Feeding Your Fitness: The Definitive Way To Eat For Physical Performance

Reaching the peak of your physical fitness takes much dedication and hard work, and good choices on what to fuel your body with. After all, you wouldn’t expect the best performance from your car if you put the cheapest gas in it now, would you? So why should you think anything different to about your body? Of course, this depends on you already knowing what is best for your body regarding food for when you are trying to reach your fitness goals. Unfortunately, with health and diet foods being an industry in itself, it can be pretty tough to decipher what is good for you when you are training and what is not. Luckily, for all you searchers you will find some info on this very subject below. So keep reading to find out the definitive answer on how to feed your fitness.

Balanced diet

First of all, going back to basics to achieve peak physical fitness you have to have a balanced diet. That means it should include all of the four main food groups as described in this video at Youtube.com. These include vegetables, carbs, dairy, and protein. All of these are needed in different amounts to create a healthy and fit body, and although your calorie consumption may go up a bit if you are training hard every day, working out is certainly not an excuse to eat whatever you want.


A balanced diet. Picture here

Instead, you should be aiming for a healthy diet that consists of five or more portions of fruit and vegetables, two portions of protein, three to five portions of carbohydrates, complex ones made from whole grains, and two to three portions of dairy including things like egg, cheese, and milk.  

Of course, you can decide for yourself how to arrange these through the day and what meals to create from them. However, hitting these basic amounts is pretty important if you want to work at the peak of your physical fitness.


In addition to the basic nutritional load, some folks when working out choose to use supplements to enhance their fitness and performance. In particular, protein seems to be the watchword in fitness right now, with a protein shake being one of the trendiest gym accessories to take with you for your workout. Checkout out the post at greatist.com for some more information on this product.


Supplements can come in pill or shake form. Picture source

Supplements tend to fall under one of three two categories. The first is the pre-workout, designed to improve performance and give you a boost. The second is the post-workout often designed to help you recover faster from your efforts. The third type are anytime supplements. These are designed to add to your healthy balanced diet and supply you with more of the nutrients you need to maintain your progress.


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Such supplements can be bought in regular supermarkets, pharmacists, and even online, although many that would argue that they are unnecessary because you can get the same benefits from eating real, natural food that hasn’t been processed into powders or shakes. This is especially relevant about protein, and you can learn more at Mobilityguardian.com about which foods are great to eat if you want to avoid the whole supplement trend completely. Something that could not only save you money but may actually be healthier for you and your body in the long run.

Exclusion diets

Next, let’s take a look at exclusion diets. These include programs such as Paleo, Atkins and the like. The idea of these plans is that you eliminate a particular food group, carbohydrates in this case and this triggers weight loss, something that many people often try to achieve alongside their physical fitness goals.

The problem is that these elimination diets can negatively affect your fitness levels because they do not contain all of the energy that you need to complete a regular effective workout. This is typically the case with ones that cut out all form of carbohydrates as they can leave you sluggish and tired, ultimately comprising your physical performance goals. Something that makes them a bad idea if fitness is a top priority.


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When to eat

Lastly, it’s not just what we eat that can affect our physical performance but also but when we eat. Food is fuel, and as such should be consumed in small amounts throughout the day to keep your energy steady.


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That means great big heavy meals are out of the picture, especially if you do your fitness regime in the evening, as no one can effectively workout on top of this. So instead split your allowances down into 5-6 small meals, evenly spaced out through the day, as the post at wsj.com suggests. Perhaps with an unrefined carbohydrate 30 mins before your workout, such as a banana, as this should help you feed your fitness session and over time achieve peak physical performance while maintaining a balanced and healthy diet.


Winter Cooking Tips To Help Warm Your Cockles

The clocks have just gone back an hour, and that means that the dark nights are now here to stay. Sure, that might be quite a depressing thing to think about but at least it means that we are now well and truly in comfort food season!

Are you ready to take your winter cooking to the next level so that you can make the most of these wintry nights? Here are some awesome cooking tips!


Picture – Pixabay

Super Soup

Is there a better comfort food than soup? Creamy chicken soup will help you keep the cold at bay, and decadent soups like broccoli and Stilton or cream of tomato will go down really well with a crusty slice of bread. A large bowl of these flavors will definitely warm your cockles! For an extra healthy soup, try making your own so that you can control the sugar and salt levels. If you have a slow cooker, you can add all of your ingredients in the morning, go off to work, and can then return to a steaming bowl of tastiness!

