I Suck At Blogging

I suck at blogging, there I said it. (But I do love a good Snapchat filter.) I’m just not great at posting everyday, every month, or heck every season. So if you are here, if you are seeing this, know that I appreciate you. I am so thankful for those who have stuck around, and follow me on Facebook and Instagram as well.

It amazes me that people are able to come up with content to post nearly each day, and I really admire that creativity. I just don’t personally feel the need to do that, and only want to share when I feel I can put a good amount of quality and thoughts into my posts. (Because quality over quantity has many bonuses in life!)

Also, being a stay at home mom leaves me feeling like my life is not really interesting. I’m not dressing in cute outfits each day; and I really don’t think people want to read about what my toddler ate for breakfast. (Shocker! It was probably Cheerios and applesauce.)

That all being said, if you know me, then you know I am good at organizing, motivating others, and offering inspiration where needed. I’m also good at fresh, New Years starts. For 2019 we started the year by diving into home organization (the first post can be found here for those interested in checking it out) and I am very excited about what I have planned for us for January 2020!

31 days of home organization, life organization, health, and wellness! We are going to start this off on the correct foot. I really look forward to leading you all through a wonderful, healing process that will set us up for happiness in the new year.

Keep your eyes out shortly after Christmas for the full calendar! I’ll release all of it at once, then each week will get broken down into their own posts, along with daily posts on my Social Media platforms to help explain that days task further.

It’s going to be amazing, and I cannot wait for you to join me!

Until then, have a wonderful holiday season. Spend time with those you love, and be sure to set aside time for YOU.

The Safety of Surgery: Approaching Plastic Surgery in the Right Way

Cosmetic surgery is one of the only ways you can make permanent changes to your body. It helps a lot of people to feel happier and more confident. However, like any surgery, it has its risks. If you’re considering cosmetic surgery either now or sometime in the future, it’s essential to be aware of any issues surrounding its safety so that you can make an informed choice.

Risks to Consider

Any surgical procedure has risks, whether it’s a short cosmetic surgery or a life-saving procedure. Anytime someone needs to have anesthetic, there is a risk of something going wrong. There are also always risks related to infections, and sometimes the risk of nerve damage is a concern too. However, what’s important to understand is how great these risks are. In most cases, they are very small risks to take.

Making Safe Choices

Even though the chance of something going wrong isn’t that high, there is still a possibility of something happening. That’s why it’s important to make the right choices if you’re considering cosmetic surgery. This includes moves like choosing the right surgeon and procedure, and making sure you understand the risks involved.

Recovering from Cosmetic Surgery

Understanding the recovery period is also important. Some procedures will allow you to go back to work almost immediately, but others could mean you need to rest for weeks. If you have a tummy tuck, you’ll need about a week to recover, with someone to help you out for the first day or two.

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So You Want to Get Married – But Can You Afford It?



A lot of people jump into wedding plans before they really take the time to appreciate just how expensive it’s going to be. And make no mistake – weddings can get very expensive very quickly. Sure, most of us know on some level that it’s going to be expensive, but we frequently manage to underestimate the costs when it’s our turn to step up to the altar.


Some couples will plow ahead and end up putting themselves in pretty uncomfortable financial situations. (Which, really, is the last thing a newly-married couple needs. Or anyone, for that matter.) Others may end up making some sacrifices – some smart and acceptable, others a bit more painful, such as making severe reductions to the guest list.


If you want to handle the financial stresses and constraints of a wedding wisely, then this guide is for you.




Figure out what it’s worth going all-out on


There are some things that you can take a no-expense-spared approach to, and others where this approach isn’t all that wise. It’s worth pointing out that you shouldn’t be afraid to make sacrifices on everything if you need to, but most will prefer to select areas in which they can make such sacrifices. The key is to know where sacrifices are best made.


Let’s take, as a first example, the wedding ring. The ring is one of the few things about the wedding that is actually used in the years ahead! So looking into a Tacori engagement ring can certainly be justified. On the other hand, the wedding cake is often way overpriced – and, at the end of the day, its looks are only appreciated for a few seconds. It’s all about the taste – and you can get incredible cakes for pretty good prices!




