratch before we concentrate on the side-effects. You could take a look at some exercise tools and read reviews, such as an elliptical machine for example or if you don’t quite know on how to get started, you could start with something simple like running and looking for tips, such as on .


Dressing For Your Body


Feeling fabulous means that no matter what anybody else says, you will still keep a feeling of goodness about yourself. This is what everybody need to aim for, for at least one point in their life. It’s about ditching social norms and going with whatever feels comfortable for you. If you know that you can’t pull something off, then don’t wear it – but don’t let anybody else tell you what you can and can’t wear, especially when the weather is dictating the most of it. If you want to wear shorts or skirts, go for it. If you prefer to cover up, then do that. It’s nobody’s business but your own; respect yourself.

Glamour Puss: Timeless Beauty Trends

While you’d need to be pretty fearless to try out some of today’s more out-there beauty trends

a la unicorn hair, lip plumping and statement eyebrows there are the five utterly gorgeous looks that have stood the test of time.


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Cherry Red Lipstick


Be it crimson kiss, berry blush or pillar box red women have been reaching for red lipstick for forever. In fact, during the suffragette movement many of the women who marched, went on hunger strikes and attempted to force parliament to give them the vote wore bright red lipstick as a sign of female strength and power! Even today a slick dash of crimson confidence will help you feel sexy, powerful and in control, so it’s no wonder that it was a favorite of Marilyn Monroe as well as having been seen on everyone from Madonna to Gwen Stefani, Taylor Swift, and Scarlett Johanssen.


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Cat Eyeliner


It’s a cute feature that can instantly alter a whole makeup look with just a flick of black eyeliner. Sixties women would spend hours trying to copy the fabulous cat eye seen on the alluring Brigitte Bardot and Sixties icon Twiggy with their beguiling eyes, pretty faces, and almost luminescent expressions. Modern cat eyes are seen all over the catwalks and celebrities such as Ariana Grande has thickened the edges so that the pencil line’s sharper at the corners. Experiment with which cat eye works for you, and don’t forget false lashes or a thick layer of mascara to help open up your eyes. Diva Lashes are an excellent beauty brand whose products give the illusion of longer, fuller and butterfly like lashes that are easy to apply, you can choose to buy either individual lashes or full sets and they stay on for hours.


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Smoky Eyes


There are hundreds of different techniques out there when it comes to creating a smoky eye, but they all tend to have the same result. This makeup isn’t just a classic it’s become the go-to look for girls nights out! The soft application of eyeshadow, the sweep of eyeliner and the charcoal color palette looks amazing in most women. Greta Garbo who wore it first, and some say the best, lit up the screen with her sultry expressive eyes as a silent film star, later smoky eyes were seen on every 90’s superstar including the come hither eyes of supermodel Naomi Campbell.


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Modern Bob


Never has a haircut been more iconic than the ‘Rachel’ except maybe the bob, a style that first appeared in the 1920’s and is still making waves today. Bobs, and false bobs have gone from being tight, curled and almost pudding bowl in their appearance to sharp and angular, like the blunt bob Victoria Beckham sported for most of the nineties. This then gave way to a softer, more refined do that’s stylish and easy to care for. Instead of looking stiff bobs worn by celebrities such as Sienna Miller are loose, wavy and have personality to them. False bobs created by carefully placed pins are also a fantastic way to enjoy a shorter hairstyle without having to sacrifice any of your lovely long hair!


Be Body Beautiful

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It’s more important to be beautiful on the inside than the outside, but there is also nothing wrong with doing what you can to make your body as beautiful as it can be. After all, a healthy body is an indicator that you live a healthy lifestyle and that you take pride in yourself.


If you’re in search of the body beautiful, here are some simple tips for creating the look you desire:


Eat a Healthy Diet

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If you want to be a healthy weight, have beautiful flawless skin and thick, luxurious hair, you need to be careful about what you put into your body. Eating a diet that is high in fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats will ensure that you get all the nutrients you need to feel good on the inside and look great on the outside.


Use Coconut Oil

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No matter what other beauty skin care products you use to get the body beautiful, you simply must add a jar of coconut oil to your bathroom shelf. This simple substance can be used for everything from cleansing and moisturizing the skin to removing makeup and conditioning your hair. It is also a healthy fat, which when eaten will work on your skin, hair, and nails from the inside out.



