A Handy Guide to Matching Products to Your Hair Type

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You have probably had the feeling of arriving at a store to buy shampoo or conditioner, only to be greeted by hundreds of different options which are all vying for your attention. There is no doubt about it that all this choice can lead to a lot of confusion. If you are one of the thousands of people who are baffled by the different options in front of you, this guide is here to help give you a general overview of what you need to do.

Fine and Straight Hair

Generally, people with fine hair are looking to add a little more volume to what they have already. Start off by using some thickening shampoo and conditioner. However, with the latter in particular, you should only apply it to the ends of your hair and wash it out very thoroughly indeed. You could also try out some dry shampoo as this helps to add texture, grip and bulk to your hair. Heat-protection spray and a little bit of mousse will give your hair the body you are looking for, but with a little more control.

Thick and Straight Hair

Thicker hair gives you plenty of options to experiment with a wide variety of different styles. Try using a bit of styling oil in your wet hair and follow this up with some styling cream. If you feel like your hair is starting to look a little duller than you would like, a shine spray can help to take some of the bulkiness out of it. You should be able to use a wide variety of styling products as your hair well-suited to absorbing it.

Tightly Coiled Hair

If your hair is a little kinky, start by using a deep conditioner in the shower. However, you should only rinse this out halfway. A bit of residue can help to keep your locks shiny and smooth. A general rule of thumb to follow with hair of this type is to use creamy products rather than sprays. Avoid moisture-sapping product such as those with alcohol or strong-hold gels.

Wavy Hair

If your hair is wavy, you need to pick an appropriate shampoo which isn’t going to cause it to frizz out too much. Choose an appropriate product if you have an oily scalp as well. Once you have applied your products out of the shower, try leaving it to air-dry. Use some styling oil if it still looks a little too dry for your liking.

Curly Hair

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Frizz and dryness are constant battles when you have curly hair. Start by trying out some sulfate-free shampoos which won’t cause your hair to become too dry. You can keep all your curls in place with some gel or a curl-refreshing mist. Avoid hairspray and rough towels as these both make frizz worse.  

So, hopefully that hair care aisle looks at least a little bit less daunting the next time you decide to venture down it!       

Make Sure Your Hair Holds Up for Winter

Winter can be pretty harsh on your hair. If it’s not getting blown about in the wind, it’s being dried out by air-conditioning when you’re inside. You need to take good care of it through the coldest months so that you can come out the other side and plan your awesome new spring style. There are a few things you can do to make sure your hair is ready for winter and that you protect it while it’s cold outside. Whether you want everyday tips for your hair or advice on how to keep your Christmas party look in place, have a look at this wintry advice.

Be Ready to Stay Hydrated

Your hair can really get dried out in winter. The wind can affect it, and both the cold weather and dry air inside can suck the moisture out of it. Staying hydrated is important for both your hair and your skin. In addition to making sure you’re drinking enough and sleeping enough, you can keep your hair conditioned to ensure it’s silky and smooth. It will help you deal with frizz and static too. To make sure your hair is ready for winter, start with repairing any damage that might have been caused over the year by coloring or anything else you might have done to it.

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Get Your New Hairstyle

The changing of the seasons is the best time to change your hairstyle. That’s especially true for winter, when you’re sure to have plenty of festive events coming up. You could decide to do anything, but you might want to think about how to make your hair easier to handle. Maybe you’ll go for some Brazilian hair extensions or decide that it’s time to cut your hair short. Perhaps you’ll think festive and get something especially for Christmas if you’re feeling jolly.

Boost Your Volume

Cold and wet weather can make your hair go limp, as well as induce the frizz. And winter hats don’t help. If your hair falls flat during winter, you might want to boost its volume, so it doesn’t make you feel as deflated as it looks. Get a good hairspray that will hold your style, even when it’s under your woolen hat. Some sprays are designed to be using with straighteners, curling tongs and hair dryers so that the heat helps them to work your magic and keep your hairstyle in place.

Have Regular Trims

Dry hair in the winter can cause split ends galore, so make sure you don’t neglect your ends during the cold weather. Start off the season by having a haircut and maintain it throughout the season so you can keep everything looking neat. Getting a trim is something you should often do anyway if you want your hair to look and feel healthy. But it’s especially important in the winter when your hair might not be at its happiest.

If you want to have luscious locks all through winter, start prepping them now. If you start as you mean to go on, your hair is sure to stay beautiful.

Channel Old-School Hollywood Glamour For The Festive Party Season

Is there anything quite as luxe as old-school Hollywood glamour? Probably not! The style was pioneered by icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor – women just as relevant today as there were back then. It makes us think of a glitzy showbiz era that today’s modern industry can’t quite manage to live up to. Perhaps it is this dreamy nostalgia that draws us to it, in a way. But unlike many other fashions, the style of 1950s America is still one that can be used today. Part of the beauty of it is that it is classy, timeless, and the styles and shapes suit women of nearly every size. Around this time of year, party seasons tends to be in full swing – so with that in mind, there’s never been a better time to experiment with vintage glam!