Deals and hacks


A lot of people seem to feel uncomfortable about bargain hunting when it comes to arranging a wedding, but it actually makes perfect sense. Getting some bargain package that sees you getting married in, say, an abandoned church in the middle of nowhere (but for the low, low cost of $99.99!) isn’t exactly ideal. But finding group deals on suits and dresses is certainly the right way to go!


You should also be careful when it comes to booking the event itself. Did you know that many workers in the event industry charge more if you tell them the event is a wedding reception – even if the service is the same? Consider not telling the event professionals that it’s for a wedding!




Financial assistance


Should you consider taking out a loan for your wedding? Well, this can seem smart, but the fact is that you’re paying for something that will last a single day – and you’ll be repaying the debt over several years. Remember that many of the more expensive items you purchase for a wedding – dresses and rings, for example – can often be bought with finance options. There are benefits to getting a wedding loan, but don’t assume it’s the best option.


If you don’t want a loan but would like financial assistance, consider asking guests to make monetary donations instead of buying gifts!

The Fab Five: Simple Strategies To Help You Win At Weight Loss



As far as health and fitness goals are concerned, losing weight is easily the most difficult. That’s not to dismiss the level of effort needed to gain muscle or prepare for a sporting event. Still, weight loss is the obstacle that millions fail to overcome. Frankly, this arena can feel like a minefield, but you can give your chances a serious boost by following the right blueprint for success. Let’s take a look at some of the crucial ingredients in that winning weight loss recipe.


Get Quick Results: We tend to be very impatient when working on our body goals. If we fail to see noticeable changes within the first few weeks, the chances are that we’ll bin those plans altogether. Using a weight loss detox to kick start the process in style can instantly put you on a smoother pathway to achieving that dream body. You’ll still be required to follow this with a winning long-term strategy. But that positive beginning could make all the difference for motivation levels.

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Make It Fun: Your weight loss program should be hard work, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be enjoyable too. In truth, finding ways to turn this into a hobby rather than a slog is probably the greatest tip that you’ll ever gain. Whether it’s incorporating sports or rediscovering a love of cooking doesn’t matter. Just remember to prevent injuries and wear comfortable clothing during workouts too. Otherwise, the fallout could result in taking a step backward.


Aim For Sustainability: No health kick is worth pursuing if those results cannot be maintained. Therefore, it’s imperative that you employ a sense of balance in your life. Losing weight should enhance your life rather than restrict it, so the occasional treat is just fine. Meanwhile, it’s important to be happy with any progress. Because if you could see what a pound of fat looked like, you’d soon realize that each one lost is a major achievement.   


Consider Financial Expenses: Money shouldn’t be considered more important than the effectiveness of your plans. Nevertheless, financial considerations will need to be made. Getting involved in a cycle to work scheme can bring huge benefits to your health as well as your bank balance. Meanwhile, you can make noticeable improvements at home by growing fruit and veg. If the combination of a smaller waist and a bigger wallet doesn’t leave you smiling, what will?





Remove Negative Influences: Making upgrades to your eating and exercise plans is a great foundation. However, weight loss is a 24/7 journey, and it’s the external elements that will often make the difference. Quitting cigarettes, for example, can help your body perform better during workouts. Meanwhile, bidding to close down Facebook for at least an hour before bed encourages a better night’s rest. When added to other ventures like switching your morning tea for a black coffee, your metabolism will thank you greatly. In time, your waistline and general figure will too.


Contacts Count In Your Career: Why You Need A Little Black Book

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Building up contacts is pretty similar to networking. It’s an important action to remember to take as you move up your career ladder, as you never know whom you might need help from in the future.  It can work in your favor for potential new clients, new job opportunities and companies you may need to hire when planning events or exhibitions. Building up a loyal contact list means you are not going in blind when hiring outside companies or searching for a new job yourself. Below are some smart ways to start creating a little black book.


