2018 – Year In Review

It’s crazy to think that another year is just hours away from coming to a close. We made it through another 365 days, some were good, some were challenging. Today is definitely the day to look back on how we showed up for each day, and make a plan for how we are going face the next 365.

A few days ago I finally took a little bit of time for just me. I went to my local Barnes & Noble, sat in a comfy chair, and just read. It was the first time, in a very long time I have taken this kind of time for me.

It helped me to be able to reflect and think about how I wanted to approach the next year. I mostly found myself reflecting on the last few months of this year, and how they left me exhausted, stressed, irritable, and very down.

I have loved participating in The Last 90 Days by Rachel Hollis, and really think this helped me to survive the last few months of this year. It helped me to get more active, choose healthier food habits, and really up my water intake! I wasn’t perfect all 90 days, and these last couple of weeks have been a struggle, but I was doing my best.

So why was I so overwhelmed? I was finally completely honest with myself and knew that I had taken on way too much! Each year my husband and I throw two big parties, Halloween and Christmas. Which means all the planning, buying, prepping, set up, hosting, and clean up; and all very close together.

I used to love doing these parties, but something felt off this year. It was because I was trying to be a mom to two girls (which comes with a laundry list of tasks all it’s own), a wife who’s husband has a busy schedule, trying to do daily life, work on myself, had a list of “hobbies” I was trying to work on or start, and planning/hosting various other events. It was all too much, and I felt like I couldn’t say no when people asked for help.

The last 10 days before Christmas break this year, I had over 7 events, some days with multiple events; many of which I was planning, hosting, or for which I was providing items. I’m not sure I slept, or left my kitchen. Most importantly, I wasn’t enjoying it.

I have always been the type of person who, when commits to something, follows through and does her part. I also found myself thinking, “If I don’t do it, no one else will.”

And therein lies my moment. Why must it always be me? Who says I HAVE to do any of this? What does it matter if these parties don’t happen, if we don’t host every event? Why is it always up me to get people together?

So, in 2019, I’m not doing it anymore. It’s time I actually focus on ME, I’m going to cut back on what I commit to doing, focus on my health, and really think about what I really want to do with each day.

I’m currently reading High Performance Habits by Brandon Burchard and am loving the guidance I am already receiving, especially in the areas I really need it.

One thing he suggests is choosing three words to focus on for your year. Mine are: Happy, Motivated, Organized. I want to be a happier, more motivated, and highly organized person. I no longer want to feel stressed, over anxious, and worn down.

My family deserves the best version of me, but also equally important, I deserve the best version of me!

I want you to think about what you want for 2019. What are your words? Write them down, read the often, focus on them!

Thank you for reading, and for being here. I look forward to coming up with some great content for you these next twelve months! I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!

MIA – Week Four

Here we are, week four, the final post in my MIA series. Thank you to all of those who have been reading and reaching out to me as I have gone on this little journey through the month.

I have been reflecting a lot on why I started, what I wanted to be doing with the website, and where I am currently at in all areas of life. In some ways, I have certainly come a long way, in others, I think I maybe just tried too hard.

I believe I wanted to “do it all”. Outfit posts, business/product sharing, inspirations, recipes, etc. Which is all great, and I can do all of those things; however, I was trying to do it all at once, and at times, in a matter of a post a day. It all started off really well. I was able to reach people and grow a small following. I was even invited to be a guest on Local Lifestyles, our local morning TV show, which lead me to do an amazing and very fun photo shoot with Christy Lively Photography; the picture above is from that session.

I was able to get outfits together, find great businesses to share (which can still be found on my Shops I Love page!), and whipped up some great smoothies. I have learned that I should have taken my time in sharing though! I stated to realize that I was struggling a little to find something to share, what would people like, what would work, what wouldn’t?  I have taken so much time these last couple of months and learned how to plan out all areas of my life better, including my website.

I allowed the pressure of it all to get to me, and to make me feel like I HAD to post everyday. But, I don’t, it’s my site. I can post and share when I want to, when I have time. I can plan out posts in advance more, and create more “series” to help me organize my thoughts and help others.

I have started working on myself physically as well, and am starting to feel “better in my own skin”. I am looking forward to starting back into some Outfit Inspiration posts. I am hoping to have some fun food inspirations as well!

I want to hear from YOU though! What are some of the things I have done that you have liked? Is there anything you want to see more of, or that I haven’t done that you would like me to do?

Thank you again for being here, your support is wonderful!

MIA – Week Three


Week Three

As time continued on, I was happy that I was able to find my way out of the Postpartum Depression. I also began to feel little more like I had a some control on myself and the “new normal” of adding second child to our family. We were finding a rhythm to our day, as well as a good nap schedule!