Add An Adult Twist To Desserts

If you don’t cook with spirits and wine already, you really should. Red wine can add an extra depth to tomato sauces, and frying in rum can help you flambe sweet dishes. But adding a little touch of alcohol, such as a dash of Baileys or Jim Bean liquor, can really help you make your desserts feel a lot more adult and sophisticated. Plus, it can help to brighten up these dark and dingy nights!


Picture – Pixabay

Go To Asia

It’s a good idea to visit Asia when you cook and make some dishes that are popular with the likes of China, Thailand, and Vietnam. These countries love their spicy countries, and a bit of extra spice to your food can help raise your temperature. Not only that, though, but they also cook with a lot of fresh veggies. Cooking with plenty of vegetables will ensure that you get all the necessary nutrients to stay fit and healthy through the colder months. Plus, lots of Asian countries love their soups, so you get the best of both worlds: super soups and a spicy kick!

Add More Leafy Greens

When you aren’t cooking Asian-inspired cuisine, indulgent desserts, or comforting soups, you should try to add as many leafy greens to your meals as possible. These can help to bulk out your meals so you don’t have to eat so many carbs and fatty foods, and that way, you don’t have to worry about your waistline this winter. But there’s also another reason why you should try and eat as many leafy greens this winter – it’s because they are incredibly healthy! They are full of lots of vitamins and minerals that can help you stay as fit as a fiddle through the season.

So, there you have it. Winter cooking doesn’t have to be tricky, and it certainly doesn’t mean you need to be a slave in the kitchen!

3 Reasons To Ditch Coffee House Drinks


The smell from a coffee house — is there anything quite so aromatic and delicious in the world? Even if you just popped out to run a few errands, you can smell the coffee from blocks away, tempting you closer, to buy, to sample. That’s why so many of us do; the morning coffee from the local coffee house is a ritual that millions of people indulge every single day.

There’s nothing wrong with coffee houses, per se. If you visit irregularly, then you probably don’t have much to worry about. However, if a visit to pick up a coffee is a regular fixture in your diary, then you might want to think about cutting back — if not quitting altogether.

If you’re wondering why this might be the case, it’s worth taking the time to read through these points and consider the implications of your coffee house habit.

 #1 – They’re Costing You A Fortune

When you buy a coffee at a coffee house, it doesn’t seem like a lot of money. It’s the kind of change you could lose down the back of the couch without realizing it was gone. It’s a treat, too — an inexpensive treat, so what’s the harm?

That inexpensive treat can, over the course of a year, become an extremely expensive treat. Maybe that’s still worth it to you, but if you’re not sure, then just consider the math. If you spend $5 on coffee twice a week, then your coffee habit is costing you $520 per year. So is your coffee really worth that much to you?

#2 – You Can Make Your Own — And Customize Them However You Want

If you love coffee but don’t want to spend $500 to get your fix from a coffee house, then there is an alternative: buy a machine, brew it yourself, then carry it with you in a thermal cup.

One of the beauties of investing in a good coffee machine or the best latte machine you can find is that you’re completely in control. You control the ingredients, the quantity, and — as we’ll soon see is particularly important — the calories. This level of control means you’ll always know exactly what you’re drinking, which is useful because…

#3 – Coffee Shop Beverages Contain More Calories Than You Think They Do

At this time of year, thousands of people flock to try a pumpkin spice latte — but did you ever take the time to check how many calories are in this so-called fall essential? It’s a lot: 380 to be precise, and then you might add sugar in on top.

 Experimenting with your own recipes for coffee ensures you’ll never unwittingly be consuming extra calories. So if you’re having a bad day and need to indulge, you can increase your syrup. On days when you need to cut back, you can opt for skim milk and no sugar. These adjustments are far easier to make at home, for yourself, then having to explain your order changes to a confused barista!

So while an occasional trip to a coffee house is harmless, for your everyday Joe, you could save a fortune (and your waistline!) by choosing to brew at home.

