Leopard On A Mission – Week Four

Woohoo! Week four’s mission is here! I hope you had a fun time writing letters last week, I know I did.

This week I’m asking you to leave a positive or encouraging message on at least one public bathroom mirror! Bonus points for multiple mirrors! Be sure to take a picture and share them with the hashtag: #LeopardOnAMission (but not location, both for safety and for fun!)

This is one of my favorite missions, so you may see this again in the future.

I hope you are all also continuing to spread kindness and love. Please let me know if there is anything you’d like to see in these weekly missions.

Have a great week everyone!

Motivation Monday 

I have had to remind myself of this recently. Things can become overwhelming and we can feel that we HAVE to say yes, take on more, etc.

This is how we get burned out, tired and frustrated. I took last week to take a breather, allowed myself space to think, and I feel better heading into this week. 

Hang in there, you are doing great things! 💋

Monday Motivation

I know I have missed a few #MondayMotivation posts, I can be open and share that I have been struggling a little. 

New school/workout schedule, as well as my house cleaning schedule. I also feel like I have slid into a bit of a rut when it comes to #OutfitInspiration posts. I am mentally in fall, but the weather here is still really hot, so I feel I have worn all my summery style outfits.

I have spent the last few days thinking and reflecting, and told myself, “I want to be a success story.”, and it struck me as a perfect quote to use for today. 

No matter where you are, or what you are going through, remind yourself of why you started. I’m cheering you on as well. 💋