Spring Sweater

I’m glad spring is here, I am just wondering when it is going to bring warmer weather with it. 

It does give me a chance to put together some great outfits that are not only warm, but have the pastel elements of spring. 

Outfit Inspiration:

Navy Cardigan, Long* – TJ Maxx

Pink Boxy Popover Top – Versona

Skinny Jeans – Versona

Nude Flats* – Versona

Cat Pendant Necklace** – Seoul Sisters

Light Pink Earrings – Versona

Happy Shopping!
*Exact items not available online. Similar items may be available.

**Item only available in store.
PS – Sorry about the sunlight that totally blurs out the shoes. Lighting would not cooperate with me. At least Champ is smiling, that kind of makes up for it. 

Mommy, Daughter Style

I love being a mom, especially to my little girl. I very rarely share her on my site, so this is a very special post.

We had a Saturday recently where hubby/daddy was off with one of the teams doing his AD stuff. Which left us to be, well, girly!

As I was getting ready, she went and got dressed all on her own. She came in, hopeful, that what she put together worked. (She knows that I need to “approve” of what she wears. Meaning it needs to at least fit, go together, and is weather appropriate. Otherwise, we aren’t super strict in this area as she is still young.)

She looked so cute! I love that she is noticing how I pair things together, and is starting to understand that dressing properly is a sign of respect. I then told her, “You go pick my outfit!” I had a feeling of what would happen. 

I stood in my closet door, happily watching her. She first picked the ankle boots, then the chambray shirt, and finally, the tulle skirt.

I was on board with it all. We didn’t have much planned that day, so I asked her if we could have a “Fancy Day”. Her eyes lit up. 

We went out to a nice Italian restaurant, ordered Italian Cream Sodas, ate a good meal, and finished with ice cream sundaes.

One of the best parts I noticed, she was being even more proper, and acting just like a little lady. I was very proud, and I think it was a really good bonding day for her and I. 

If you are a mom with a daughter, I encourage you to have a “Fancy Day”. You will both have a great time!

See below for for the Outfit Inspiration!


Chambray Shirt – Old Navy

Tulle Skirt* – Versona

Ankle Boots* – Target

Gold Knot Earrings* – Versona

Gold Bar Initial Necklace* – Versona


Chambray Shirt – Old Navy

Tulle Skirt* – Old Navy

Ankle Boots* – Old Navy

Happy Shopping! (And have a fun “Fancy Day”!)

*Exact items not available online. Similar or like items may be available.

Chilly Spring Style

Spring is here! That doesn’t mean it is always warm though. We had a beautiful, sunny day; complete with a chilly wind.

That didn’t stop me from adding a little spring to my look. This outfit is a great way to wear a warmer sweater, while still wearing your spring colors and patterns.

Outfit Inspiration:

Black Sweater – Target

Floral Blanket Scarf* – Old Navy

Straight Leg Jeans – Old Navy

Blue Flats* – DSW 

Pearl Earrings* – Versona

Happy Shopping!
*Exact items not available online. Similar items maybe available.

Scarf Style

I put this easy and simple outfit together recently and almost forget to share it! 

This is a great way to wear a scarf a different way. Simply tie a little knot, evenly on each side.

I like the way this adds a different element, color, or texture to a simple outfit. 

Outfit Inspiration:

Kai Top – Yala Designs

Boot Cut Jeans – Old Navy

Lace Printed Scarf* – Mod Pod

Black Flats* – Nine West

Happy Shopping!
*Items not available online. Similar items possibly available. 

Game Day Style

Hello and happy Wednesday! Thank you so much to everyone who watched my segment on WEHT Local Lifestyles yesterday! If you weren’t able to see it yet, click HERE and it will take you right to the link on my Facebook page.

I was hoping to get this up yesterday, however I decided I wanted to focus on the TV segment, and let people get to know me through it a bit more. 

Before I continue on, I also want to share that tonight around 7pm Eastern time (6pm central) I will be a guest on Cats Talk Radio! I am so excited to chat with Terry and Vinny tonight about fashion, the Aces, and Gary Vaynerchuck’s new book! I hope you tune in, click HERE to go to their website!

Okay, let’s get on with the fashion! You get not one, not two, but three game day Outfit Inspirations! 

Over the weekend we were in St. Louis for the MVC Arch Madness Tournament, which meant a lot of games. I dedicated my Fashion Tip Friday to talking briefly about game day fashion. 

As I said, if you like the school/team t-shirts, that is great, however if you are looking for a different approach to school colors and how to wear them, then here are the three outfits I wore to cheer on our team. 