4 Ingredients To Host The Best Brunch Party

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In a world where almost combination of words get turned into a hybrid (Brangelina, hangry, floordrobe, glamping and regretro), the greatest of them all is still Brunch. Not because it is a particularly clever play on words but because it is one of the greatest inventions ever. A ways to celebrate a Sunday, to get over a hangover, kick start a lazy day in the best way possible and just have an excuse to see your friends outside the usual Friday or Saturday night.

What’s more, Brunch is also one of the best meals to host too. There is more flexibility, fewer rules and, a lot of the time, they won’t drag on longer than needed because you and your guests will probably have other plans for later on.

With that in mind, here are some of our top tips to make your brunch party the best brunch party of all time:

Cook. Prepare. In Advance.

Trying to entertain your guests and deal with the delicate procedures involved in cooking a brunch tends to spell out disaster. That is why you need to keep your kitchen running smoothly and stick to the rule of only choosing one dish to cook on the day (such as scrambled eggs or hash browns), one dish to prepare the day before (such as a wicked tasty salad or sandwiches) and one that can be done in advance (cakes and bread). Stick to this and you’ll breeze through this whole thing.

Know Your Breakfast Meats.

This is your chance to play around with some of the fan favourites, such as bacon and sausages, as well as bring out the kind of meats you would get in a hotel’s continental breakfast, such as salami and cured meats. As a little tip, cook your bacon and sausages in the oven because the less you use your hobs the easier it will be to entertain.

Booze Is Acceptable.

The thing that makes Brunch so awesome is the fact you can get away with having certain boozy drinks for what is essentially breakfast. The winner is always a good Bloody mary, so long as you have the right Bloody Mary seasoning. However, if you want to put on a selection, then we recommend you make some Mimosas and Bellinis too. You could even go with an Irish Coffee. Of course, this can get a little expensive, so have your guests bring some ingredients with them. That way they can also help make the drinks while you do the food.

Little Extras To Include.

There are certain little extras that everyone will love but not everyone will expect and that is exactly how you can make your Brunch party an absolute hit. We’re talking about a selection of pancakes that will invoke nostalgia. We’re talking about French Toast and some vibrant fruits to stop your servings from being so monochromatic. Donuts and fresh bread are also winners because every person loves tasty carbs, especially if there is booze that could need some soaking up.

Yup, your next Brunch party is going to see you become known as the hostess with the mostess. We promise.

Weight-Loss Myths To Steer Clear Of

On the internet, there’s a lot of bad health advice. Sometimes you get convinced that a “detox” is all your body needs, while others will suggest that these homoeopathic pills will instantly start shrinking you. Most of us know to avoid these obviously too-good-to-be-true myths. But there are others that tend to spread through our collective consciousness that some people take them as a given. When you’re looking to lose weight, here are some of the myths you need to change your thinking on.

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Exercise is the only way

Exercise is good for you, obviously, but hitting the gym for high-intensity training five times a week isn’t exactly necessary. Nor is it the most important part in losing weight. 150 minutes a week, more for those who are overweight, are what it really takes. In general, diet is much more important than exercise. But there are some myths about that, as well.

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All weight loss is equal

Stay away from the fad diets. Stay away from the supposed weight loss superfoods. Stay away from the diet pills. Yes, some of these methods will help you see quick changes in your weight. But it’s long been found that hard dieting and fads are often a predictor of long-term weight gain, not long-term weight loss. You have to focus on healthy weight loss, supported by permanent changes to your lifestyle. One of the worst things you can do is a fasting diet, where you get so few calories you can actually sabotage your body’s ability to burn fat.

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You can burn away that bum

Speaking of burning fat, if someone tells you that spin class is going to help you slim those thighs or that push-ups are going to lose the flabby arms, they are misinforming you. Liposuction is the only guaranteed way to target specific areas of fat. However, exercising specific parts of the body builds muscle, which can help tone and define those parts. But when your body is burning fat, you have no say on where that fat is burned.

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Healthy foods are healthy

That might seem a little unintuitive. But we’re not looking at the danger of more fruits and vegetables in your diet. We’re talking about processed foods that label themselves as healthy. If they’re “low-fat”, “low-carb” processed foods, you’re rarely being told the full story. Low-fat foods might have less fat than the usual variety, but they might have more salt and more sugar instead.

