How To Improve Your Physical Appearance To Make An Excellent First Impression


Like it or not, people will always judge you on your physical appearance. Provided they stick around to get to know you better, the way you look underneath will eventually become more important. However, you should still care about the way you look, whether you care about the opinion of others, or not. The way we look helps us in all aspects of life, from going for job interviews, to going on that all-important first date, so for the people who matter, it is good to make that excellent first impression.

Now, we are not all blessed with stunning good looks, but that doesn’t matter. We can still improve our appearance, without trying to look like a catwalk model. So, to help you make an excellent first impression on the people who count the most, here are three proven ways to improve your physical appearance.

Eat the right foods

For all aspects of your appearance, it is important to eat a healthy diet. Certain foods are good for your skin and hair, for example, and they are a natural way to improve your appearance without the need for expensive cosmetic products. Foods rich in vitamin E and omega-3 are prime examples.

Then there is the issue of body weight. We don’t agree with body shaming, and you can be beautiful whatever your body size. However, if you are trying to lose weight, we gave you some dieting advice here,, which may help you make the right food choices.

Focus on your smile

Smiling is something we should all do more often, as not only will it brighten our day (and face), but it can give a lift to the people around us, as well. However, those of us with bad teeth may be inclined to keep smiling to a minimum.

For starters, don’t worry if you haven’t been able to maintain your pearly whites. We lose enamel as we get older so our teeth will become naturally discoloured. A tooth-whitening toothpaste will help, but you should also avoid soft drinks and smoking which will stain your teeth further. A dentist can help for a longer-term solution to teeth whitening, and they can also correct crooked teeth with a brace. Rather than the unsightly metal braces of time gone by, they now use invisalign trays which are virtually invisible. For more information, read what this dentist has to say,, and you will see the benefits. 

Dress sense

You don’t need to be a follower of fashion, but you should still have some dress sense when it comes to picking out your outfit. You want clothes that fit perfectly, are comfortable to wear, and are a showcase for your natural body features. People often base their opinion on what you wear, so you don’t want to stand out from the crowd too much, unless you are trying to make a particular statement. For more advice, we recommend you read the article at to help you make the right choices when choosing what to wear.

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Style Items That Wood Sharpen Up Your Wardrobe

As men we’re always on trying to look sharp when we leave to go to a spot where we socialize. Granted men’s fashion is the more obscure than women’s fashion because whenever something new is pushed out, it normally get rejected. At the very least, some style items we buy, slowly degrade and then, they’re not as slick and cool as they were when we first bought them. Well, it’s time to incorporate a new style that’s more inclined to last a little longer and quite literally. How about the use of wood to force open your choice of other clothing items? As a material, we think of wood as being more for other household items, but the urban and hipster scene has always been pushing the boundaries. Now you can add to your wardrobe with certain elements of fashion that make use of different woods, in a cool and outlandish way.


Source – Clem Onojeghuo

The hat that started it

Hipster culture is hit and miss, and it always has been. Some say the style is just being different for the sake of it, which discredits what it tries to achieve. However the majority of the inner city fashion icons, are adamant that something, and sometimes anything should be done to push men’s fashion in another direction. Fedora hats are to be seen especially in the cosmopolitan cities. A wood-brimmed fedora hat makes use of woods like oak, rosewood, and beachwood to circle the outside of the headwear. With different shades of red, orange and brown wood colors, you can then mix and match the different fabrics and textures for a snazzy look, which gets more apparent the closer the observer gets.

Wood you like some shade

Protecting your eyes during the hotter months is a practical solution that fashion has made a market out of. Aside from the metal or plastic shades, there are other, obscure but trendy styles out there on the market. Bamboo sunglasses are light and durable, yet they stand out from the crowd due to the contrast of natural colors, as well the uncommon use of the material. Bamboo is as strong as steel some say, and yet just a minuscule of the weight. The light yellow or beige color would go well with bright and dark tops because the natural tone of bamboo is quite neutral.


