Low-Impact Choices For When You Don’t Feel Like Exercising

We all have those days where no matter how happy we are with our exercise regime, we just don’t much fancy it. Sometimes, those days can go on and on and on, to the point where we wonder if we’re ever going to get our groove back when it comes to keeping fit.


There are a variety of reasons this can happen. Boredom is often a problem when it comes to working out, and it’s also always possible that the rest of our lives will become so busy we just don’t have the time to workout the way we might otherwise choose to. However, what if the problem is a purely physical one – you’re tired, perhaps even sore from previous gym over-exertions, and just don’t feel like putting your body through your usual grueling routine?


We all need to switch things up every once in awhile. For those days when you can’t face running and need something a little calmer, then these options should be able to help you out.


1) Yoga



Yoga is often talked of as if it’s a cure-all, the one thing that everyone should try. The reason for this is… it’s a cure-all, that everyone should try! Sometimes, if something has such good reviews across a spectrum of people, it’s because it’s every bit as good as it sounds.


Don’t worry about not being flexible, either. A simple yoga workout can focus more on breathing, gentle stretches, and relaxation than anything you need to be double-jointed to achieve. It’s low-impact and feels good to do, so it’s perfect for those days when you’re just not feeling at your best.


2) Swimming


Swimming is the closest you can get to floating, weightless, in outer space – without having to leave earth, anyway. It’s the perfect answer if your body is tired or sore from previous exertions, giving you the chance to recharge your batteries without worrying about sustaining future injury.


A few gentle laps followed with a dip in the gym hot tub should help you reinvigorate yourself, but without causing any excessive strain.


3) Walking




When you’re a fitness fanatic, it’s easy to forget that walking is a viable form of exercise. It burns calories; admittedly not as much as cycling or running, but it’s still a form of cardiovascular exercise.


It also has the benefit of being gentle, especially if you do it in a gym setting. Just walking on a treadmill might sound lazy, but it’s better than doing nothing, and will prevent any further upsets to your body. Take it gentle for 15 minutes and reintroduce yourself back to your normal regime slowly, taking breaks when you feel even the mildest glimmer of pain.


The above are the three best options for still being able to workout when your body is feeling not quite up to its usual standard. Gentle exercise is better than none at all, and you will likely find it gets the blood pumping and healing accelerated faster than just sitting around. So why not give one of these a try the next time your body is protesting the idea of slugging it out at the gym?


Are You Getting All Of The Nutrition That You Need?

Do you ever feel kind of run down? Like you’re struggling to even get out of bed? Sure, we all have those moments now and then! Perhaps you had a slightly heavy night out, or you didn’t get as much sleep as you needed to. However, what happens when you start feeling like that more and more frequently even though you’re getting enough sleep every night. If that’s the case, then it might be something serious in regards your health, but there’s also a pretty solid chance that your body simply isn’t getting all of the nutrients that it really needs. Luckily, there are always ways in which you can solve that problem. Here are some simple things that you can do in order to make sure that you’re always getting the nutrition that you need every day.



appetizer, close-up, cucumber

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Of course, the simplest and most obvious way to make sure that your body is getting all of the right nutrients is to adjust your diet. If you go and get takeout for dinner every single evening, then you’re inevitably going to find yourself missing out on some very important nutrients, and you’ll end up feeling bloated and lethargic. It’s always best to cook as many of your meals as possible from scratch, that way you can make sure that you know exactly what goes into them. Not only that but by doing your research you might even find foods that you weren’t even aware of before that can not only provide your body with the correct nutrition levels but make some absolutely delicious meals as well!



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Now, there are some people who treat supplements like they are some kind of magic pill that will instantly help you lose weight and be healthy. This is not what they are for. They are designed to help you get the kind of nutrition into your body that you might not otherwise get. This kind of thing is especially important for those who aren’t able to eat specific kinds of food because of things like intolerances. You can find information about the kinds of nutritional supplements that are available here. You certainly shouldn’t come to entirely rely on these kinds of supplements, but they can be extremely helpful if you struggle to get all the nutrition that you need through your diet alone.



