Easy Pumpkin Muffins

Looking for something quick and easy to take to Thanksgiving this week? These muffins are so good, easy to make, and are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

My dear friend, Natalie, told me about these a couple of months ago. I changed up a few things, and think she’ll be okay with them.


1 Box Yellow Cake Mix

1 15oz Can Pumpkin

1 Tsp Vanilla

1 Tsp Cinnamon*

1/2 Tsp Ginger*

1/4 Tsp Nutmeg*

1/4 Tsp Cloves*

*All Ground

NOTE: You will NOT need the eggs, oil, or water listed on the back of the cake mix.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and prepare mini-muffin tin pan with with mini cupcake papers, or with non-stick cooking spray. (I use cooking spray.)

In a small bowl, combine the ground spices, mix well.

In large mixing bowl, combine the spices and cake mix until well blended.

Add entire can of pumpkin, and vanilla. Mix throughly, scraping the bowl as needed.

Once mixed, transfer batter into a gallon sized Ziploc bag, snip off one of the corners of the bottom of the bag.

Squeeze batter into muffin pan filling almost to the top. You should have enough batter to make all 24 muffins.

Bake at 350 for 15 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into center of muffin comes out clean.

If preparing for an event, place muffins in towel lined basket and wrap to keep warm.

I also spread out matching napkins in a carrying basket to create a nice presentation.

Muffins can also be stored in a Tupperware container and stay very (yes, I’m going to use *that* word), moist,

Optional additions:

1/2 Cup Mini-Chocolate Chips, add to batter during the mixing process.

Serve muffins with whipped cream or cream cheese frosting.

Enjoy, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Holiday 2016 Gift Guide

The Holiday season has arrived, and it is time to get those gifts purchased! Here is a guide that covers items for every woman in your life!

Be sure to check out the Shops I Love page for possible Holiday specials and discounts from these amazing shops.

Home & Office:

These items not only make wonderful Christmas and Holiday gifts, but they are also perfect hostess gifts for those fun parties we’ll all be attending this year!

Chicks Love Candles has a wonderful variety of scents, candles, and wax melts. Currently on her website she has some great holiday themed jar candles!
The Enchanted Envelope specializes in beautiful, personalized stationary. They can also do your Christmas cards! 

For the Fandom Members:

I don’t think it is any secret that I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, and always appreciate the thoughtfulness of a good “Fandom” gift.

While this Lovassion necklace wasn’t meant exactly as a piece from Harry Potter, the lightning bolt still reminds me of the series. The daintiness of it also makes it a great everyday piece.

Oh So Geeky has a great selection of, not only, Harry Potter items, but of many other Fandom pieces as well! She can also do custom orders.

For the Moms:

Mom life isn’t easy, but we sure do have fun, and we are always proud to be called mommy!

Alecca Trends knows the cycle of Mom Life! They also have Dad Life shirts, and shirts for kids; as well as various styles. You know your squad needs these shirts this year. 

Let It Be Yours Co. creates these adorable Mama Bear mugs, and will even add the year of your child’s birth. She also creates fun wine glasses, shot glasses, and more!
A Personal Touch:

Words, dates, initials, verses – we all have some that mean something to us. These great businesses will create a wonderful personalized piece for the special women in your life. 

Sparked Beauty XO has a gorgeous line of silver and gold bar necklaces, as well as cuff bracelets. She can add any word, date, etc you’d like!
Three Lakes Design Shop creates these adorable “Wifey” bangles! They also create more personalized pieces and have gold options as well. They also carry necklaces that can be personalized.
Day & Co. Jewelry has such delicate pieces, and I love that they can be dressed up or worn with an everyday outfit. They have some wonderful initial pieces, and their line is so lovely.
Worn Wisdom focuses on inspiring the wearer with words or verses that mean something to them. She creates long and short necklaces, as well as bracelets. 

For the Bling Lover:

We all know someone who loves to sparkle! Send them some bling this season!

Floorboard Findings makes such gorgeous Swarovski earrings and necklaces. She has a great variety of colors to match many styles and outfits.
The Split Rail and her Ear Candy earrings sure do sparkle! She creates a variety of jewelry, I think her earrings might be her favorite to make though. The colors and glitter she has are so much fun.

Pink Sugar Crystals designs phone cases, jewelry, and more that showcases the personality and style of the recipient. She uses Swarovski crystals to be sure there is extra sparkle.
For the Natural & Boho Lover:

I love a good Boho or more earthy piece. They can switch up and outfit, and are also often made by such a wonderful creator that you can’t help but feel happy when wearing it. I also enjoy a good, all natural body product! 

Sue Surdi Designs uses a variety of fresh water pearls, and other stones to create her beautiful, edgy pieces. She creates necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more.
Boho Girl Design has an amazing collection of wrap bracelets that come in many colors and designs. She also makes necklaces and earrings.
Mindy Boho is a great shop to find all your Boho items. Their wrap bracelets are lovely, and they also specialize in a wide variety of Boho inspired items for your closet and home.
Ancient Bath & Body specializes in all natural bath and body products. Her Asian Pear lip balm is organic and so smooth; perfect for this time of year! She also makes a wide variety of items for home.
Carbon and Copper makes a wonderful collection of jewelry, and I love her bracelet made with wooden beads and a cute elephant charm. She works with a variety of stones and beads to create jewelry to match anyone’s style. 
Reese & Rose knows charms, and their dainty elephant necklace is so adorable, and matches many outfits. They have a variety of other styles and pieces as well. 
Find The Beauty In Everything uses such stunning gemstones in many of her pieces. I feel like when I look at her shop, there are no two pieces alike. She also puts a lot of thought and care into her creations, so you know you’re getting a great piece!


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I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. 

May your holiday season be blessed and full of happiness. I am looking forward to posting a lot of great things through the season. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and thank you all again!

Easy Halloween Munch

Halloween really kicks off our end of year Holiday season, and it is one of my favorite events to decorate and create fun treats for. 

This recipe can be called “Easy Halloween Munch” or “Ghost Poop”, really we all think the second name is funny. It is easy to make and only takes four ingredients! 

I’m planning on making a few batches, thus why I bought the big box of cereal. 


2 cups Corn Chex

1 cup Dry Roasted, Unsalted Peanuts

1 cup Candy Corn

1/2 bag White Candy Melts

Mix dry ingredients together in large bowl, set aside.

In glass/ceramic, microwave safe bowl, melt white candy melts, until smooth. I put them in for one minute, then stir; then another minute checking at 30 seconds. If they are ready at the 30 second mark move on to next step. If not, put back in for the last 30 seconds.

Once the melts are at a smooth consistency, pour over dry ingredients, scraping the bowl to ensure you get it all. 

Mix until all dry ingredients are coated. 

Once fully coated, pour mixture onto a sheet of wax paper to let cool. Mixture will harden as it cools, this is good. 

Once full cooled, place into plastic container, large ziploc bag, or package up to give as a gift! 

This is a great gift for teachers, neighbors, and friends! This also goes over great at parties. 

To make a larger batch, simply double the recipe.

Happy Haunting!