From Amateur To Pro: 6 Steps For Jewellery Designers


Making jewellery is something that many of us experimented with as children. We’d string beads onto string, struggle to make clasps work, and delight over our own creations— but for the majority, making our own jewellery is something we quickly moved on from. It was a fun childhood hobby, and nothing more.

However, for some women, the delight of making jewellery doesn’t wear off. Attempts from childhood are replaced by genuinely impressive crafting skills, and the hobby is just as enchanting as it always was. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s worth asking if your amateur hobby has the potential to become a career. It’s easier than ever to start a business selling handmade jewellery, and if you want to try such an endeavour, here are six steps that will help you on your way…

STEP ONE: Establish the market

Before you enter into the business of selling jewellery, you have to be sure there is a market for what you’re producing. Browse local craft stalls and online sites like Etsy to see if your designs are truly unique compared to what is currently available. If you’re making similar pieces to other designers, it might be worth experimenting with styles until you find your niche.

STEP TWO: Decide where you want to sell

You have two options for selling handmade jewellery: online, or at craft stalls. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and you may find that your best choice initially is to try both and see which works best for you.

STEP THREE: Work through the finances

If you have little experience in business, then you will need to learn how to calculate costs, profits, and expenses. While this can be a lot to process at first, there’s plenty of free assistance available for business financial management online, so you should be able to get up to speed relatively quickly.

STEP FOUR: Choose the right display equipment

Whether you’re photographing items to sell online or arranging them for display on a stall, you’re going to need to ensure that your pieces are presented well. This means opting for display equipment like hand mannequins for bracelets and rings, and bust mannequins for necklaces and earrings. This equipment will help to display your pieces correctly, and in a way that is attractive to potential buyers.

STEP FIVE: Think about advertising

Your pieces have to be known about to be able to sell, so you’re going to need to spend some time increasing visibility via an advertising campaign. There’s a useful starter guide here that can help you choose the advertising direction you wish to take.


With all the finances in place and a decision made on the markets you’re going to target, the next step is the biggest of all: go ahead and sell! It’s best to start small with just a few pieces and, should things go well, you can build your range from there.

In conclusion

Whether your jewellery designs become a handy side hustle or a fully-fledged business, it’s well worth exploring the possibilities of sharing your jewellery-making talent with a wider audience. Good luck!

Choosing the Right Jewelry for the Right Occasion

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When you are putting together an outfit, one of the best ways to add the finishing touches is with some jewelry. However, when you are going through your collection, you may be wondering which type goes best with each occasion. Sometimes, you are looking to create a casual and laid-back image, whereas other times, you want to go all out to make a big impression. In this blog post, we are going to be talking through a few suggestions of how you can finish off your outfit perfectly with the right choice of jewelry. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in and get started.

When Going Out on the Town

When you are going out on a big night with your friends or work colleagues, this is the perfect occasion to be a little more bold and adventurous with your choice of jewelry. First of all, you should look closely at the outfit that you have selected and choose jewelry that goes well with this. Bolder items tend to contain a lot more colour, texture and shine, and they certainly won’t look out of place with an elegant evening dress. Take a look at the collection from JORGE JUAN JOYEROS for some inspiration. If you are planning on wearing an outfit that is a little more colourful, pay extra attention to ensure that there aren’t any colour clashes. Simply look in the mirror, try on a few pieces and you should get a better idea of what works and what doesn’t.

When Your Are Going Out to Dinner

If you are wearing an outfit that is already quite dramatic and striking, there is no need to go overboard with your choice of jewelry. In fact, you could go for something which is a little more delicate and subtle. If you are really having trouble in selecting a piece to go with your current outfit, a simple golden necklace is versatile and fits in with a wide range of different choices. A simple rule of thumb to bear in mind is that your jewelry should be seen as an addition to your current outfit and it should never be trying to compete and overcome it.

When you are wearing clothing with fancy patterns or designs, your best choice is wearing simple jewelry. If you attempt to combine daring designs with more complicated jewelry, it is much more likely that one will overshadow the other. Sometimes, something simple like pearl or diamond-stud earrings is more than enough to give off the impression of elegance and style that you are trying to create.

