Easy Exercises That Don’t Ask Us For Too Much



If you really want to get your body ready for the summer, but you just hate working out – the solution is here.

You don’t have to go to the gym every day or take hardcore spinning classes. – There are many other exercises that are easy to do but burn away those calories that you probably shouldn’t have eaten last week.

Here’s a list of the best exercises that won’t ask you for too much.





Yes. Just walking around is enough, you don’t have to go for a run. Make a conscious effort to walk to your destination instead of driving or getting public transport. That way it won’t even necessarily feel like you’re ‘going to workout.’ Instead, you are simply ‘going to the shops.’

If you do decide to start, it would be wise to invest in a good pair of shoes. Even if you’re just walking and don’t plan on running, it is still very important to have the right footwear otherwise you may just end up causing yourself an injury.





Like walking, this is another thing that you can use to replace your driving with something better on your body. But if you’re not one to enjoy riding outdoors, you don’t have to. You can buy an exercise bike instead. You will still get the workout, but it can be done within the comfort of your own home, even in front of the tv! – You can’t get a more relaxed setting than that to exercise in.

If you’re not sure what the best stationary bike would be for you – do your research. It’s not good just choosing what looks the prettiest. You need to take into account the size, the features and if it’s comfortable.





Wind down and have a relaxing swim. This feels great after a busy day at work or a stressful time at home, and it’s very easy to do. You don’t need to be racing up and down each end of the pool going as fast as you can. Even when you’re going at a slower pace, your heart will be pumping, and your body will still be having to work hard.

Swimming is a wonderful workout for the entire body as it engages every single muscle, so not only will you be burning off calories, but you will also be toning up at the same time.





Dancing definitely doesn’t feel like a chore to do, and it never should! It makes you feel like a kid again; without a care in the world, dancing around the bedroom to your favorite songs on blast. – Burning fat has never been so much fun! So turn up the radio and get moving.

Dancing not only keeps you fit, but it also makes you feel great mentally. It fights off stress by causing your body to release endorphins, which make you feel really happy! So let’s dance!





Now you know what to do, put some of these ideas in action and see how you start to feel physically, and mentally.


Make A Bang Up Job Of Toning Up

Sometimes it can be the easier task that we are given, that is the more difficult to do. We see this phenomenon when trying to tone up as opposed to attempting to lose a lot of weight. Maybe it has something to do with having to have more commitment to a bigger, task. So when you do get going, you have enough moment to keep going? But whatever the reason, it’s true that some people can really struggle to get tuned up for the summer months. But it really doesn’t have to be that way. Read on to find out more.



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Working with weights


One of the first thing that jumps to mind when we need to tone up is to start working with the weights. Weight like dumbbells and kettlebells are a cheap and effective way of toning up our muscles, and they are often available in gyms for this purpose. Which makes it pretty easy to get in shape.



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Of course, it not just about the equipment that you use but also the technique. For example, kettlebell workouts include swinging the weights to make them more effective and help you to strengthen and tone all of your muscles and ligaments.


Vibration plates


Another, fairly modern development in the area of toning up is the vibration plate. Popularized by many celebrities including Madonna and Victoria Beckham, this is a raised platform that you stand on while working out.


The platform vibrates, making any exercise you do on the plate much harder and so more effective to the muscle group that you’re working. There is alls sort of vibration machine workouts that you can do including squats, step ups, and kick backs, and you can even get a machine for your very own home, which make this sort of exercise very easy to do daily.




Of course, we cannot discount the power and effectiveness of simple stretching when attempting to tone up our muscles.


You can follow along with an ordered routine on Youtube, or from a fitness DVD. Or take a class that is based around stretching and holding poses such as Yoga or Pilates.



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Although it is good to remember that, even though they are similar they are not the same. Yoga is an ancient practice designed to make the body flexible and quieten the mind to allow a long period of meditation.


Whereas Pilates is a modern activity design to strengthen the core and other muscle groups through body weight and resistance exercises.  


Bodyweight exercise


Talking of body weight exercise, this can also be seen as a separate category. This is because many people partake body weight exercise but in the form of pilates.



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The basics of this activity are that you use your body’s own weight and resistance against itself. Thus strengthening and toning your muscles.


