Getting To Know Your Gut


When we eat food and drink every single day, it can be easy to end up feeling a little ill and struggle with our digestion now and again. Our gut can be a sensitive thing which contains millions of bacteria and help to break down our food. However if you are noticing that you have indigestion or heartburn on an almost daily basis, there may be something else going on.

Because our bodies are all different and our guts can be sensitive, it could be worth going to see a gastro doctor if you have issues when eating. Here are some of the signs that you need to go and see a professional for your stomach.


One of the things you will notice if you aren’t eating the right foods is increased stress levels and even symptoms of anxiety or depression. The reason for this is that the lining of our intestines is covered in similar nerves to the brain, and they are responsible for releasing good hormones just like the brain is. This means that what you way will affect your mood.

Becoming Ill Frequently

If you notice that you are starting to become ill on a more frequent basis, this may be because you aren’t eating enough vitamin C in your diet. Vitamin C can be found in lots of different foods such as lemons, oranges, apples, grapefruit and lots more. It is an important vitamin for your immune system and can help with your cold. However if this doesn’t work you might need to take microbiomes for a few days to help you stomach with digestion and keep your gut happy.

Skin Problems

This is a sign you might have noticed already: when we eat bad foods such as oily and fatty food or lots of sugar, out skin can become inflamed, itchy, dry, acne ridden and more. Your skin is a great indication of your health level so if you do suddenly start to get a lot of spots you will likely have an issue which needs resolving. Drinking lemon water every morning can be a brilliant way to keep your skin healthy and your gut happy too.

Stubborn Weight

If you have a little weight which refuses to move, it might be a result of an u healthy gut which isn’t doing its job as it should. When you are overweight you have a different level of bacteria in the gut than those who are not. Taking probiotic shots on a daily basis may just help you to shift those extra pounds.

Acid Reflux

One of the most well known signs of an unhealthy gut is frequent acid reflux. Acid reflux accords when a buildup of bacteria occurs in the stomach and the GI tract. One thing you need to avoid is taking any antacids because this can actually help the bad bacteria grow. The best thing you can do is change your diet and let your stomach acid kill off the infection itself.


4 Quick Win Self Care Tips You Can Do In 10 Minutes or Less

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Now more than ever, our lives run at full tilt. We’re so consumed with our jobs, families, and activities that our ‘always-on’ digital culture just seems to swallow all the time it promised to help us save. We all lead full lives looking after the wellbeing of others, so it’s little surprise that our own happiness and health can end up somewhere near the bottom of an ever-growing to-do list.

It’s easy to read lists of self care tips and imagine that you’ll never have time for the leisurely aromatherapy baths and walks in the park they describe. But taking care of yourself can be simple. In fact, if you have just 10 minutes to spare a day, you can fit in some small changes that can have a big impact on your well being.

Where to find 10 minutes? Try cutting that time out of the mindless scrolling through social feeds that we’re all guilty of – time saved! And with that small chunk of time you’ve just gained back? You can try out one of the following quick win ideas to reset your busy brain and prioritize your health:

Do a Brain Dump

All the excess baggage we carry around with us on a daily basis is a major source of energy drain. So give yourself permission to release by actively processing the information in some way. The simple act of listing out all those to-do’s, concerns and random thoughts and then sorting them into some plan of action can be tremendously healing. It helps to silence the constant loop of inner dialogue that can prevent a restful night’s sleep and means that we are always more distracted than we’d like to be. Grab a notebook and start writing, or use a digital solution like OneNote if it makes life easier. Then give yourself permission to mentally tick off those nagging ‘I must remember…’ items.

Book That Appointment

Most of us have a health niggle we’ve shoved to one side because it’s never convenient to deal with. From that old sports injury that plays up in bad weather to the issue with our backs we’ve never addressed and even the low libido we dismiss as a fact of life – there’s a whole heap of stuff we choose to ignore. You may not be able to get the problem fixed in just ten minutes, but you can take a positive step towards finally sorting it out. So call up and book that slot with the chiropractor, order that Tribulus Terrestris supplement, or find that local acupuncture clinic. It could save your health and sanity.

Have a Private Dance Party

Music has an incredibly motivating influence on most of us, so leverage the power of a good beat to re-energize yourself on days when you feel demotivated or overwhelmed. Use your 10 minutes to set up a playlist of around the same length that contains those hero tracks that you can’t resist moving to, then when you get your spare time stick it on and bust some moves. Yes, it will look silly – but dancing gets energy flowing, blood circulating, and will rev you up to tackle whatever it is you’ve been putting off – plus lift your mood!