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It’s expensive to eat healthily

When you’re not shopping smart, yes, buying a lot of whole foods can be expensive. But there’s nothing to stop you eating better on a tight budget, either. Plan your meals. Buy your staples, like brown rice and tinned fish, in bulk. Save money by eating cheaper protein like eggs or beans, skipping the cost of meat once a week. There are a lot of ways to slim your waistline without slimming your wallet.

Healthier eating habits, regular exercise, and realistic expectations. Those are the three keys to being happy with your weight loss. The other tricks and tips coming in are either tools to help you get there or they’re just distractions.


Diet Advice Made Simple

Nutrition gets more confusing with every fad diet book published, every miracle pill released, and every fruit that’s declared a superfood. Every summer we’re bombarded with so much new information that contradicts everything we supposedly learned last year about food, that no longer know how to lose weight in a healthy way. There is no secret formula to a well-balanced diet; here is some diet advice that everyone can understand.

Don’t cut out anything

No-carb diets gained a big following once pasta, bread, and other refined carbs were declared an enemy of the flat stomach. However, although you should try to cut out refined carbs from your diet, cutting out all carbs will only leave you feeling tired, grumpy, and constipated. When eaten, carbohydrates are digested and converted into glucose (fuel for your body). Every cell in your body requires glucose; it is the main source of energy for your body cells. The brain and central nervous system, for example, rely on glucose to function. You just need to know which good carbs you need to include in your meal plans.

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Vegetarian/vegan diets aren’t easy

If you want to cut out meat, eggs, and dairy from your diet for ethical reasons, that’s fine, but you need to replace the nutrients you’re losing by cutting out entire food groups. Before you make drastic dietary changes, you need to learn more about all the nutrients you’ll need to replace. Too little iron can increase a woman’s risk of postpartum depression, and meat-free diets that don’t include dairy, beans, or eggs are also low in the quality protein needed to repair the microdamage to your muscles that comes from working out.

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More fruits and vegetables

That said, a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle will certainly increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. Foods from the ground are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, which have been shown to protect against chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. However, some people do struggle with getting their recommended intake. Fortunately, people who drink smoothies on a regular basis are more likely to get a varied intake of fruits and vegetables every day. It’s better if you make the smoothies yourself so you know for certain what you’re consuming.

Drink more water

Most dietary experts say that people snack so much because they confuse hunger with thirst. Despite knowing this, most of us still go to raid the fridge instead of keeping a bottle of water nearby. This might be because they think water is boring and would much rather drink juice or iced tea to stay hydrated; this is also a mistake because these drinks are often loaded with sugar. Fortunately, there are plenty of delicious and refreshing infused water recipes to convert even the most stubborn juice-lovers.


Healthy eating is just as much about how much you eat as it is about what you’re putting into your body. Making your portions smaller will significantly contribute to your weight loss goals.

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Go-To Gifts For The Foodie In Your Life

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It’s hard enough to buy a great gift for any loved one, but when they’re a foodie it’s even harder. When a friend or relative is always picking apart and analyzing every food or drink that’s put in front of them, there’s a natural worry that you’re going to buy something that’s a little sub-par. To make the whole task easier for you, here’s a few go-to gift ideas for the foodie in your life.

Chili Selection

If the foodie you’re buying for has a taste for blisteringly hot stuff, then why not put their palate to the test? There’s a huge range of chili peppers on the market, ranging from the mildest twinge of sweet seasoning to ones that will blow the average person’s head off! Most of us sane people stick to the lower end of the Scoville scale, but the foodie in your life might be a different story! You can buy a wide range of chili powders, blends and whole peppers on sites like Spices Inc. Get a selection for your foodie, and they’ll have months of fun seeing how hot they can go!

Tagine Cooking Pot

You may have never heard of Tagine cooking pots, but there’s a fair chance the foodie you’ve got in mind has. With their delightful decoration and distinctive shape, cooking tagines will let the foodie in your life prepare Moroccan cuisine the authentic way. Before you buy one of these pots, you need to check a couple of things. Obviously, you’ll need to have a snoop around their kitchen to make sure they don’t have one. Furthermore, because these pots were made for rustic cooking, your foodie will probably need a heat diffuser in order to use a Tagine on the hob.