Coming out of this fog was a really great feeling. Our oldest daughter was doing great in school, and loved being a big sister. Mark helped out at home where he could, and I am forever thankful for his support and understanding. 

In June of this year, we had the chance to go home to Oregon to visit my family and our friends. Traveling with a 10.5 month old is about as fun as it sounds at times, however, we all did great and managed wonderfully on the flights.

We were able to do so much while there, and see so many friends. We stayed with my parents so we had a lot of family time. We also got to spend a few days on the Oregon Coast, which is my favorite place. We got to relax a little and just enjoy being a family of four. 

It was during this time that I began to think a little differently about the blog and gave myself some grace regarding it. I was a new mom, I had a family and a life that wasn’t happening in a screen. It was okay for me to take this time for ME, my daughters, and my husband.

I can be completely open and share that I was certainly struggling with my “post-baby body” and it was natural not to feel like doing outfits posts. I had to remind myself that it was okay to take a step back from everything, focus on what truly matters in my life. I had found my love of reading again, even joined my local Barnes & Noble Book Club, and was enjoying life with two beautiful daughters and wonderful husband. It is a very freeing feeling when you decide to give yourself time and understanding, rather than beat yourself up over somethings that are out of your control. It is okay to allow yourself space, to not feel like you have to try to do it all. 

It may have taken awhile, and I still have a long way to go, but at least I am starting to navigate this new area of life, of understanding and patience for myself. No one can do it all, not even me. 

MIA – Week Two

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read Week One, I appreciate the support!

Week Two

Our daughter made her arrival toward the end of July 2017, and I am pretty sure we spent those first 48 hours in the hospital just staring happily at her. The day it was time to go home, I held her in my arms and cried on my husband’s shoulder. “She’s ours, she’s really ours, and we get to take her home.” I was so happy my heart burst open; it was the best feeling could have after all we had gone through. All of that waiting, those months of hoping we’d find out we were expecting, only to find out we weren’t, lead us to this wonderful amazing day, she was here, she was ours, we were going home.

My parents had come in from Oregon to help with our oldest daughter, and for a bit after we got home. Having them here for two weeks was so wonderful. They took Riley on great adventures, cooked meals, snuggled baby Tenley, and helped however they could. My husband also took that time off from work. He popped into the office from time to time, but otherwise he was home. Riley was at the end of her summer break, so my house was full of company and happiness. I felt like I was always surrounded by love.

Then it seemed as if I had the rug pulled out from under me. The two weeks was up. My parents had to go back to Oregon, my husband had to go back to work, and two days later our oldest started school started. After having two weeks of support and love all around, suddenly, I was alone, with a newborn.

Of course I knew it was going to be an adjustment. Adding a newborn always is as such. I now had to plan out our day to be ready to get Riley from school in the afternoons, amongst other things, all around feedings and numerous baby naps. I wasn’t going to figure it out day one, I knew that. What I didn’t see (or feel) at first, was slowly creeping in.

I was bummed out my parents had to go home, of course, I missed them and had days where I felt sad; but that wasn’t all that was going on. Everything soon began to feel like the biggest task. I felt heavy, and as if I couldn’t smile. About one month in to having a newborn, the Postpartum Depression had arrived. When I say nearly everything was hard, I mean it. Caring for Tenley seemed to be the only thing I could do.

Sometimes it comes in like a flood, other times it slowly rises and you can’t even fully tell it is happening. All you know is that something is wrong, off. One day in particular I just couldn’t even feel really anything. I have dealt with depression and anxiety for most of my life, however, PPD is a different beast. I did what I could to get through my day, but all I wanted to do was to disappear with my baby.

One evening, I basically did just that. I just couldn’t do anything anymore, even sitting in the living room was too much. My husband was making dinner, our oldest was hanging out in the dining/kitchen area. I had been nursing the baby on the couch and she started to doze off a little. Without saying anything, I just got up off the couch, went upstairs to our bedroom, gently laid her in her Rock N Play Sleeper (best thing ever for newborns), and just laid on my bed feeling numb.

The picture above was taken during that moment. She held my finger for a bit and that was everything to me, that seemed to be the only thing I could feel. My husband and oldest daughter hadn’t even noticed we had left the living room. After a little time had past, my husband came in and just held me for a little bit. I was so thankful that I didn’t need to say the words, he just knew. He left the baby and I to just be for a little while, until I felt ready to go back downstairs. That’s finally when I was able to release a little of my numbness, and I cried. The kind of cry where you make no noise and your tears just fall and fall.

