Don’t Let Your Beauty Regime Leave You With An Empty Bank Account!

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We all like to look our best, and makeup is one of the best ways that people can look the way that they want while still being able to express themselves. However, one thing that pretty much everyone who uses makeup can relate to is the fact that it’s hardly the cheapest thing in the world! In fact, a lot of it can be downright expensive. This means that a lot of people can end up spending far more on makeup than they really should. Now, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and then, but the last thing you want is to end up with an empty bank account because you’ve spent all of your money on beauty products. With that in mind, here are some ways that you can fulfil your makeup needs without ruining your finances.

Cut back

Ask yourself: How many makeup products do you have? Okay, second question: how many of them do you actually use? The truth is that most people end up buying far more makeup than they really need and end up sticking with the same few stable items every single day. Whenever you feel the urge to splurge on some new product, think about the makeup that you already have at home. By changing your behaviour so that you only buy makeup when you really need it, you’re going to be able to save a serious amount of money.

Ditch the credit cards

Credit cards can feel like a dream come true for the compulsive  makeup shopper. After all, you can just charge any purchase to your credit card, and no have to worry about it! Of course, that’s until the moment where you most certainly do have to worry about it! Credit card debt is a serious problem, and the last thing you want is to end up in so much trouble that even the best credit card debt relief company couldn’t help you! Use your credit cards for emergencies only and, no, running low on foundation is not an emergency!

Look for cheaper brands

There are so many brands when it comes to makeup products that it can actually be kind of overwhelming. The problem is that a lot of the most well-known brands are also the most expensive. And sure, you might think that this is purely because they’re the best but the reality is that that’s not true. There are plenty of brands out there that do just as good a job at half the price. By being a little more savvy with your spending, you’re going to be able to avoid falling into the trap of spending huge amounts of money when you don’t need to.

Now, none of this is trying to say that makeup is bad or that you shouldn’t spend your money on it. Everyone has different things that they like to spend money on, and if you’re not able to treat yourself occasionally, then your life is going to be pretty dull. However, it’s still important that you’re careful with your money and don’t fall into the trap of spending more than you actually have.

Genius Tactics For Keep The Cost Of Makeup Down

Make up, for most of us it is a monthly cost that we cannot avoid. In fact, it always seems like there is one or two items that are running out, or that get broken in transit so have to be replaced. Unfortunately, that can mean that you end up spending a lot of your hard earned money on cosmetics, leaving you less for other things. However, there are some clever strategies for keeping the cost of your makeup bag down. Read on to find out what they are.

Go budget

There are so many makeup ranges to choose from on the market. Some cost under a dollar and others can set you back hundreds just for a single item. This can be pretty confusing when you are trying to pick a product, but it does mean that you can usually find what you are looking for in a lower price range if you don’t want to splurge on more expensive items.

OK, so some people make look down on drugstore brands, but actually, if you read the reviews many of them perform as well, if not better than premium items. Something that makes them a great choice for shoppers concerned with their budgets. It’s wise to remember too that, most people can’t tell once they’re on your face anyway!

Select budget items that are inspired by premium brands.

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Look for coupons

Next, you can get some of the better brands by looking out for special offers, coupons, and vouchers before you buy. In fact, at the moment you can get 10% off your Glossier order just by using a voucher that takes a second or two to find. They stock cosmetic removal items as well as makeup too, so while they are on offer, it’s a good idea to stock up for the Christmas period.

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Slim down

Also, if you are concerned that your makeup is costing too much, it can be useful to slim down the products that you use. The benefits of this tactic are that everything will fit in the bag easier, your routine will be quicker in the morning, and you can focus on quality over quantity. That means you can choose to buy a select few items that cost a little more, rather than having everything from the entire range.

Shop on eBay

Ebay and other auction sites are also a great place to find cosmetic items that won’t break the bank. They can be from premium brands too, as many folks order subscription boxes and then only like or use part of the contents. Then they sell what is left on auction sites at a discount price, allowing you to pick up a bargain.

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Of course, you do need to be careful to look out for sealed and boxed items, as these will be unused and the most hygienic. Although some people do buy pre-used items now, for most of us, this still remains a step too far, no matter how much money we can save on our makeup.

Beauty Products To Add To Your Bucket List

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Everyone has a bucket list. That’s a fact. Whether yours is literally hung on the wall beside your bed and made up of maps, polaroids and physical lists or just in the dark recesses at the back of your mind; everyone has a bucket list and they are almost always packed full of things that will ultimately enrich-slash-change your life.

