The Bachelorette – Premier

Last Monday and Tuesday brought us the two night premier of the new season of The Bachelorette. If you haven’t watched yet, this will contain spoilers…so…

*Spoiler Alert*

This season the hit ABC show decided to try something new and advertised that we would have not one, but two Bachelorettes. 

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson both from last season’s Bachelor with Chris Soules, would be heading into this season looking for love. 

Chris Harrison opened up the show of course saying it would be a “Very dramatic premier.” He also used the words “controversial” and “historic”. (I think we’re starting to get a bit “dramatic” with our choice of words.)

Britt is shown in a white flowing gown, with large rhinestone embellished waist, and a slit up the right side of the skirt of the dress. 

Kaitlyn is shown wearing a high neck style, long gown that was covered in navy blue sequins, with a slight train at the back. 

Chris Harrision introduces some video backgrounds of some of the men who will be arriving at the house. 

We see men from different careers (although the there are numerous personal trainer/fitness specialist in the mix), parts of the country, one with a child, and one that is…well…a stripper. So far, the men seem pretty split on who they are going to the house in hopes of meeting. 

Both of the potential Bachelorettes arrive at the house, and we found out that not both girls will be staying. Chris Harrison explains that the men will have “the power” and will vote during the night, using roses. Once every man has cast his vote, the girl with the most roses will be this season’s Bachelorette. 

At this point, things look very awkward between both girls, as well as a bit uneasy. I’m wondering how many people were actually surprised by this news.

The time finally came for the men to start arriving, and limo by limo, they stepped out to try to impress the girls. 

(I’m not going to give a full run down of each guy, let’s be honest, you don’t want to read that much.)

Ryan B, 32 year-old Realtor from Wellington, FL calls Britt a “Disney Princess”.

Jared, a 26 year-old Restaurant Manager from Warwick, RI shows off his “Super Shirt” saying that he has an alter ego, and it is “Love Man”.

Tony, a 35 year-old “Healer” from St. Louis, MO who shows up with a black eye…he has said in his background video that he is “anti-social” (does this explain the black eye?) and talks to plants. 

Numerous men have stepped out of the limo going right to Britt, this has left Kaitlyn looking rather lonely. Thankfully, it starts to even out with men going to her first as well. 

JJ, a 32 year-old Former Investment Banker from Denver, CO approaches Kaitlyn first, with a hockey puck, abs says, “I would love to puck you.” Playing off of her initial meeting to Chris Soules when she said that he could, “Plow her field.” The joke is well received and Kaitlyn laughs very hard. 

A few more men arrive, when Kaitlyn suddenly runs off into the house to say hello to the guys, leaving Britt standing alone outside. Britt says she felt that it was “cheating” and not fair”. 

After a few more men arrive, we see Ryan (a 28 year-old “Junkyard Specialist) inside the house, and he is already pretty drunk. He is shown saying that he is, “All horned up.” He is loud, mouthy, and is badly quoting movies. 

Shawn E. a 31 year-old Sex Coach from Ontario, Canada arrives in a Hot Tub Car. We hear drunk Ryan from the bushes yell, “That car sucks!” 

Chris, a 28 year-old Dentist from Nashville, TN arrives in a candy corn embellished cupcake car, and leaves everyone watching the show wanting one.

The rest of the men arrive, and the girls finally enter the house. 

The cocktail party seems to be going well, with fairly easy flow of conversation, and men discussing who they arrived for, and who they are voting for.

Some men enter the “voting room” fairly early in the evening and cast their votes. 

We continue to see video of Ryan who is being wildly obnoxious, and getting drunker as the night goes on. If any of the other men try to question him on it, he gets rudely defensive and tells them off. 

He is seen basically feeling Kaitlyn up, then slaps her butt. (NOT OKAY!) He is also seen stumbling through the house knocking a picture off the wall, throwing the rose he is supposed to use for voting, then strips down to jus underwear and gets in the pool. 

Shortly after this, we see a Bachelorette Bouncer come in and tell him that Chris Harrison wants to talk to him out front. They send his rear home! He is clearly not here for the right reasons. 

From my view and opinion of episode one, Kaitlyn seems to be making a better impression with the men.

Oh, and apparently Shawn smells good. 