Postpartum Depression is different for everyone who experiences it. Thankfully with the help of my therapist, and support from my husband, I was able to get through it. It took time, patience, and giving myself some grace. There was a lot of other things I dealt with during this time, and I honestly just don’t want to get into it all. Postpartum Depression is a highly personal journey, and I just hope that by sharing a little piece of mine, it helps another woman be able to find a way through hers.

If you are struggling with Postpartum Depression, depression, anxiety, or any other mental illness, I encourage you to find the help you need. Talk to your partner/spouse, a trusted family member or friend; find a good therapist. Remember that there is nothing wrong with you, and there are people to help guide you.

Stay strong, stay beautiful, stay kind.

The Walking Dead – Season 6 Predictions 

This is not a drill! I repeat, this is NOT a drill!! The Walking Dead returns tonight on AMC! 

As I said, I would have some predictions on what and who I think will go down. Before going on, be warned that this is full of spoilers. 

Are those that don’t want spoilers or predictions gone?

Yes? Okay, here we go.

Season 5 had our group arriving at a large, seemingly safe community, Alexandria. I remember calling it early on when previews came on and it wouldn’t show much, “They’re going to end up somewhere and get cleaned up.” (It’s fun when I get it right.)

They arrived and met with the “leader” of the community. I know Abraham, “Who’s Deanna?!”

They quickly take places in the town, and others start to notice they are all good leaders in their fields. 

We see, however, the struggles they have. Sasha has lost Tyrese (and it nearly ends her), Daryl feels a bit out of place (or like a trapped cat), Carol is hiding her true self (you’re such a badass), and Rick is well…Rick.

We see Glenn have some major issues with some of the other runners in the town, causing each group to lose a member. (Ooh Noah, you went too soon.)

Maggie trying to keep the peace after Father Gabriel tries to turn Deanna on Rick and the group.

Abraham takes the lead on a construction site, and Eugene totally steps up to save Tara. 

It all ends with Morgan arriving in town to find Rick having just killed “porch dick”, er…I mean Pete, at the request of Deanna who is laying over the body of her husband, Reg. (Whom Pete had accidentally killed in a drunken rage.)

We’re also shown the “Wolves Not Far” sign, which is some serious foreshadowing to who is going to cause problems heading into Season 6. 

So, what do we think will happen this season? Here are some thoughts I have had:

I think, sadly, that it is Sasha’s season to go. She tried giving herself up, telling the Walkers to “come get her”, and even laying in a pile of walker corpses. I feel like she’ll turn everything around and want to live, and that’s when it’ll happen. Whether it is by Walkers or Wolves, that I am not sure. Could be a mix of the two.

Nicholas or “Nicky”. He was responsible for the death of Noah, and tried to leave Glenn for dead in the woods. He HAS to go. I also wonder if he doesn’t turn on the Alexandria group and tries to join the Wolves. Which if that happens, I can see them using him to get closer, or into Alexandria, then “taking care of him”.

Father Gabriel. He’s been around long enough, we all know what he did. He’s going to go. Has to happen, I’m mad at him. 

The Wolves, they are going to try to take Alexandria, I think we all know that is going to happen. Whether they are successful or not, I’m unsure. Will our group end up on the run again?

Deanna and Rick are going to become closer as leaders, but Rick is going to be too aggressive, and Morgan is going to have to intervene. I think it is likely that Michonne will have to assist with this area.

I hope that Aaron makes it through the season, but he also might be a casualty of this season’s “excitement”.

Carol will probably have to take off this fake housewife mask she is wearing and show what a huge badass she is.

I feel like Abraham and Eugene will make it through this season, and I go back and forth on Tara. She’s recovering from being injured on a run, and I think Eugene will try to keep her safe. If he fails, he will take this as a huge personal hit.

Jessie and her sons, hmm…I wonder if something doesn’t happen to them, I feel like I don’t have predictions on them just yet. 

I think both Michonne and Daryl will make it through the season. This could also just be my hope because I like them both a lot.

Carl will be fine, but I think his girlfriend, Enid won’t be. Judith will make it through, mostly because even as dark and twisted as this show is, I don’t think they’re going to do anything to her.

Maggie and Glenn. Ugh, I don’t want to talk about them. There has been so much speculation as to whether or not Negan arrives this season. I’m so concerned about this possibly. I think it happens, and I think we say goodbye to Glenn. My friend Peggy added to it though, she thinks Maggie finds out she is pregnant before it happens. Ouch, our hearts.

What thoughts do you have?! I’d love to hear them! 

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And tune in tonight to see the premier of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Let’s Talk – The Walking Dead


AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead, ooh Walking Dead. (TWD for the rest of the article.) I’m hooked, so hooked, but was I always? No. 
Let me take you on a journey of how this show became my (and my husband’s) Sunday night “must have fix”. Note, “spoilers” ahead if you are still getting into the show.