Drinking a magnum bottle of Chateau Lafite from your birth year. Watching the sunset at Cape Point where the waves of two oceans collide. Enjoying a picnic on the shores of Lake Como. Starting a chinwag with a total stranger on a bus as you make your way home after work. Run a marathon. Raise a ton of money for a charity that is close to your heart. All of these things fall within the life-enriching category. They also have a defining factor that links them altogether, sort of like a common denominator, and that is the fact they’re all experiences, something that certifies the notion that money can’t buy happiness. But it can buy you some gorgeous, life-changing products, the kind that really do keep their word.

Most products tell invalid truths (which is just a poetic way of saying, “they lie”), but some really do possess the power to enrich the user. They can rid your skin of scars or balance out oily skin or simply be a cheap unbranded cosmetic that delivers the same quality as its $100 counterpart. These may only be small impacts, but it is the little things in life that can boost our morale the most. So, without babbling on anymore, let’s get straight to it. Here are the beauty products that will change your life. Period.

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No More Slouch Bags

The only problem with the Stacked Skincare Micro-Roller is its appearance. Don’t get us wrong, it looks stylish and cool, ergonomic and slightly futuristic, all of which are plus-points. However, it also looks slightly ominous, terrifying and intimidating, none of which is helped by the fact the roller part of this device is covered in lots of teeny-tiny needles. Still, this beautiful little tool works wonders and could be the answer to those bags under your eyes. Yes, this thing can banish them from your life for good, which is why it should become part of your daily essentials. But that’s not all. This micro-roller is also incredible at reducing any skin irritations you may have, as well as enhancing your collagen levels to make your skin look plumper, and we all wish our skin could look a little plumper.

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The No Smudge Lipstick

Beauty Bakerie is a little brand that has seen a real surge in popularity as of late. It is like the Bernie Sanders of the lipstick world, and rightly so because their Lip Whip line not just promises to be smudge-resistant, it actually delivers. Waterproof, smudge-proof, scratch-proof, just about anything-proof. We’re telling you in no uncertain terms, this is the lipstick you want to wear if you’re heading out for a daytime date with that guy you crush on. You can eat lunch, drink coffee, nail back a few shots, cycle around the park in 85-degree weather and then head to a bar safe in the knowledge that lipstick of yours is not going to falter. Oh, and if that isn’t life-changing enough, you also get the added benefit of being charitable.

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Wave Ba-Bye To Those Scars

Your teenage years were bad enough having been plagued by acne, so the last thing you want is to be constantly reminded that you haven’t quite come out the other side unscathed as you apply layer after layer of thick makeup in order to hide your scars. That is where Dermefface FX7 becomes the right-hand woman you have always pined for. Don’t just take our word for it, though, just take a look at these Dermefface FX7 reviews. Part of adulthood is battling back the scars of life, whether that be acne scars, burns, stretch marks, surgery scars or just the reminder of that accident you would have rather forgotten. That is what this product is ace at. It is a Godsend when it comes to finally eliminating your scar tissue, meaning you will find yourself skipping through town, with less makeup on than Alicia Keys and wearing that one thing that completes all outfits; confidence.

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Lashes To Rival Kim Kardashian

There is a lot of things that make KK an absolute tonic for tired eyes, from her curves to her hair to the way she dresses, but the dirty little secret to her appearance is her eyes. Her eyes always look incredible. Unfortunately, not all lashes were born equal. When we leave ours untouched you can barely see them they’re that thin and translucent. Yes, the struggle is real. That is where the wonderfully named Too-Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara drops into our lives like some sort of cosmetic SWAT team. It built it’s success off the back of hype and it delivers like nothing else. If super-long lashes without any clumps is the aim, then TFBTS mascara is the game. We read one review by a well-known beauty blogger and this what she said, “ If I could only choose one beauty product to use for the rest of my life, this would be it.” Strong but valid.

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Anti-Oily Skin Foundation

There really is only one pitstop you need to make on this front, and that’s at Estee Lauder-ville because their Double Wear foundation is phenomenal. Phenomenal. Phe. Nom. E. Nal. Even those who truly were not blessed on the skin front have revered this product like it is some sort of Greek Goddess. We’re talking about ladies that have acne scars, oily skin and pores the size of moon craters all celebrating what this product has achieved. It is the full coverage you have always hoped for but never ever gotten from a foundation. Yes, it leans slightly toward the expensive side of the scale, but it is one of those things that we will use no matter what, even if that means begging a loan shark for money because we have gone broke.

