Peace & Tranquility Can Be Found Just Outside Your Office

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Tough days are impossible to completely evade, they are just part of and parcel of your working life. It doesn’t matter how much you love your job, how much you enjoy the company of your colleagues or how satisfying you find your role; we all have days that stress us out. Even if the day itself wasn’t necessarily a bad day, chances are some part of it was stressful, some situation stressed you out.


That is why it is so important you learn how to cope with these stresses, shake it out of your system, and alleviate it. And to help you achieve this much sought after zen we have come up with a list of ways that will ensure you’re as relaxed as a yoga instructor by the time you hit the hay.


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The Soul Food That Is Music

This is nothing new. Since music playing devices were first invented, people have been dealing with their stresses by stepping out of the office doors and blowing them away with music. It doesn’t matter whether it plays through headphones or car speakers, whether it is R&B, heavy metal, rap or funk. People have been relying on music for a long time. But perhaps it is time you tried popping on some classic music. This has been proved to alleviate stress and promote good health. Buy some classic albums from the bargain bin, YouTube it, get up a playlist on Spotify; it doesn’t matter where you get it from it just matters that you get it.


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Become A Regular Massagee

Swedish, aromatherapy, hot stone, reflexology, Lomi Lomi; there are hundreds of different types of massage that you can enjoy, and you should. The reason for this is massage, in its most basic form, is a specialised treatment where a qualified individual manipulates the body’s muscle and soft tissue in such a way that it relieves stress. But that isn’t all. A body massage has also been proved to reduce pain, improve mood, better your sleep and give you a better body image. Now, what could be better than to leave the office stressed and get into bed utterly content with yourself?


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We Sweat You Can

Okay, so not an original recommendation by any stretches of any imagination; but exercising to beat stress doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym. You see, weirdly enough, you are not the only person who despises the gym on a molecular level, which is why there are thousands and thousands of alternatives. For example, you could find that the best way to alleviate your stress through exercise is by taking out all of your aggression on a punching bag at the local boxing gym, or to submerge yourself in the peace and tranquility of swimming, maybe you could take on some Zumba classes and replace your stressed mind with a toned body. The options are endless, and it could be that you go through a system of trial and error before finding the Captain Fantastic of the alternative gym opportunities.


The Future Is Now…Or Not

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The future. It’s unknown, ever looming, and happens before we know it. There are many blog posts out there about how to embrace the future, or make it as good as you can. But, what if you’re not ready to embrace it yet? One thing few of us expect is how fast life goes. We think we’ll be ready for major hurdles when they come, but that’s rarely the case. Instead, we’re swept up by the winds of change and have little say in the matter. Or, do we? There may not be any way to stop the clock, but there are ways to hold the future at bay. In fact, it’s well worth doing. That way, you can prepare for when those significant moments come along. We’re going to look at some of the biggest moments in anyone’s life, and how you can get a better grip on them.

The first big moment is when you meet the love of your life. Love is all you need, and all that. It’s actually easier to hold the future at bay before you’ve met the one. Once you meet them, time moves faster, and those big decisions are on you before you know. If you’re desperately searching for the man of your dreams, stop. It’s important to realize that there’s no rush. If you rush this, you’ll be diving headlong into your future again. Instead, accept that you’re single and embrace it. Chances are, you’ll meet your man. But, it doesn’t have to happen today. And, embracing singledom means you’ll be ready for him when he comes.

Once you meet your man, you’ll have to think about children. That’s the natural way of things, and your body clock is ever ticking, right? It may be what’s expected, but that doesn’t mean it will be right for you straight away. In fact, rushing into children before you’re ready could do damage to your relationship. You don’t want to have a baby in a relationship that’s not solid. So, don’t worry about rushing. Women are having children older, and medicine makes it possible. Turn instead to family planning options. There was once a time when women didn’t have a choice about having children young. That time is long gone. Get to know your options, and make the most of them.


Last on our list – buying a house. This is a dream most of us have, and again, it’s what’s expected. But, it’s not cheap, and rushing in before you’re ready could leave you in debt. Don’t feel pressured to rush this step. Yes, it would be lovely to own a house. In reality, though, few people can do that before their forties, or even later. Houses aren’t cheap! If possible, staying in the family home is your best bet. That way, you can get saving. If that’s not an option, don’t be afraid to concede defeat and start renting. It’s still possible to save if you get on top of your finances.

