MIA – Week One

Picture taken four days before her arrival!

I feel as if I have been mentally writing this post for over a year, yet am not fully sure exactly what I want to say. It’s not easy, and being honest is always difficult in our social media world these days. I really feel the need to share the journey of the last two years though, and shed some light on why I went MIA.

I started this blog in 2015, and have really enjoyed sharing various outfits, recipes, and fun products from small businesses. I loved watching the inspiration it gave to others and have had fun being able to connect with so many people!

I am sure if you follow me on Instagram you have seen posts and updates on my life and happenings. I just felt like I was finally ready to sit down and get back to blogging. While I am not fully sure where it will take me this time, I am looking forward to starting again.   Over the next few weeks I will be sharing various bits and pieces of my life; and hope that you enjoy reading along.

Week One

Two days before Thanksgiving 2016 I found out I was expecting with our second child, we’d find out in January we would be having another girl. My husband and I were over the moon, as we had been trying for a year and a half, and were close to thinking that God didn’t want it to happen for us again. What was even more fun was that we were leaving the next day to head to New York to spend Thanksgiving with his family. We were able to keep the secret all weekend, thank goodness!

I was trying to keep up with posts during the early stages of pregnancy. Unfortunately, I am one of the women who does not have a fun first trimester, at all. Unless I was sleeping, or trying to lay in the fetal position on the couch, I was incredibly nauseous. Like, right on the edge of losing my stomach…all day…but never did, kind of nauseous. (Trust me, it’s as bad as it sounds.) This was the first slow down of the blogging train.

As I moved into the second trimester, I was feeling better, my baby bump was growing, and I was only fitting into certain clothing. I am sure that many would say it would have been the perfect time for me to do some Maternity Fashion; sure it would have been. However, in all openness, I was not feeling that attractive, and was wearing the same few outfits. I felt a little like I had lost my touch, and the train slowed down even more.

Eventually I did find that the train pretty much stopped, and I just wasn’t posting anymore, and of course, it is easy to simply continue to NOT post, to not share. Why though? Well, preparing for a baby, with a school ager (or any age older child, our just any baby whether it be first, second, or fourth) is busy, and at times chaotic. Looking back, I should give myself some more grace for letting the website become “stale” for a bit. Family and time with our oldest daughter before adding our second, was much more important that spending time on my site.

In June of 2017, a little over one month before our second daughter was due, I took a full social media break, and I loved it. I had so much fun spending time with my husband and oldest daughter, creating so many fun memories. This was one of the healthiest things I have done and it helped to put a lot of things into perspective. Don’t get me wrong, I love many aspects of social media and connecting with others, but it simply doesn’t need to consume that much of my time.

Life isn’t happening inside of a screen, it’s happening right in front of us. As Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Next week I look forward to sharing a bit about life after baby girl arrived! What was life like when you were adding a baby? Have you ever taken a social media break? I would love to hear your thoughts, comment below and let’s discuss.

Simple Steps to a Healthy Pregnancy

During pregnancy, looking after yourself is important. There’s your health to worry about, as well as the development of your baby. It can come as a bit of a shock to read about all the things you are and aren’t supposed to do. Everyone seems to have advice for you, from qualified doctors to friends, family and even sometimes random strangers. It might be a lot to process, but you still want to look after yourself and your baby. Knowing some of the main factors to pay attention to for a healthy pregnancy will get you on the right path and help to make things less confusing.


Photo credit: Pexels

Diet and Exercise

Diet and exercise are often the main two points of focus when talking about healthy pregnancies. What you put into your body and what you do with it are always important, but your pregnancy might make you think about it more than usual. Eating a balanced diet is even more important to get all the nutrients you need. There are also some particular things you need to make sure you get enough of, such as folic acid, which helps to prevent birth defects. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to eat for two, but a few extra calories is a good idea. When it comes to exercise, don’t stop exercising when you get pregnant. Keeping fit is important, helping to keep you healthy.

Getting the Right Healthcare

You want to make sure you have a good team looking after you during your pregnancy. Good obstetrics and maternity care are important to keep an eye on your health and the health of your baby. You can find many health services that can offer you top care. Some, like Lahey Hospital services, use state-of-the-art technology and have highly-qualified doctors, midwives, and nurses. You can research a medical service or person before you choose to use them. It’s easy to find reviews, and you can even check qualifications and certifications to make sure you’re happy to use someone’s services.

Navigating All the “Don’ts”

As soon as you’re pregnant, you can realize that there are an awful lot of things you’re told not to do. As well as some of the more obvious ones, like not smoking, drinking or having caffeine, a lot of other things seem to be off limits too. You’re warned off eating steak that’s not well-done, sushi, unpasteurized dairy products, and anything else that could pose a risk. It’s not always easy to know what to listen to and what you can safely ignore, especially as advice changes all the time. It’s often best to speak to your doctor or midwife to get the facts.

Getting Vaccinations

Becoming ill while pregnant isn’t something you want to happen. Getting vaccinated against some illnesses is a good idea. There are some vaccinations you can’t have while pregnant, but others are recommended. You should get the flu vaccination, and it’s also a good idea to have a whooping cough vaccination. The whooping cough vaccine helps to protect your newborn baby as it can be very dangerous for them to get the illness while they’re small and unable to have the vaccination themselves.

Staying generally healthy will help to protect you and your baby during your pregnancy. There are a few extra things to pay attention to as well.