Image by – Gabriele

Skater vibes 

Times have changed, and the skater boy fashion has had to move with them. Rather than the synthetic wrap bracelets from the 1990s, you could incorporate a wooden bracelet to go with your outfit. You can get dark orange varnished styles, but the rough and tumble are wooden bracelets, that have scratches, and cuts as part of the style. If you’ve got ear hole lobe earrings, you could also swap out the casual black plastic style for a smooth oak variation. They’re less likely to bend and snap when weight is put on them because they’re a more dense than plastic, yet weigh just as light. Additionally, as they’re tougher, they won’t snap and potentially harm you.

Without a doubt, the use of wood will shake up your wardrobe. It just goes to show, you don’t need to have the latest chic styles that are coming out of Paris, and other fashion havens to give your fashion sense a new horizon on your own style.

Keeping Your Summer Wardrobe Wonderful

Finding the right outfits for the summer season is one of my favorite things to do. It’s the season that we can show a little more skin, tan our bodies, and generally feel much happier. Our outfits make us feel and look fabulous, and with so many different combinations of things that you can wear, finding some killer outfits isn’t a difficult task.


First and foremost, let’s talk about swimwear. Even though for most of us the summer doesn’t mean we can lounge around by the pool, it’s likely that at some point we will either take a vacation or at least a day trip to the beach. There are hundreds and thousands of choices when it comes to swimming attire. Bikinis are a great way of topping up your tan because they reveal the most skin. If you’re not feeling a bikini however, you could opt for a tankini which covers you up a little more, but you’ll still look gorgeous.



The thing I love the most about the summertime, is all of the fabulous dresses that you see on display. Not only do they look amazing and brighten up the streets, but they’re a brilliant way of keeping cool when those summer rays hit. Pairing a dress with some killer heels and a bag will turn some heads for sure.


As we all know, shoes are a key part of making or breaking an outfit. With the amount of summer shoes available on the market, it’s super easy to find a great pair for every type of outfit. Even for people with a size 2 shoe, there are tons of shoes available to buy, whether that be online or in store. Start collecting a range of shoes today so that you can switch it up a little with your outfits.


Finding a top to wear if you’re not feeling like wearing a dress isn’t a difficult task either. Anything that isn’t long sleeved can be paired with your favourite shorts, jeans, leggings or skirt. The best part about it is, that because the summer months tend to be warmer, you don’t have to cover yourself up with a large coat.



Now if you’re a girly girl, you absolutely love getting your pins out in the summer months by wearing some super sexy skirts or shorts. If you’re feeling creative, you could try making your own skirts to wear this summer. There are loads of online tutorials that will show you how to upcycle an old top into a fabulous skirt.


Handbags are also a fabulous way of completing an outfit. Like most girls in the world, many of us can’t leave the house without our bags. Shop around for a bag that has a pocket for your sunglasses and suntan lotion. That way, you can keep topping up as the day goes on.


Whatever you decide to wear this summer, rock it girl, because you are fabulous!


Looking For A Killer Style? It’s All In The Bag

In 2013, bags became the main attention of fashion designer Adnan Bayyat who created a flamenco-style dress from 1,000 used carrier bags. The talented designer came up with the idea to raise awareness about recycling bags. The result is both dramatically elegant and also eye-opening. Who would have thought that plastic bags could also become a fashionable item? But more to the point, bags play an important role in fashion: They bring the outfit together and give it an unmistakable stylish accent.

Style is in the bag


#1. Fashionable under the sun

Fashion is a matter of trends. But style is infinitely more subtle and lasting. Style completes your outfit and turns clothing choices into effortless chic. Consequently, using bags as a stylish element can change your outfit in the most suitable way to your situation. If you’re traveling on holiday, there’s nothing like a picking the perfect travel bag or a suitcase to send the right vibes. A neutral, leather bag will be the perfect timeless accessory that can turn your 4 AM flight into a catwalk show. To avoid complications, make sure that you choose a bag with plenty of pockets inside so that you can travel in style and keep everything tidy at the same time. Stylish and messy simply doesn’t work!


