Memorable Gifts Grandparents Will Love

At the heart of every family are grandparents. Without them, you wouldn’t be here and so appreciating them is an essential part of life. When it comes to special occasions, it can be difficult to stay original with gift ideas, especially when there are a lot of grandchildren also giving gifts! There are some fantastic gift ideas on the market but not all will be suitable for grandparents, so finding the right ones isn’t easy.


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The bit that matters most about gift giving is the person you are giving the gift to and understanding what they like is key. You’re not going to give your grandmother who has to use a wheelchair a pair of roller skates, so think carefully about what you buy. Staying original and creative is hard, but with our gift ideas, you can find it a lot easier!

Personal Gifts: The best gifts you could give grandparents are personalised ones. If there are a lot of grandchildren in the family, a family tree like this one to be hung on the wall is an excellent gift. For the glamourous grandmother, a personalised locket or bracelet always goes down a treat and it has precious, sentimental value. Engraved pocket watches are a stunning gift for the time-conscious grandfather and are a beautiful heirloom as it can be passed down the years. Just be careful with the engraving so that it can be passed down!

Photo Gifts: There’s one common gift idea among relatives, especially the older generation, and that’s photographs. They hold memories from years gone by and they are something that are simply timeless. Photos that are framed and canvases made are always a popular idea but you can go a little bit outside the box and get photos printed to hoodies and tops. You can also do photo printed gifts on cushions or collage blankets for the sofa so that the photos they cherish are in full view always. It also means they can literally wrap themselves in memories, and who would turn that down?


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Journal Gifts: Stationery is a gift that always goes down well, especially if it’s a beautiful pen and notebook set. Grandparent journals like this one are a wonderful idea for memories to be written down, life experiences to be recorded and they can be a diary of their life to tell the children of the future what the world was like.

Keepsake Gifts: Maps and posters are unusual gifts for grandparents, but if you live a fair distance away, are ones that are treasured. Check out personalised keepsake maps like these and see whether they would be the suitable keepsake gift for your grandparents. You can have the same effect with matching towels and clothing gifts as they can be kept for years.

Gift-giving is not easy in general, especially when you try to keep up with being original and different. Don’t worry though, there’s so much out there that you can choose from that giving your grandparents the perfect gift is getting easier!


Happy Anniversary Darling!

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Who doesn’t love a good wedding? There’s lots of laughter, romantic moments, amazing food, an open bar and, of course, endless cake. However, once you’re back from honeymoon and have resumed normal life things can sometimes seem a little dull. Some of the best ways to recover from post-wedding blues is to plan a holiday, take up a hobby or better still figure out what you’re going to get your new husband and wife for your anniversary. Don’t worry if you really aren’t newlyweds anymore as we’ve given you ideas for the next four years of your  marriage!  




Traditionally, the first anniversary is all about paper, and no that doesn’t mean you can just give them a card! Paper can say anything, buy them tickets to show they’ve always wanted to see, head over to to search for NFL tickets or present them with an envelope for a cocktail making class. You could even take it literally and dedicate a song or poem to them or craftily contact their favorite author to see if you can pay to have their name included in an upcoming novel.




If your partner has had their eye on a lovely summer dress, blouse or skirt for some time then now’s the perfect time to buy it for them. You may even want to take the clothes idea to the next level and have a bespoke suit, or dress tailored for your husband or wife where the seamstress works with you to create something truly stunning. Cotton’s also a plant so you could go the organic route and gift them with a herbal spa package, check out these offers and search for avaialble dates at Those with a childlike sense of humor may decide to go along the lines of cotton candy, taking their partner to a country fair or booking a weekend away at an amusement park. Whatever you choose to do cotton is a really flexible option, so you could plan a surprise bedroom makeover with new curtains, bedding, carpet and wallpaper.




The obvious choices here is a leather handbag, wallet, pair of shoes or Italian belt but have you considered matching couples jewelry? Men wear bracelets almost as often as women and if you don’t believe us then you need to visit because they’ve not only got an excellent range but products are also expertly presented in leather cases and boxes. Another option might be leather friendship bracelets with personalized charms; these both romantic and practical as unlike gold or silver leather doesn’t rust.




