The Best Gift Ideas for Men That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

We all know that men are the hardest people to shop for, no matter the occasion! The best thing you can do is to go for something that is as personal as possible. If you still can’t think of anything, you may be in need of a few ideas. Before you find yourself in a Pinterest haze for hours and hours, and before you bother asking (as you will no doubt be given a simple- “I don’t mind”) have a look at these ideas that you might not have thought of before. Try to adapt them in ways that work for the man in your life because everyone is different!


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The best thing you can do for a gift is to go for something that is personal to the two of you. Do you have a joke that only the two of you know about? Find something to do with that. The best place to look for a specialized gift is online. Maybe you have a film that you both love and are always quoting? Have a look for something to do with that, maybe there’s a screening going on somewhere that you can make a trip off. Or maybe there’s a signed DVD going on eBay. It shouldn’t take you too long to think of anything when you base it off of personal things between the two of you.


Another thing that would be ideal for you to do would be to go for something that is related to their hobbies. For example, if they love their beer- like most men- maybe you could get them an engraved pint glass or if they’ve never tried to make their own, a beer making kit. Or you could look online for a unique beer that they had on a holiday that they loved. You would have to tailor this to the man’s personal hobbies of course.


Getting them something that they love is quite a hard task. So if you don’t want to go down this route, there are plenty of more fail-safe options that you could go for that would be a bit easier for you and they are probably more likely to love! You could go for something slightly more sentimental. An example of this would be to find a beautiful picture of the two of you, perhaps from when you were younger and put it in a frame for them. Or you could get loads of pictures of him and all the special people in his life and create more of a college.


One of the things that might appreciate the most, however, could be an experience or something to remember rather than an object. An experience based gift doesn’t mean you have to spend loads of money though! You could take him to a beautiful town that he loves and buy him a nice dinner. Or you could get him to the cinema for an upcoming film he’s excited about. Which is something that you would have to tailor to the person to get the most enjoyment out of! An experience could be the best idea of all because everyone loves having something to look forward to!

Fast-Lane Gifts For The Petrol Head In Your Life

If you aren’t into cars and motorbikes yourself, it can be quite hard to think of what to get your petrol head mates when their birthday comes around. If you find that you are struggling to think of something to buy them, you can always rely on this little gift guide. I’ve put my thinking cap on and come up with these awesome gifts for auto fans. They’ll certainly keep them in the fast lane!

Harley Davidson Emblem on Top Front of Blue Motorcycle


Motorbike Goggles


These may be an important part of bikers’ basics kit, but your biker friends will certainly appreciate a new pair of goggles for their birthday! If your friend regularly hits the road with their bike, their goggles will suffer a lot of wear and tear. Plus, just one small piece of gravel that flies up and hits them could cause a small chip or crack in the plastic. So, most bikers really appreciate a spare pair!

Personalized Number Plate


I’m sure that most people have dreamed of the different numbers and letters they could use to spell their name in a personalized number plate for their car or motorbike! If you know the kind of thing that your friend would like on their very own plate, why not buy them it for their birthday? They’ll love showing off their personalized plate, and everyone else will be able to quickly recognize them whenever they pass by!


Cordless Tyre Inflator


Inflating a tyre can be very difficult if you don’t have much experience in it, no matter how much of a petrol head you might be! So, to make it easier for your friend the next time they get stuck with a flat tyre, why not treat them to a very modern cordless tyre inflator. You can find these in most home stores and garages.

White Corvette C3 With Omg77 License Plate on Display


Encyclopedia Of Classic Cars


Does your petrol-head friend love their classic cars? If so, they will be over the moon to unwrap an Encyclopedia of Classic Cars on their birthday. This book will be packed full of information and fun facts about all the different classic cars, from Rolls Royces to Mercedes Benz. When you are looking for a book about classic cars, you should try and find a coffee table book, as it will look displayed in your friend’s home in the middle of their coffee table or on a sideboard.


Speedometer Cufflinks


All men love cufflinks as they look extremely stylish and sophisticated when worn with a slick suit. Why not get your male friend some auto-themed cufflinks? There are lots of different designs that you can choose from but one of the smartest has to be ones that look like car speedometers. They are great worn at weddings, graduation ceremonies, and other special events. Alternatively, your friend could just keep them as a keepsake to ensure that they never go missing!


As you can see, there are plenty of gifts you can choose for your friends who are petrol heads! And they are all cheaper than buying them an actual car or motorcycle!