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What Do We Want? Plumper Lips.

Since Kylie Jenner got all that surgery done at the age of fifteen (oh, come on, be realistic, of course she had work done), big lips have been all the rage, and rightly so because Kylie looks absolutely stunning. I mean, she managed to steal the name Kylie from Minogue, that takes some doing. Anyway, the whole reason we are mentioning this is because we have discovered the mother of all lip plumpers and it’s called Niod Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate. Sure, it isn’t exactly the catchiest of titles but don’t let that detract from what this product achieves. The reason why it takes the top spot without question is simple: it enhances your pout in the long run. Yup. No more using a lip plumper that adds volume for approximately nine minutes, meaning you have to nip off to the bathroom 36 times on date because the Niod rendition uses a cocktail of peptides and bio-tech that actually encourages the production of collagen in your lips. Like we said, your pout will be blessed with longevity

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The Best Comb Ever Made

Now, in recent years, the Tangle Teezer has made all the headlines. However, this is just proof of how a good marketing strategy can sell more products even though it is not the best on the market. That title goes to The Wetbrush. We understand that may divide people because Tangle Teezer-lovers (of which we are most definitely one) will refuse to hear anything bad said about their saviour. But hear us out. We’re saying anything bad against the TT. We love it. However, the Wetbrush is easily on par with how easy it is to use and how effective it sorts out the mess of hair you are battling again. The reason we give it the nod ahead of the Tangle Teezer is to with the delicacy in which it operates. Some people love the scratchiness of the TT, but we can find it too much at times. The Wetbrush, however, is spot on. After using this product, you’re life will be split into a time before the Wetbrush and your life after its discovery. It glides through even the most tangled hair, wet or dry, without any fuss, which is why we will never go back.

The cynics amongst you will probably have read this blog, shaken your head slightly and rolled your eyes at the prospect any of these products can change your life. However, one try, just one try of any of these and you will realise how naive you were to ever think badly against their genius. They really do keep all the promises they make, which is both rare and refreshing. Putting our name to just one of these products would be hard as they all revolutionise different areas of beauty. However, what we will say is this: each one gets our seal of approval. All of them.

Why Does Your Makeup Look Bad?



Makeup is meant to be transformative. It’s meant to be the thing we can use when we need to feel good about ourselves; when we want to look our best, feel beautiful and confident. So when it goes wrong, it can feel like a double whammy of misery.


There are several reasons that your makeup isn’t looking as good as you hoped it would. Often, there are tips and techniques you can learn that will make an immediate improvement in your application – and, most importantly, how you feel about it.


Messy Mascara


Mascara is one of the most useful tools in your makeup bag, but also one of the most difficult to get right. You can apply perfectly, then realize it’s smudged beneath your eyes or there are little flutter lines on your upper lashes. It’s not a good look.


  • You should “blot” mascara in the same way that you blot lipstick. When you’ve put it on, run your fingers over the lashes to remove any excuse.
  • Only ever wear one or two layers of mascara; anything more and you’re just asking for problems.
  • Waterproof mascara is the best choice if you have smudging problems. If you’re worried about removal, then don’t be: any good facial oil should be able to wick it right off.


Foundation Foibles


If you don’t feel confident in the appearance of your skin, it’s hard to feel confident about anything. Foundation is prone to a number of problems such as looking cakey, but there are ways to guarantee a better finish.


  • Your foundation needs a good base to sit on, which is why it’s important to learn how to take care of your skin to achieve the best results. Think of your facial skin as your canvas; it needs to be smooth, moisturized, and in good condition if the base is going to look good on it.
  • If your foundation is looking cakey, then you have likely applied too much product. Go sparsely with mascara, patiently layering up over problem areas rather than just applying it all in one.
  • If you find your foundation has a tendency to rub off during the day, then consider a setting spray. These have been the secret of makeup artists for years, but have now thankfully hit the mainstream.


Lacklustre Lipstick


Lipstick is the perfect finish to a well-done face of makeup, but getting it right takes a lot of practice. Even if you get it looking good in the mirror, you can quickly find that it’ll be gone the moment you dare to take a drink.