#2. A busy woman in town

Urban lifestyle requires an urban outfit that is elegant and pragmatic at the same time. This naturally starts with your choice of bags, going from trendy to practical, here’s a great selection of crossbody bags that can be either very small for those who just need a wallet and a phone, or large for women who like to carry a lot of things. The advantage of the crossbody bag is that it’s ideal for a trip in town: It’s pretty much theft-proof with its zipped pockets and its proximity to the body, but it remains elegant at the same time.


#3. Back to business

Only one month left before the back to school and back to business feelings take over the fashion trend. There’s still time for you to get the perfect office accessory: An elegant women’s backpack, that lets you carry everything you need at work without looking like a schoolgirl at the same time. From a lunchbox to a notebook, working in an office requires you to carry around a lot of items. But there’s no reason why you couldn’t keep it stylish and practical. A neutral-looking leather bag is the perfect, timeless solution for the chic office businesswoman.


#4. A touch of luxury for the evening

Going out in the evening means that you need a decent evening bag that can turn an elegant outfit into the evening wear that can turn heads. You will need a small clutch, as there are naturally fewer things that you need to carry on a night out: Your phone, your wallet, and your keys are all you need. There’s one thing you need to pay attention to: Step away from neutral color schemes. When going out, your bag is the eye catcher that changes your outfit from day to night. Silver and gold are brilliant choices for a touch of luxury. Pink and red work too and add a hint of glamor, if that’s what you prefer.


In the end, bags turn fashion into style. Pick the right bag for the situation, and you’ll always look stylish and fashionable. Get it wrong, and the rest of your outfit will not be enough to save the day.


Travelspiration: Looking Fabulously Fashionable

Coco Chanel, the world’s most famous fashion icon, once said, ‘Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” All of the world’s most iconic fashion legends have certain expectations and style standards that they hold themselves accountable to, regardless of where they are of where they are going. Even when traveling, they hold themselves to the same high style standards, making every effort always to look effortlessly chic.


As someone with a love of fashion, when it comes to traveling it’s important to make an effort to travel in style. Throwing on a pair of lounge pants and an oversized tee just isn’t going to cut it. Believe it or not, it is possible to dress to impress when traveling and still be comfortable; it’s just a case of taking the time to put together the perfect look.


Heading off on vacation soon? Here’s how to ensure that you look effortlessly stylish and elegant, even when catching a 4 am flight.

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Pick the perfect suitcase


Wondering whether a suitcase really has an impact on your look? The answer to that question is yes, it does. A suitcase is an accessory, just like a shoulder bag is, so naturally, you want to ensure that it is elegant and stylish, and works well with your outfit, that is if you want to look fabulously fashionable. To avoid having to buy a different suitcase or duffle bag for every outfit, it’s best to opt for a neutral design that’s timeless and elegant. For more options you can find wholesale leather from Leather Impressions. Aztec patterns and pretty floral prints might be in right now, but unlike a leather design, they won’t stand the test of time and will be out of style by this time next year.


Dress comfortably and stylishly


To ensure that you are able to travel comfortably it’s vital to pick an outfit that you look stylish in and are also able to relax in. You can’t go wrong with black jeans – whether they’re ripped or not it doesn’t matter – teamed with a pretty cami top and an oversized cardigan. Prefer a more feminine look? Then how about teaming a printed tea dress with a pair of leggings and a denim jacket? A maxi skirt or dress could also work well. What you want to do is ensure that you look stylish and elegant but are also comfortable – take your time playing around with a few looks until you find the perfect one.


Get your shoes spot on


Any fashion lover knows how vital the right pair of shoes are for completing a look, so it pays to pick what you put on your feet carefully. Heels add elegance and glamor but aren’t that travel-friendly, wedges, however, can be. If you are hoping to add elegance to your look, heels are a must. However, for a more casual (and comfortable) look, a pretty pair of peep toed pumps could perfectly compliment your outfit.


Jetting off to somewhere sunny? Make sure to dress to impress and travel in style.