Woman Drinking

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One of the things that people forget is that it’s not just about what you put into your body but your body’s ability to process those things. If you never exercise then your body’s ability to process and burn fat is going to suffer. Similarly, if you go out drinking every night, then your liver is going have a much harder job filtering out toxins because of the damage that alcohol can do to it. You can just assume that you’re living a healthy life because of the way that you’re eating. You need to think carefully about how your lifestyle impacts the overall health of your body.


Want To Get Fit And Healthy? Here’s How

Summer is here, so there is no surprise that our thoughts are turning to our health. The desire to wear shorts and t-shirts and sun ourselves basking in the sunshine, it’s enough to make us start to focus a little on our health and fitness. Summer can really highlight if we are in bad shape. That doesn’t necessarily mean losing weight or striving for that bikini body, but more for the way you feel on the inside and your energy levels. So I thought I would share with you some of the quick and easy ways you can start to get a little healthier and feel fitter.




Take a look at your diet


Your diet is a huge indication of how you feel. Indulging in a diet of comfort food and junk food will only make you feel worse on the inside. Summer is the perfect time to change some habits when it comes to eating, allowing you to enjoy salads and vegetables as side dishes or even as main meals. It doesn’t mean you need to diet or cut out the carbohydrates, but a healthier more balanced diet will always help you to feel better about yourself. Providing you with more energy.


Get a little more active


Not all of us are people who love to attend the gym each day. That’s okay, it still means that you can get a little fitter and feel the benefits of being more active. It’s just a case of making wiser decisions, start walking to places or even try and exercise a few times a week. Don’t over-commit yourself or set unrealistic targets as this can be a huge demotivator when it comes to starting any fitness journey. However, once you start over time you will start to see the benefits of taking more exercise and how good it can make you feel, not just on the inside but the outside as well. Helping you to improve your body confidence.




Take care of yourself and your well-being


While it is important to start eating the right food and being more active, it is equally important to ensure that you take care of yourself and your well-being. That means not pushing yourself or causing injury, you can read more here about the effects of that. It’s also just as vital to think about your mindset, being negative will only hinder your chances of improving your quality of life. So try and make sure that you take more care to have a brighter and more positive outlook on life.


Drink more water


Finally, drinking more water is a great way to improve how you are feeling on the inside and the out. Water is nature’s natural detox and will be able to flush out any of the bad toxins in your body that may have accumulated from a bad diet. If you want to increase the amount of water you drink you can find out more online.Not only does it help replenish any lost fluids, but it can also have a way of improving the quality of sleep you have, increase your energy levels and even improve your skin tone. Often just drinking more water can provide you with the change you need.


I hope these tips help you embark on a new journey to get fit and healthy.



Can Improved Health Really Boost Your Wealth (Psst…Yes It Can!)



Money is one of the most important things in your world, but nothing is quite as important as your body. So, if you can find ways of incorporating healthy living while actively boosting your finances, that surely has to be a good thing. Right?


Simultaneously bolstering both aspects of your life is possible. Use these four simple ideas below for guidance, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly it shows.


Cheaper Eating   


Many people get trapped in the cycle of unhealthy eating because they wrongly believe a positive change will break the bank. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. When you actively confront your bad eating habits, you’ll see that it’s expensive as well as harmful. If that doesn’t inspire you to change, what will?


There are many simple tricks to make healthy eating more affordable. From growing fruit and veg in the garden to using meal preps, those savings will soon make a difference. More importantly, though, you’ll see changes to the way you look and feel.   




Boosted Career Prospects


The best way to improve personal finances is to earn more money throughout your career. A stronger body will open up doors to new jobs while increased energy can have a telling impact too. Furthermore, there’s no doubt that physical attraction can boost your prospects greatly. You don’t necessarily need to look like a model, but a healthy glow certainly helps.