  • As a general rule, matte lipstick will last longer than anything with a gloss or sheen to it.
  • Blot lipstick at least three times during the application process.
  • Use as invisible lip liner to ensure your application has clean edges. Invisible lip liners are a great investment as – unlike sets where the liner matches the lipstick color – you can use them with any lipstick or gloss that you want.



Do you have any makeup tricks you think other people should know?

10 Beauty Steps To Take Before Your Break Away


Heading on vacation or for a weekend away can be a lot of fun. Not only do you get to relax and have fun with friends, family, or your significant other, but you get to let your hair down and take some time out. And when we take time out, we all want to look and feel our best. And there’s nothing like a bit of summer beauty prep to get you there.


Whether you’re a big believer in the whole mani-pedi-spray tan combo come vacation time, you like to make sure that you’re feeling your best at the start of the summer, there are a few things that you might want to cover off before you head off. So, even before you start dreaming of summertime cocktails and breakfast on the beach, it’s time to look at the top beauty steps to take before you go.


  1. Book In For A Wax


The first thing you’re want to do to get yourself vacay ready is to think about the hair removal process. To make sure that your legs stay smoother for longer, you might want to switch your usual method of shaving for a more efficient wax. Then you won’t have to worry about shaving when you’re heading to the beach.


  1. Exfoliate


Next up, you’re going to want to keep on top of an exfoliate schedule. If you don’t always exfoliate, you might find this one a bit hard. But, keep those legs even smoother for longer, and to make sure that your skin keeps a tan a bit longer, you’re going to want to buff away those dead skin cells a few times a week.


  1. Get A Manicure


And then there’s the classic manicure to think about. If you already head to the salon on a weekly or fortnightly basis, you may already have your standing appointment in place. If not, you should book in. Gel or Shellac nails last so much longer than regular polish and are perfect for your vacation, especially when you opt for fun summer nail art.


  1. Pamper Your Feet


With your nails look pretty, you don’t want your feet to feel left out. So, next up, you’re going to want to go for a pedicure or do one yourself. Buff away the hard, dead skin, clip back those nails, paint them a pretty shade and make sure you add lots of moisturizer to keep them feeling good for the entire time you’re away.


  1. Get Highlights


When the months are warmer, there’s nothing like changing up your look a little to follow suit. So, if you want to get in the vacation spirit, why not think about adding in a few highlights when you’re next in the salon? There are so many subtle balayage types that you could just go for a little sun-kissed look to flatter your soon-to-be tanned skin, rather than a huge change.


  1. Sort Your Brows


Wouldn’t it be perfect if our brows just stayed exactly how they are when you walk out of the beauty salon? Well, because that can’t overly happen, you’re going to want to make sure you book a brow appointment for as close to your vacation date as possible. Then, you’ll be brow beautiful.


  1. Get Pearly Whites


Next, you’re going to want to be able to smile like you mean it while you’re away. And nothing makes a good smile feel great like those shining pearly whites. So, pick up a whitening charcoal toothpaste a few weeks before you go and get to work. Your teeth will be sparkling in no time.


  1. Give Yourself A Facial


You’re going to want to make sure that your skin looks and feels its best before you go away. Whether you’re planning on going fresh faced a lot of the time, or you just want a clear complexion to make you feel confident, give yourself a facial before you go to bring out your radiance.


  1. Top Up Your Tan


And who doesn’t want to hit the beach looking like they’ve been there for years already? If you want to have that gorgeous summer glow on your skin before you arrive, you’re going to want to invest in a good fake tan and get your routine right a few weeks or days before. Then, you’ll feel like you really fit in when you’re laying out by the pool.


  1. Try Eyelash Extensions


Finally, to make you feel as if you’re makeup ready as soon as you wake up, why not give eyelash extensions ago for your break away? Not only do they give you extra length and volume, but you also don’t have to apply mascara every morning either. It’s a win-win!



Beauty On A Budget: Saving Time And Money On Your Face

For a lot of people, a large portion of their weekly or monthly budget goes into cosmetics. This industry is one of the biggest in the world. And, companies know this. This enables them to charge any price they like, for items which are worth just a fraction of what they make on them. This isn’t going to change. But, you can still find some ways to save a little bit in this area. To help you out, this post will be going through three of the ways you can make this whole pursuit just a little bit cheaper. So, now, you just have to go out shopping.