Make Their next Birthday Their Best Yet

If a special somebody in your life has got a birthday coming up, why not do all you can to make it their best yet? Why not show just how much you love them by giving them a birthday they will always remember? If these sound like things you’d like to do, then make sure to read for tips on how to do so.

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First of all, you need to provide your loved one with a constant string of surprises throughout their whole birthday experience. To do this, you you need to ensure that the birthday surprises just keep on coming. These surprises could entail anything, from gifts from the heart to a unplanned little getaway for the two of you. When you surprise them with gifts that actually mean something (and aren’t just a pair of socks or new slippers) you will be going a long way in seeing this birthday live long in the memory.



And to further the memorability of this birthday you shouldn’t shirk on the party touches either. You should hire a location that is, one, going to be able to cater to all of your size needs, and two, means something to the birthday boy or girl. This could be their favourite pub or restaurant. It could be a tearoom. Or it could even be a social club. But it’s not all about the location, It’s about the refreshments too. Furthermore, you should ensure that everything they love is on the menu. And it could even mean that you put your own, definitive touches on the menu too. For instance, why not create your own cocktail menu? The more tailored the party appears to be, the more special the birthday celebrator will be made to feel.



But no birthday would be complete without presents, would it? And the presents that you buy and the way you present them can be a huge contributor when it comes to the making of the perfect birthday. First of all, you should aim to buy the perfect present for them. This means you shouldn’t necessarily look for boring things that they may need, but instead go for things that they actually want. Better still, you could provide them with something that is personalised — a personalised t-shirt, perhaps? But, as mentioned, it’s not just about the present — it’s about the way you present it as well. And when it comes to presenting a present in the right way, look no further than wrapping it in wholesale gift wrap. By doing so you prove yourself to your loved one that you are most certainly going the extra mile to ensure this birthday is as special as can be.



The number one rule when it comes to making somebody else’s birthday as special as can be is to bare what they like, and do not like, in mind at all times. You should never make choices based off your own preferences. It’s their birthday, and to make it as special as can be you have to cater to their desires at all times.


Go-To Gifts For The Foodie In Your Life

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It’s hard enough to buy a great gift for any loved one, but when they’re a foodie it’s even harder. When a friend or relative is always picking apart and analyzing every food or drink that’s put in front of them, there’s a natural worry that you’re going to buy something that’s a little sub-par. To make the whole task easier for you, here’s a few go-to gift ideas for the foodie in your life.

Chili Selection

If the foodie you’re buying for has a taste for blisteringly hot stuff, then why not put their palate to the test? There’s a huge range of chili peppers on the market, ranging from the mildest twinge of sweet seasoning to ones that will blow the average person’s head off! Most of us sane people stick to the lower end of the Scoville scale, but the foodie in your life might be a different story! You can buy a wide range of chili powders, blends and whole peppers on sites like Spices Inc. Get a selection for your foodie, and they’ll have months of fun seeing how hot they can go!

Tagine Cooking Pot

You may have never heard of Tagine cooking pots, but there’s a fair chance the foodie you’ve got in mind has. With their delightful decoration and distinctive shape, cooking tagines will let the foodie in your life prepare Moroccan cuisine the authentic way. Before you buy one of these pots, you need to check a couple of things. Obviously, you’ll need to have a snoop around their kitchen to make sure they don’t have one. Furthermore, because these pots were made for rustic cooking, your foodie will probably need a heat diffuser in order to use a Tagine on the hob.

An Exotic Pairing

Ask any foodie, and they’ll tell you a great dish just isn’t complete without a good pairing. If you’re stuck for any outside-the-box ideas, then there’s countless wines and spirits from around the world which your foodie might adore. Forget about the different names of countries hanging over aisles at your local liquor store. Go online, and find a truly exotic pairing which your foodie can use to complement their meals. You don’t really need to splash out in order to get a pairing your foodie will appreciate. This Kikori whiskey price, for example, is very reasonable. You know what your foodie likes to drink better than us though, so shop around!

Bacon Smoking Kit

For many foodies, there’s nothing better than the satisfaction of making their food completely from scratch. If this sounds like the one you’re buying for, then this bacon kit could be the perfect gift for them. Aside from the curing and seasoning materials included in the kit, all your foodie will need is a pork belly, and somewhere to cook. Following an easy process, (or easy for them, anyway) they’ll have 5lbs of delicious bacon ready for use in other dishes. The fact that they’ve made it themselves will make the pork taste even better!


What Do You Buy The Stylish Man In Your Life?