A winning smile generates a great sense of self-confidence and is something all clients and employers will notice. Given that the mouth is also crucial for you health, there’s never been a better time to find a dentist near you. Use this new asset to its full potential, and it will influence your journey up the career ladder. Combine with a great hairstyle, and you’re in business.


Reduced Medical Costs


When you fail to give your body the attention it deserves, problems will inevitably surface. But rectifying those problems is often far more expensive than preventing those issues in the first place. Prescription cards and discounts can help. In reality, though, a healthy body reduces the likelihood of those issues occurring. This will aid your finances greatly.


Meanwhile, you’ll also save huge sums of money by cutting out cigarettes and other harmful substances. When added to the benefits of easier breathing, better smelling clothes, and increased freedom, it could be the best switch you ever make.




Focus On The Important Things


They say a healthy body breeds a healthy mind, and changing your mindset can make all the difference. When you take a step back from the modern world to appreciate the importance of the fundamentals, life becomes a lot easier. Not least from a financial perspective.   


It’s all about making smarter choices. Let’s face it; hiking boots and a bicycle will bring far greater joy than upgrading the lounge TV by another 4 inches. Embracing the beauty of life encourages a far healthier approach, and it will generate magical memories. The fact that you’ll save money too is simply a bonus.


SMART Tips For Getting Fit



Do you wish you had a few tricks up your sleeve to help you on your path to fitness? Sounds like you need my SMART tips! Read on to find out all about them…


S is for supplements


Lots of fitness experts believe that there are some great supplements that can really help you get your body in shape. One supplement that many fitness gurus swear by is whey protein. You can often buy this as a powder that you can sprinkle onto your meals or use it to make a delicious milkshake. Protein is necessary for our body to grow and heal itself, and it is also important in muscle growth. When you increase your protein intake through using supplements, you will find that you can endure longer training sessions and will see a lot of improvement in your muscle definition.  


M is for muscle building


Sure, working on your cardio is important, but you should also focus on your muscles as well so that your overall fitness improves. The best exercises that will improve your muscles include weight lifting, which you can do at your local ClubFitness.us. There’s just one thing that you should keep in mind when trying to build muscles: you need to increase your calorie intake. If you fail to do this, your body won’t have enough materials to make new muscle tissue with.


A is for afterward


How do you recover after a grueling workout? If you don’t really have a routine for after your workouts, it is important that you think about one now. Otherwise, you might be putting yourself at an increased risk of injury. One thing that you should do, no matter how you have been exercising, is a quick cool-down routine. This can help your muscles relax. You also need to ensure that you eat properly right after a workout to ensure your body has all the nutrients it needs to recover safely.


R is for resting


No matter how fit you are, you shouldn’t be working out seven days a week. You need to schedule at least two fitness-free days each week. This gives your body adequate time to rest and recover after all that strenuous exercise. If you do forgo your resting days, you might find that you pull muscles regularly or cause yourself some even more serious injuries.


T is for tracking


Do you already track your workouts? If not, you should do as it can be a great way to review your progress and makes it easy to set goals. You will find it easy to track your fitness if you have a fitness or other fitness tracker. You can see the best online here: trustedreviews.com/best-fitness-tracker_round-up. But don’t worry if you can’t afford a tracker – you can stick to the traditional method of using a journal!


Once you start to use these SMART tips in your fitness, you will really see some great improvements. They’ve worked for so many people already; why not see their benefits for yourself!

It’s Not Too Late To Get In Shape For Summer

We are only a few weeks away from the summer months. And that means holidays and summer parties are in the not-so-distant future. But while many of us are excited for summer to make an appearance, for others, it can leave them filled with dread. And the top reason is that they have to show more skin when the sunshine arrives. And while they might have tried their best to get in tip-top shape over the last few months, it might not have gone to plan. However, all is not lost if you are carrying extra pounds. In fact, here are some ways you can ensure you are in great shape by the time summer arrives.