Game One – Outfit Inspiration 


I love this outfit, so simple, cute and great for any regular day!

I layered the black side zip jacket with a purple tank. Then added a purple necklace as well, as those are our main team colors. (You can of course choose items that match your team colors!)

Black Side Zip Jacket* – Versona

Purple Tank – NikiBiki

Boot Cut Jeans – Old Navy

Leopard Flats* – Versona

Purple Necklace – Versona

Gold Earrings – Versona

*Exact item not available online, similar items may be available.

Game Two – Outfit Inspiration


I think a lot of you know, this is my classic style look. I love it because of all the different ways it can be worn. 

It is amazing what you can do with a pair of skinny jeans, and simple white blouse.

White Blouse – Versona

Skinny Jeans – Versona

Nude Bow Flats* – Versona

Leopard Clutch* – Versona

Purple Necklace* – Mine Finds by Jay King

*Exact item not available online, similar items may be available.

Game Three – Outfit Inspiration 


We sort of had to rush out of the hotel to check out prior to the game, so I totally forgot to snap a pic of me actually in this outfit. (Oops!)

I’m sure I will be wearing this again, and will be sure to take a picture of myself wearing it.

Double Layer Flutter Blouse – Versona

Boot Cut Jeans – Old Navy

Black Blazer – Old Navy

Leopard Flats* – DSW

Orange Pendant Necklace – ?? (Try Versona)

Orange & Purple Beaded Bracelets – Mod Pod (Store located in Corvallis, OR. Items may be available in store.)

Gold Earrings – Versona

*Exact item not available online, similar items may be available.
Let me know if you try any of these looks out! 

Also, if you are interested in showing off your game day fashion at the game, take a look at TickPick. They don’t just do basketball games, they also offer NFL Tickets, and tickets to other events like concerts and plays!

Happy Shopping!

Warm Winter Style

I like when we start getting closer to spring, the weather teases us with a few warmer days before dropping back to cold.

I took my chance the other day to wear my new Stitch Fix blouse, but paired it with my boots instead of flats.

I love having pieces I can wear many different ways, and this shirt is one of those pieces.

Outfit Inspiration:

Navy Blouse – 41Hawthorn Stitch Fix

Skinny Jeans – Versona

Riding Boots – Franco Sarto from Famous Footwear

Happy Shopping!

Stitch Fix Style

As you saw earlier this week, I received a pretty fun Stitch Fix box. I paired the two pieces I kept from some Versona pieces I had as well, and love the outfit I was able to put together!

We’re also nearing spring, so we are close to the “transition” time between seasons. I love that I was able to add some pastels to the dark navy color to create a look that works for both winter, and spring!

Outfit Inspiration:

Navy Blouse – 41Hawthorn from Stitch Fix

Two Tone Leopard Scarf – Octavia from Stitch Fix

Skinny Jeans – Versona

Nude Flats with Bow Detail* – Versona

Happy Shopping!
*Shoes not available online, they do have other nude flats available.

Proper Mixing

A few weeks ago I posted about being careful with mixing prints, as it can throw an outfit off and be too much if not done right. This outfit is a great example of mixing prints, without going overboard.

Yes, I’m wearing the blanket scarf, again. I’ll be getting my use out of it before the season is up!
Outfit Inspiration:

Navy Kai Top – Yala Designs

Tartan Blanket Scarf – Search NEIL Link on Amazon

Boot Cut Jeans – Old Navy

Leopard Flats – Target
Happy Shopping!

Classic Style – Take Two

Last October I shared a great outfit that I said could be worn different ways, and changed up for each season. The original look can be found here.

I love pieces that I can change up each season with various accesories to keep it looking fresh. 

This is an easy outfit to put together and will look good for many years to come.

Outfit Inspiration:

Black Blazer – Old Navy

White Blouse – Old Navy

Skinny Jeans – Versona

Brown Riding Boots – Franco Sarto from Famous Footwear*

Purple Necklace – Versona*
Happy Shopping!

*Like items available online.

Flirty Style

Yes, I am loving the shirt dress!! These can be worn in almost any season, and can be switched up with various accessories to keep them looking different and fresh.

Outfit Inspiration:

Lipstick Shirt Dress – Versona

Black Leggings – Hue

Brown Riding Boots – Franco Sarto from Famous Footwear

Gold Oregon Necklace* – Lucky Feather

Gold Earrings* – Versona
*Specific items not available online, other like items are though!