I can fully admit that when this show was first getting ready to premier, I would change the channel or go hide under my bed until the previews were all gone. (Eek! Scary!)

Zombies, excuse me, Walkers, really freak me out. Vampires? Werewolves? Mummies? Nope, don’t bother me. Walkers? No thanks, I should just pass out now.

I, however, struggle with an “illness” that probably doesn’t have a name, but it deals with an over active “curiosity gland”. (That’s what I’ll call it, just play along. I’m sure Doc McStuffins would be able to diagnose me if I could get into her clinic to be checked out.) Anywho, yes, I get curious. What’s worse than being curious? Being curious and having a Peggy. 

If you don’t have a “Peggy”, I suggest you get one, my Peggy is great!  

Peggy has watched TWD from the start, and you guys, she is a FAN! She loves talking about it too. She never once told me, “Just watch the show!” when my curiosity gland got out control and something made me peek from under the bed. I always knew I could message her and ask about the show. She would happily, and fully explain.

Then it slowly started pouring over into Pinterest. I’d sign in and see a TWD meme and think, “Peggy would like that!” So I would send it to her. You all know how Pinterest works, right? If you send something, they have these algorithms that use their Spidey-Senses and think, “Oh she sent that pin! Let’s show her more!”

Basically, my Pinterest got to the point where I was seeing TWD pins ALL the time. This is how I learned character names, and various story lines. 

Then, one fateful day, I was left to my own devices while my daughter and husband napped. This is a very dangerous thing, the curiosity gland REALLY gets wild. It happened to be a Sunday. The Sunday of the Season 4 Finale.

There it was on my guide, the TWD marathon. “Still”, Episode 12 of Season 4 was just starting, I select it. Just Daryl & Beth in the woods, drinking moonshine in a cabin. Not bad, okay, I’ll watch the next. “Alone”, ooh starts off a bit intense with them fending off walkers in the fog, but I don’t hide under the bed. “The Grove” starts, just Carol, Tyrese and three girls trying to make it. 

This episode “turns” fast. (Get it? “Turns”?) At this point my husband, Mark, has joined me, and I’m pretty sure these were my thoughts: 

“What?! Why? Why is that girl playing with a walker?!” 

“No! What! This little weirdo is feeding it?! Oh shiz, run! Run! They’re coming after you!”

“HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!! That freak killed her sister! WTF AM I WATCHING?!”

“What’s Carol doing? 😳 Ooooh Lordy, she told her to look the flowers.”

After sitting there in silence for a few minutes, Mark asked. “What the hell did we just watch?!” I think I answered, “I don’t know….but I’m never watching this show again.” Oh how wrong I was.

Flash forward to October 2014. Mark had accepted a new job and we were moving out of state. Now remember I said I had a Peggy? Yeah, I also have a Dad. He also LOVES this show and loves talking about it. He helped me pack my house. 

This show was pretty much all we talked about on our “pack days”; which looking back, always seemed to be right after a Sunday. This further confirms that he and Peggy were somehow in cahoots with each other. 

The moving truck pulled out in early November, I still had three weeks left in Oregon. My daughter and I checked into the good ol’ “Mom n Dad: Bed n Breakfast” (aka, my parents house), and I prepared for Sunday nights. 

I survived through Season 5’s “Self-Help”, “Consumed” and “Crossed”. Then the mid-season finale aired the night Mark, our daughter, and I went wheels up out of Oregon heading to our new residence. 

I found myself at the airport trying to get the episode to steam on my phone, and couldn’t. 

Wait, what’s happening? 

The next night I grabbed the iPad and got all signed into the AMC website and was able to get “Coda”. Oh yay! I can watch the mid-season finale!!! What? Did I just…seriously, what is going on?!

Oh. My. Gosh. 

It happened. I wanted more. I sat crying and alone on my couch at the end of “Coda”. “Not Beth! Why Beth?? What’s going to happen now?!” I tried to let it go, tried to forget, but I couldn’t. It just wouldn’t stop poking my curiosity gland. 

Mid-December: *Ding* Oh, message from Dad. “TWD Marathon, all seasons from the beginning, starts New Years.” 

He knew you guys! He knew!!!! I immediately set our DVR, and we had them all. Every gory, scary, crazy, walker filled episode. We got them all watched, just in time for the February premier. It was glorious.

True that sometimes it still freaks me out, but not as bad. I finally understand why Carol had to tell Lizzie to “look at the flowers”, how Abraham, Eugene (and Eugene’s awesome mullet) came to be the with the group) and that I am big time Team Daryl/Carol! 