Rising to the Top of the Fashion Industry

For a lot of people, fashion is a passion. Fashion is the thing that excites them most. Fashion is the thing that gets them out of bed in the morning. However, a lot of fashionistas that are cut in this ilk don’t actively pursue a career in the field. But why is this? It’s probably because the industry of fashion is one that is both highly competitive and hard to get into, let alone rise to the top of. But just because something is difficult, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. If rising to the top of the fashion industry is your calling, make sure to read on to find advice to help you along the way.

Image source


  1. Be different


The only way you are going to be able to rise to the top of such a creativity, and cut-throat, industry is by being and offering something different. This could mean you dress differently. It could mean you carry yourself differently to your co-workers at the time. Whatever it is that makes you different,  embrace it. This has to happen whether you’re working in an entry level store job, or working in some sort of management position. But, when it comes to dressing differently, just be careful not to go too overboard. One fashion faux pas could spell disaster for your career in the fashion industry!


  1. Make connections


In the fashion industry, sadly, a lot of the time it’s who you know rather than what you know. Whether you agree with this or not, if you want to rise to the top of the industry then you have to embrace it. And to embrace it you should be trying to forge connections when it comes to all aspects of your fashion lifestyle. You should be making connections through blogging. You should be making connections at work. And you should be making connections by attending networking events. And you should be doing all of this even if you’re shy.


  1. Always look higher


To rise to the top of anything, you have to be constantly looking higher. You have to be constantly seeking avenues to take that will get you closer to the top. You have to always search out higher level jobs than the one you have now. This isn’t necessarily to garner yourself a better paycheck; it’s to get you one step closer to the top. And the type of jobs you should be looking to apply for in regards to fashion are Brand Management or Sourcing, both of which are displayed to be vacant on And when you find the vacant position of your dreams, don’t be afraid to apply to fill it. Well, what harm ever came from applying for a job?


  1. Always work on your portfolio


Even when you’re not at work, you should be working. Yes, you should always be working, even in your spare time, to better your fashion portfolio. This could mean fashion blogging. It could mean drawing up new and creative clothing designs. Or it could even mean making clothes yourself through sewing and stitching. No matter what way of displaying your fashion prowess works for you, just make sure you display it. And make sure you keep a record of it in your portfolio.


If fashion is your calling, then don’t be afraid to answer it. And don’t be afraid to be the very best fashionista you can be, either.


Climbing The Fashion Stakes: Turn Your Attention To Your Shoes

When it comes to looking fashionable, we tend to focus on the clothes we wear. But one part of our look we don’t tend to spend much time on is our shoes. However, your shoes can make or break your outfit. You might be wearing the cutest outfit in the world, but if you team it up with poor looking shoes, it can cause you to look unfashionable. Therefore, it’s time to turn your attention to your shoes. In fact, here are some tips when it comes to your footwear so you can climb the fashion stakes.

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Do add some color to your outfit with your shoes


A lot of people wear black pumps every day. After all, we often get hooked on one pair that we wear all the time. But if you want to wow with your outfit, it’s time to skip that boring black pair. After all, it’s unlikely they are adding anything to your outfit. Therefore, to climb the fashion stakes, go for a colorful pair of shoes. After all, with a cute red or blue pair, it will brighten up your whole outfit. And people will turn their attention to your gorgeous footwear. In fact, you are bound to get compliments due to your colorful shoes. Of course, make sure the shoes don’t clash with other colors that are in your outfit. After all, you don’t want to make a fashion faux pas because of your shoe choice!


Do think carefully about the material


You might not think twice about the material when it comes to buying some new footwear. But you might be surprised it can make all the difference when it comes to helping you look on point. After all, if you go for a material which doesn’t look right with the rest of your outfit, you could end up falling down the fashion stakes. Therefore, think carefully about the material. If it’s a canvas style, it will look better when it comes to your casual summer wardrobe. Meanwhile, leather would look great if it’s your work wardrobe. You can get some guidance on different shoe types and what materials they come in by looking online. You might want to avoid materials like suede and rubber. It can be hard to make a fashion statement if you opt for one of these!