Throw One Thing Out

We all have too much clutter- fact. And the power of letting go of objects can be quite transformative. If you have just ten minutes spare, you may not be able to tackle a complete wardrobe clearout, but you can very quickly find something that is no longer serving you. You know the one. The object you’ve been keeping ‘just because.’ Marie Kondo that item and flush it out of your life. Before long, those individual items will add up to one big change.

Misconceptions On The Path To Health

We all want to live full and healthy lives, and often this can be much harder to do than we originally think. The truth is that being healthy is a matter of making consistently right decisions – and that alone is hard enough to do for anyone. What also doesn’t help is that there are many misconceptions on the path to health which we are all guilty of accidentally believing in from time to time. It is always worth taking a closer look at them to ensure that we don’t get tripped up by them, as if left unobserved they can actually prove to be particularly damaging and unhelpful. Let’s take a look at just a few of the most common misconceptions now.


Health & Beauty Are The Same Thing

There is a general idea among a lot of people, especially younger people, that health and beauty are ultimately the same thing. But the truth is that you can be perfectly healthy, and it doesn’t’ necessarily mean you will feel beautiful – or vice versa either. Doing away with this particular form of misinformation might be essential for ensuring that we all take a much more enlightened approach to health, and when we separate out these two it means that we are much more likely to do what is right for our health, regardless of whether or not it will help our idea of personal beauty. This might turn out to be incredibly important.

No Fat Is Good

If you are trying to be healthy, and in particular lose weight, then you might be wanting to expunge fat from your diet as much as possible. This might seem like a good idea at first, except for the fact that fat is actually essential in order to be healthy, and is not something you should try to do away with altogether. There are different kinds of fats and different sources, and many fats are good for you to the extent that you should definitely not overlook them in any way or for any length of time. The fat from oily fish like salmon is particularly good for you, as is the fat from fat bombs and other similar products. Remember this when you are trying to sit or just be healthy, as it holds a lot of people back unnecessarily.

Mental Health & Physical Health Are Separate

A particularly prevalent idea in our culture is that the mind and body are two different systems, and that they don’t really integrate. But nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, your mental health and your physical health are closely intertwined, and you need to bear this in mind if you want to give both of them the best possible chance of being as healthy as possible. If you look after one, you are also helping to look after the other. Likewise, if you fail to look after one, it means that the other one will also inevitably suffer the consequences. Remember this if you want to adopt a more holistic approach to your health, as it might prove to be important to focus on both the mind and body as being essentially two parts of the same overall system.


All Exercise Is Equal

When you exercise, you should make sure to choose the one that is right for you in this moment, considering what goals you are trying to achieve and what you want to get out of it. Not all exercise is equal, so it’s vital that you remember that when you are trying to be as healthy as possible. The better you know your exercises and their purposes, the more likely it is that you will be able to make it really work for you as well as possible, and that will mean that you can achieve whatever health goals you might have much more easily and quickly. Get to know exercises of different kinds, and you will find that it really does make an enormous difference.

It Takes Money To Be Healthy

No idea is so prevailing and so unfortunate as this one, the idea that you need to spend money in order to be healthy. There is hardly anything else in the world which requires that you use money as little to get it right, so this is an idea which we should really try to collectively do away with as best as we can. All you need to do to be healthy is eat less, which will cost you less, move around a bit more, which is entirely free of charge, and look after your mind, which can be done for free with meditation and relaxation exercises. You will never have to spend money in order to achieve any health goal, although if you choose to spend money on a gym or something of that sort then it might be a little faster. Money is not a prerequisite for being healthy, so remember that above all if you are finding yourself held back by that notion.


Health Is Not A Choice

One of the biggest lies that people tell themselves is that they don’t really have much say in whether or not they are healthy. Rather than being grounded in any kind of truth, this actually subtly derives from people trying to give themselves an excuse as to why they cannot be healthy, or as healthy as they would hope to be. The truth is that being healthy is a choice, and one which you need to make consistently again and again if you want to make sure you really land it and get it right. It’s worth remembering that and reminding yourself as often as possible, as it will be the single biggest thing that might get in the way of your goals otherwise. Your health is in your hands, so it’s time to stop pretending as though it is not – and instead take action to improve it in whatever way you would like.