An Exotic Pairing

Ask any foodie, and they’ll tell you a great dish just isn’t complete without a good pairing. If you’re stuck for any outside-the-box ideas, then there’s countless wines and spirits from around the world which your foodie might adore. Forget about the different names of countries hanging over aisles at your local liquor store. Go online, and find a truly exotic pairing which your foodie can use to complement their meals. You don’t really need to splash out in order to get a pairing your foodie will appreciate. This Kikori whiskey price, for example, is very reasonable. You know what your foodie likes to drink better than us though, so shop around!

Bacon Smoking Kit

For many foodies, there’s nothing better than the satisfaction of making their food completely from scratch. If this sounds like the one you’re buying for, then this bacon kit could be the perfect gift for them. Aside from the curing and seasoning materials included in the kit, all your foodie will need is a pork belly, and somewhere to cook. Following an easy process, (or easy for them, anyway) they’ll have 5lbs of delicious bacon ready for use in other dishes. The fact that they’ve made it themselves will make the pork taste even better!


Are You Ready To Confront Your Eating Habits?

We’ve all done it – we’ve all planned to be good with food only before eating an XL pizza with a stuffed crust all to ourselves. It’s far too easy! Bad food tastes great, doesn’t it? Every once in a while, indulgence in terrible food – ice cream, french fries, cakes, fried chicken is great and can do a lot for our mental health, but when these foods start to become a staple of a diet, things can head downhill fast. So when the fries become more of a habit than a treat, it might be time to start having a conversation with yourself – even then, the next time you weigh yourself you might be in for a shock.


When eating and indulging in bad foods becomes a long term habit (remember how quickly an average person can build a habit – it takes just under a week of repeated activity to build a habit) we can seriously suffer. A week of comfort eating can lead to years of bodily neglect. Now – there’s a lot to be said for bad foods. They taste great, they do make us feel good (even though it’s short term) and there is an abundance of it – plus it’s cheap. However, we owe it to ourselves to eat good food. Why? Because bad food can take its toll. We can gain weight, bad foods can lead to neurological issues. We can get heart disease and even cancer from eating bad foods. In small doses, bad foods are fun – in large ones, they can present all manner of issues.


What are bad foods? Well – anything fried, processed, cured, salted is usually quite bad for us. Overindulgence with any type of food can turn it into a ‘bad food’ – candies and boiled sweets full of sugar serve less benefits to us than chocolate (which is still bad in excess). Alcohols and overconsumption of beers, lagers, spirits and wines are unhealthy and just as bad as sugary soft drinks.


How do we confront our bad eating habits though? Well – it can be hard. In the first instance, realizing that you’re eating terrible can be tough, you might not know. You simply need to start eating mindfully and thinking about everything going into your mouth. Question it – what benefit does it serve, is this giving you nutrition? When we start to realize the heavy impacts of bad food, we can change for the better and treat bad food as a treat. The way it should always be.


Others choose to confront their eating habits via diets and eating plans. Diets like hcgdiet.com are great as they give you a plan to stick to. If you can’t discipline yourself, you can certainly learn how to through a diet.   Treating food like finance and budgeting yourself with calories is a good way to control your intake of food and also a path onto mindfulness – if you can take the time to realize what is in your food, it might benefit you more!


Treat your body well and confront your bad eating habits before the bad effects emerge.


Glowing With Health

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were glowing with health all of the time? Then we’d always feel and look our best no matter what life threw at us. Unfortunately, unless you are a superhero this probably isn’t going to happen, and you are occasionally going to get sick. But you can still improve how you look and feel for most of the time by doing the following things.


Eat well


This one is so simple, but so hard at the same time. We live in a society filled full of delicious but unhealthy food; designed to tempt us off of the wagon.


There are those yummy pastries at the coffee stand in the morning on the way to work. Then the packet of biscuits that Tina from accounts brought to the meeting. Then there is always the temptation to get a little treat from the vending machine to help the afternoon go that little bit quicker, and so on.




But eating well is probably one of the most important ways that we can improve both how we feel and look. In particular, clean eating, where you only eat natural and unprocessed foods, as well as staying away from refined sugar is said to make you feel more energetic. As well as helping your skin look great by detoxing all of that rubbish out of your body.


Move that body


Now, most of us know that to look and feel our best we need to have some kind of regular exercise built into our schedule. But too many people think that unless they are wearing neon pink lycra at the gym, they just aren’t exercising properly.