Do make sure they fit properly


A lot of people make the error of picking a pair of shoes that don’t fit properly. They try and squeeze into a smaller size when it comes to the shoes. But then it can look quite obvious that the shoes don’t fit properly. After all, they can look tight and bloated if they are the wrong size. In fact, it can draw attention away from your beautiful outfit. Therefore, you need to make sure you opt for a pair which fit your feet like a glove. That way, they will complement your outfit and help you to look fabulous. And getting a pair that fit properly will stop you having to deal with things like bunions and blisters at the end of the day.

Woman, Heels, Fashion, Hijab, Muslim, Shoes, High

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And remember to opt for a designer pair if you can afford it. After all, it will definitely raise eyebrows if you have a pair of Dolce & Gabbana shoes on.


Looking Slim Without Losing Weight

Do you feel like you’ve overeaten recently? Are you worried that other people might think you’ve started to gain weight? Then you need to consider some of the tips and advice from this page. You might want to join a local gym and shed those extra pounds. However, that is going to take a while, and you’re worried right now. So, it makes sense for you to use some tricks and hacks to create the illusion of a perfect figure. Today, I’m going to highlight some simple ideas that will help you to achieve that goal. Best of all? You can probably do this without heading out and spending money. I’ll bet you have everything you need at home right now.



Wear dresses with vertical stripes


The first thing you need to do involves wearing the right style of dress. You are sure to have something in your wardrobe with vertical lines. Go get it out right now and put the item on before taking a look in the mirror. According to brands like Mango, you should notice the stripes help to make your body seem thin. That idea will work wonders if you plan a night out on the town with the girls. You’ll feel more confident because you know the stripes will hide any fat or imperfections. For the best results, you should opt for black and white stripes. However, anything with the stripes going in the right direction will work well.




Always straighten your hair before you leave home


Leaving home with frizzy hair is never a wise move if you want to appear slim. So, make sure you purchase and use the best gadget your money can afford. Writers from Hair Straightener Studio say there are lots of new products on the market you should check out. Of course, you’ve probably got something decent at home already. Still, some are more expensive than others, and so it’s sensible to set your budget before spending any money. You can usually get decent items for around $100 to $200. However, it’s possible to spend a lot more too. Straight hair will make your face appear slimmer to everyone you meet.




Wear high heels to make you seem tall


Raising your height is a great way to make yourself look slim. With that in mind, you should check your wardrobe for the biggest heels in your collection. When you use them alongside the stripey dress, you should notice a vast improvement. The shoes will make you taller, and the stripes will make you appear thinner. It’s the perfect combination, and it could mean you feel more confident with your appearance. At the end of the day, you have to remember that most other people won’t think you’re overweight. You’re doing all this just to make yourself feel better.


I hope you use some of my suggestions from this article because they work. I’m writing as someone who’s tried all those ideas in the past with excellent results. So, trust me on this one. If you keep your hair straightened, wear vertical stripes, and don some heels, you’re going to look fantastic. Make sure you take a look around before you leave today because I publish lots of posts of this nature. So, you might pick up some inspiration.  

What Do You Buy The Stylish Man In Your Life?


When there is an occasion, or any excuse, to buy a gift, it can often be something of a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it is great fun to buy gifts for someone close to you, especially if you are someone who prides themselves on being able to find amazing gifts without any trouble. But at the same time, present buying is something of an art which can take a long time to perfect. Depending on how well you know the person in question, it can be surprisingly difficult to find the ideal present for the occasion. When it comes to that stylish man in your life, you can at least make some pretty confident guesses about what he would appreciate. Let’s look at some pretty safe options.




It’s a classic for a reason: there is something about the wholly ubiquitous aftershave that makes it the ideal gift for that particular kind of man. Most men would admit to wanting to have aftershave in their cupboard, and the rest already have it, and either way they can usually benefit from another option. If you do decide on this route, make sure you spend your time finding the absolute best you can, as this is one of those purchases where the price tag does actually tend to make a noticeable difference in the quality of the product. Moreover, let’s not forget that encouraging your man to smell amazing is something that will benefit you as much as it will delight him!