Fruit on its own is somewhat boring but what if you combine it with a tropical break? Take your inspiration from bananas, pineapples, melons, and coconuts then book a romantic, couples retreat in whichever country grows these juicy, tasty treats. For instance, bananas are commonly grown in Costa Rica, and what’s more romantic than lying on a private beach as you stare out at glittering turquoise water together?


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Put The Toaster Down, Choose These Newlywed Gifts Instead



There’s nothing quite like seeing two people tie the knot. That beautiful unity of two hearts is undoubtedly one of the most incredible moments in anybody’s life, and being a part of the big day is something you’ll treasure. But whether it’s a friend or relative making that commitment, there’s one thing that will almost certainly stress you out as the big day arrives. The gift.


Finding a gift for your loved one is relatively easy. However, finding one to celebrate a love when you aren’t directly involved can be more than a little challenging. Most guests will go down the traditional route of toasters, coffee makers, and other appliances. The truth is, though, that the loving couple probably has those items already.


Why not try something different? Here are some ideas to get your gift-giving creativity going.


  • Find a gift to brighten up their home with added character and personality. Canvas art can be a great option, although the happy couple might prefer to wait and use a photo from their big day. A personalized bobblehead commemorating the wedding day can achieve the same vibe, though. Moreover, it’s a unique gift that you know will be remembered and cherished for years to come.
  • If you know where the happy couple is going for their honeymoon, you can embrace this during your present purchasing process. This idea could manifest itself in multiple ways. From giving the couple money in the right currency to booking a scuba diving lesson or helicopter tour, the options are endless. If it helps enhance one of the happiest moments in their lives, it has to be considered a great gift.
  • As they embark on their new lives together, you could treat them to something that they can love and care for as a couple. Buying a puppy might not be advised, but something simple like a bonsai tree or houseplant provides a symbol of their growing love. Of course, there are various home and garden items that could boast a similar sentimental value. Find a solution that suits the happy couple, and it will be one of the best presents they receive.
  • Times have changed, and having children out of wedlock is very common in this modern world. Nonetheless, if the happy couple’s marriage is a step towards settling down with kids, buying baby gifts is another option to consider. It’s not for everyone, and you’ll probably want a small gift just for them too. Still, under the right circumstances, this can be the ideal present.
  • Love is the word of the day, but that romance should last forever. Candlestick holders, wine glasses, and other items aimed for the perfect home date night are a great gift. It can help the newlyweds keep the spark alive without the need for spending huge sums of money. Given the expenses that they’ve encountered during the planning of the big day, those rewards will be highly appreciated.


So there you go. Five simple and unique ideas to provide the newlyweds with a memorable and lovable gift. Job done.


Buying Fashion Gifts For Your Friends

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Regardless of occasion there comes a time that we need to get a special gift for a good friend.  Buying presents is often far better than receiving them so taking pride in what you buy is really important.  


Most groups of friends are made up from a mixture of very different people and that means a variety of tastes and styles which can sometimes make buying a fashion gift a little bit tougher.  You need to really consider if your bestie is going to appreciate that stunning black shirt or if putting it against her pastel pop wardrobe, it’s never going to get worn.  Or if your idea of the perfect punk rock chic, studded skirt is going to ever get an outing from your reserved, fashion introvert.  


Accessories are a really good place to start as their are so many twists on the seasons trends, incorporated into various bags, bracelets and statement necklaces.  Plus there is opportunity to get very personal.  If you are looking for a super special gift there are a brilliant range of diamond bracelets on the market which can look subtle and elegant or be rocked up to look edgy and cool.  You may be looking for a smaller gift so check out the elegant range of choker necklaces that are bang on trend right now.  


It’s hard to imagine going wrong with a basic white tee or a little black jacket.  Either can be dressed up or down and can be switched up by adding other items to the mix.  Depending on your friend you could consider going for a typographic shirt with a big bold statement on the front.  Or even a logo shirt with an old classic rock band or brand.  Tshirts are a good place to start because even if they aren’t worn every day, they are useful to have in the drawer for chilling at home.