It is particularly popular because you don’t have to invest in a lot of fancy equipment to do it, and it can be pretty much done anywhere from your home to a hotel room, a beach or even at the office.






Stay Hydrated In The Heat With These Four Simple Tips

When the weather hots up in the summertime, it is so important to make sure that we stay hydrated. Now, don’t get me wrong; it is important to stay hydrated all year round. But it is especially important to stay hydrated in hot weather, as we lose more water from our body when it is warm. So if you’re going to be doing about your daily business, as well as exercising, then you need to be drinking more water than ever. But are there any other things that we should be doing to make sure that we stay hydrated? Here are a few ideas for you.




Eat Food High in Water Content


While drinking lots of water is important, you can help yourself by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables that have a high water content. Plus, as they are fruits and vegetables, you’ll be getting a vitamin or antioxidant boost from them too. The best fruits to look out for and consume plenty of are things like watermelon (or any melon in fact), as well as grapefruit, strawberries, and pineapple. There are lots of veggies to consume that have a high water content too. Tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, cabbage, lettuce, and broccoli all have a water content of over 90%. So it is no wonder that we crave salads in the heat. Have one with lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, strawberries, and a glass of water, and that will be a great meal.


Juice Your Veggies


As has been just said, there are plenty of veggies that have a high water content. One way to make sure that you get all of that important water but with the nutrients that come from the veggies is by juicing. Juices are different to smoothies because they just take the juice and you’re left with some pulp, unlike a smoothie that will include it all. So alongside drinking plenty of water, you could mix things up with a kale and cucumber juice from time to time, for example.




Use Ice


Ice is, you guessed it, made of water. But consuming it in different ways just makes it easier to get hydrated, without having to drink gallons and gallons of pure water. I know a lot of people like to chomp on crushed ice, so that is a good way to feel like you’re eating something, as well as helping your hydration. You could also make things like Hawaiian ice as a treat, with some fruit puree for the sauce or syrup, as well as make yourself some frozen popsicles using water and fruit. There are a lot of ways to use ice to keep hydrated and keep you cool.


Limit Your Alcohol Intake


It can be tempting to drink cocktails all summer long in the sunshine. But alcohol is actually dehydrating, and you get a hangover because you’re dehydrated. So where you can, limit how much alcohol you are consuming. It is a good idea to have a glass of water alongside an alcoholic drink to help to keep you as hydrated as possible.



Mind-blowing Secrets Slim People Won’t Tell You

Do you have a friend who looks good no matter how much she eats and how little she exercises? Yes, we all have them and we all can’t help feeling just a little bit envious. We feel even worse if our two months of eating lettuce and punishing gym workouts seem to be making little difference to our bodies. Sobbing in front of the mirror wondering where we went wrong is going to get us nowhere. We need someone to let us in on the secrets of slim people. Here are the top secrets that your thin friends don’t

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You need to change your wardrobe

It is possible to drop a dress size overnight. You won’t actually drop a dress size, of course, but you will look like you have. These are the tricks that slim ladies all over the world use and wouldn’t tell you.

  • Ditch the comfort shoes. Legs look a whole lot slimmer in skirts worn twinned with shoes that have a tapered toe and at least a 2-inch stiletto heel. The combination of a slender toe and thin heel give the illusion of extending and narrowing the calf.
  • Only ever wear a V-neckline. This style of neckline creates a high focal point that draws the eye away from your tummy and makes your upper body look longer and slimmer. The more skin on show the better and this applies to T-shirts, sweaters, and cardigans as well as dresses and jackets.
  • Keep it all in with a spanx. Control underwear will instantly smooth bulges and at the same time, your breasts and bottom will be lifted. No-one knows that you are wearing it and it achieves more in 5 minutes than a month at the gym ever could.
  • Stick to one color. Contrary to popular opinion this does not have to be black although dark colors are slimming. It is important that your tops and your skirts or trousers are a similar color. This creates an uninterrupted vertical line and you appear both thinner and taller. If there is a contrast in tone between your upper and lower body the eye is drawn to your tummy area and you look wider.

This will get you the results that you want and give you the willpower to keep going with your rout

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Target your exercise routine

If going to the gym is not working for you then it is a signal that you are doing the wrong exercises. Start off with a clear goal in your mind. For lots of women, this is to lose weight from the belly area. A toned, flat belly is a feature that many women desire but it will take some work to get there.