Don’t Let Home Become a Place of Stress



If your home isn’t a place where you can unwind, then what other place can be? It’s important that you make sure your home is as stress-free as possible, especially when you consider how damaging stress can be for both your physical and mental health. Take some time to focus on making sure your home is a place where you can really relax, instead of letting stress-related problems fester!


Keep work at the office


You’re not going to have an easy time of relaxing at home if you keep mixing work up with your home time! Of course, there are a lot of people who are going to have a harder time of this than others. High-level positions such as you’ll find in law and medicine often require you to be thinking “off-the-clock”, and there are also people who work from home. But even when you work from home, there are ways to keep your free time and your work time a little more separate – for example, keeping your work to your home office and setting a strict schedule your yourself. Don’t get so tied up with work that you’re thinking about it in your free time!






Clutter is common in homes, and it really doesn’t help your mindset. Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to make too sweeping a statement, here. Some creative people seem to thrive when things are a little messy! But, in general, clutter is suggestive of chaos – or, to use a slightly less dramatic word, disorder. It can affect your stress levels more than you think. It’s distracting. Not only that, but clutter is usually something that people mean to take care of at some point – which means that you’re actually procrastinating with a task, which doesn’t help matters either! Look into getting some decluttering done.


Make some changes


Decluttering is part of something else that you should think about with your home: making some changes to its look and feel. What you want to aim for is a calm, clean look. Introducing colors to your rooms’ schemes such as gold, cream, yellow, white, and turquoise can make a massive difference. Rearranging furniture so that things feel more open will also help. Introducing more natural light will also do wonders, so think about ways to maximize how much you’re getting. You should also think about the smells in the house, too! Essential oils such as those taken from cedarwood, jojoba, and lavender are great for their aromatherapeutic effects.




Get out more often


Your home may be stressing you out simply because it’s becoming way too familiar! If you’re spending the vast majority of your time there, then that’s probably not going to help it turn into a relaxing environment. Of course, everyone is a little different, and there are certainly many people out there who relish being at home all the time. But going on trips, or even getting out on the daily to get some exercise, can help tremendously when it comes to helping squeeze some of the stressful atmosphere out of your home.

The Key To Great First Impressions

We all know that there are plenty of different ways to make a good first impression. Eye contact and a firm handshake are probably the two most integral things that we hear about the most – but a lot can go for the way you look, as well. For many of us, a large bulk of our self-confidence is linked to the way we look. After all, if we look good and we know it, it’s one less thing to worry about, right? Plus, it is simply part of human nature to form a quick judgment on people based on the way they look – unfortunately, that’s just a part of life. Therefore, by getting these beauty basics down, you can ensure that no matter what scenario you’re in, you’ll always make a great first impression.


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Facial disfigurement

Whether you have a legitimate facial disfigurement or just a part of your face that you are self-conscious about, it can impact your ability to meet new people with confidence. Constantly worrying about your image can easily make you appear shy or nervous when meeting new people, even if you are otherwise a pretty confident person. If this sounds like you in any way, finding a facial plastic surgeon could be the best option for you. It gets to the very root of the issue and while some may consider it drastic, if it makes you feel better, where is the harm? Cosmetic surgery procedures have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and are all performed by expert surgeons, so you can rest assured that you will be in a safe pair of hands.


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Ask anyone what the first thing they notice about someone’s face is, and chances are it will be their teeth. We hold teeth in quite a high regard in our society, mainly because they are a sign of good personal hygiene. The issue with our teeth is that it doesn’t take much for them to become damaged – simple things like drinking too much soda or not brushing for as long as you should easily lead to gum disease. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss, which can be a very distressing condition for an adult to go through. Plus, when you meet a new person, you want to be able to flash a smile without feeling embarrassed. Implement and stick to a great dental health routine along with regular check-ups, and you shouldn’t have to worry about your teeth ever again.


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Your outfit

This mainly depends on the context in which you are meeting a new person. For example, if you are meeting someone in a formal or professional environment, it is wise to ensure you are dressed appropriately. Turning up in something either too revealing or too casual can immediately give the other person a bad first impression, as it shows you have disregarded the situation (whether it was intentional or not). There’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of your personality to your outfits, but try to make sure you have dressed appropriately for the occasion.