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But what they are failing to realize is that just small changes in their day can make all of the difference. Things like going for a walk at lunch instead of sitting at their desk. Or doing half an hour of slow yoga before bed to relax and unwind from the day.


Remember exercise isn’t all about pushing yourself as hard as you can go. Any type can actually help you improve your circulation, get some fresh air, and chill out. Even if it’s not the most intense workout you have ever done.


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Look after your teeth


They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but if you ask me the smile is pretty telling of how you feel as well.


For one thing, if you’re not smiling much you could actually be limiting your opportunity to feel good. You can read more about this at https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive.


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But what if you aren’t smiling because you don’t like your teeth? Then this is something that needs to be sorted.


Pop to your local dentist office and see what they can do for you. You may be surprised at how high-tech ring have got as they are now using digital interoral compares like the ones available at https://www.prodentshop.com/pages/6-incredible-benefits-of-intraoral-cameras-for-dentists-and-patients. As well as thing like invisible braces to straighten teeth, while maintaining your look.


Build up your immunity


Everybody gets sick, but some folks get sicker than others. This can be for different reasons, one of which is low immunity.


Immunity if your bodies ability to resist infection and heal itself, and if yours is low is can certainly result in looking and feeling awful.


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It also means that every time anyone in a 5-mile radius gets a sniffle, you almost just need to get it as well. Only it’ll take you longer to get rid of it. That is why it’s a great idea to boost your immunity whenever possible.


Of course, eating a nutritious diet and exercising can help, but many folks also take supplements to assist in this area. Popular ones include Echinacea which is a natural antibiotic and anti- inflammatory, as well as Colloidal Silver.




Now, you may be thinking, why is this article telling me to breathe? I do this all of the time anyway! Obviously! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here!


But there is a difference in the types of breathing that we do. For example, when you are stressed you often shallow breath which means that the body is getting lots of oxygen ready to go into flight or flight mode.


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Of course, that means the brain is getting a lot of oxygen too, which further trigger the stress response.


To combat this is can be really helpful to practice some slow and mindful breathing techniques. Which will not only make you feel a lot better but will also ensure you look a lot calmer and together too.


Losing Weight And Enjoying It

Each year in America, 45 million people spend $33 billion trying to lose weight. If you were to consider this statistic in isolation, you might think that it sounds unbelievable. However, research conducted by the Boston Medical Centre found that such an overwhelming number of people are in search of a slimmer, healthier them. Remarkably, those numbers may sound quite modest when you consider that an estimated 160 million Americans are either obese or overweight. To be more specific, nearly 75% of men and 60% of women are so classified. This is dangerous because carrying a little too much weight can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, and a higher risk of a heart attack and cancer. It is also a problem because about 30% children are overweight, a marked increase on the 19% of 1980. If this is a self-perpetuating problem and each generation is going to suffer with it to a greater and greater degree, then the only recourse left is to try to become healthier.


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The only problem is that no one enjoys dieting. It may be that your favourite food is quite indulgent and any sensible diet would not allow it. Living every day not eating something that you know will bring you happiness requires a great strength of will. That is before you mention any of the weight loss products that promise so much and yet deliver so little. And then there is the exercising. Going to the gym is always pretty miserable, especially if you feel self-conscious. However, it does not need to be a gruelling, miserable exercise in restraint and self-discipline. It can be fun and here are a few things that prove it:


Firstly, diets are simple. An excess of fat is caused by a person taking on more calories than they burn off. The way to lose that weight is to burn more calories than you take in. This may mean cutting down on particularly high-calorie items, but that does not mean that you cannot have them at all, it just means that you should have them once in awhile. When you do indulge yourself (and everybody should every now and then), it just means that you have to work out a little harder that day. Besides, there are lots of foods that are good for you and that taste good too. For instance, if you are looking for some recipes for a diet, why not try some fresh fruit? You can take it with you when you do some exercise and have something to look forward to when you’re done.


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It is not just food that you can enjoy though. Working out, as a stereotype, can sometimes seem rather ridiculous. The image of someone lifting weights while they admire themselves in the mirror is rather embarrassing. That is why you do not need to go to the gym at all. Why not join a walking group in your area, or set up your own jogging group with your friends? You could also take up a sport like softball. It is a great way to have fun, lose weight and meet new people at the same time.