5 Essential Health Checks

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Our bodies naturally go through a process of wear and tear, just like our vehicles, and similarly to how we get our car tested each year and perform routine maintenance checks it’s important we take the same approach with our bodies.

Unfortunately, we aren’t immortal and therefore the name of the game is to extend our life and remain as healthy as possible for as long as possible.  In order to do this, it’s important to get regular check ups in a few key areas.  Here are five recommendations:


The thing with oral health is that as long as you keep on top of it, it’s actually pretty inexpensive – however, if you allow a small problem to turn into a big problem you’re likely to receive huge dental bills in addition to painful treatment that could have been prevented with proper oral hygiene.  The best advice, therefore, is to visit your dentist regularly and keep on top of your oral health.

  1. EYES

The majority of people today, particularly given the intensive use of computers, televisions, and mobile devices we all use require a little help to correct their sight; as we age the health of our eyes can start to deteriorate so it’s good to have a check-up, not just for glasses, but to confirm your overall optic health and rule out conditions such as glaucoma.


If you’re worried you might have cancer, it’s important to understand there is no benefit in burying your head in the sand – as, unfortunately, ignorance is not bliss.  Quick detection is everything.

According to statistics, from cancer research, as many as 1 in 2 people will develop cancer at some point in their lives… and if they lived long enough, then almost 100% of people would develop cancer.  

If you have reason to suspect anything, the best thing to do is to book an appointment and get checked out – this way if something does come back positive, at least you are in the empowered position to treat it promptly; which is likely to stop it in its tracks and lead to a much more optimistic prognosis and rate of recovery.


High or low blood pressure can lead to serious problems so it’s a good idea to know what your blood pressure level is, in order to make any necessary adjustments and keep yourself in tip top shape.  Many people worry about the health risks associated to varicose veins and it can be a good idea to see a vein specialist, even if just to put your mind at rest.


Given the processed diets we often find ourselves living on, out of convenience, a lot of us suffer with high levels of cholesterol.  This means the arteries start to clog up, become furry, and eventually harden to the point they restrict blood flow – this is a major cause of heart disease, and if you do have high cholesterol, it’s something that should be addressed as soon as possible.

There are many things you can do to manage high cholesterol, mostly relating to exercise and diet, but the first step is to find out where you are today; and perhaps one of the most convenient ways to do this is via a self-testing kit.

Indeed, there are a growing number of simple tests you can use at home to rest for common conditions such as diabetes.

Is There Something Holding You Back From Changing Your Lifestyle?

Many of us get to the spring and look at ways of making change since more, often the hibernation period of winter can allow us to feel comfortable and lethargic, as we choose to stay indoors rather than venture out or do things that are physical. However, now is the ideal time for that lifestyle change you and your body are obviously craving to do, but you feel that there is a stumbling block and something is holding you back. Sound familiar? I thought I would share with you some of the obvious reasons that you are not kick starting these new lifestyle choices. Hopefully highlighting them can help you to make some positive changes in your life and move forward.

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The people around you

One of the first things to consider would be the people around you. They can be the making of you but they can also be the ones that bring you down if you are not careful. Everyone will have an opinion. You might find that you have an opinion on other things, but if someone voices them to you, perhaps talking about your idea of more exercise or a diet change in a negative way, you may be less likely to implement that change that you want. While you may not want to get rid of certain people out of your life, the best advice is to take what people say on the chin, and carry on doing what you think is right for you.

Your physical circumstances

You guessed it. Your physical circumstances can really hinder your chance of change and more often than not this can be down to things like financial struggles. If you suddenly feel that this area of your life is holding you back it is time to take some positive actions. Sort out any debt you have and start repaying it, saving on your outgoings by switching providers for some of the regular bills and even look at investment options. Things like investing in cryptocurrencies has fast become popular and articles like litecoin vs ethereum could help you out. Investments can even include something more simple like a regular savings account or making plans for the future. Getting things like this in your life in order can also help you to move forward with the other changes you want to make.

Your home

Maybe you need to make some changes to your home. It sounds silly but there is a well known saying that states tidy house will give you a tidy mind, and it is true. Is your home feeling cluttered at the moment? Is it time to start the spring cleaning? Sometimes take steps in your home such as the jobs you don’t like doing, maybe decluttering and clearing the space, it can help you to feel more focused on the other things you want to change in your life. So simple, but many changes start at home. So I would suggest you begin there.