What about something high on trend for the home?  Fashion doesn’t start and finish in your closet.  You don’t have to be completely up to date with their style, just a simple collection of candles in a colour you know will fit their home.  You could consider buying a beautiful throw or some designer cushions.  If you know your friend really well why not surprise them with a stunning artwork.  If you are confident you understand their taste this can be a really special gift to give and will be displayed in their home to remind them of your friendship everyday.


Be thoughtful and don’t get caught up buying for you or giving something you would like.  This is about making your friend feel special and appreciated.  A gift box of their favourite make up is another great idea.  Make sure everything is wrapped beautifully or in elegant bags, part of the fun of these surprises is gently peeling back the paper or removing the bow.  


Take time to appreciate your friends and let them know you appreciate having them in your life.

Let It Be Yours Co.

Calling all coffee, tea and hot cocoa drinkers!

If you’re like me, you enjoy a good mug, even better when they are personalized!

Let It Be Yours Co. is a wonderfully adorable Etsy shop that specializes in coffee mugs, wine glasses, shot glasses, and more!

They can personalize any item, and also do wedding gifts. 

They can also do custom orders, while also carrying many items for “his/her”, friends, family, and even various professions.

I love my “Mama Bear” mug; it is high quality and dishwasher/microwave safe!

They have a great Instagram, and share specials discounts and coupons through their Facebook page!

Head on over and use the coupon HOLIDAY16 for 15% off your purchase through December 26th.

Thank you so much, Let It Be Yours Co., for the amazing support!

Celebrate Your Partner With These Ultra Stylish Gifts


I’m sure your partner does a lot for you and the kids. Our husbands and boyfriends are some of the most important people in our lives. Not only are they kind and loving, but they are also extremely supportive. Plus they are fab with the kids! So you’ll probably agree that our partners could do with spoiling sometimes, right? But what do you get that special man in your life? Here are some ultra stylish gifts I think any bloke will enjoy!

 Globes And Atlases

Do you and your partner love to travel? If you have travelled to various destinations around the world, then they will love a travel-themed present. And what better than a stylish globe or atlas! You can find some really smart atlases in bookshops these days. They make great coffee table books. If you want something a bit more sophisticated, think about splashing out on a globe. They are slightly more expensive, but certainly look the part! You could even get a globe with a small bar inside!

 Classic Cocktail Kit

Talking about bars… What about getting your beloved a classic cocktail set? This is just like a regular cocktail making kit. It’s just this one has everything you need to make classic cocktails! If you know that your man is partial to an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan, this gift will go down really well. And so will the drinks he makes! Not too sure of any classic cocktail recipes? No worries; you can find a load here

Record Player

Is your guy a bit of a music nut? Then why not fuel his addiction by buying him a record player! Records are really in fashion these days. All music stores sell them, as well as the players. But try and find him something special. How about one that folds into a suitcase?! It’ll be very portable. Perfect to take to any parties! You can find these and more record accessories on sites like

Professional Knife Set 

Got a foodie husband? I’m sure he will love something he can use in the kitchen. And what better for preparing food than a professional knife set? You can get different types of sets. Some are comprehensive and come with a complete range of knives. However, these can be expensive. But don’t fear! You will be able to find smaller sets that just include the most frequently used knives in kitchens.

Football Shirt And Season Ticket 

And what about all the football fanatics out there? I’ve got them sorted as well! If your hubby loves football, spoil him with his club’s latest football shirt. That way, he will always look the part when he goes to watch them. If your partner loves cheering on his favourite team, you could also get him a season ticket for the year!
That should give you enough gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays, and special times in between!

Teacher Appreciation 

The end of the school year is coming up, and it’s important to show teachers how much we appreciate what they do. 

Here is a sweet way to show your child’s teacher you’re thankful for all their hard work.


All items were purchased at Target.
You’ll need:

Cute Decorative Tin Pail

Mini-Flower Grow Kit

Starburst Candies


Fill each tin a little over half way with Starbursts, place the Mini-Flower Kit in the middle, then top off with more Starbursts.

Yep, it’s that easy!


I took them in with a note to each teacher that started with, “Thank you for helping me grow to reach the stars.” Along with a personalized note, and signed it from our child. 

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!