When You Are at Work

For the times that you are simply going to work, you are better off being more conservative in your approach to jewelry choice. Of course, your company policy may dictate more specifically what you can and can’t wear. Try to choose jewelry which is subtle and won’t draw too much attention such as a delicate necklace or a classic watch. You could always look to your colleagues to see what type of jewelry that they wear on a day to day basis and follow their lead. As well as the look and style of your jewelry, you should also consider practicality when you are at work. For example, if you are going to be typing all day, this may preclude you from wearing certain types of rings.

When You Are at a Formal Event

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Formal events such as weddings give you a unique opportunity to go all-out when it comes to your choice of jewelry. This is the time to wear your most expensive items – possibly the ones that feature gemstones if your have some in your collection. There are plenty of specific items which are designed to make you look more glamorous such as a bib necklace, chandelier earrings or a big cocktail ring. However, you don’t want to go overboard and wear all of these items at once as they can end up overshadowing one another so you don’t end up creating the impression that you were hoping for.

When You Are Going Out for a Casual Day

Perhaps you are going out to brunch or a shopping trip and you are looking for something nice and casual to finish off your outfit. An easy enough choice is to pair a summer dress or skirt and sweater with some classy pearl earrings or studs – and you could also add some bangles as well. If you are just going for the classic casual jean and t-shirt look, you can simply pair your outfit with a long necklace with a small pendant.

When You Are Going for a Job Interview

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There is no doubt that a job interview can be a highly stressful and challenging situation, but your choice of outfit can help you to relax into it and feel at your most confident. Remember, you are trying to give off the best first impression that you possibly can to your potential employer. Make sure that you feel comfortable in your outfit and choose minimal and simple jewelry items to go with it. An understated necklace and some stud earrings may be all you need. Maybe you could wear a signature ring to show off your personality, but you want to avoid picking anything too flashy.

Remember, the jewelry that you choose could be what makes or breaks your outfit, so pick carefully from your collection. You don’t have to spend a fortune building up a collection, but if you have a few pieces that work well with a range of different outfit combinations, you will be able to mix and match your style. Try on a couple of different combinations if you are not feeling totally confident and always go with your instincts as these tend to lead you in the right direction. Hopefully, this brief guide has also provided you with something of a helping hand in this regard as well.

Valentine’s Day – What to Wear?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! If you are wondering what to wear this year, I have two stylish outfits to help you decide.

I was inspired by AUrate to show you some perfect accessories to add a little extra to the outfits

LBD Style –

Maybe you’re going out to a nice dinner with your love, or maybe getting fancy with your girls. Either way, a Little Black Dress and pair of red heels are perfect for a fun Valentine evening out

Add a little extra to this outfit by pairing it with a gold necklace, ideas pictured below.

Black Stones Choker by Au Rate

Crossover Necklace by Au Rate

Simple Chic – 

Maybe you like to be a little more on the comfortable side. I love pairing a shirt dress with leggings, and comfortable flats. In fact, this might be my outfit for this Valentine’s Day! I love this one, with cute, red lip prints; a perfect design for this occasion. 

A shirt dress would also pair wonderfully with a necklace like the one suggested below.

Reverse Radiance Necklace by Au Rate

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! 

I’d love to see your Valentine or AUrate inspired outfit, use the hashtag #LeopardPrintLindsay on Instagram or Twitter to share them!

Sue Surdi Designs

I am so happy to be introducing you to Sue Surdi, jewelry designer. Sue designs her beautiful line in Nashville, TN and has provided pieces for some Country Music entertainers, as well as MMA fighters and more.

Her line is so edgy and beautiful, and she has such a great variety of items. From necklaces to bracelets, earrings and more.

She adorns each piece with a lotus bead, the logo and symbol for her business.

The necklace she provided for this feature is so classic, yet has that perfect funky flare. The fresh water pearls mixed with the chain give this an elegant, but laid back style.

I really like how she incorporated her business name in the button closure.

Sue displays her pieces, shares shop news, as well as special discounts on her Instagram. Her business can also be found on Facebook.

I hope you check her out, let her know I sent you!

Three Lakes Design

I am so excited to introduce you all to Three Lakes Design! This Etsy shop is ran by April and Sydney who create such classy, beautiful, and simple jewelry. 