When there is an occasion, or any excuse, to buy a gift, it can often be something of a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it is great fun to buy gifts for someone close to you, especially if you are someone who prides themselves on being able to find amazing gifts without any trouble. But at the same time, present buying is something of an art which can take a long time to perfect. Depending on how well you know the person in question, it can be surprisingly difficult to find the ideal present for the occasion. When it comes to that stylish man in your life, you can at least make some pretty confident guesses about what he would appreciate. Let’s look at some pretty safe options.




It’s a classic for a reason: there is something about the wholly ubiquitous aftershave that makes it the ideal gift for that particular kind of man. Most men would admit to wanting to have aftershave in their cupboard, and the rest already have it, and either way they can usually benefit from another option. If you do decide on this route, make sure you spend your time finding the absolute best you can, as this is one of those purchases where the price tag does actually tend to make a noticeable difference in the quality of the product. Moreover, let’s not forget that encouraging your man to smell amazing is something that will benefit you as much as it will delight him!




What man of old-world style doesn’t enjoy the occasional tipple? Knowing that your man likes a drink from time to time is one thing, but getting that drink spot on is quite another, and the kind of gesture that is bound to be appreciated pretty well. If there is anything drinkable that is always going to go down well for the gentleman of a certain caliber, it has to be whiskey. As with the aftershave, you want to make sure you go for a trusted name like kikori world whiskey, as this will help to ensure that you end up buying the best possible bottle. You’ll know it’s the good stuff if he can’t even bring himself to quaff it, but instead savors it little by little, only to finish the bottle a good six months down the line.




It is quite incredible how speedily the wristwatch is losing its vogue. However, the less popular they become, the more credence they have in terms of achieving style points. For this reason, now might be as good a time as any to treat your gentleman to a stylish wristwatch. This is the kind of gift that makes an ideal birthday present, especially if it is one of the more memorable ones. You’ve got a lot to choose: from material of the strap to the size of the face, so make sure you find one that you think will really work for him personally. He is bound to appreciate it all the more, and you’ll know it’s landed if suddenly he’s looking at his smartphone a lot less in favor of his new toy.

4 Gifts To Give The Man In Your Life That Feeling Of 50’s Class And Dignity



Both genders fantasise about a place in time they would have loved to have occupied, and often without thinking about the downsides of those times. For men, it’s usually 1950’s America. The feeling of post-war heroism and masculinity resonates with many men who feel like the modern service industry has led to less need for them to provide through intrinsically ‘masculine’ means, however that was defined back then.


However, that feeling of 50’s class and dignity has never left. The social progress of that time left a lot to be desired, but overall great economic growth and brilliant marketing allow that time to still carry a feeling of romanticism and ooze style.


If you have an important anniversary or birthday coming up for the man in your life, and you’re not sure what to get him, helping him feel like a bonafide 50’s figure will help him channel the inner mojo of Don Draper or Marlon Brando alike.


Leather Bound Journal


Every man could benefit from getting in touch with their creative side. As a general, loosely applied rule, women express themselves more than men and are much more likely to be creative literally and better and getting their thoughts down on paper. Encouraging your man to do so might help him work through the problems he might be facing at work, or simply help him reduce stress at the weekend by journaling for 30 minutes.


The benefits have been scientifically proven, so are valid. A nice leather bound covering will help the book like official, important, like the ideas written inside have weight to them. It will emulate the fact that from a product perspective, items were built to last in the 50’s.


A Nice Suit


If your man doesn’t have a nice three piece suit, now is the time. Heading to the tailors and helping them ascribe the fitting for a suit you’ve picked up from elsewhere can do wonders in giving your man that Humphrey Bogart look. Opt for browns or navy’s if you’d like to emulate that post-war time.




Most men enjoy a nice stiff glass of whiskey, either on the rocks or not. Doing so is an exercise in taste refinement and patrician deducing of what makes said whiskey work. You’re likely to see in Film Noir the elusive detective or private eye, sitting back in their office chair and sipping on a sharpener to get the facts of the case correct in their mind. Help your man emulate this sense of class, wonder and dignity by checking out this whiskey review website, and purchasing according to how you feel their preferences would be best applied.


Leather Boots


Every man needs a strong pair of boots that he can shine, repair and wear for years. Spend a little more money, and you’re sure to find a robust range of incredibly well-made boots, that can traverse most outdoor climates as well as look stylish in the inner city. Clothes don’t make the man (or woman,) but shoes can certainly help.


These gifting ideas will serve as a quirky yet dignified reminder of the love you have for the man in your life, be that a father, a husband or boyfriend or brother. Choose tastefully, and the gift will indeed be received well.