The voting ends, and both girls look nervous….and in true Bachelorette form…the episode ends. 

Tuesday Night:

We open back up to the cocktail party, where both girls have been separated, and sit alone. 

Chris Harrison approaches Britt first, and tells her that she was not the chosen Bachelorette. He walks her out to the limo and says goodbye. She seemed really surprised, and it was kind of awkward. 

Chris Harrison then goes to Kaitlyn and, again, in true Bachelorette, dramatic form says, “Unfortunately Kaitlyn…I had to send Britt home.” Kaitlyn calls her Mom and is very excited. 

Chris Harrison announces her back into the room with the guys, and they all cheer. Some of the men who voted for Britt are later seen saying that they feel nervous. 

Kaitlyn now has a chance to get to know the guys to decide who will get the “First Impression Rose”, as well as those she’ll choose to stay. 

Some one-on-ones went really well with JJ opening up to her, and she was really happy to see him opening up. Chris, the dentist apparently wanted to see how her mouth was, because he kissed her first during their conversation. 

She decided that Shawn (you know, the guy who smells good?) was to get the “First Impression Rose”, and he decided to kiss her as well. 

(Little fast, but whatever.)

During the rose ceremony, Brady (a singer/song writer from Nashville) pulls her aside about half way through. He was very kind and respectful and shares with her that he came for Britt, and that he would like to see if Britt is interested in meeting him. He kindly leaves after talking to Chris Harrison and heads to the hotel where Britt is staying. 

Kaitlyn finishes the rose ceremony without any further interruption. They do many one-on-one camera interviews with they guys, and numerous guys feel that those who voted for Britt should have left. 

The men who did not get a rose leave the mansion…in the daylight! Holy moly! How early in the morning is it?! How long were they in there?

Previews for the season show a lot of animosity between the guys, the return of Nick (from a previous Bachelorette season), and will Kaitlyn sleep with a contestant too soon?! How will the men take it?!

Check in soon for my review of the first “date” episode of this season!

My front runner so far: JJ

Let’s Talk – Body Shaming

While out on my run this morning, I kept pondering what next to share, when I realized that I couldn’t stop thinking about the most recent “body shaming” incident targeting the singer, P!nk. It really breaks my heart to see what people are willing to say others, especially in such a public manner, when they shouldn’t be saying it at all.

If you are unaware of the incident, here’s a quick re-cap. The singer looked stunning in a low cut black dress while attending the John Wayne 30th Annual Odyssey Ball in Los Angeles. She was attending the event to support her friend, who was receiving an award. Unfortunately people took to Twitter and “body-shamed” her instead of focusing on the reason she was attending in the first place.

The singer, in a beautifully amazing way, retorted back by tweeting the following:

(Follow P!nk here to see more of her amazing tweets:

She isn’t the only celebrity that has been put under the “body shaming” spotlight, but I won’t sit here and go through every account of whom it happened to and why.

It simply needs to stop.

There is NO perfect body, and we need to stop comparing others to false pictures that have been photoshopped, or some fake view of the world that is someone else’s brain. It saddens me to see what a cruel place the internet can be. People sitting behind their computers thinking they can verbally attack people and bring them down, it really makes the world ugly.

I agree with Al Roker, it is time to shame the shamers.

Not everyone has “6-pack abs” and we aren’t going to! That doesn’t mean that person isn’t worthy of respect and kindness, only THEY have a say in what their body looks like, and what size it is.

Yes I agree that this goes both ways, stop “fat-shaming”, “skinny-shaming”, but I I also don’t personally condone a really unhealthy lifestyle. I believe that women, and men, come in all shapes and sizes and if they are happy with the way that they look, that is all that matters.

I have struggled with my own weight, allowing the thoughts of society to seep into my brain telling me that I don’t look good enough, or that I can’t wear certain things. I finally got fed up with thinking I wasn’t good enough, and worked on changing my thoughts. I bought myself a bikini last year, and you know what? I ROCKED it. I still do, “mommy-pooch”, stretch marks and all.

If you want to try to “body shame” me, first of all, shame on you, but know that body has grown, carried, and birthed a human, has been thinner, and plumper, has seen bruises, scrapes, and has scars, but it is MY body. I run, I strength train, I eat healthy, and you know what? I also eat CAKE! Because, dammit, it tastes good!