Consult a personal trainer and devise an individual plan that will get you the results that you want. Concentrate on problem areas and be consistent. Find exercises that you can do at home because you may not always make it to the gym. Your exercises will probably be a combination of sit-ups, crunches and the ‘plank’. They work on different areas of the abdomen. As with dieting, there is no point in going completely over the top and then not being able to move the next day. Consistency is what is going to get you results.

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Balance your diet

It is possible to enjoy being on a diet, it just depends which diet you are on. Any diet that makes you miserable, leaves you craving sugar and expects you to live off unappetising dishes and supplements is never going to work. You simply cannot stick with it for long enough to work. A successful diet ensures that your body gets every single one of the dietary elements (including vitamins and minerals) that you need and leaves you feeling satisfied. If you don’t feel hungry, you won’t turn to a chocolate bar at midnight in desperation.

Going on a diet requires some calculations so if math is not your thing you may want to get some help. To lose weight you need to use up more calories than you take in. Reducing your calorie intake by 500 each day is a gentle way of introducing this to your body.

Replace fatty meat with some lean meat options which will keep up your protein intake. Turkey or chicken are ideal but so is white fish. Eggs are packed with protein but the yolk is high in fat so sticking to the egg white only will help. Wholemeal rice is a healthy source of carbohydrates as are baked potatoes but avoid chips cooked in fat. Vegetables are best eaten raw or lightly cooked.

It is possible to be too busy to be on a diet. If you have a frantic lifestyle and are working all day and looking after a young family in the evenings and weekends, or if you are holding down a couple of jobs, it is tempting to grab an unhealthy snack on the go. This is where batch food preparation can be a life saver. Prepare your meals in batches and freeze them for the entire week.

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Embrace new technology

Modern technology helps us in every part of our lives so why not with weight loss. Check out http://liposuction-sandiego.com/coolsculpting/ and get some non-invasive body sculpting with instant results.

You don’t have to struggle to remember how your diet is going. There are loads of apps that will record your calories and give you thousands of ideas for healthy recipes.

The exercise industry has truly embraced new technology. There are monitors for everything from your heart rate to your blood pressure and scales that talk to you (if you like that sort of thing). You can study how many steps you have taken in one day and what distance you have covered.

This is great for motivating you to stick to your routine. Before you know it you’ll be the one that everyone is asking for the secrets. Will you tell?


Getting The Peach You’ve Always Wanted!

So many women no longer focus on being ‘skinny’. Now, the goal is to have a super perky ‘peach’ that looks amazing in both dresses and jeans. Some people think that it’s down to genetics, but the truth is, anybody can get an amazing peach. Read on to find out how!



The only way you’ll permanently change the shape of your butt is to exercise it. There are so many exercises out there that could help you to give it a lift and some shape. Hip thrusters, lunges, squats, and the leg press machine in the gym can all help you to perk up your butt. The trick is to make sure you’re using a challenging weight for about 10 reps, otherwise, you’re not going to see much difference at all!


If you have a flat butt, then starting out by eating a lot of healthy foods can help you to build more muscle and shape!


Wear The Right Clothes

The clothes you wear can actually create the illusion of a perfectly rounded peach. Certain jeans and dresses can help to lift it and make it look great. There are even gym leggings you can buy that put an emphasis on the glutes with special details on the material.


Use Products To Enhance

There are even products you can use to enhance your glutes. Bear in mind that some of these are nothing more than a placebo. The infographic below can help you to figure out what’s right for you!

Infographic design by glutimax.com

3 life enhancing tips for the mind and body

If healthy living were easy, everybody would be walking around looking like Hollywood stars or superheroes at their day job, in disguise. Health starts in the mind and radiates outward, eventually commanding the body to become fitter and leaner.


Source – Zsuzsanna Toth


Lean, green fitness machine


Each morning, before your workout, go into the kitchen and liquidate your breakfast. Oxidants and enzymes are a great way to start off the day and are a natural source of vitamins. Healthy smoothies packed with fruits like apples, bananas, pears, oranges, and peaches, have heaps of natural sugars. These natural sugars can act as a replacement for a creatine supplement. As creatine powder drinks, have complex stimulants in them, they increase your heart rate to abnormal levels. However, au naturel stimulants such as green smoothies, are laden with minerals, electrolytes, potassium and magnesium.