Making It Big In The Creative World

If you watch films and TV shows, you will notice that there is a stereotype of people who have creative jobs being hard up. Unless they make it to the big time and become an international pop star or best-selling author, there isn’t much money to be had from creative careers.


So, is it really worth following your dreams and trying to forge a career from the creative world? Well, yes it is! After all, you may hit the big time and become rich and famous. But even if you don’t, you will be happy to hear that the popular stereotype of broke creatives is just that – a stereotype! It doesn’t really ring true in the real world. Here are some popular creative careers, and how you can turn yours into a success.






Anyone can buy a camera and take photographs, so if you want to be a professional photographer, you need to practice your art to ensure that yours are better than anyone else’s. Once you have fine-tuned your photography skills, you then need to get your photos out into the world so people can find your work and hire you. The best way to do this is to publish your images onto social media. Just make sure you always add a watermark so that no one can steal them! It’s also a good idea to use one of the Nationwide Disc duplication services and produce DVDs and CDs with your images on. You can then send these out to potential clients and galleries.




It can be hard starting out as a writer, as you need to build up a strong portfolio. To get this going, you might have to write for free at first. But once you have some great pieces under your belt, you can then start pitching to online and print publications for paid work. It’s worth setting up your very own blog. Then at least your unpaid writing will be for yourself! Sharing your work on Facebook and Twitter is a good way to spread it around. You will have to develop a very thick skin as a writer because pitches and book manuscripts are often rejected. But this should make you more determined to succeed!






One way to make it as a singer is to go on TV talent shows and hope you win the recording contract! Don’t fancy being judged in front of the nation? Fair enough! You need to try and get noticed by a record producer or agent, so start uploading videos of yourself onto YouTube. If they get enough hits, someone will start to take notice! It is also worth posting tapes to agents and record labels. Just like with sending off writing pitches, you will face a lot of rejections. But this is just part of the creative lifestyle; simply brush them off and keep smiling!


There you have it – it isn’t so difficult to make it in the creative world after all! Good luck with your career!

Wake Up It’s A Beautiful Morning!

Are you the sort of person that leaps out of bed every morning, full of motivation, and ready to welcome the new day and all it brings? No? Well, that’s OK because not everybody is. In fact, it pretty easy to stay snuggled up in your duvet, and snooze that alarm clock. Especially when it’s cold and dark outside. But there are a few things that you can do to make getting up in the morning a little easier. Read on to find out more.

Blue light

So the number one thing you can do is to expose yourself to blue light in the morning. Conveniently that is the stuff that your mobile phone puts out if it’s not on the ‘night shift.’ In fact, the whole idea of night shift is to remove the blue light, so you don’t have trouble falling asleep, so just reserves it to help you get up in the morning!

I’m sure there won’t be too many objections about checking your phone first thing either! But you might want to steer clear of social media at this early time. As it best not to post or comment when you have woken up yet. Instead, why not catch up on current events and learn what’s trending today, on news sites instead?

Get to bed at a decent time

Yup, unfortunately, getting to be early is important in being able to get up. It’s best if you set yourself a regular bedtime that allows you to have at least 7-9 hours sleep. This might seem like a lot, but we are designed to get that much sleep a night and need it to function normally.

Also getting into a regular sleep pattern can help you manage your time better. This is because you know when you will need to do things throughout the evening to get them done in time and have enough time that is just for you to chill out in.

Simulated Dawn

Another awesome way of making it a lot easier to get out of bed in the morning is to use a simulated dawn light. This area usually attached to special clocks which signal the light to turn on gradually mirroring the sunlight at dawn. Using light like these can help your body wake up in a more natural and gentle way.

Although it also now possible to get smart ones that fit into normal light sockets, that will also perform this function. You just need to program them to do this using your phone.


Lastly, a great way of raising your motivation to get up in the morning is to make sure that you have a nice healthy breakfast to look forward. There really is no need to eat some awful fiber flakes that taste like reconstituted doormat anymore!

In fact, there are plenty of super easy and quick recipes that you can even make in advance for a nutritious breakfast.


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For example, why not try clean eating brownies. Or what about this recipe where you can make your very own granola? Now if that doesn’t get you out of bed in the morning, I don’t  know what will!