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One of the easiest ways to save money on something like this is through compromise. Buying cheaper brands will always save some money. But, you can do better than this. Instead of buying your makeup at all; you can make it yourself. There are loads of ways to make natural makeup using guides online. Of course, you won’t be able to make all of your makeup. But, you can start doing this with some of the products you buy. Along with this, there are loads of natural supplements which can take the place of other cosmetic products. For example, a chemical like creatine can be used in the place of hair and nail strengthening agents. And, it doesn’t cost much at all.


For some, the idea of buying different options will be too much. And, of course, this makes sense; a lot of people get accustomed to their makeup. And, changing it could make life very hard. So, instead, it’s a good idea to try and look for some of the ways you can stock up on these items. There are loads of websites out there dedicated to selling wholesale products like this. Buying things in bulk will almost always make them cheaper because it gives the seller a chance to make money fast. To do this, you will have to look for some companies in your home country. Aliexpress is a great example of a company that does this sort of thing worldwide. But, you might find it hard to find exactly what you want.


Companies have sales all the time. This sort of trick has been used for years by businesses to try and increase revenue. Of course, they don’t lose money during these sorts of events. And, may even make more than usual. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of them. When your favourite items go on sale, it’s worth buying as much of it as you can. Along with this, you should use sites like Sweet Sparkle Makeup to find new deals which you haven’t found yourself. Salers can be one of the best ways to save money on products like this; you just have to find them.


Hopefully, this will inspire you to start working harder on your makeup and other cosmetics. Most people don’t put in this effort. And, it will always have a negative impact on their wallet. So, be smart; buy these products at their lowest price.

Simple Beauty Fixes With Big Results!

When it comes to beauty fixes and solutions, there’s a temptation to assume that it involves big changes that you have to commit to very seriously. People usually imagine that you have to do some work if you want to make yourself more attractive in some way. But the reality is quite the opposite! Sometimes if you really want to do something to make yourself more attractive, the simple solutions are by far the best. With that in mind, here are some simple beauty fixes with big results!


Change your makeup palette


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Do you ever have those moments where you look at someone, and their makeup is done perfectly, and you just can’t quite figure out how they’re able to pull it off? Then you look at yourself and feel like a clown? Well, the reality is that it’s probably not someone else is somehow better or worse than you at putting on makeup, it’s just that they’ve found a palette that compliments their skin tone better than you have. Finding the right tones and colours when it comes to your makeup could completely change the way you see your face. The best thing to do is speak to the people working at the makeup counter. These people have more experience with what looks good with certain skin tones that just about anyone else!


Non-surgical cosmetic procedures


When people think of cosmetic procedures, their minds almost inevitably jump to scary images of scalpels and surgery. Nips and tucks that leave you scarred and stretched in different and frightening ways. However, not all procedures are nearly as serious or invasive as that. From skin peels to dermal fillers,

there are plenty of simple and quick procedures that aren’t going to leave you looking like you’re made of plastic. You can find more information about dermal fillers here: Of course, as with any procedure, it’s incredibly important that you’re aware of any risks involved and that you’re completely sure about the decision that you’re making.


Go natural


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Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to throw out all of your beauty products! Although going completely without every so often can not only help your skin breathe more easily, but it can help boost your everyday confidence as well. But one of the best things to do is to go as natural as possible when it comes to choosing products. Products with lots of harsh chemicals and perfumes can end up doing more harm than good for your skin so it’s a great idea to stick with things that only include natural ingredients as much as you can.


Get more sleep!


Seriously, this might be simplest and most effective beauty tip in the world. Getting more sleep will help you avoid bags under your eyes, it will help you feel better which will spread out to the way you carry yourself, it can help clear up problems with your skin. The list of benefits of sleep on your physical appearance really does go on and on!


Glamour Puss: Timeless Beauty Trends

While you’d need to be pretty fearless to try out some of today’s more out-there beauty trends

a la unicorn hair, lip plumping and statement eyebrows there are the five utterly gorgeous looks that have stood the test of time.


Pexels By: Adrianna Calvo


Cherry Red Lipstick


Be it crimson kiss, berry blush or pillar box red women have been reaching for red lipstick for forever. In fact, during the suffragette movement many of the women who marched, went on hunger strikes and attempted to force parliament to give them the vote wore bright red lipstick as a sign of female strength and power! Even today a slick dash of crimson confidence will help you feel sexy, powerful and in control, so it’s no wonder that it was a favorite of Marilyn Monroe as well as having been seen on everyone from Madonna to Gwen Stefani, Taylor Swift, and Scarlett Johanssen.