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A desired body image


For women, body image is just as important as a healthy diet, whereas men tend to focus heavily on a muscular physique and strength. Women on average have 13% more fat at any given time in their body than men do. Therefore, the female body is naturally curvy; something many women work hard to achieve by shedding off the pounds in the gym. On the other hand, sometimes it’s not about how fit you are, it’s how you feel in your heart. No matter what somebody else says to boost your confidence, you know you. Something that irritates you about your body is personal and a vulnerable soft spot in your mind. One day you may choose to change something about your facial features, that you’ve always wanted to. There aren’t many tried and trusted plastic surgery practices, like [rhinoplasty surgery] in San Francisco, that have a history of satisfied patients. Be wary of surgeons who are less than credible before you commit yourself to go under the knife. Do the proper research, ask around, read reviews and compare prices with multiple companies before deciding anything. It’s important not to rush this, and take your time.


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Reps, reps, reps


Men can lift heavy, but women have weaker muscle dexterity. Take this into account, and leave your ego at the front door when you leave home on the way to the gym. Good solid, repetitive movements, with a controlled technique to each exercise, is an excellent way to tone your muscles. A low weight, high rep workout merges cardio with strength endurance, burning off fat and pushing the muscles to the edge. Dumbbell shoulder presses with a light weight is a great way to move the majority of your upper body muscles and get them to become active and sweat. When you sweat your skin is breathing, consequently, your pores open to push out toxic chemicals being released by your body during the workout. To mobilize this further, think about wearing a thin hoody to your workout rather than a vest or t-shirt. Squats are a superb technique for improving the shape of your bottom and shedding any extra pounds on your calves, but remember low weight and high reps burn the most calories.  A strong core takes a little stress off your diaphragm thus helping you to breath deeper fuller. The tried, tested and simple exercise of sit-ups toughens your stomach and strengthens the ab muscles.


Glowing With Health

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were glowing with health all of the time? Then we’d always feel and look our best no matter what life threw at us. Unfortunately, unless you are a superhero this probably isn’t going to happen, and you are occasionally going to get sick. But you can still improve how you look and feel for most of the time by doing the following things.


Eat well


This one is so simple, but so hard at the same time. We live in a society filled full of delicious but unhealthy food; designed to tempt us off of the wagon.


There are those yummy pastries at the coffee stand in the morning on the way to work. Then the packet of biscuits that Tina from accounts brought to the meeting. Then there is always the temptation to get a little treat from the vending machine to help the afternoon go that little bit quicker, and so on.




But eating well is probably one of the most important ways that we can improve both how we feel and look. In particular, clean eating, where you only eat natural and unprocessed foods, as well as staying away from refined sugar is said to make you feel more energetic. As well as helping your skin look great by detoxing all of that rubbish out of your body.


Move that body


Now, most of us know that to look and feel our best we need to have some kind of regular exercise built into our schedule. But too many people think that unless they are wearing neon pink lycra at the gym, they just aren’t exercising properly.


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But what they are failing to realize is that just small changes in their day can make all of the difference. Things like going for a walk at lunch instead of sitting at their desk. Or doing half an hour of slow yoga before bed to relax and unwind from the day.


Remember exercise isn’t all about pushing yourself as hard as you can go. Any type can actually help you improve your circulation, get some fresh air, and chill out. Even if it’s not the most intense workout you have ever done.


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Look after your teeth


They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but if you ask me the smile is pretty telling of how you feel as well.


For one thing, if you’re not smiling much you could actually be limiting your opportunity to feel good. You can read more about this at https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive.


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But what if you aren’t smiling because you don’t like your teeth? Then this is something that needs to be sorted.


Pop to your local dentist office and see what they can do for you. You may be surprised at how high-tech ring have got as they are now using digital interoral compares like the ones available at https://www.prodentshop.com/pages/6-incredible-benefits-of-intraoral-cameras-for-dentists-and-patients. As well as thing like invisible braces to straighten teeth, while maintaining your look.