Contacts For Hiring


It may be that the company you work for requires a freelance journalist to cover some newsworthy stories about to happen for your brand. Therefore it pays to have a bunch of trusted ones in your contact book. These are accrued through networking events, friends, old colleagues and more. You can even search Twitter and LinkedIn for freelance journalists and make introductions that way. The same goes for events. Perhaps you need a production company to film a spectacular event you are hosting. Again it pays to build up a contacts list. It may be that previously you have worked with a company such as Mob Film and you trust them to do a great job. If so, then pop them in your address book. Know a good bookkeeper and accountant? Put them in your contact list. The same goes for interns, office juniors, and PRs. Anyone, you meet who you think is interesting, fantastic at their job and could help push your career forward, add to your contact list.

Photos source: Pexels


Contacts For Referrals


You can increase your chances of getting an interview for a job you love by getting a referral. That’s why it pays to network and make as many contacts as you can in the industry you are keen on breaking into. Statistics show that referred candidates are more likely to get the job. Use your networking skills to find out who in your contact list works on the inside of the companies you are interested in. If you know Director’s, even better. But be sure not to just use them for a referral. Make and keep contact long before you think you may need them. And suggest the occasional drink. No one likes to be used, and it doesn’t make for good practice.


Contacts for Potential Business


There are many opportunities where you meet people that know other people that might need your company’s help. Always jump on the chance to hand out your business card to new people you meet and let them know you are available for work. You could be anything from a marketer to an event planner or an osteopath to a corporate photographer. Letting people know what you do and what you can offer is a great way to bring in new business. It may be that your neighbor has a daughter who is desperately looking for someone to take on a bit of freelancing marketing. Or it might be that your beauty therapist has had a bad back for weeks and you happen to be an osteopath. Always be open about what you do for a living and let you ask your current contacts if they know of anyone else that might need your services too.

Stuck In A Job Rut? Make Changes Today For A More Rewarding Career


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Being stuck in a job rut can feel very stressful and demotivating. If you are starting to dread Monday mornings, feeling undervalued and work is becoming monotonous, it may be time to make some changes. If you are unhappy at work, feel a pang of jealousy when someone you know gets an exciting new job and pretty much just wish you were somewhere else rather than work, then you’re stuck in a rut. We’re not saying that jobs are all about being happy and unstressed all of the time. But more often than not they should be rewarding, and there should be a certain amount of joy in the work you do. After all, our working life spans a hell of a long time. So there’s no point settling when you could be soaring. Below are some ideas to help you get out of that rut, starting today.

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Scheduling In Time


The trouble with looking for new career prospects is the time it takes. Applying for positions, tailoring letters and preparing and attending interviews takes lots of effort. And when you are already working so many hours, it’s probably the last thing you want to do. But it’s important at this stage to schedule in a set amount of time each week to devote to your plan. Even if that means taking a week off work to concentrate on new job searches. The key is to staying motivated.

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Work Out What You Dislike About Your Job


To work on improving your career, you first need to work out what you dislike about your current job. Do you need more of a challenge, or are you being challenged too much? Is your job far too easy for your skill set or do you simply not enjoy the industry you are in? If you want more help from an outside professional why not consider investing in life coaching? Coaches such as Darren Christopher Rowland offer lifestyle and job coaching. Such coaching can help focus your mind, create confidence and help discover and develop your potential. If you are stuck in a rut, it’s worth having conversational coaching to help work out a successful strategy to improve your career.


Complete Career Overhauls


Perhaps it has got to the point where you feel like the field you have chosen to work in actually isn’t making you happy. Some people feel scared or embarrassed about admitting this. But again, staying in a miserable place for the next thirty or so years is just not worth the pain. Many people change career paths halfway through their life. I know lawyers who have retrained as osteopaths and travel agents who have become teachers. There are endless opportunities for retraining, going back to school or taking on internships. Utilize your friends who have jobs they enjoy and let them help mentor you. Think about what you love and start from there.

Picture source: Pixaby


The Game Plan


It may take some time to work out you want to do, but accept that that is ok. Once you know, though, make a game plan. Write down your goals and work out what it will take to achieve them. This can be anything from finding out where to retrain to updating your CV. And don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile to show off the skills you have that may catch a potential recruiters eye. Draft a selection of targeted cover letters and attend networking events to meet like-minded people. Be proud that you have started carving out a new path, and keep going forward. Lots of people aren’t brave enough to take the leap, but sometimes jumping is the only way to find out how far you can fly

Looks You’ll Love This Fall: What’s Hot Now!