Time to fix your diet


It’s easy to go on fad diets in the run-up to the summer months. After all, there are plenty of diets around which promise a loss of pounds in just a couple of weeks. But a lot of people go on these diets and are left disappointed with the results. After all, as soon as they return to normal food, the weight soon makes a reappearance. Therefore, skip the diet and just tweak your eating habits. After all, you need something you can follow in the long-term. For one thing, look at ways to make your current meals more healthy. For example, skipping the cheese and just going for a vegetable based sauce with your pasta can do you a world of good. Also, going for wholemeal options of bread and pasta can also ensure you get into good shape!


Look into getting a personal trainer


A lot of people think it’s enough to make changes to their diet. But if you want to make a significant difference to your body, you should look into doing some exercise. Moreover, you might want to consider getting a personal trainer. After all, they will work with you to ensure your body is in tip-top shape before summer. They will know exactly what exercises you can do to help shift your excess weight. So you can ensure you target the specific area with your workout. Also, having someone else there to help you workout can ensure you make an effort to get back into shape. Hunt a personal trainer down online, or you can find ones at your local gym. And it will save you looking into treatments like GastroCenter of Michigan’s smartlipo treatments for fat reduction. After all, it can be more rewarding shifting the weight yourself!




Rest and destress


It’s not all just down to exercise and eating well if you want to get into good shape. You also need to make an effort to change lifestyle habits too. For one thing, getting plenty of rest can ensure your body is working efficiently. And it can help you to shift those pounds if you are trying to get plenty of sleep. Also, you should make sure you are reducing stress in your life. After all, the more stress your body has to deal with, the more likely you will put on weight! Therefore, try and relax to help you get in better shape.


And remember to keep drinking plenty of water. After all, it can flush out any toxins to ensure you don’t have to rock a bloated look this summer!

Do You Score Full Marks In Each Area Of Health?



When we think of being healthy, we can often automatically think about health in a medical sense. If you’re feeling okay and you’re not in any pain, you can often think that your health it quite good. However, health is a lot more complex than that. First of all, your levels of health aren’t always that easy to interpret. And secondly, they often go much deeper than the classic medical definitions of health. To help you build a full, more holistic image of your health, you should look at in from four different perspectives; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Then you can work out how you score in each area.


Physical Health


First of all, your physical health is probably the area that you’re most familiar with. When you were little, and you grazed a knee, your Mom would have patched it back up for you. Or if you were sick, you’d of known that your health had taken a bit of a knock. It can sometimes be easy to know when your physical health is suffering. But, not always. You can be silently suffering and not even know. So, it’s important that you take every measure to being physically healthy. You may benefit from a healthy diet, or exercising more, watching what you drink and stopping smoking, or switching to e-cigs or vaping – visit Vaporescence for more information on that.


Emotional Health


Then there’s also our emotional health. Sometimes, we don’t even recognize that we have an emotional health – but we very much do. Not everyone is comfortable when it comes to dealing with emotions. But, you will definitely find that other areas of your health will benefit, particularly your mental health, when you work out your emotions and how to deal with them properly. Your relationships, both romantic and with friends or family, also fall under your emotional health. It’s important to nurture them to feel healthy and content emotionally.


Mental Health


Of course, then there’s mental health. Again, this can be a touchy subject for some people. Mental health issues used to be a taboo, but the more than we recognize the importance of mental health, the easier it is for us to resolve those problems. Whether you’re dealing with stress or anxiety, loss or pain, you need to be able to work on your mental health in order to feel physically healthy – because mental health can often harm other areas of your health too.


Spiritual Health


Spiritual health is also the final aspect to your health overall. It can connect quite closely with your emotional and mental health. Even if you don’t feel religious in any way, you should be able to recognize that your spiritual connection is important to enrich your mind and your body. Sometimes, mindfulness can be a great way to connect deeper with your emotions and clear your mind – both of which can start to heal some of your deeper health issues. Then, you should be able to improve your health levels overall.