Gifts For Special Occasions – What To Get For What!

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The entire process of giving gifts can be a special one. Not only is it super fun to pick out the perfect present for your friend, family member, or the someone special in your life, it’s always so fulfilling to see them smile with gratitude when they receive it. But, you don’t always know what kind of gift to get for all of the different occasions there are in life. Regardless of the recipient’s interests, whether they’re a huge fashion lover or a music fan, you can find the perfect kind of gift for them based on the occasion in question.


Baby Shower


When you have a baby shower to buy for, you can often find yourself going through a whole load of baby necessities in your mind. Firstly, not only do you need to know what the sex of the baby is (where possible) but if the Mom-to-be has a registry (who knew that was a thing?)! Then, you can decide. However, as a general rule, you’re not only going to want to make sure you stick to new-Mom essentials, but also the things that the Mom-to-be wouldn’t think to buy for themselves.




When you’re going to a wedding with a registry, you can often feel as if your life is made so much easier. But, you also have to choose what gift you’re going to go with. You still want it to be good. So, do what you can to get in early and not miss out on getting the good stuff. If the bride and groom aren’t registered, why not focus on something memorable? It can often be that special something that they don’t already own.




Birthdays tend to be that bit more flexible – which can often be a good thing. You can usually buy a gift based on the Birthday boy or girl’s tastes and preferences in life. However, you can often find yourself stuck when you’re faced with finding the perfect gift for a recipient who has everything. Then what do you do? Sometimes, the best answer is a gift card option from somewhere like Then, not only with the Birthday boy or girl be able to pick out something they don’t already own, they’ll feel like they get to go shopping on you!




Then there are those occasions where you need to be getting a retirement gift for a friend, family member, or even a college. It can often be hard to know what to get – especially if you don’t know the person all that well. If the recipient has already got everything they want (much like the Birthday recipient), then a retirement gift like these on might go down really well. They’re definitely more thoughtful and experiential than materialistic.


The Holidays


And finally, there’s always the Holidays to think about. Even when it’s a while off, you may find that you’re better off sorting the majority of your gifts by looking out for the perfect presents throughout the year, rather than leaving it to the last minute. That way, when you see something that your loved one with adore, you can snap it up and save it for the Holiday season.



Getting Gifts That Your Family And Friends Will Love

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It is Father’s Day next weekend, and Mother’s Day was only a few months ago. On top of this, there are the birthdays of not only your parents, but your siblings as well as your friends, and your children too, if you have any. With all of these dates to keep track of, it is no wonder that thinking of thoughtful gifts for all of them can suddenly start to seem overwhelming. It can be expensive too. A study in the UK found that Britons spend an average of £158 (or just over $200) each year on buying gifts for their closest friend. Over the course of a lifetime, that is about $8,600. However, the financial cost of a great friendship is immaterial. Being with that person and sharing your life with them is the greatest pleasure, and it is priceless in so far as the happiness and support that they offer cannot be bought.


The money is not really an issue because buying a gift for a friend or family member is about showing them how much you care about them and making them happy. As children, everyone gets excited about events like birthdays because it is a day where you get to have lots of fun, but also when you get to receive lots of exciting toys. As you grow older, you start to realize that the pleasure of giving a gift is way greater than receiving one. Spending a lot of time thinking about the exact thing that would make your friend happy and then seeing it happen is the greatest gift you could ask for. In fact, a study at the University of Oregon found that this is true. They used fMRI scans to show that when people gave money to charity, the parts of their brains that register pleasure showed greater activity. If you want to get a thoughtful gift for someone in your life, here are a few ideas:


There is nothing better when getting a gift than choosing something that demonstrates just how well you know the person. It can be personal, like an inside joke, or just an observation about what they are like, but it shows that you care. If you get a personalized gift, you will be able to share with your friend or family member your love for them as well as making them feel special. It could be a t-shirt design or a tote bag so that they can show off your friendship with them.


Another great way to give them a gift that they will never forget is by organizing a trip. Memories are the gift in this case, but spending time with you and discovering new things will be a more permanent joy than any physical object could hope to be. It does not need to be a trip to Europe, or a week in New York City. As long as it is special and you both enjoy it, it could be a trip to the local woods.


Why not make something yourself? Creativity is an incredibly personal thing. If you paint a picture, or write a poem, for your friend, it will once again be completely priceless (in both senses of the word) as well as thoughtful and heartfelt.