I’m glad I have a Dad and a Peggy. They help me try new things. Thank you Dad and Peggy, thank you. 

Now is it October 11th yet? Someone pass me some of Carol’s cookies while I wait. Maybe I’ll just do some stuff…and thangs to help me pass the time.
PS- Unless it has changed, the ringtone for me on my Dad’s phone is the opening theme for the show. Boom. 

Bachelorette – Next Round Of Dates

This week brought us the next installment of “Dude Bro Drama”, I mean the Bachelorette…

You know what comes next…Spoiler Alert!

Okay, we start off with Chris Harrison using his favorite word, “Dramatic.” Then join the guys back at the house where we left off last week waiting for the rose ceremony. Kupah has just been sent packing and is out front getting more and more agitated with the crew, and is pretty much yelling.

Kaitlyn goes out to confront him and again, and we see Kupah change this tone. He becomes very calm and tells her that he didn’t come on the show to go home. He says, “I won’t yell anymore.” and Kaitlyn goes back into the house. He then starts to speak in a very immature and mocking tone, “We’re gonna whisper now.” He also says that he doesn’t like her. That’s a quick turn around…moments ago she was “sexy” and “hot”. Whatever, he’s gone now.

We finally get to the rose ceremony!

The roses start getting handed out and we flash back and forth to Tony’s one on one with the camera talking about how the following things behind, “My job, my dog, my bonsai tree.” he also talks about how he “sees through the eyes of a child.” I just don’t think Tony is right for this setting…

Jared, Ben H, Shawn, Jonathan, Tanner, Chris, Ryan, Justin, Ian, Joshua, Joe, Corey, … and Tony. All get roses and will continue vying for Kaitlyn’s heart.

She is seen a little emotional after the ceremony questioning why it is hard already. Because it’s the Bachelorette. That’s why.

When we come back from the commercial, morning has arrived on the mansion and two sumo wrestlers arrive on bikes. They sneak into the guys room and start yelling and banging a gong. I’m pretty sure I would start throwing punches if someone woke me up that way.

JJ starts talking about how he loves Japanese culture, but can only name sushi; and I wish he would just stop talking.

Chris, Clint, Tony, Shawn, JJ, and Joe will be participating in this group date. (Oooh Tony…)

They are going to learn how to Sumo, because we learned nothing from the boxing date. Kaitlyn says, “Have a good time, I don’t want any drama.” *Facepalm*

The men participating in the group date join the rest of the house out front, in their “thong diapers” as they all call them, and it’s…slightly frightening. So much man butt, so much. The screen is basically a big blur.

On top of it, Joe’s left nut is joining the party. He just goes a long with it though.

The men are going to attempt to wrestle with Yama, who weighs 600lbs. “They are going to be picked up by their diapers, and bitch slapped to the ground.” Yep, yep they are.

It’s Tony’s turn and he tries hard, but loses. He doesn’t like this, and storms off. He doesn’t like the aggression and is “peaceful and loving.” Kaitlyn tries to talk to him and I just don’t think I can have a serious talk with a man in a diaper. JJ, of course, tries to butt in and Tony tells him to, “F*ck off.”

Kaitlyn tells him that he doesn’t have to participate if he doesn’t want too. Ian is trying to calm him down. Tony feels that he has a lot to offer, and I truly believe him. I just don’t think he’s right for this kind of setting.

The rest of the men will be participating in a Sumo Exhibition. In front of a crowd, because we know now that we learned nothing from the boxing date. They arrive on bikes and the crowd looks offended at their diapers. My husband quickly pipes up, “I hope Joe put his balls away.” Me too, me too. (Did they get a permit that allowed this much ass to be shown in public?)

The guys battle off and it goes a bit better than the boxing match. Clint is a bit aggressive and is later seen taking a selfie with a group of girls having them say, “Clint is a nightmare!” (Uhh…yeah.)

Back at the house Tony is wondering why they can’t just go to the zoo and mimic animal sounds. (My friend Lance, does an awesome goat noise.) He starts to pack his bag, saying that he can’t do this anymore, but he is no quitter. He finds Kaitlyn and tells her that he “can’t participate in this circus anymore.” Thanks her for her time, hugs her and says good-bye. I bet he’s looking forward to seeing his bonsai tree.

Back at the little cocktail party post-diaper fling, JJ comments on her tight pants. (JJ, I told you to stop talking.) Clint says that he is going to sit back and let her come to him. “Hopefully it’s a priority to talk to me.” Ugh…he can stop talking too.)

After some awkward silence, Shawn finally asks her for some talk time, where they kiss. Clint is getting frustrated because she went back to get the rose and didn’t talk to him. Moron. Shawn gets the group date rose.