I hope that these tips help you to make the lifestyle change you need.

The Art of Appreciation, Self Love and Self Respect

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In this post, we’re going to look at the art of appreciation, self love and self respect.


It’s all too easy to focus on the negatives in life and so many of us take the good stuff for granted!

Think about how many green stop lights you notice compared to the red ones.  With a red stop light, particularly if you’re late and rushing to get somewhere important, you’ll get frustrated, tense and agitated to the point you really feel that red traffic light.  Meanwhile, all the green lights barely go noticed.

The same can be said for life.  Think about how easily we take for granted simple functions such as being able to walk, talk, see, and drive a car.  It’s all too easy to take the good stuff for granted, in that we fail to appreciate the positive stuff, until it’s taken away.

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone that you took for granted, or lived in an amazing country like Australia, but not truly appreciated what you have, until it’s taken away from you?

Today, so many people walk around with their heads down, with such negative mindsets, that the good in life passes them by.  In part, this could be an issue with self love and perhaps a place for the compassion project to step-in but it all just comes down to perspective.

Consider how stressed people get about money.  You’ll often hear people saying how “broke” they are, yet, in reality they are probably way up in the wealthier percentile of earth’s society.  Unfortunately, we often compare ourselves to people who are wealthier, slimmer, more intelligent, more attractive and so on – meaning we suffer unnecessarily, as this perspective of negative contrast impacts our self-esteem and causes us to feel not ‘good enough’.

Whereas, when you shift your perspective to one of appreciation, you can flip that contrast around and realise that there are some people without a home, without a car, or even access to safe drinking water.  This, of course, isn’t a game of one upmanship or feeling better at others expense – it’s just a matter of gaining perspective and living in a state of appreciation for what you do have rather than for what you don’t have.

When you live in a mental state of appreciation, according to Rhonda Byrne’s bestselling book “The Secret” you attract more of the good stuff into your life.  There’s a saying within the book that says “what we think about we bring about” and “thoughts become things”.

Just like there’s a universal law of attraction there’s also a law of momentum.  Essentially, it’s a slippery slope in that the more you focus on how bad something is the more bad stuff you attract, and things start spiralling downhill due to the domino effect.  Similarly, when you focus on how good something is and really appreciate it (whether that’s falling in love with Sydney again or falling back in love with your partner) this creates an upward spiral where things get better and better.

Now that we’ve defined the importance of appreciation and being in a state of gratitude, let’s move onto a topic equally as important; self love and self acceptance.


In some ways, you could view self-love to be the same as self-esteem, however, self-esteem tends to be more about how competent we feel we are in terms of tangible output and how much we value the impact and contribution we make.  Self love, on the other hand, is more about self-acceptance and loving ourselves just the way we are.

Louise Hay, who is one of the world’s leading experts in this area of self-love states:  “Self love is a deep appreciation. When I talk about loving ourselves, I mean having a deep appreciation for who we are. We accept all the different parts of ourselves—our little peculiarities, the embarrassments, the things we may not do so well, and all the wonderful qualities, too.”

She goes on to explain that, many of us make self love conditional by creating unnecessary rules, such as that we will love ourselves WHEN we lose weight, get a better job, or drive a better car… meaning, it’s constantly being put off until tomorrow.  We put external conditions on our internal sense of self-worth, which is what creates unhappiness, as it’s like a carrot dangling in front of a donkey’s nose… it’s always just slightly out of reach.

Self love is an unconditional sense of love and acceptance for who you are, where you’ve been, what you have and where you’re heading.  It’s a sense of emotional security that allows you to recognise that you are good enough as you are!


The last principle is that of self respect.  

A lot of the time, when someone treats us without respect (e.g. by cheating on you) we take it extremely personally; as if their behaviour is a direct reflection of our value.  Indeed, when we are treated without value by a person close to us we can feel like we have no value.  This is why so many people struggle with break-ups.

It’s understandable and normal to feel this way, but there are two points here – firstly their behavior reflects who they are, not who you are, or what you deserve… and secondly, in order for people to treat you with respect, dignity and consideration – you need to respect yourself.  Unfortunately, without even meaning to, people will treat you without respect and consideration; the popular term “they’ll walk all over you if you let them” comes to mind. That’s not to say you have to be militant in the enforcement of your boundaries; it’s more that you must have a healthy level of self-respect in order for people to treat you with respect.  