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There’s no way around it – if you want to be body beautiful, you are going to have to do some exercise. Engaging in regular activity will help to control your weight, tone up problem areas and give you the kind of confidence that can make any body appear infinitely more beautiful. It will also help you to stay healthy and disease free on the inside too.


Use Sunscreen

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If you don’t want to be covered in wrinkles, blemishes and dark spots by the time you’re 50, you need to take good care of your skin by protecting it from the harmful rays of the sun. Whether the sun is shining down on your face, or it seems to be obscured by the clouds, always wear a sunscreen on your face, neck and any other parts that are exposed.


Take Grooming Seriously

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You will never look your best if you don’t get serious about your personal hygiene and grooming. So, cut your hair every six weeks, manicure your nails regularly, take care of any unwanted body hair and most importantly, wash daily. If you do only these things, you will look much better than you would otherwise.




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Eating your fruits and veggies and moisturizing will help to give your skin a glow, but that will be overshadowed if you allow your dead skin cells to build up. To ensure your skin always looks fresh and radiant, dry brush with a boar-haired body brush every day and exfoliate your face at least three times a week. This will remove dead skin, allowing fresh new cells to show you at your best.


Fake It

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If you do all these things and you still have a few problem areas that spoil your look, there is nothing wrong with using a bit of concealer, fake tan or skin whitener to reach perfection.


What are your tips for getting the body beautiful?

Easy Fixes For Most Embarrassing Beauty Woes

I think we all have at least one beauty woe which makes us cringe when we take a photo. In fact, you are mistaken if you think it’s just you having to deal with a beauty problem! But these woes can stop us feeling so confident when we go out. But you might be surprised to know that there are actually some ways to sort these issues before they take over your life! In fact, here are some easy fixes for women’s most embarrassing beauty woes.

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A lot of people are mistaken to think that only teens have to deal with acne. But it is actually something that can affect women in their 20’s, 30’s, and beyond! And it can prove a nightmare. In fact, it can make people lose confidence if they have to go out with a large spot! But while acne may prove a nightmare to get rid off, it is possible to fight the spots. The first thing you should do is head to the doctor to make sure it’s not a hormone issue. After all, if they are going askew it could be the reason, and you might need to go on the contraceptive pill to level out your hormones. Or it might be that your diet is to blame for your acne. After all, if you are consuming a ton of sugar, you will suffer from more spots. And a lack of water can lead your skin to get dehydrated which can lead to spots. Therefore, change your diet, and you might notice a difference in your skin. And remember you could always visit a dermatologist. After all, they can look into treatments to fix your bad skin.


Bad breath


There’s nothing worse than when you find you have bad breath. After all, it can be so embarrassing when you are speaking to others. You worry if they can smell it, and it can stop you being social. But you don’t have to suffer in silence. For starters, it might be worth cutting out smoking. After all, this could be the reason for your stinky breath! Also, bad breath is a sign of bad dental care. Therefore, it’s worth looking at increasing your brushing and using a good mouthwash. You might even want to consider getting a natural toothbrush from Miswak Club. It will kill any microorganisms in your mouth which are causing you to have breath. And it can ensure your teeth remain in good condition! And it’s worth changing your diet to cut out any strong foods which are making your breath worse!



Excess sweating


A lot of women fear excessive sweating when they are around other people. And a lot of the time they don’t know why they are ending up with sweat marks. For one thing, it could be down to your stressing. After all, anxiety can cause you to sweat excessively. Therefore, try and keep calm to keep it at bay. Also, your deodorant might not be strong enough. As it says in this feature, go for a super strong option which can stop the wetness! And if it still doesn’t go, it’s worth asking the doctor if you have hyperhidrosis; they can then give you a prescription antiperspirant!

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And when it comes to your hair, use an anti-dandruff choice to ensure the embarrassing white stuff stays away.


Age Perfect

Aging is something that concerns us all, whether we are in our 20’s or our 50’s. No one wants to look older than they actually are, and most us would like to skim at least a few years off our actual age. But how can we manage this? Read on to find out.