Kaitlyn calls Clint out on it and he says (to the camera) that maybe she isn’t the right girl for him, but that he likes some of the guys he is getting to know in the house. Mainly JJ, “He is a sweetheart and a good dude.” Clearly he is seeing something we don’t; or maybe this is just a “birds of a feather” thing. (I’m probably right.)

The next morning we see a date card arrive to Kaitlyn and Ben Z at the house, it says, “Be prepared for anything.” and is from Chris Harrison. A limo then takes them to a questionable area and they enter a room where Chris is standing with dead animals around him. Geez, go dark on us Bachelorette. A sign says “The Basement – A Live Escape Room Experiment”. (I’ll be avoiding this place, thanks.) They have to go into a dark, super creepy room and find clues to escape. Nope nope nope nope.

Limbs hang from the ceiling, blood..and someone is in the bed. (Insert scream.) They go through and start finding clues and things they ae supposed to do, they had to kiss in the room, so romantic. Ben got freaked out at the big snakes in one room. They find their way out, and Chris Harrison, you are rude.

They go back to her house and she says that “The pizza is ordered.” Chances we’ll see it? Zero, but they of course have wine. Ben tries to say that he isn’t afraid of snakes. We all saw Ben, it’s okay, just admit it. He then shares his story about his mom passing away when he was young. I like that Ben opens up the way he does, he seems like a genuinely good person.

We see the pizza, but it is untouched. They are (shocker) in the hot tub drinking champagne. Ben gets the rose, and some smoochie-smoochie.

Group Date Card! Jonathan, Ben H, Joshua, Ryan, Jared and Tanner “Let’s learn to love.”

The guys will be teaching Sex Ed. to kids (whom we thankfully find out are child actors). I’m not sure if this is a better or worse decision than boxing? (Side thought, Jared, can we stop trying with the beard?)

The guys all have “lesson plans” to go over and teach to the class. Joshua is going through is box and Kaitlyn joins him, he pulls out a “feminine product” and calls it a “Tampn”. I laughed so hard I had to pause the show. This poor guy, he learned his sex ed from the cows. He then calls the string a “rip cord”. Joshua is amazing.

During his turn with the class he tells them that girls will have the lining of their uterus “shed…and die.” Ooh Joshua…so close. He then pulls the “tampn” out and refers to it as a torpedo. Wow.

Ben H totally wins this date by explaining “where babies come from”. He uses the right words, and says that there is an emotional, and physical connection. Uses Katilyn as the female example and the rest of the group seems impressed.

I think they are all happy when it is over. Ben H gets time with her and dips her in a kiss. Jared also gets time with her, they slow dance and kiss. Ben H gets the date rose, and Jared looks a little put off, but feels he doesn’t need the rose to validate their connection.

Back at the house, romance is blooming between Clint and JJ. They are talking about time they spend together and we actually see them eating. They both think they are too smart to be on the date (okay, we’ll let you think that), and they are practically cuddling on the couch. Pretty sure there was a comment about them in the shower. They sit in the hot tub and talk about turtles, and the shake hands. Later, Clint serenades JJ and they gaze into each others eyes. Clint does a one on one and says that he has fallen in love with JJ, and that he “is a success story.”

Finally, cocktail party time. Clint is saying that he just wants a rose for more time with JJ. He and Kaitlyn talk about why he was distant during the date, and he tries to say that he was insecure. He tells the camera that he was wearing his “power socks” really just needs a rose. We then see him telling JJ that he has a beautiful jawline. JJ responds that he was going to “make a derogatory remark and unzip his pants.” Clint says that isn’t going to happen…on camera. And again says he loves JJ.

Justin takes his chance and kisses Kaitlyn. Clint and JJ think they are good guys, but call themselves villans. (I don’t think they understand themselves.) Thankfully, some (basically all) of the other men start to give Kaitlyn a heads up about they, or at least Clint.

Clint was feeling really confident about getting a rose..then Kaitlyn pulls him aside. We see them walking away and we hear her one on one with the camera saying he is one of the biggest douche’s in Bachelorette history and is going to go down in flames.

Best of all though, Jared shaved his beard!

We’ll find out next week what happens at the end of the cocktail party. Will JJ and Clint have a lovers quarrel? Will Clint go home? I hope so!

Bachelorette – First Date Night

Last Monday I settled down to see what more fun the first night of date cards would bring to this season of The Bachelorette.

As always…spoiler alert! 

The show opened up to Kaitlyn talking about how she was so happy to be “Waking up this morning as the Bachelorette.” 

We hear her talking about this as she is getting out of bed in full make-up with nice hair. Yes gentlemen, we all wake up like this!