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The 1950s was all about creating a womanly silhouette. Don’t worry if you’re not the skinniest gal out of all your friends. Old-school clothing caters for and celebrates a fuller figure as well as a slim one – after all, Marilyn herself was a beautiful size 12 to 14 for most of her career. If you want to emulate one of the biggest sex-symbols of all time this winter, it’s all about creating that hourglass figure. Opt for an A-line skirt that nips you in at the waist. If the skirt itself isn’t enough to do that with, the solution is easy – just pop a belt around your middle instead. The belt and skirt will nip you in at your smallest point, with the skirt underneath kicking out so you’re not sucked in too tight. If you’re feeling brave, pair with a low cut top and a pair of killer heels. You can either go full-on with the 50s theme by embracing satin and polka dots, but it’s just as easy to modernize the trend too with contemporary patterns.

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Delicate, classy jewelry was the perfect way to accessorize your look in the golden era of Hollywood. Silver was a popular choice, and the key to nailing the look was to be mindful to not go overboard with too much bling. A statement necklace was paired with smaller earrings, and vice versa. Aside from waterfall-style silver jewelry, pearl earrings were among the most popular choices for women. Able to be dressed up or down, they are just as classy now as they were then. You can choose to pair them with a matching necklace, or to let them do the talking on their own.

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The secret to glamourous, retro hair is that it’s all in the bounce! Hair was rarely grown past shoulder length – so if you fancy a whole new look for the new season, why not consider going for the chop? Shorter hair weights less than longer hair, meaning it is able to retain bounce and curl without it being weighed down. Invest in a set of rollers to get a luxurious curly style a la Marilyn; or you can even achieve a similar look using bobby pins. Finish with a touch of hairspray and you’re good to go!

Guest Post – Hair, Hair, and Hilarity by Peggy Geerhart

Peggy is one of those women who is simply gifted, and doing exactly what she was created to do – hair. Below, Peggy talks of how she got started into doing hair, and shares what some of her favorite moments have been so far.


Hair, Hair, and Hilarity by Peggy Geerhart

Hold on to your butts. This is gonna be a long one.
For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a hairstylist. I can’t explain it. It’s simply what I always wanted to do.

It took me a bit longer to get there (I was at least 25 when I went to school and had 2 kiddos) but I did. That’s where I met our lovely Lindsay. We started school together on the same day. She was open to my immediate and insistent chatter and the rest is history!

So here I am 15ish years later. A busy and specialized hair stylist in the Willamette Valley. I made it. I followed my dream and you know what? It IS exactly what I thought it would be! I meet new people all the time. I’ve developed some amazing friends from all over the world. I’ve traveled across the US for training with world known hairstylists. I’ve done the hair for our President’s own sister-in-law for a People magazine photo shoot. (You KNOW I still have that particular issue!) I’ve done 1st haircuts ever, proms, locks of love, updates and new changes, and weddings. Oh,weddings!

See, the thing is that my clients usually, at one time or another, ask me what my favorite part of doing hair is. The answer is usually dependent on what I’m doing at that moment. If I’m foiling and coloring then that will likely be my answer. If my sheers are sliding and snipping through the ends of your hair then THAT is the answer. The thing is, though, I think I would give it all up if I could just do formal styling all the time. I love updos (and downdo’s) and more specifically I love weddings! 

The hair is my part and I’m not too humble to say that I do it well. But the the entirety of it is just wonderful. I love seeing all the emotions the bride and her “people” experience from the 1st time she calls me to ask for a consultation (I get stupid giddy when I hear “I’m getting married”) to her walking down that aisle. (I mean how beautiful is that?) I love hearing about the pretty details about the ceremony and reception (and I really do need to know about them if I am to understand your taste, preference, and expectations for the day. Awesome perk for me, right?) I, also, truly care about those funny stories about your great aunt who, without your knowledge, invites every “cousin” you’ve never heard of to your $25 each plate dinner reception. Those are personal and wonderful details.

But do you know what I love the most? It’s my bride. Simply … the bride.

(Side note, this is Peggy and I’s mutual friend, Kristen, isn’t she gorgeous?! Okay, back to Peggy’s post.)

I love her excitement and happiness. I love her confusion and wonder. I love her questions and suggestions. I’m so honored to be chosen as a part of her team.

Do you wanna know a secret, though?

I truly, honestly, and completely love the unexpected moments. The funny mishaps. Basically, … the embarrassing stuff.