Remember, life has a mirror like quality to it, in that it reflects back to us what we feel on the inside.  If you don’t respect yourself – expect others to reflect this back to you. Similarly, as soon as you start treating yourself with respect the people in your life will either adapt their behaviour to this or leave your life and make way for someone that can treat you with the respect, consideration and dignity you deserve.

Healthy Living: How You Make It a Lifelong Habit

Everyone knows the importance of exercising and that we should all do it a certain amount of times per week, but so many people don’t keep it up. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what they should do to stay healthy and make your life last longer and make it a better quality life too. Why don’t people stick to these things that they know will benefit them? There can be so many reasons, but it is mainly because they don’t make it a lifelong habit. They might start a diet that is tough, consuming almost no calories but these kind of eating habits won’t sustain them forever so they go back to having fast food every night. There are some ways and changes you can make to your life that will give these good habits the best chance they have of sticking. You can’t view exercise as that awful and painful you try and make yourself do once in a blue moon, although it might feel like that at first. Here are a few ways you can help these healthy habits become a part of your life, giving you the best chance of a longer, better quality life. Read on to find out how you can change your life for the better, and make them healthy lifestyle choices stick. Be prepared to discover the healthy and happier you.

Find an Activity You Enjoy

Some people love running or jogging, but for many people, these traditional activities just are not for them. If you are trying to kick some bad habits and become healthier, usually people think jogging is the only way to do this. Yes, running is a great way to burn fat, but it is not for everyone. Just because running is not your cup of tea, doesn’t mean that there are loads of other great activities out there for you. Running can be a lot of stress on your joints and knees if you are older or are carrying some extra weight. So what else can you try?

The more easily accessible activities would be things you can find at the gym, so the cycling machine or even start up swimming which is amazing for your heart and lungs. If you are suffering from some injuries then swimming is something you should consider. You can still get worn out and use your cardiovascular system with far less stress on your muscles and joints. There are so many things out there for you to try though. There’s kayaking, bouldering or rock climbing, mountain biking, rugby, football, hockey, hiking or weightlifting. Just because you don’t enjoy running doesn’t mean there aren’t loads of other fun activities for you to try out. No matter what your interests are or what you like doing, there is an activity out there that you will enjoy. If you are going to make exercise a lifelong habit then finding something you enjoy is essential, so you will want to come back and try it out again and again. There are so many activities you could incorporate into your lifestyle, so find something that works for you. Trying out new things is essential, and it is always fun discovering things that you love.


Get Inspired By Others

Getting inspired and seeing what you can achieve is always a good way to make your healthy habits stick. Seeing how others have changed their lives for the better sometimes helps us with our own lifestyle choices. Knowing that others are on the same path as you and seeing the struggles they have come up against is always fuel to do better. Why not check out a Cycling blog like this and see if you can get inspired to get in the bike yourself. Following blogs or Youtubers can also educate you on your new found sport or activity, and you can learn so much more about the new activity that you love. Watching others achieve their goals and seeing the positive impact it can have on their lives is the best inspiration for anyone. If you are thinking of trying something out or you want to learn more about something, make sure you get inspired by others. This is a great first step to getting involved in the fitness community, and you never know, you could inspire someone else one day.

Find Food You Love

Every healthy lifestyle is a mixture of what you eat and what you do with your body. Just like you have to find the right exercise and physical activities for you, you also have to find food that you enjoy as well. These aspects of your healthy lifestyle go hand in hand and they are nothing without the other. Although there are healthy foods you can eat, and you should cut down on fried food and fast food, there are plenty of healthy dishes that you will grow to love. Finding the right meals for you is essential and there are amazing dishes from all over the world for you to try. Healthy foods often mean cooking them yourself and not buying ready meals that come with loads of preservatives. Remember the main categories you should include in each meal: protein, vegetables and carbs. If you stick to this you can’t go too wrong.

Although you should always try to incorporate whole foods into your diet there are certain foods you should try to have less of too. This would involve red meats and dairy products. One of the healthy diets would be the vegan diet as cutting out lactose and meats improves your gut bacteria, lowers your cholesterol and has so many other benefits. If you suffer from diabetes or many other illnesses this diet can help. If you don’t want to commit to the full vegan lifestyle getting your protein from plants, cutting down on dairy and eating plenty of plant-based food will improve your health and fitness. Having a good diet is key to improving your fitness and will help fuel your body to make so many gains with your fitness. You will notice your energy levels go up and your body will feel more active and agile when you work out too. There are plenty of healthy dishes out there that you will enjoy. Make sure you try lots of new recipes out and find out something that you love.