Tips On Staying Healthy And Living Longer



Our health is something that we should take seriously. If we neglect it, we are not only hurting ourselves, but the people around us too. Your loved ones don’t want to see you ill or struggling, especially when you know you could be doing a lot more to improve your health.

There are many different things that you can do, so here’s a few to get you started to live a healthier (and even longer) life.



Have enough sleep

It is so important to have a good night’s sleep; otherwise it can affect you and your mood. Fatigue is a serious link to heart attacks and high blood pressure, so this can easily be avoided if you make a conscious effort to get eight hours of sleep. Make a note of how many hours you’re getting now, and if it’s not enough, try going to sleep earlier. You can always record your favorite show; you don’t have to stay up late to watch it!



Eat a well-balanced diet

The food you eat has a direct effect on your health, not only physically but mentally too. With the right kind of diet, you can prevent the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and much more! There are also certain ingredients in the food we eat that have a positive effect on our brains, which release chemicals that make us feel happy.

Having a well-balanced diet isn’t about cutting out all the exciting treats and restricting yourself to vegetables – you’re not trying to lose weight. As long as you eat everything in moderation, you shouldn’t have any problems.



Keep fit

Regular exercise can drastically improve your health, and that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to call the gym your new home either. Just thirty minutes every day can make a difference. So whether you prefer to have a run, do your workout DVD that’s now gathered dust, or even just stick some music on and have a dance; it will all be worth it.

You will also be releasing endorphins in your body that make you feel oh so good.



Use sunscreen

The exposure from the sun does not only cause premature aging, but cancer too. The same goes for sunbeds. So make sure you always wear sunscreen, even when the sun isn’t shining, don’t let that fool you – its rays are still shining from behind the clouds.

So if you want a tan for your holidays, just use a good tanning lotion instead.



Buckle up

Motorcycle, car or bicycle – make sure you’re strapped in and helmeted up. So many accidents happen on the road because of reckless driving and lack of protection, it’s not worth the risk. It takes a few seconds to buckle yourself up, and those few seconds could be saving your life.



Don’t smoke

Everyone knows smoking isn’t good for your health, it not only puts you at a higher risk for cancer, strokes and heart disease, but it also damages your lungs greatly over the years, yet people find it so hard to give up because it’s an addiction.

If you’re not able to stop on your own though, no matter what you’re dealing with, there’s a lot of aid that you can get to help battle addiction like with Colorado resources.


Get regular checkups

It may seem like an effort to keep on top of your doctor and dentist appointments, but it’s so important. Even if you think that a cough is nothing to worry about – the more you leave it, the worse it could get. It may even end up turning into something a lot more serious, and you don’t want that.



Manage your stress

Stress can cause so many different problems to your body and mind; it’s most definitely a silent killer. Mental illness tends to be overlooked because it is not that visible to the eye, but it is just as serious as any other health issue out there. You should never feel embarrassed or alone – there’s help out there for everyone!



Make new friends

Being around the right people can have a positive impact on your life, both mentally and physically. Friends and family are there to support, love and care for you. They’re the people that you should feel comfortable enough to go to when you need help. They can take you out of a rut that you may have been stuck in for a long time, so get on the phone and invite them over. Whether you go out or not – it’s the company that matters.

Putting The Fun Back Into Fitness

Humans, adult humans anyway, are among the few animals that seem to lack a natural motivation to keep up their fitness levels. In between Netflix, social media and all the other lovely distractions we have, it can be pretty hard to keep yourself moving efficiently towards your fitness goals. Fortunately though, there are various steps you can take to put the fun back into your fitness regimen…


Image from Pexels

Get Fit by Playing

Most of us will remember being a child, and begging our parents to let us play outside for another few minutes. Whatever you were doing – playing a game, riding your bike, climbing a tree – it was simply so fun that you didn’t want to stop. By rediscovering this inherent joy of motion, you’ll be much more motivated to keep a good solid fitness routine. Spruce up your old bike and get the best bike trainer you can afford. Get back into a sport you used to love by joining a class or a club in your local area. If you’ve got kids, join in with their games in the garden. If there’s anything that gets you moving that you find more engaging than the treadmill, then start doing it whenever you can!