Build up your immunity


Everybody gets sick, but some folks get sicker than others. This can be for different reasons, one of which is low immunity.


Immunity if your bodies ability to resist infection and heal itself, and if yours is low is can certainly result in looking and feeling awful.


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It also means that every time anyone in a 5-mile radius gets a sniffle, you almost just need to get it as well. Only it’ll take you longer to get rid of it. That is why it’s a great idea to boost your immunity whenever possible.


Of course, eating a nutritious diet and exercising can help, but many folks also take supplements to assist in this area. Popular ones include Echinacea which is a natural antibiotic and anti- inflammatory, as well as Colloidal Silver.




Now, you may be thinking, why is this article telling me to breathe? I do this all of the time anyway! Obviously! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here!


But there is a difference in the types of breathing that we do. For example, when you are stressed you often shallow breath which means that the body is getting lots of oxygen ready to go into flight or flight mode.


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Of course, that means the brain is getting a lot of oxygen too, which further trigger the stress response.


To combat this is can be really helpful to practice some slow and mindful breathing techniques. Which will not only make you feel a lot better but will also ensure you look a lot calmer and together too.


5 Simple Swaps Anyone Can Make To Be Healthier

Being healthy can feel like hard work. We’re constantly bombarded with conflicting information about diet, lifestyle, and exercise. For the average person, this overload can be pretty confusing. The good news? You’re definitely not alone. The health and fitness industry has grown exponentially year on year, and it’s because there’s such a huge number of people wanting to get healthier. If you are one of the many people who want to be healthier but aren’t sure how to go about it, here are some simple swaps that anyone can make…


Food Swaps




One of the most common complaints about eating healthily is that a healthy diet isn’t as healthy or tasty as an unhealthy one. This isn’t true, but what is true is that most of us aren’t used to preparing meals entirely from scratch, or extracting maximum flavor from our ingredients. One simple swap is to replace store bought sauces with your own, homemade variations. Take pasta, for instance, a tasty and simple meal. Use vegetables and herbs to make your own sauce. Try roasting some butternut squash with sage. Once it’s completely soft mash it until it resembles a puree. Toss pasta through your puree with some wilted spinach. Alternatively, try ditching a sauce altogether. Roast red onions, cherry tomatoes, and courgettes. Season with lots of salt, pepper, herbs and oil. Once roasted stir through your pasta for a tasty and healthy dish.


Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Make sure that you’re fuelling your body with healthy food. Swap sugary store bought cereals for either eggs or porridge. Both release lots of energy throughout the morning. Oats also help with digestion and eggs are low in calories. Try topping your porridge with some frozen fruit or compote to keep in interesting.


Lifestyle Swaps




Our lifestyles can often impede our healthy living goals. Bad habits, in particular, can slow us down on our health journey. Drinking and smoking are two common ways to socialize. Those who work in offices often find themselves de-stressing and socializing by taking a cigarette break. Similarly after-work drinks, celebrations, and weekends, often include alcohol. Switch your usual cigarettes for vapes. These are portable, discreet, come in a variety of flavors, and cut down on the amount of smoke you’re inhaling. Have a look on vistavaporscouponcode.com for more information.


Exercise Swaps




A great diet and lifestyle are only half the battle, our bodies need to move too! One great swap which will make us healthier is to change our commute. If you’re able, walk or run to work instead of taking the car. Cycling is another good way to get to work too. Alternatively get off a few stops early and walk part of the way.


Switch up your exercises too. If you do crunches in the hope of getting abs, try planking instead. It’s now considered the best way to start seeing some serious tone. Frequently change your exercise routine to keep yourself interested and improve your health.


Looking For A New Health Plan? Don’t Forget To Consider These Features

Healthy living should be a priority for all. Making smarter choices will enhance both the quality and quantity of your life. Meanwhile, the rewards of a better appearance shouldn’t be ignored either. However, there’s a strong possibility that you’ve tried and failed on multiple occasions throughout the years. In truth, the source of your problems is rooted in following the wrong type of plan.  


No two people are identical, which is why your plan must be built around you. So what are the key aspects to consider when looking for the most suitable plan? Let’s take a closer look.




