#WCW/Lady Leopard – To My Mom

We have all seen the #WCW posts on social media, and I have decided to take a much more positive approach with it. 

Throughout 2016 you will see me feature various women who are inspiring, motivational, and act as great role models to other women.

These women will be family, friends, or well known women I find to be a true beauty of the world. These women will be also be tagged as a “Lady Leopard”, creating a force of incredible woman all over the world.


My First Lady Leopard is my mom, Heidi.

I could probably go on and practically write a book on all of the awesome things this woman has done. (Besides raising three fabulous girls!) I will focus on the most recent of her accomplishments and spare you hours of reading.

For the last 17 years my mom has worked as a CMA for an Orthopedic Surgeon.  A little over two years ago, they stepped their schedule back to around part time. It was at this time that my mom decided to hit the books and start a new career. 

She remained working with this wonderful Doctor, and during her days off studied hard and successfully received her Real Estate License. After this she joined an amazing real estate office and was welcomed with open arms. 

Since then she worked hard at two jobs, continuing to grow her real estate business, and help her Doctor treat patients. 

She also remained an awesome wife to my Dad, and still laughed through his funny antics. (And kept her own sense of humor, I might add. Please don’t be mad about the pic mom, it’s too funny!)



She is an amazing Grammy to all her granddaughters, and is still there for her daughters wherever we need.


After 17 years, and an amazing work relationship with this Doctor, the time has come for him to retire. The time has also come, for my mom to fully follow her new her career path.

Tomorrow, she and her Doctor will take their last walk through the office. She will wake up in 2016 able to focus all of her attention on her new dream. She will no longer work two jobs, or “wear two hats”, she will be a Real Estate Agent. 

My mom is a great example of the C. S. Lewis quote:


I hope that my mom inspires you to fight for your dreams and reach your goals. Thank you mom, for being a Lady Leopard.