It’s time to bid a fond farewell to those floaty dresses and Daisy Dukes. Fall is just around the corner, and it’s time to discover what’s hot in the fashion world. If you’re a keen follower of fashion, here are some of the key looks you’ll be falling for in the coming weeks.


You know the cooler weather is coming when the shops are full of velvet skirts, dresses, and jackets. Velvet is a luxurious material, which adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Go for a burgundy or navy pinafore dress with a classic white blouse, thick tights and ankle boots for a laid-back look. Or pair a velvet blazer with some black skinny jeans, a silk cami and pointed courts for a night on the town.

Faux fur

Not a year goes by when faux fur isn’t big news on the catwalks. This trend is great for those miserable fall days when there’s a chill in the air. Opt for an oversized jacket, jeans and sneakers for a casual daytime outfit. Dress up a long-sleeved printed dress with a longline gilet and knee length boots for something a little more glamorous. You’ll find some fantastic catwalk copies on the high street. Search online for offers like H&M coupon codes to update your wardrobe for less.


Image by https://www.flickr.com/photos/ljlandre/6244271449
Leopard print

Leopard print is a fall/winter staple, and it’s a really versatile option. You can embrace the trend and run with it. Or you can adopt a more subtle approach. Go for statement tees, blouses or dresses. Or keep things simple with basics teamed with printed accessories. A leopard print clutch or a pair of stilettos are the perfect addition to an LBD, for example. For daytime looks, go for a printed tote bag or a slouchy woolen scarf.


Image from https://www.flickr.com/photos/63405864@N04/11510488743

The puffer jacket

Good news for all fans of 90’s fashion: the puffer is back! It’s had a bit of a makeover for 2016, and there’s a definite luxe vibe. Think patent black and Christmassy metallics. This isn’t a trend that everyone will love, but give it a go if you’re feeling brave. If you’re not completely convinced, go for a muted version. Khaki and black are excellent color options for those not eager on grabbing the limelight.

 Festive fairy

If you love the sparkle and glitter that comes with the arrival of the holidays, the tinsel trend is one for you. Think pleated metallic skirts, layered dresses and glittery fringing. If you’re looking to toughen up a girly daytime look, throw a biker jacket over a sequin t-shirt or add a black fur coat to an iridescent midi skirt.


Image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/missrogue/6636836075

Fall is coming, and what better way to beat the post-summer blues than with some wardrobe updates? It’s time to swap lightweight skirts and dresses for opulent fabrics, standout prints, and festive sparkles. Check out the glossy magazines for ideas and styling tips, and take a trip to the mall. You may be mourning the end of summer, but fall is a great time of year to try out some fabulous new trends.

Boho Girl Design

I really enjoy when beautiful items come along and help me to expand my look and style.

Nola with Boho Girl Design did just that when she shared these amazing, handmade wrap bracelets with me!

She works full time, but makes these wonderful bracelets as a hobby. She specializes in leather wrap bracelets, crocheted wrap bracelets, flat licorice leather wrap bracelets, as well as anklets!

I really like the metal button closure on her bracelets, as well as her brand name on a little charm. 

Nola got started in making beaded jewelry about 18 months ago. A new bead shop opened in her town (in Australia!) and she decided to take a couple classes. The rest, as she says, “is history!”. 

She likes working with different techniques, but as you can see from her Etsy page, she loves the wrap style bracelets.

Nola enjoys being crafty, and is always on the look out for new techniques.

You can find Nola by the links below, I hope you’ll pop over and say hello!

Shop with her on Etsy! Use code: 10OFFBOHO for a discount!

Check out her Blog!

Give her a like on Facebook!

Follow her on Instagram!

Tweet her on Twitter!

Or email her with any questions! bohogirldesign@outlook.com

Kind Ways to Treat Your Friends and Show Your Appreciation

Friendship is important to me, as it is to most people. Your friends are there for you in hard times, and in good ones too. So sometimes you just need to show your best friends that you appreciate them. Treating them to a gift or a day out doesn’t have to be something you only do on their birthday. You can do something kind for them just because, so they know that you love them. If you want to do something for a friend but you’re short on ideas, have a look at the suggestions below for some inspiration.