I, once, had a bride that forgot to bring her photo inspiration to our practice session. The only way she knew how to describe the Elizabeth Taylor style swoopy soft side bangs was to say “You know, like Conan O’Brien bangs!” I, literally, whined: “Please don’t make me give you Conan O’Brien bangs for your wedding.”

I had a bride that brought an old, flimsy, light blue banana clip to wear in her style because she needed “something blue”. (I was able to improvise something blue for her and NOT use a banana clip in her wedding style.)

I had a bride that had nerves that caused loud, uncontrollable, burping while we she was getting her hair done.

There was a bridesmaid, in my chair, one summer that had to get up several times to vomit because she was so hungover from the rehearsal dinner the night before.

Another bride was concerned that the curls in her hair was making her hair too short. She refused the option of clip in extensions for the ceremony because she didn’t want it to “look too fake”. she immediately asked, after refusing that suggestion, if there was a way we could tape her curls to her breasts to keep the length pinned in place. (It was my turn to refuse that option. I am not in the habit of taping hair to boobs.)

I’ve had several brides on the edge of passing out.

Only one bride described herself as a bridezilla. When it came to wedding day she refused to speak. She didn’t want to be “that” bride. Literal silence.

One bride wore nothing but panties while I did her hair. No Shirt. No bra. No robe. Just panties.(I’m not uncomfortable with nudity and I’ve been around when almost every party has changed in to their dresses but this one was a little more casual about it than most. I give her props for her comfort!)

BUT I have had EVERY bride be beautiful, prepared,and deliriously happy at the altar.
I am so lucky to love what I do.

ps: Our very own LeopardPrintLindsay may or may not be one of the brides that I listed above.

pps: She is.

(Yes, that’s me dancing with my Dad on my wedding day; with gorgeous hair thanks to my Peggy!)

To My Stylist – And Her Supporters

Dear Kelsey, 

I had no idea when I first found you to babysit my daughter, that our relationship would grow to where it is now. I am so thankful we have met, and that I came to you to get my hair done.

I arrived at Posh International Hair Studio on Tuesday morning with my blonde hair and said, “I want to be a redhead!” You said, “Okay!!” 

Though I’m not sure either of us knew the journey we were about to embark on. 

You colored, you washed, you cut, you styled. Then you did, what I think, was the most important thing; you told “Call me if you don’t like it, CALL ME if something is wrong.” and you MEANT it. 

You turned my chair around and I felt like Black Widow straight out of the Avengers, and I loved it! I left the salon feeling like a new woman, you snapped some pics, it was great.


Then, the next morning I washed it…

Oooh dang it! It turned brown! Ugh, curse my blonde hair (and my wild idea to be a redhead…)

What is Kelsey going to say?! Is this fixable?! What’s going to happen to my hair?!

I contacted you and you answered my questions. Yes it is fixable, and no it won’t fry your hair. You said, “We WILL get you where you need to be. No worries!” (Okay, I tried not to worry, by my anxiety usually has other plans for me. Still, I knew I was in great hands.)

I arrived the next morning and you had a PLAN. You pulled other stylists in for their opinion, which is a sign of a great stylist. Allison, Susan, and Jeff all jumped in, positive, supportive and ready to help. 

You and I endured the smelly, color removing wash, and I got to be a cartoon character for a bit! (That was a good laugh we had.)

You never once faltered, you were confident the whole time. When the color we picked was no longer available (I mean, just our luck, right?) you again asked Susan’s recommendation on what you were thinking of doing, and she agreed. 

You got that color on, gave me a wonderful deep conditioning treatment, and my hair came out beautiful!! I am in love with the color, and it is just what were going for!

I am so thankful for your dedicated, hard work. You are confident, professional, and a joy to be around. 

I am also very thankful to Susan, Allison, and Jeff for not only being positive, kind and encouraging to us both; but most importantly for being supportive and helping guide you! As I said, asking for help is a sign of a great stylist. Happily giving help, being polite and supportive while doing it, is another sign of a great stylist. Those are the ones who not only want the best for the client, but also want the other stylists involved to learn, and grow.

They are good people, Kelsey, and they will help you continue to grow beautifully in your profession. 

I am so thankful I not only picked you to care for my daughter, but also to be my stylist. I truly feel like I have gained a friend as well. 

I am already looking forward to the next time I come to Posh, as I know my hair is in good hands! I hope you’re ready to see me often, because I’m sticking with being a redhead! Plus, I’m going to need you to curl my hair for events, we both know you do it better!

All My Best,

“Leopard Print” Lindsay Spencer


I made a BIG change today! After considering this for awhile, I finally did it and colored my hair red! 

It is so different and I am so thankful I did it, I love the way it looks already.

Goodbye blonde, hello red!