Smile & Look Back Positively on 2016


2016 has been a particularly challenging year. It’s often felt like there have been so many changes happening that it’s been hard to keep up! In the UK alone, we’ve lost many of our favorite musicians and celebrities, and people that we thought we’d always see on our television have gone. Of course, it’s sad, and it can be very disorientating when famous people pass away.

And of course, there have been so many political changes this year; it’s been hard to ignore them. Even if don’t follow political events at all, 2016 has been very unusual. The EU referendum caused a furious debate, and your social media channels have felt very challenging at times. It feels like everyone has had a political standpoint this year! England has a new Prime Minister, and so does the USA. Donald Trump becoming President-elect has also been a hot topic. It can be very hard to stay positive when so many changes are thrown at you. 2016 hasn’t been all bad, though! Many good things have happened to. Here are some positive takeaways for you…

  1. The Ice-Bucket Challenge worked!

Remember when you couldn’t escape videos of people drowning themselves in ice-cold water for charity? Well, that campaign worked because scientists have found the gene responsible for ALS. This means treatment is now going to be more effective!

  1. Travelling is still an option

So, we all know that Brexit is happening. The good new is that you can still travel! The world is still your oyster, and you can still visit almost anywhere you want in the world. Nothing is closed to you. This is worth remembering. Don’t worry about the future either there are ways to get around a new European visa, and although many see Brexit as a challenge, it could be a good thing. It’s important to remain positive and plan your next far-flung trip!

  1. More tigers

Nature is doing better. Where once the tiger was very nearly extinct, 2016 has seen the global number rise to a safe place. How horrible would it have been to know that the tiger was no more! Worry not, Tigers are now much less likely to become extinct. What brilliant news!

  1. renewable energy is coming to the forefront

Did you know that in 2016 the nation of Portugal was able to run the whole country on only renewable energy for four whole days? With the environment and the hole in the ozone layer a massive issue, this is really good news. If the world can find a way not to rely on oil, it will be so much better for the environment.

  1. Leo won

One of the sweetest moments of 2016 was watching Leonardo DiCaprio win his Oscar! After years of him being a runner-up, it was wonderful to see him finally collect the little gold statue. It was a great moment and it felt like the whole world was happy to see it happen. It also left us with some amazing and hilarious memes!

Find A Little More Motivation To Achieve Your Dreams With These Tips For Success

Sometimes, especially on a damp and dreary day, you find yourself lacking the motivation to get up and go. But those are the days that you could be achieving the most! It’s not fun to reach bedtime and realize you didn’t get much done. And if you haven’t taken that extra step to get you closer to your life’s ambitions, then you really did waste the day. Waste no more, feel motivated and inspired, and check out these fab resources to help you make the most of today:


We wear jewelry for lots of reasons. Some pieces will tell others we’re in a serious relationship. Others are there to affirm our faith. Engravings can provide you with a personal message of love or inspiration whenever you might need it. You can find stamped necklaces or ring engravers online that can offer you jewelry or engraving. Whenever you need that little boost of assurance or motivation, just have a quick look at your ring or necklace.

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We’ve all seen the kitty poster with the tag line ‘Hang In There.’ Most of us have probably had one of those on the wall at some point! It’s worth finding those images or words on a poster that you can hang up in your home or your workspace to spur you on. Why not try a work of art that speaks to your creativity? Or something abstract that inspires you to find pleasure in your day to day tasks?

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Bumper Stickers

We all love a funny sticker on the back of the car in front, especially when we’re stuck in traffic. Some can be offensive; others strike a religious note. But there are a few that might just make your day. You might even choose to invest in one yourself so you can promote the message you live by. Messages like ‘Be A Good Human’ or ‘Adventure Before Dementia’ have become very popular. Of course, you may have your own words of wisdom or fun slogan to adopt. Sometimes all it takes is something funny to get you back in a great mood.

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Friends are the best people in the world to pick us up when we’re down and cheer us on through the hard times. But sometimes they don’t notice that you need a hand or word of encouragement. Don’t be hard on them. Just let them know you need some motivation, some support, and they’ll be there for you. The power of friendship is enormous. Be a good friend, and you’ll have good friends take care of you when you need it.

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Keeping a diary or a journal is a really good idea if you are ever prone to days that are less than productive. Documenting all your good days, achievements and high points make for a great reference. Read them when you need to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Make sure you’ve detailed what your goals are. What do you want to achieve? What are your dreams? Now get out there and grab them!