Educate Yourself

Educating yourself is essential to making sure your healthy lifestyle habits stick. Although we know generally what foods to eat and other basic information, when starting a healthy lifestyle it is good to learn about what you are doing and putting into your body and why. There can be quite a lot of misinformation as well as useful information out there, so knowing what is good information and what is not good information can be useful when building those healthy habits into your everyday. There are plenty of ways to learn about what you can eat and what you should eat less of. Again there are so many blogs and free information on the internet, as well as loads of books on the subject you can order too. Learning about what you are eating and why you are eating it is a great way to start your new lifestyle. You don’t need to restrict your carbs severely and you don’t need to eat a perfect diet all the time, but creating healthy habits should be everyone’s goal in life.

Find a Community

This is a great way to make them healthy habits stick. Finding others to practise or exercise with is one of the best ways to keep it up. Even if your partner or friends don’t have the same habits as you, you can find people who do. Finding a fitness community or club can be a great way to keep up those healthy habits. Forming new relationships is much easier than you think and will encourage you to carry on with your healthy lifestyle choices. You can do this in so many ways from joining a fitness class, a sports team, a running group and simply talking to others at the gym. Your healthy lifestyle does not have to start on your own, with inspiration, a community and an online community you never have to go at it alone.


Here are just a few ways you can help make those healthy habits stick for life. You don’t have to be perfect, and no one is, but forming healthy habits is super important. Enjoying what activities you are doing and the food you are eating is essential, and there are plenty of healthy lifestyle choices out there that you will enjoy. Finding what works for you and what is right for you is the best way to do it. Also remember you never have to go at it alone, and finding people in your community and forging healthy lifestyles with them can be fun as well as a great way to spend your time.   

Finding Balance In Your Chaotic Life

Do you feel like your life is pretty chaotic right now, and you’re unsure of what you should do about it? You’re not alone. Many people feel a little unstable on their feet, with no idea of how to change things so they feel more confident and comfortable in how they are living day to day.

If you know you could use a little help finding that balance, read on for some pointers you can begin to use:

Identify What’s Truly Important To You

The reason you may be feeling life is too chaotic for you, is that you haven’t identified what is truly important to you. When you know what’s really important, you can focus on these things and spend less time worrying about what isn’t important to you. You can’t fit everything into your life. We can accomplish a lot, sure, but you can’t give your all to absolutely everything; work, socialising, creative hobbies, pursuing other goals, kids, family – you’re going to need to make some difficult choices. Honestly, what is important to you and how can you make time for it? For example, you could cut back on socialising to pursue your creative hobbies more. In the long run, this will likely make you happier. However, it all depends on the person.

Identify The Things That Are Draining You

You must know the things that are draining you so you can eliminate them. What do you have in your life that you know isn’t great for you, but you’re not doing anything about it? Do you have toxic people? Perhaps you’re going out socialising every weekend to wind down from a busy week, only to waste the whole weekend and feel worse for it. Going to alcohol rehab can help some, but it isn’t for everyone – you can simply make a promise to yourself that you’re going to work on your goals more often. Ask yourself when something comes up, ‘is this going to help me get to where I want to be? How is this going to make me feel, really?’ and you should have your answer.


Know What Your Goals Are For The Coming Years

Have a set list of goals for the coming years, and actually take steps to work towards them. Goals give us more purpose in our lives. They help us to build confidence, and in some cases, they can open up a whole new world full of opportunities. Do you want to learn a new language? Play an instrument? Start a business? Write out these goals, the steps you can take to work towards them, and perhaps consider giving yourself a time limit for certain goals. You can manage your time better this way. The time will pass anyway!

Get Into A Routine That You Enjoy

Finally, getting into a routine you enjoy is a must. If you’re a parent, a business owner, or a freelancer, this can be especially hard as you don’t usually have anybody telling you when to do certain things. Get into your own routine. Get up at the same time, go to bed at the same time, have times for your meals, and make sure you enjoy what you do!

The 3 Biggest Lies You’ve Been Told About Healthy Eating!

Ask any medical professional what they key to staying healthy is, and they’ll tell you it starts with a good diet. Healthy eating is an essential part of life, and the sooner you get into the swing of things, the better your health will be.