Feed Them

People say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But the truth is that everyone likes good food, regardless of their gender. Even better than delicious food is free food, especially when a friend is treating you. Next time you go out to lunch or dinner with your friend, offer to cover their meal for them. Invite them along as your treat, with no expectation that they will pay you back, or it will be their turn next time. If your budget can’t stretch to a meal, coffee and cake on you will always be a welcome treat. And, of course, you can cook at home too.

 Image from Pexels

Pamper Them

Everyone loves a good pampering. It’s often seen as a girly thing, but even your guy friends can enjoy a massage or a proper shave. If you love spa days, take your friend along so you can relax together. You might think it would be better for them to go to the spa whenever they want to. In that case, spoiling a friend with a beauty gift voucher is the way to go. They can spend their voucher whenever they have the time to use it. And they can choose their treatments on their own terms too.

Get Them a Gift

Presents will always be welcome, but they’re often only given on special occasions. You don’t need to wait for Christmas or their birthday to treat your friend. If you see something that makes you think of them, you can get it for them just to be nice. Of course, that doesn’t mean buying extravagant gifts all the time, which would be a bit strange. It can just be small things you think they would like. Maybe they’ve been feeling down, or you want to say thank you for something.

Do Something Helpful

Everyone has times of stress when they’re dealing with a lot. Being there for someone when they have to go through tough times is part of being a good friend. There are many times when you can do something to help them out. For example, if they’re ill, you could go grocery shopping for them or do a bit of cleaning. Sometimes doing something for someone is a much better treat than a physical gift.
Don’t wait for an excuse to be nice to your friends. Treat them to something because you love them, and they’re there for you.

–This post has been contributed.–

A Gal’s Guide to Accessories – Guest Post

Summer is the season of color. That’s why, when it comes to selecting your accessories for the summer season, it’s wise to pick items that are beautifully bright and bold. Most of the time, we opt for neutral pieces for our main items and then use a few well thought out accessories to dress them up and add color.

While some people have no trouble accessorizing, there are some of us who find choosing summer accessories tricky. This is partially because there are so many beautiful pieces to choose from, from shoes to jewelry. As well as the fact that picking the best options can often be tricky, especially when there are so many choices.

To make accessorizing for summer easier, I thought I would put together a few tips that I swear by. These make choosing your summer essentials much easier and less stressful.

A pair of sunglasses and a stylish case are a must. For summer, sunglasses are one of the most sought after accessories. To be stylish, your glasses don’t have to be designer, they just need to look smart. This season, the most stylish sunnies to own are, of course, tortoiseshell-style ones. Along with a cute floral-printed case.  

For a hat, once again fedora-style hats are in. These large oversized hats look fantastic on the beach with a bikini, pair of sunglasses and a cute cover-up. For summer, the best hat styles to go for are linen or straw, steer clear of black designs, as these pull in the heat.

This summer, bright jewelry is in, which means that bracelets, necklaces, and earrings with stones in are a must-have. The most beautiful gemstone to have has to be a ruby stone, as these are so wonderfully bright. Making them perfect for summer. A ruby pendant or ring are both ideal for summer, as are pieces with other gemstones in them. Emerald and amber designs are also perfect for summer because they’re lovely and bright.

For shoes, once again gladiator-style sandals are in. This year, however, the most sought after styles are ones covered in sequins, gems, and other embellishments. The prettier the design is, the more sought after it is. Of course, ballet flats and slip on shoes are also in this summer, but gladiator sandals are the most popular.

Like every summer, beautiful bikini wraps and cover ups are also a must-have. The most popular of which are the designs that are beautifully bright, bold, and packed with pattern. There are also a few stylish neutral cover ups on offer, but the most popular have to be the bright, bold designs.

Last but not least, an essential accessory that every stylish gal needs is a summer bag. When it comes to summer, bags go from being all about the leather to all about the bright, bold cotton blends. Come summer, the more patterned and colorful your bag is, the better.

There you have it, all the best summer accessories that every fashion lover needs. Choosing the perfect design can be tricky, it’s just a case of selecting styles that work for you.

 – fatjoe.co