Go Dancing!

If you’re not exactly the sporty type, then another great way to inject more fun into your fitness is to put on your dancing shoes! Dancing is a fantastic way to get fit, and there’s a style that appeals to pretty much everyone. Whether you’re into the sophistication and majesty of ballroom or the nostalgia of tap, there’s sure to be a style and class around for you. If you really want a good workout, then go for capoeira, a unique Brazilian blend of dance and martial arts.

Have an Active Vacation

From cycling tours of the world’s prestigious patches of wine country to week long escapes to a ski resort to fantasy sports camps, there are all kinds of active vacations you can go on that will help you get fit while having the time of your life. Obviously, whether you come away having burned a lot of calories and made a lot of memories on your trip all depends on the condition you leave in, so an active vacation can also give you the motivation to train before it. Cardiovascular and flexibility training can make an active trip away much more manageable, and it won’t feel like work when you remember what it’s all for!

Take Family Walks

With all the different pieces of tech that us and our kids have at our fingertips, opportunities to connect with the family can be pretty sparse. One of the best ways to create a regular opportunity for more family time, and get everyone more fit in the process, is taking family walks. Wherever you are, there are going to be places where you can take the whole family, stroll through nature and enjoy the simple act of conversation. Your kids might whinge about being away from their videogames at first, but they’ll get into the routine soon enough!


Easy Exercises That Don’t Ask Us For Too Much



If you really want to get your body ready for the summer, but you just hate working out – the solution is here.

You don’t have to go to the gym every day or take hardcore spinning classes. – There are many other exercises that are easy to do but burn away those calories that you probably shouldn’t have eaten last week.

Here’s a list of the best exercises that won’t ask you for too much.





Yes. Just walking around is enough, you don’t have to go for a run. Make a conscious effort to walk to your destination instead of driving or getting public transport. That way it won’t even necessarily feel like you’re ‘going to workout.’ Instead, you are simply ‘going to the shops.’

If you do decide to start, it would be wise to invest in a good pair of shoes. Even if you’re just walking and don’t plan on running, it is still very important to have the right footwear otherwise you may just end up causing yourself an injury.





Like walking, this is another thing that you can use to replace your driving with something better on your body. But if you’re not one to enjoy riding outdoors, you don’t have to. You can buy an exercise bike instead. You will still get the workout, but it can be done within the comfort of your own home, even in front of the tv! – You can’t get a more relaxed setting than that to exercise in.

If you’re not sure what the best stationary bike would be for you – do your research. It’s not good just choosing what looks the prettiest. You need to take into account the size, the features and if it’s comfortable.





Wind down and have a relaxing swim. This feels great after a busy day at work or a stressful time at home, and it’s very easy to do. You don’t need to be racing up and down each end of the pool going as fast as you can. Even when you’re going at a slower pace, your heart will be pumping, and your body will still be having to work hard.

Swimming is a wonderful workout for the entire body as it engages every single muscle, so not only will you be burning off calories, but you will also be toning up at the same time.





Dancing definitely doesn’t feel like a chore to do, and it never should! It makes you feel like a kid again; without a care in the world, dancing around the bedroom to your favorite songs on blast. – Burning fat has never been so much fun! So turn up the radio and get moving.

Dancing not only keeps you fit, but it also makes you feel great mentally. It fights off stress by causing your body to release endorphins, which make you feel really happy! So let’s dance!





Now you know what to do, put some of these ideas in action and see how you start to feel physically, and mentally.