Enjoyment: Let’s face it; you won’t stick to your health kick if it isn’t fun. This is one of the main reason that you’ve thrown the towel in time and time again. If you love a particular sport, don’t be afraid to build your routines around this. Likewise, working out with a friend or attending classes can be a great way to increase the smiles during exercise.


Effectiveness: The other reason for giving up is a lack of progress. Therefore, any exercise strategies you implement should be built to generate big results. Reading reviews at topworkoutprograms.com/workout-reviews/max-workouts-review/ should provide help. However, it’s important to give careful consideration to your goals and aims. After all, the journey to weight loss looks far different to the one built for gaining muscle.


Comfort: If your fitness routines are going to offer sustainability, you must think about comfort too. The right clothing should be one of the top items on your agenda. As well as choosing the right items, you must also think about the sizing. Perhaps more importantly, you need to consider your individual requirement. Injuries will undo a lot of your good work, which is why avoiding them is key. Without those elements of comfort, the whole process will become a strain.




Efficiency: The long-term management of your health kick will go a long way to deciding how successful it will be. Therefore, any tricks that can reduce the time constraints will be hugely beneficial. This is especially true when it comes to cooking, which is why slow cookers are a great solution for all busy people. With recipes fromjamieoliver.com/news-and-features/features/5-tips-nail-slow-cooker-recipes/, success should follow. Combine this with meal preps to cut down on midweek cooking times, and you cannot go wrong.


Cost: Your health is the most important thing in the world, and is worth any financial investment. Still, other life commitments ensure that money will play an important role throughout the journey ahead. Simple tricks like growing fruit and veg and entering free running events can work wonders for your budget. Even if money isn’t a major concern, getting great value will always bring positive reactions. In turn, that should give you an extra sense of motivation as you bid to achieve those goals.   


Focus on each of those five elements, and your next healthy living plan should be the one sticks.


The Fab Five: Simple Strategies To Help You Win At Weight Loss



As far as health and fitness goals are concerned, losing weight is easily the most difficult. That’s not to dismiss the level of effort needed to gain muscle or prepare for a sporting event. Still, weight loss is the obstacle that millions fail to overcome. Frankly, this arena can feel like a minefield, but you can give your chances a serious boost by following the right blueprint for success. Let’s take a look at some of the crucial ingredients in that winning weight loss recipe.


Get Quick Results: We tend to be very impatient when working on our body goals. If we fail to see noticeable changes within the first few weeks, the chances are that we’ll bin those plans altogether. Using a weight loss detox to kick start the process in style can instantly put you on a smoother pathway to achieving that dream body. You’ll still be required to follow this with a winning long-term strategy. But that positive beginning could make all the difference for motivation levels.

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Make It Fun: Your weight loss program should be hard work, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be enjoyable too. In truth, finding ways to turn this into a hobby rather than a slog is probably the greatest tip that you’ll ever gain. Whether it’s incorporating sports or rediscovering a love of cooking doesn’t matter. Just remember to prevent injuries and wear comfortable clothing during workouts too. Otherwise, the fallout could result in taking a step backward.


Aim For Sustainability: No health kick is worth pursuing if those results cannot be maintained. Therefore, it’s imperative that you employ a sense of balance in your life. Losing weight should enhance your life rather than restrict it, so the occasional treat is just fine. Meanwhile, it’s important to be happy with any progress. Because if you could see what a pound of fat looked like, you’d soon realize that each one lost is a major achievement.   


Consider Financial Expenses: Money shouldn’t be considered more important than the effectiveness of your plans. Nevertheless, financial considerations will need to be made. Getting involved in a cycle to work scheme can bring huge benefits to your health as well as your bank balance. Meanwhile, you can make noticeable improvements at home by growing fruit and veg. If the combination of a smaller waist and a bigger wallet doesn’t leave you smiling, what will?





Remove Negative Influences: Making upgrades to your eating and exercise plans is a great foundation. However, weight loss is a 24/7 journey, and it’s the external elements that will often make the difference. Quitting cigarettes, for example, can help your body perform better during workouts. Meanwhile, bidding to close down Facebook for at least an hour before bed encourages a better night’s rest. When added to other ventures like switching your morning tea for a black coffee, your metabolism will thank you greatly. In time, your waistline and general figure will too.