These ladies are both awesome moms and love their families. They enjoy using their shop as a way to raise Autism Awareness, and $1 from each sale goes directly to their cause. 

Besides adorable bangles, they also design a variety of necklaces, all of which can be customized or personalized.

This “Wifey” bangle is such a fun piece to add to many outfits. It is light, beautiful, and easy to put on. 

Their simple hook closure is very easy to open and close, and stays closed all day. 

Their items are made with a variety of gold and silver metals, and plated metals.

Three Lakes Design has a variety of fonts and birthstones they use to create a beautiful piece, that is meaningful to you or a loved one.

They showcase their items not only on Instagram, but on Pinterest as well. 

I hope you will consider them for yourself, family member, or friend. Their pieces would also be perfect for any Bridal Party!

Thank you April and Sydney for the amazing support!

Stylish & Elegant Date Fashion

Every woman struggles when it comes to dressing for dates. The problem is that we want to wow our dates (of course we do), but we also don’t want to look like we’ve gone all out and overdressed for the occasion. When it comes to date night fashion, it’s easy to feel like you’re trapped between a rock and a hard place. Although dressing for a date – be it a first date or the tenth date – isn’t always easy, it doesn’t have to leave you feeling stressed out. Here are some tips to make dress for dates in a stylish and elegant way, without looking over the top, easier.

You can’t go wrong with skinny jeans

No matter what type of date you’re going on, you really can’t go wrong with skinny jeans. Black skinny jeans paired with a smart top and a pair of pretty flats or wedges is the perfect look for almost any date. It doesn’t matter where you’re going; this look will wow your date. This look is the perfect combination of dressy meets relaxed – you can add additional elegance with a sophisticated hairdo and a classy clutch, such as one of the Olga Berg designs. 

Use accessories to make a statement


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If you’re worried about your look being too boring, dress it up with accessories. As well as adding a few simple pieces, such as earrings, hair pieces, and a bracelet, consider adding a statement piece. To increase the wow factor of your outfit, adding a statement accessory, such as a piece of jewelry, is ideal. It’s just a case of finding that perfect piece of jewelry that matches your outfit and adds extra elegance and style to your look. Don’t forget to pair your outfit with a cute bag or clutch purse, to add additional style.


Make your little black dress your go-to outfit

Every woman needs a little black dress (also known as LBD), as for dates it’s the perfect choice for throwing on. When you’re not feeling jeans, or you wore your favorite jeans on your last date, a little black dress could be the ideal outfit option. Pair it with tights, a cute cardigan or jackets, a statement piece of jewelry, and your favorite pair of heels, and you can make a real impact when you walk through the door, without looking overdressed, of course.


Ensure that you feel good

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When it comes to dressing for a date, the most important thing is to ensure that you feel good in what you are wearing. You see, if you don’t feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing, then you won’t enjoy yourself as you will be constantly thinking about your outfit. So, it’s important to make sure that you’re happy with whatever you’re wearing.

Dressing for a date is never easy, as there’s a lot that needs to be taken into account. However, there’s no need to get stressed out, like dressing to impress is much easier than you would think.


Carbon & Copper

Hello 2017!

I am so excited to be sharing Carbon & Copper with you all. Christina hand makes some of the prettiest, and fun jewelry I have seen.

She uses a variety of beads and metals to create her line of bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. 

The colors in this pendant necklace can go with a variety of outfits, and is going to be one of my favorite spring and summer pieces this year! 

Her wooden beaded bracelet is a go to for summer Boho styles, and the detail in elephant charm makes this one of my favorite pieces. 

Searching through her Instagram and Etsy, I never see two things that are the same. I love how creative she is, and how one of a kind her pieces are.

She has a variety of styles on her site, and even had a beautiful Bridal section! I hope you will check her out.

I am so thankful to Christina for her amazing support, she also sent along these earrings to be given away! Keep your eyes on my Instagram where I will pick two lucky winners!

Thank you Carbon & Copper

Brighten Up Your Little Black Dress! How To Accessorise For Holiday Parties

Every woman has a little black dress. The one that you pull out every year for a number of different occasions – birthday parties, meetings at work, maybe even a funeral. And now the festive season is rolling around and it’s time to give your faithful little black dress a brushing down so you can slip into it again and look incredible at your holiday parties. Here are some tips on how to accessorize your LBD this holiday season without having to resort to the Santa hat that someone helpfully handed you earlier.