The guys all pile into the house and we get our token yell from the balcony, “HELLO KAITLYN!” 

They split away from the house to check in on Britt, who is calling her Mom at the hotel, when Brady shows up. (Yes, I’ll come back to this as well…)

The first date card arrived and it’s a group date: Daniel, Justin, Jared, Corey, Tanner, Kupah, Ben H, and Ben Z. “I see this ending with a ring.”

They arrive, and oh good, they’re boxing today. (Does anyone else see this ending poorly?)

Lalia Ali is there to give the guys some tips and pointers, and she’s awesome. And pretty. And awesome. 

The guys spar around with each other, have a good time, and then there’s Kupah. He is into to, and kind of forgets that Kaitlyn is there. 

Ben Z & Kupah are doing high-five push-ups. #Bros

The guys find out that they are actually going to box each other. In a ring. In front of people. 

(Again, does anyone else think this will end poorly? Because we all know how much men enjoy losing…in front of people, and oh yeah, on national television.)

Kaitlyn tells them not to hurt each other. (Maybe she’s questioning this choice?)

First Round:

Ben Z vs Daniel – Ben Z wins

Corey vs Justin – Corey wins

Ben H vs Jared – Jared wins

Kupah vs Tanner – Kupah wins (I mean, he did practice the most.)

Round Two:

Ben Z vs Corey – Ben Z wins

Jared vs Kupah – Jared wins (What?! Nice job Jared!)


Ben Z vs Jared 

Both boys came out swinging, but Ben Z lands a good swing…and down goes Jared. 

Kaitlyn gets really worried and says, “I didn’t want anyone to get hurt!”

Then don’t do boxing? (Just a thought.)

Jared goes to the hospital.

The rest of the group moves on to the cocktail part of the evening, where she moves on through some one on one conversations with the guys. 

Ben Z shares that he lost his mom at 14. Another shares that he has a son. During her chat with the Fashion Designer, Daniel, she receives a note.

“Come down stairs right now. I need to see you.”

Jared is back, and is okay, so they kiss.

Back at the house another date card has arrived. Clint, who drew a picture of Chris Harrison riding a Triceratops*, will be going on the first one-on-one date.

 (*I’m going to want a copy of this picture, Clint.)

The card says something about “taking her breath away”. Joshua says something about if it’s an underwater activity, “that’s drowning.” And I about fell off my couch laughing.

JJ is also starting to act quite a bit cocky.

Back at the group day, Ben Z receives the rose, and some lip wrestling.

The next day, Clint and Kaitlyn arrive at their date and will be doing an underwater photo shoot. (Did anyone else notice Clint rub the photographers back as they were heading to change? Yeah, I did.)

Back at the house Tony (the Healer) is going on about how he thinks the boxing date was a joke, and that “love is as perineal as the grass.”

Kaitlyn and Clint’s photo shoot starts off a bit awkward at first, understandable, it’s a first date. So they kiss, and get more comfortable. Alright. (I must say though, the pictures are looking really creative.)

At the mansion, the next date card arrives. Tony is talking about wanting to see if he and Kaitlyn can “co-exist”. The card: JJ, Jonathan, Joshua, Chris, Ian, Joe, and Tony, “A man who will stand up for me.”

JJ wants these guys to go home, and starts playing dirty. I don’t like JJ anymore. Jerk.

Tony seems to be in need of a little pep talk before he embarks on this date. He wonders if she is supportive, then calls her Britt…not Kaitlyn.

Clint seems very sweet and kind during the dinner portion of their date. (I’m pretty sure this is the only time we see them eat on this show.) he gets the rose, and the smooch again.

The next day the group arrives at an Improv Comedy to have Amy Schumer waiting with Kaitlyn. They are doing stand up comedy, yes, this is already better than boxing. 

Amy asks them to tell some jokes, and JJ’s is so bad I won’t repeat it. He is seen later saying that his pickup line is, “Divorced, with a kid, living with his parents.” He also thinks he is smarter than 90% of the audience. 



Just. No. Thankfully Amy tells him this, and calls him a turd. (Yay Amy!)

Time for the stand up to begin!

Ian makes a Juan Pablo joke. Eesokay.

Chris says that he is so nervous, and unbuttons his shirt. 

Tony just goes on…and on…about how he feels thankful to be on stage, and thankful to be enjoying the lighter side of his life. Then leaves the stage. Not kidding. (And that was the “cliff notes” version.)

JJ makes fun of Tony. Of course. Turd.

They are finally done and moving on from that, thankfully it went pretty well.

Joshua talks about how he has never been in love, then talks about his English Bulldog farting and drooling. I like Joshua.