Pexels By:


Cat Eyeliner


It’s a cute feature that can instantly alter a whole makeup look with just a flick of black eyeliner. Sixties women would spend hours trying to copy the fabulous cat eye seen on the alluring Brigitte Bardot and Sixties icon Twiggy with their beguiling eyes, pretty faces, and almost luminescent expressions. Modern cat eyes are seen all over the catwalks and celebrities such as Ariana Grande has thickened the edges so that the pencil line’s sharper at the corners. Experiment with which cat eye works for you, and don’t forget false lashes or a thick layer of mascara to help open up your eyes. Diva Lashes are an excellent beauty brand whose products give the illusion of longer, fuller and butterfly like lashes that are easy to apply, you can choose to buy either individual lashes or full sets and they stay on for hours.


Pexels By: Pixabay


Smoky Eyes


There are hundreds of different techniques out there when it comes to creating a smoky eye, but they all tend to have the same result. This makeup isn’t just a classic it’s become the go-to look for girls nights out! The soft application of eyeshadow, the sweep of eyeliner and the charcoal color palette looks amazing in most women. Greta Garbo who wore it first, and some say the best, lit up the screen with her sultry expressive eyes as a silent film star, later smoky eyes were seen on every 90’s superstar including the come hither eyes of supermodel Naomi Campbell.


Pexels By: Tookapic


Modern Bob


Never has a haircut been more iconic than the ‘Rachel’ except maybe the bob, a style that first appeared in the 1920’s and is still making waves today. Bobs, and false bobs have gone from being tight, curled and almost pudding bowl in their appearance to sharp and angular, like the blunt bob Victoria Beckham sported for most of the nineties. This then gave way to a softer, more refined do that’s stylish and easy to care for. Instead of looking stiff bobs worn by celebrities such as Sienna Miller are loose, wavy and have personality to them. False bobs created by carefully placed pins are also a fantastic way to enjoy a shorter hairstyle without having to sacrifice any of your lovely long hair!


Age Perfect

Aging is something that concerns us all, whether we are in our 20’s or our 50’s. No one wants to look older than they actually are, and most us would like to skim at least a few years off our actual age. But how can we manage this? Read on to find out.




Now anyone that doesn’t think that the right makeup can make you look at least 10 years younger is really missing out. I’m not talking about a quick smear of BB cream here, though, but the more full face of makeup known as contouring.  


In a way, it’s like a non-surgical facelift because you use light and shade to reshape your face. If you combine this with a high-pigment foundation, you can cover over redness and blemishes very easily.  Giving you a flawless complex no matter what your age.






But makeup works best if the skin that you are starting from is in great condition, and there are treatments that we can use to ensure this is the case. The type of treatments available, varies widely from fillers at places like, to facials, to taking targeted vitamins to reduce the physical signs of aging.


Remember that none of these treatments is now usual for managing the effects of aging and you just need to research each option to find the one that will suit your the best.




You may not necessarily believe that the patterns that we had much to do with how old we look but they can have a bigger impact that you might think. Most seasons there are new colors and patterns that are in vogue, and keeping up with these can do a lot to accentuate your outfit and ensure that you avoid looking dated.


Picture here


You also need to think about the type of pattern that you wear, for instance, vintage flowers are still uber on-trend. But these can have an aging effect on some folks, so it’s best to avoid them unless you are rocking a garment with a, particularly modern cut.




As well as the color and patterns of the clothes that you wear, you also need to think carefully about the actual style and cut what you purchase. This is where it can get a little complicated as not only do you have all of the fashions to keep up with. But you also need to dress for your own comfort, and match the style of clothes to the body type that you have. Take a look at site like to find out more about the different body shape and how to dress them to your advantage.


Be careful here, of falling victim to trends and not tailoring what you are wearing to your age and body. As wearing the latest fashion can be very aging, not to mention unflattering if it doesn’t show off your figure to its best advantage.




Of course, whatever you do, one of the most important ways of looking good and feeling great is to have a good attitude. To this end, it is important to have a little fun with your look.


Treat yourself to some funky accessories or a bright lipstick. Rock a floral dress at 20, or a biker jacket at 60, and remember that rules are just a guideline to help you look your best. So there is no harm in breaking them, once in awhile, if the fancy takes you!