A pair of forest green tights is a great way to look Christmassy and festive without going overboard. That pop of bright colour will make your outfit a little more fun without having to resort to cheesy Christmas costumes. If you’re feeling particularly brave, you could go for red tights. Black sparkly ones are a safer – and possibly more elegant – choice.

Image source


Adding a piece of jewelry to your outfit is the perfect way to make yourself look brighter and more sparkly for your office party! If your dress is plain, go for a chunky, colourful statement necklace or bright dangling earrings. If you want to go more obviously festive with your outfit then your earrings are the way to do that – dangling Santa hats or reindeer antlers will make you look as if you’re into the spirit of Christmas without turning you into one of Santa’s elves. If you want to go a little more low key, try a choker necklace.

Image source


Slip on a jacket over your dress to jazz it up a little. If you want to look more informal, go for a denim jacket. Bear in mind that dark or black denim looks more suitable for a party than faded! A leather jacket could add some rock chick vibes to your outfit, particularly if it’s a little battered and well worn.


We all know that shoes can make or break an outfit. Heels are always a great idea for a party, but make sure they’re comfortable enough that you can move around in them! If you’re the only person not dancing because your feet hurt, you won’t feel great about your sartorial choices. If you’re more of a casual shoe person, go for your normal flats or boots with a shorter skirt that you might not always wear to work.

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Before you decide on which bag to use, consider what exactly you’ll need to take with you. If it’s an office party, then chances are you’ll be leaving your everyday purse at your desk – but if you’re going out to a club or restaurant then you can pare down your belongings to a few essentials. Lipstick and powder can jazz up faded makeup. If you tend to get oily then blotting paper can help with that. Make sure you take a bag that closes properly at the top with a zip – this can prevent any thefts, which can occur easily in busy environments. If you want to feel really put together, match your bag to your shoes.

Holiday 2016 Gift Guide

The Holiday season has arrived, and it is time to get those gifts purchased! Here is a guide that covers items for every woman in your life!

Be sure to check out the Shops I Love page for possible Holiday specials and discounts from these amazing shops.

Home & Office:

These items not only make wonderful Christmas and Holiday gifts, but they are also perfect hostess gifts for those fun parties we’ll all be attending this year!

Chicks Love Candles has a wonderful variety of scents, candles, and wax melts. Currently on her website she has some great holiday themed jar candles!
The Enchanted Envelope specializes in beautiful, personalized stationary. They can also do your Christmas cards! 

For the Fandom Members:

I don’t think it is any secret that I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, and always appreciate the thoughtfulness of a good “Fandom” gift.

While this Lovassion necklace wasn’t meant exactly as a piece from Harry Potter, the lightning bolt still reminds me of the series. The daintiness of it also makes it a great everyday piece.

Oh So Geeky has a great selection of, not only, Harry Potter items, but of many other Fandom pieces as well! She can also do custom orders.

For the Moms:

Mom life isn’t easy, but we sure do have fun, and we are always proud to be called mommy!

Alecca Trends knows the cycle of Mom Life! They also have Dad Life shirts, and shirts for kids; as well as various styles. You know your squad needs these shirts this year. 

Let It Be Yours Co. creates these adorable Mama Bear mugs, and will even add the year of your child’s birth. She also creates fun wine glasses, shot glasses, and more!
A Personal Touch:

Words, dates, initials, verses – we all have some that mean something to us. These great businesses will create a wonderful personalized piece for the special women in your life. 

Sparked Beauty XO has a gorgeous line of silver and gold bar necklaces, as well as cuff bracelets. She can add any word, date, etc you’d like!
Three Lakes Design Shop creates these adorable “Wifey” bangles! They also create more personalized pieces and have gold options as well. They also carry necklaces that can be personalized.
Day & Co. Jewelry has such delicate pieces, and I love that they can be dressed up or worn with an everyday outfit. They have some wonderful initial pieces, and their line is so lovely.
Worn Wisdom focuses on inspiring the wearer with words or verses that mean something to them. She creates long and short necklaces, as well as bracelets. 

For the Bling Lover:

We all know someone who loves to sparkle! Send them some bling this season!