It sounds easy, right? All you have to do is eat healthy foods, and that will be that! However, a healthy diet is made a lot harder by all the lies and myths surrounding the food industry. Loads of people will claim they know ‘super diets’ that help you lose weight fast or get super healthy. There are foods that people say you should/shouldn’t eat, and it all gets very confusing. As a result, people end up eating things they think are good for them but really aren’t.

Bearing that in mind, I thought I’d clear things up by showing you the big lies you’ve been told about healthy eating.


It’s Bad To Eat Foods High In Fat

Fat always has bad connotations, doesn’t it? We always think of it as a bad thing that should be avoided. As such, many people tell you to avoid eating things that are high in fat. So, you have a look at the label on some food products, and almost have a heart attack when you see the fat content. You avoid them, thinking you’re doing your body a load of good when really, you’re depriving it of an essential thing.

You see, the mistake is that people put fat into one category as though it’s one thing. But, there are good fats and bad fats. Things like avocado, cooking oils, and nuts are all high in unsaturated fats. These are great for your body as they contain essential fatty acids and things like omega-3, which help lower cholesterol and bring good things to your internal system. The bad fats are saturated fats which lead to heart disease and all sorts of things. It’s bad to eat them, but not bad to eat unsaturated fats. In fact, many people don’t get enough of the good fats, which is why there are brands like KetoMCT that offer supplements you can take freely. Personally, I think supplements are a good idea if you’re one of the people that struggles to eat the recommended daily intake of good fats. You might not like foods that contain good fats, so a supplement helps you out. Otherwise, just alter your diet and eat more unsaturated fats!


Carbs Are The Enemy

If you’ve ever been on a fad diet, then the chances are you probably stopped consuming carbs. For years, people were told carbs were bad for you, and the cause of weight gain. If you eat carbs, you’ll get fat – that’s what we all believed! Well, it turns out, this isn’t strictly true. Again, there’s a difference between good carbs and bad carbs. Good carbs come in the form of things like vegetables, whole grains, and things full of fiber. Bad cards are things like white bread, white rice, crisps, and sugary products.

Why do we need good carbs? Because they provide us with energy and keep us feeling fuller for longer. If you have a nice breakfast packed full of good carbs, then you have less need to eat between meals, which prevents you from consuming too many calories every day. The problem most people have is they eat bad carbs, which provides them with an energy spike, but doesn’t satisfy their appetite. So, they eat more and more, packing on the calories, which ultimately leads to weight gain. Not to mention that good carbs also often contain good nutrients like fiber, which help maintain a healthy digestive system. If you’ve been told to avoid carbs, then ignore whoever told you this! Carbs are a key part of your healthy diet, but only in their good form!


You Have To Eat Salads Every Day

When you think about it, why don’t more people eat healthily? Why do we have such a big problem with obesity and people eating badly? It’s because everyone thinks eating healthy foods is boring. They think you have to eat plain salads every day or just eat things you don’t like. This is easily the biggest lie you’ve been told about healthy eating. In fact, I seriously question the brain power of whoever told you this!

The fact is, salads are healthy because they contain lots of veg and good things. But, eating salads alone won’t help you live a healthy life. The key is balance. You need to eat a balanced diet that provides you with enough protein, carbs, good fats, vitamins, and sugar. While at the same time, it shouldn’t give you too much sugar, salt, or unsaturated fats. This means you can still eat things like chicken, beef, pasta; and a lot more of your favorite foods too. In fact, you can even eat classic fast food things like burgers and pizza. The key is making them yourself, so you know the nutritional value of them, and can make them healthier! For example, make the burgers out of low-fat, high-quality, beef mince. Grill them instead of frying them in loads of oil, and put them in a wholemeal bun. There’s nothing unhealthy about a meal like this! So, if you believe eating healthy is boring and means a life full of salads, then you’re wrong!

Obviously, there are other lies out there about healthy eating. However, in my experience, these are the biggest and most common ones. I guess you can say that there’s a main theme with most healthy eating lies; there are good and bad versions of almost everything. Fats as a whole aren’t bad because you have good, unsaturated ones. The same goes for carbs; you have to ensure you’re eating the good versions and avoiding the bad ones. Lastly, as I touched upon in the last lie; balance is key. Too much of a good thing will make it a bad thing! Always make sure you eat within the guideline daily amounts, and you’ll have a healthy diet on your hands.

What’s That Stomach Pain?