What man of old-world style doesn’t enjoy the occasional tipple? Knowing that your man likes a drink from time to time is one thing, but getting that drink spot on is quite another, and the kind of gesture that is bound to be appreciated pretty well. If there is anything drinkable that is always going to go down well for the gentleman of a certain caliber, it has to be whiskey. As with the aftershave, you want to make sure you go for a trusted name like kikori world whiskey, as this will help to ensure that you end up buying the best possible bottle. You’ll know it’s the good stuff if he can’t even bring himself to quaff it, but instead savors it little by little, only to finish the bottle a good six months down the line.




It is quite incredible how speedily the wristwatch is losing its vogue. However, the less popular they become, the more credence they have in terms of achieving style points. For this reason, now might be as good a time as any to treat your gentleman to a stylish wristwatch. This is the kind of gift that makes an ideal birthday present, especially if it is one of the more memorable ones. You’ve got a lot to choose: from material of the strap to the size of the face, so make sure you find one that you think will really work for him personally. He is bound to appreciate it all the more, and you’ll know it’s landed if suddenly he’s looking at his smartphone a lot less in favor of his new toy.

Rocking Your Outfit – Why Confidence Is The Best Item You Can Wear



Outfits are never the be-all and end-all of looking great. They certainly do help, and the fashion world would be pretty dismal without the thought and attention that goes into the beautiful garments we have access to. There’s hardly a replicable feeling than finding threads that suit your physique, your look, and your general attitude down to the bone.

However, it’s easy to forget that wearing the right thing isn’t the only consideration to be made while looking good. Confidence is the glue that holds it all together. Confidence can mean many things, but in this article, we aren’t concerned with arrogance. We’re concerned with self-respect, self-acceptance, and self-love. Those three considerations constitute Confidence with a capital C.

Even a famed supermodel wouldn’t look right in designer wear if they didn’t have the confidence to pull it off. Summer, winter, white or black dresses are different on the surface, but all require that you rock them with that inner mojo that is relatively difficult to categorize, but very easy to feel. You’ll know when you have it. These following confidence tips will allow you to have it.

Stay Up-To-Date

Staying up-to-date is a vital component in staying confident in your wardrobe. This doesn’t mean you need to conform to modern fashions religiously, but it does mean adopting a few little modern chic styles here and there to give yourself a feeling of being current. Even if you theme yourself around an uncommon look, 50’s chic for example, there will be methods you can use to keep yourself looking fresh and well maintained. Modern makeup kits, skin care techniques and even exercise regimes or diets can keep you feeling on top form at all times.


Maintain yourself well. Give a close watch on your figure and make sure you exercise enough to help relieve the stressors of daily life. Give yourself the room to introspect and reflect, meditating if needed to help you reduce self-critical thoughts, and give you the presence necessary to rock your look with attitude. Remember, no matter your age, you can look simply stunning and journey through life with an open and responsive attitude.

Don’t Judge

Judging yourself is a sure fire way to never feel happy in your skin. The only way we can ever feel confident is to look into the mirror and find no enemy. We’re not trying to downplay the genuine psychological impact your insecurities can hold. However, we are advocating you do everything in your power to shift those perceptions. You are much more beautiful than you know, and it’s likely that many people see you with absolute reverence.


Don’t be afraid to be a little ‘out-there’ in your wardrobe and fashion choices. What is normal? Ask one hundred people on the street, and you’ll get one hundred different answers. If you want to try a new style, get an experimental piercing, or dye your hair a whole new color, who has the right to stop you? As long as you adhere to a few simple style techniques like matching colors efficiently and wearing garments in good condition, you have every right to ask others to respect your styling choices.

These tips will help you feel like the confident, able woman you are deep down. Dressing considerations aside, you will no doubt be the belle of the ball wherever you go, at least internally. Most of the time, that’s enough.