5 Ways To Show Your Man You Still Love Him


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No matter how long you have been in a relationship, there is always the need to remind your partner how much love them. If you have a boyfriend or husband who has been feeling neglected recently, here are some great ways to remind them how much you care.

Be romantic

You know what turns your partner on, so surprise him with a romantic evening. Whether it’s setting the mood in your home, with candles and a bed coated in rose petals, or taking a walk under the stars, it is the thought that counts. Wear that sexy outfit he enjoys, treat him to the food he loves, and offer him a night of unbridled passion.

Visit somewhere he enjoys

You have probably dragged your partner around the shopping mall on several occasions, but chances are this is not his location of choice. Think about the places he enjoys visiting, such as the cinema, the beach or a hike in the country. Relationships are all about compromise, so while it would be great to visit a place you mutually enjoy, grit your teeth if he chooses something else, such as the vintage car museum!

Offer him a massage

After a long day at work, your partner may arrive home stressed and in need of relaxation. Show your appreciation by giving him a long, intimate massage. Use oil, so your hands glide smoothly over his body, and apply pressure on his pent up muscles. Have calm, relaxing music playing in the background, and scented candles situated around the room.

Buy him something nice

Whatever he is into, buy him something that will make him happy. Check here for

gift ideas specifically for men, and perhaps purchase something you can both enjoy together. Men enjoy gadgets, be it the latest games console, or tablet. It may not be your idea of a good time, but show consideration for his wants and not yours.

Communicate your love

Whether your partner is at home or work, remind him through words of your love. Be daring and send flirty text messages. Whisper sweet nothings when you are both out with friends. Compliment him on his appearance and give him a boost to his self-confidence when he does something well. If he prepares dinner one evening, but it didn’t go as planned, don’t criticize but tell him it tasted great anyway (then suggest you might both go out for a meal next time).

We don’t only communicate with words. Use your hands to convey affection, and look lovingly into his eyes when you are with him. Sometimes actions speak louder than words so surprise him when you can.

Finally, you don’t always need to be the one doing the talking. Listen to him when he tells you about his day, and try and be genuinely interested in what he is saying. Take an interest in the subjects he enjoys, such as sport or movies, and have conversations with him about them. He listens to you, so be there for him.




More Interesting Gifts For Men

Buying gifts for men can be a real struggle. Every time you ask what they want, you’ll just get a grunt and the occasional ‘I don’t mind’. That would be fine if it were true, but you know that they are going to be disappointed if they don’t like the gifts that you get them. A lot of the time, men end up getting lumbered with socks or a new tie every birthday because nobody knows what else to buy for them. It doesn’t have to be anything amazing, just something a bit different for once. If you are struggling to buy a gift for one of the men in your life, here are a few ideas for something a bit more unusual that might surprise them.  




Suit Pajamas


The suit pajamas that first shot to fame after they were worn by How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson ae a great novelty gift. Everybody loves to look good, and now you can look great even when you’re in bed.


Ballpark Blueprints


Sports-related gifts are always a fairly safe bet for most men, and something a bit more personal is usually a hit. Ballpark blueprints are a great combination of the two; you can get a custom made blueprint of their favorite baseball or football stadium and have it framed.


Grooming Gifts


It might not be the most exciting thing for a gift but you can be sure that they’ll be grateful for it. Go to places like Manly Matters for great reviews on male grooming products. Shaver’s are a good choice, as well as beard grooming kits, if he has a beard of course. If you are going to get grooming products, make sure that you get something good quality and not just a cheap supermarket shower-gel kit.


Personalized Superhero Action Figures


If he’s a fan of the Marvel movies, then this is the perfect gift for them. It’s about as close as they can get to being a real-life superhero without putting on a pair of tights. You simply need to send in a photograph of them and choose which superhero you want and they’ll send you back an action figure that looks just like them.


Bacon Salt


Everything is made better with bacon, and salt is no exception. Help him get his bacon fix wherever and whenever with bacon salt. It can be added to anything you like to get that delicious crispy bacon flavor.


Man Crates


A lot of men might be a bit perturbed if they received a nice gift basket complete with ribbons and frills. That’s where the man crate comes in. Instead of an intricate basket, it comes in a wooden box. You can fill it with all sorts of smaller gifts to ensure that there’s at least something that he’ll like. You can custom choose your own or you can pick certain themes.


Survival Bracelet


A great gift for somebody that loves camping is the survival bracelet. When you’re wearing it, it’s a very sleek black bracelet that you would hardly notice. But it turns into an excellent survival device once you remove it. It’s a sixteen foot parachute cord that also has a fire starting device attached.