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I’m willing to bet that everyone reading this has had a stomach pain at some point in their lives – they’re pretty common. They’re also pretty benign most of the time (although it doesn’t always feel that way). However, it is important that whenever you have a stomach pain, you treat it seriously because it could be the symptom of something more serious like appendicitis or gallbladder disease.

In a bid to make it easier for you to work out why your stomach is hurting, here are some of the most common causes of stomach pains (and a few less common ones) and their symptoms:


Indigestion is a very common cause of stomach pain, other symptoms of which include acid reflux, bloating and nausea, as well as an acidic taste in the mouth, Usually, this is caused by eating certain foods, and if you can identify a pattern, you can eliminate the cause completely. If not, there are medications that will help.


If you experience serious stomach pain, which is massively painful to the point, it’s hard to handle, and if that pain also reaches your back, causes fever and vomiting, gas or bloating, there is a good chance that you have gallstones and that they are of the serious variety that will require medical attention. You’ll probably need some strong painkillers to get you through gallbladder attacks until you can have it removed, so a visit to the hospital is essential.

Food Poisoning

I think we all know the symptoms of food poisoning fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, cramps etc., and it’s usually pretty evident when food poisoning has struck, but do bear in mind that it could also be gastroenteritis you’re suffering from. Either way, you’re probably just going to have to ride it out.


An inflamed pancreas typically causes pain in the middle or upper abdomen areas, but it has been known to cause shooting pains that affect the back too. If you suspect pancreatitis, try leaning forwards or backwards, and you may find that it takes a little of the pain away, but this should only be a temporary measure while you seek medical attention. You are more likely to suffer from pancreatitis if you drink a lot (which is true of gallstones actually too), so that’s something to be aware of.


Gastroesophageal reflux disease is really very common and can cause upper stomach and lower chest pain, usually in the form of what we would know best as heartburn. Antacids are your best friend if you suffer from GERD, as is eating a healthier diet that’s low in fat, but don’t make it too low because that can cause gallstones. Taking good care of the abdomen area can be so tough!


Appendicitis usually occurs when the organ becomes inflamed, it is usually characterized by a sudden and severe pain at the appendix location, and you should definitely take yourself off to the emergency room if you experience it. Children are much more likely to suffer from appendicitis than adults, but it can happen to anyone at any time, and one way of checking if you have it is to bend your leg on the appendix side – if that causes more pain – it’s probably appendicitis because the muscle that you use to bend your leg is near the appendix.

Lactose Intolerance

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If your stomach often becomes bloated and gassy and you start to experience pain that can be anywhere on the spectrum from mild to severe, it could be that you have an intolerance to lactose. The obvious way of working this out is by keeping a food diary and watching for when the symptoms occur, but lactose allergies are pretty common, especially in the Asian population, so it could be the cause.


If you are on medication, then it’s worth checking whether stomach pain could be one of the side effects, Even if that isn’t the case, some medications when taken by some people on an empty stomach can cause inflammation which can cause mild to moderate pain and swelling in the stomach area. Antibiotics and pain medications are particularly bad for this, but it’s worth checking any medication you’re taking or consult your doctor if you’re worried.


Another common suspect in the stomach pain department id diverticulitis. This caused by inflammation of the intestinal lining known as diverticula. They tend to get inflamed when you are constipated, and your poop gets into them (they’re basically holes) or when you swallow a foreign object. Common symptoms of this particular illness include lower abdomen cramps, but if you have a serious inflammation, you may get bleeding in the stool or severe stomach pains, and you should see a doctor if that happens! A good way to protect against diverticulitis is by increasing your fiber intake. Eating healthily, in general, will actually help with a lot of the more common stomach pains.


If you’re a woman, and you experience a lot of tummy cramping and severe pain, alongside irregular bleeding, it could be that you are suffering from endometriosis – condition affecting the lining of the uterus. If you think that’s possible, you should see a doctor as a matter of urgency because not only can it spread and get worse, but it can cause infertility, the sooner you catch it and confine it, the better it will be.

Disclaimer: Although I’ve tried to be as accurate as possible in collating this information, you should in no way use it as a substitute for medical advice and intervention. It should be used only as a helpful way of working out potential causes of your stomach pain. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong and when something is wrong, you see a medical professional. Period.

That being said, I hope I have helped you to get to know a bit about the stomach, and abdominal area of your body and the signs that you should be looking out for that something is wrong. The more you know, the better you can take care of your health. Look after yourself.