Floorboard Findings makes such gorgeous Swarovski earrings and necklaces. She has a great variety of colors to match many styles and outfits.
The Split Rail and her Ear Candy earrings sure do sparkle! She creates a variety of jewelry, I think her earrings might be her favorite to make though. The colors and glitter she has are so much fun.

Pink Sugar Crystals designs phone cases, jewelry, and more that showcases the personality and style of the recipient. She uses Swarovski crystals to be sure there is extra sparkle.
For the Natural & Boho Lover:

I love a good Boho or more earthy piece. They can switch up and outfit, and are also often made by such a wonderful creator that you can’t help but feel happy when wearing it. I also enjoy a good, all natural body product! 

Sue Surdi Designs uses a variety of fresh water pearls, and other stones to create her beautiful, edgy pieces. She creates necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more.
Boho Girl Design has an amazing collection of wrap bracelets that come in many colors and designs. She also makes necklaces and earrings.
Mindy Boho is a great shop to find all your Boho items. Their wrap bracelets are lovely, and they also specialize in a wide variety of Boho inspired items for your closet and home.
Ancient Bath & Body specializes in all natural bath and body products. Her Asian Pear lip balm is organic and so smooth; perfect for this time of year! She also makes a wide variety of items for home.
Carbon and Copper makes a wonderful collection of jewelry, and I love her bracelet made with wooden beads and a cute elephant charm. She works with a variety of stones and beads to create jewelry to match anyone’s style. 
Reese & Rose knows charms, and their dainty elephant necklace is so adorable, and matches many outfits. They have a variety of other styles and pieces as well. 
Find The Beauty In Everything uses such stunning gemstones in many of her pieces. I feel like when I look at her shop, there are no two pieces alike. She also puts a lot of thought and care into her creations, so you know you’re getting a great piece!

Channel Old-School Hollywood Glamour For The Festive Party Season

Is there anything quite as luxe as old-school Hollywood glamour? Probably not! The style was pioneered by icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor – women just as relevant today as there were back then. It makes us think of a glitzy showbiz era that today’s modern industry can’t quite manage to live up to. Perhaps it is this dreamy nostalgia that draws us to it, in a way. But unlike many other fashions, the style of 1950s America is still one that can be used today. Part of the beauty of it is that it is classy, timeless, and the styles and shapes suit women of nearly every size. Around this time of year, party seasons tends to be in full swing – so with that in mind, there’s never been a better time to experiment with vintage glam!

Image source


The 1950s was all about creating a womanly silhouette. Don’t worry if you’re not the skinniest gal out of all your friends. Old-school clothing caters for and celebrates a fuller figure as well as a slim one – after all, Marilyn herself was a beautiful size 12 to 14 for most of her career. If you want to emulate one of the biggest sex-symbols of all time this winter, it’s all about creating that hourglass figure. Opt for an A-line skirt that nips you in at the waist. If the skirt itself isn’t enough to do that with, the solution is easy – just pop a belt around your middle instead. The belt and skirt will nip you in at your smallest point, with the skirt underneath kicking out so you’re not sucked in too tight. If you’re feeling brave, pair with a low cut top and a pair of killer heels. You can either go full-on with the 50s theme by embracing satin and polka dots, but it’s just as easy to modernize the trend too with contemporary patterns.

Image source


Delicate, classy jewelry was the perfect way to accessorize your look in the golden era of Hollywood. Silver was a popular choice, and the key to nailing the look was to be mindful to not go overboard with too much bling. A statement necklace was paired with smaller earrings, and vice versa. Aside from waterfall-style silver jewelry, pearl earrings were among the most popular choices for women. Able to be dressed up or down, they are just as classy now as they were then. You can choose to pair them with a matching necklace, or to let them do the talking on their own.

Image Source


The secret to glamourous, retro hair is that it’s all in the bounce! Hair was rarely grown past shoulder length – so if you fancy a whole new look for the new season, why not consider going for the chop? Shorter hair weights less than longer hair, meaning it is able to retain bounce and curl without it being weighed down. Invest in a set of rollers to get a luxurious curly style a la Marilyn; or you can even achieve a similar look using bobby pins. Finish with a touch of hairspray and you’re good to go!