The guys seem to be getting tired of Tony and his random ramblings. Tony tells Kaitlyn that he is opening himself to Kaitlyn while keeping himself aware of the signs the universe presents. He thinks they have made a connection he has been craving…then goes on about a door with a combination and gold behind it. 

JJ is a different person with Kaitlyn. He talks about his child, and kisses her. My dog actually growled when this happened.  Even he doesn’t like him. JJ is VERY confident that he is getting the date rose.

Joe takes her outside…to make out. 

Dang it…JJ did get those rose. He acts all “surprised” and “humble”, then like a total turd to the camera.

Okay…finally…Cocktail Party time! 

Aaannnddd we have to deal with JJ. He won’t “let off the throttle”, and immediately takes her aside, even though he has a rose. The men confront him and let him know that wasn’t okay.

Ian gets time with her and shares his story, then kisses her.

Tony is getting really upset about some of the stuff going on, and says f*ck! (You guys, he said it, he really said that word!)

JJ is proud to be the “villain” and is laughing at them being offended. “Now I can hit the bar early.” Tony is really mad and isn’t enjoying the disrespect. 

Kupah is feeling nervous about going home, and feels he doesn’t have a connection. His conversation with Kaitlyn goes on and on, and he kind of doesn’t make sense, and doesn’t make a great case for himself. He kind of just wouldn’t stop talking, and says some very odd things. (Like that he is dedicated to the process of being there. Umm…what?) She says that she just needs to think about it, and they end with a fist bump. (No, I’m not making this up.)

He heads out to the guys and talks, loudly, about their conversation. Kaitlyn hears, pulls him aside and tells him to go. He actually tells her that it’s “pretty sh*tty” and says that he isn’t leaving. Tells her that she is “hot” and “sexy”, and won’t go. 

Yeah, he went…not quietly though. He is in front of the mansion getting angry and not speaking nicely to the cameramen and other workers of the show. Kaitlyn over hears this as well, and we’ll find out this coming Monday how this all ends. 

We finish the episode joining back with Britt and Brady who have been having a great time together, and decide to date. So really, this is quite working out for her for not being picked to be the Bachelorette. 

Good for you, Britt!

Let’s Talk – Passing Runners


Being a runner, a “road runner” I guess, I pass many different people during my outings. Today I’ll be covering the whole “passing runners” topic from a few different views. I hope that runners/walkers, bikers, and drivers alike benefit from this post. 

A lot of this is probably “common sense”, but we all know that isn’t that common these days. 

Passing a Runner while Driving

As a runner, and I am sure any other runners have to do this, I run on the road. (Now before I go further, yes, I know there are “off road” paths and trails, but sometimes getting to those takes extra time we don’t have, and we just need to get our run in.) I always make sure to run against traffic, and I stay as close to the curb, or edge as I can, and I see that the majority of runners out there do the same. 

While driving, always give extra space, even when a runner is in a bike lane. This not only show us that you SEE is, but that your respect our space on the road as well. 

Giving us space also allows for us to avoid things in our path you may not be able to see, thus giving us room to get around them safely. Seriously, I really do not want to step in that dog poop…or on that dead frog. 

I have, sadly, had encounters of some pretty poor drivers. One person actually started crossing the line TOWARD me during a run, another turned in front of me causing me the need to slow down nearly to a stop in the middle of the road. These things should not happen and are not okay. Pay attention while driving and be aware of those around you. 

Also keep in mind, running is hard. Whether the runner is doing 1 mile or 10, they’re out there giving their best effort, working hard. Give them a wave or a thumbs up, this is such a great boost, and keeps us going. 

(My favorite yet was the bearded biker dude who said “WOW!” as he passed me recently. Yeah, that made my day.)

Passing a Driver while Running

Runners, the same courtesy should go for us as well. 

Be sure that if a driver didn’t give you space it wasn’t because they didn’t have room in the other lane to give. 

If they do give space, always be sure to acknowledge it with wave. It’s amazing what a little kindness can do. 

If they give you a thumbs up or wave, again, acknowledge it! Seriously, kindness is free, spread it around!

Runners Passing Runners

I feel like I shouldn’t even have to cover this, but sadly after today, I’ll address it.

If you’re going to pass another runner, same side, same direction, or not; don’t just pass them like they aren’t there. Say something, wave, smile! 

This happened to me and it actually really bugged me. 

I heard the person coming and stayed my path, leaving plenty of safe space from traffic. When they passed I looked over to give a smile and say hello, and it was like I wasn’t there. 

We are all working hard when we are out there. Let’s boost each other up, encourage each other, and watch how much happier we all are by doing so!
My last thought to drivers: Keep in mind that I can see you while driving, GET OFF YOUR PHONE!