Now anyone that doesn’t think that the right makeup can make you look at least 10 years younger is really missing out. I’m not talking about a quick smear of BB cream here, though, but the more full face of makeup known as contouring.  


In a way, it’s like a non-surgical facelift because you use light and shade to reshape your face. If you combine this with a high-pigment foundation, you can cover over redness and blemishes very easily.  Giving you a flawless complex no matter what your age.






But makeup works best if the skin that you are starting from is in great condition, and there are treatments that we can use to ensure this is the case. The type of treatments available, varies widely from fillers at places like, to facials, to taking targeted vitamins to reduce the physical signs of aging.


Remember that none of these treatments is now usual for managing the effects of aging and you just need to research each option to find the one that will suit your the best.




You may not necessarily believe that the patterns that we had much to do with how old we look but they can have a bigger impact that you might think. Most seasons there are new colors and patterns that are in vogue, and keeping up with these can do a lot to accentuate your outfit and ensure that you avoid looking dated.


Picture here


You also need to think about the type of pattern that you wear, for instance, vintage flowers are still uber on-trend. But these can have an aging effect on some folks, so it’s best to avoid them unless you are rocking a garment with a, particularly modern cut.




As well as the color and patterns of the clothes that you wear, you also need to think carefully about the actual style and cut what you purchase. This is where it can get a little complicated as not only do you have all of the fashions to keep up with. But you also need to dress for your own comfort, and match the style of clothes to the body type that you have. Take a look at site like to find out more about the different body shape and how to dress them to your advantage.


Be careful here, of falling victim to trends and not tailoring what you are wearing to your age and body. As wearing the latest fashion can be very aging, not to mention unflattering if it doesn’t show off your figure to its best advantage.




Of course, whatever you do, one of the most important ways of looking good and feeling great is to have a good attitude. To this end, it is important to have a little fun with your look.


Treat yourself to some funky accessories or a bright lipstick. Rock a floral dress at 20, or a biker jacket at 60, and remember that rules are just a guideline to help you look your best. So there is no harm in breaking them, once in awhile, if the fancy takes you!


My Lip Tint Pack 

I recently saw a “sponsored” video for this product, and we all know how I love my bold lip. I just had to try it, so I took to Amazon. 

It is called “My Lip Tint Pack”, and it is made in Korea. It is marketed as a “Lip Tattoo”, but don’t worry, it isn’t that permanent. Think of it like lip stain.

It comes in six different colors, and they can be purchased as a whole set, or individuals.

I wanted to try just the “Virgin Red” color, and loved the price! It was only around $6! It arrived this week, and I was excited to try it out! 

My apologies for a not as high quality as I like for my “before picture”. 

This is me with my natural lip. I started with nothing on them, you’ll want them free of any other lip product. I will be trying to exfoliate my lip prior to using this product, that way the lip is smooth and it will go on easily.

The product is a sticky gel, that has a slight fruity scent. It takes a bit of time the first time, but when applying, you’ll want to make sure to evenly cover your entire lip, both top and bottom.

Do NOT touch your lips together though, it is very sticky and needs to dry. Be sure not to use too much, so it doesn’t gloop off your lip.

If I felt like it got out of place, I used one of my nails and carefully ran it across my lip line to correct it. 

Yes, I am making a very weird face, this is what the product looks like while on, and drying. I did not want my lips to touch, didn’t want to mess it up!

Let it dry about 5-10 minutes. You can feel it drying, and you will be able to tell when it is no longer sticky.

Once dry, start at the edge, and peel it off. Yes, you read that right, you peel it off! You can see in the picture below, it comes off in one piece, each lip of course.

I loved the red color! My lips left as if they had nothing on them, didn’t feel dry, and I could rub a finger across them without anything coming off!

It was close to 5pm when I first tried it on, when I checked around 7:30, my lips were still really red, and it only wore off a little in the very middle. (I had eaten dinner, so that was probably a factor.)

This product not only goes on easily, but lasts and won’t “kiss off”. When getting ready for bed, I used my makeup removing wipe, and what was left, came off easily.

Let me know if you try this product out!


Shirt Dress and Earrings – Versona

Necklace – Mod Pod