Simple Ways To Switch Up Your Wardrobe

One of the best things about fashion is that it changes and evolves continually. If you have an interest in the latest trends, but you don’t have the money or inclination to overhaul your wardrobe every season, there are some very simple ways to freshen up your look.


If you don’t have the time or money to invest in a brand new wardrobe every time the wind changes, accessorizing is a brilliant way to keep on top of trends and inject new life into your closet. With accessories, you can create a vast range of new looks without investing in new items of clothing. If you’ve got a set of summer staples, for example, you can add accessories to produce an array of outfits. Take a simple black jersey maxi dress. If you’re going to the park or you’re heading to the mall, add a pair of casual sandals, a vintage leather satchel and a couple of mismatched bangles. If you’re going out for lunch or meeting friends, add a wedge shoe, a tote, and oversized shades. For a night out, go for heeled sandals, a clutch, and earrings.

When you’re shopping for accessories and jewelry, think about when and where you plan to wear individual pieces and how much you want to spend. If you’re searching for a ring you want to wear forever, take a look at sites like 77 Diamonds, and choose a ring that you know you’ll love for many years to come. If you’re looking for some quirky earrings to go with a festival outfit, check out thrift stores, high street shops, and vintage stalls. If you have a collection of accessories, you can mix and match them to cater for every occasion.


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Look for inspiration

If you’re keen to liven things up a bit, and you feel like you’ve been wearing the same clothes or sporting the same look for a while, look around for inspiration. Check out what your favorite celebrities are wearing, flick through fashion magazines, and take a trip to the shops or do some browsing online and see what’s out there. Whether you’re shopping for a bag, or you’ve got a wedding, concert or party to attend, and you need an outfit, it’s always good to be open to suggestions, and to see how others put looks together. You may find that you like elements of one ensemble and aspects of another, and you can combine the looks to celebrate your own style.


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Don’t be afraid to try new things

Are you one of those people who looks at rails in stores and is too afraid to try items that aren’t your normal style, or do you often assume that things won’t suit you before you even give them a second glance? If so, it’s time to be braver and bolder. If your wardrobe needs a new lease of life, have more fun with fashion. If you see things you like hanging on a rack, take them off and make for the fitting room. What’s the worst that could happen? Nobody needs to see you, and you can just hand the item back to the assistant if it doesn’t suit you.


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Are you looking for ways to freshen up your image or revive your wardrobe? If so, hopefully, this article will help you switch things up and celebrate your style.

What’s Your Sleep Style?

When it comes to getting ready for bed and being comfortable during sleep, it’s safe to say that we all have different preferences. Sometimes, it can even take you a while to work out what is best for you. Maybe you like a certain style, but you’re not sure if it will be comfortable. Or maybe you’re comfortable, but you don’t like the style. So, let’s break down three different options for you to consider.

  1. Shorts & Tee

Up first, we have the classic shorts and tee or cami combo. Think boyfriend shorts or panty style shorts that are super comfortable and even quite cute. Worn with a tee or a cami, you know that this look is going to be incredibly comfortable for you to sleep in. In fact, it definitely tops the list. But maybe you’re not to see if it looks right?

  1. Sexy Set

Well then, maybe you need to go for a silky set instead? Sexier pajama styles often get a bad wrap as being comfortable, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If you chose a set that fits you well, feels soft on your skin, and is easy to wear, then you’re onto a winner. Just make sure that you shop around to find a set that feels perfect.

  1. Wild Onesie

Finally, you could also go with the good old-fashioned onesie. Because as you can see from the infographics below, we’ve been loving these forever! And you know the comfort level will be high here too.

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From Amateur To Pro: 6 Steps For Jewellery Designers


Making jewellery is something that many of us experimented with as children. We’d string beads onto string, struggle to make clasps work, and delight over our own creations— but for the majority, making our own jewellery is something we quickly moved on from. It was a fun childhood hobby, and nothing more.

However, for some women, the delight of making jewellery doesn’t wear off. Attempts from childhood are replaced by genuinely impressive crafting skills, and the hobby is just as enchanting as it always was. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s worth asking if your amateur hobby has the potential to become a career. It’s easier than ever to start a business selling handmade jewellery, and if you want to try such an endeavour, here are six steps that will help you on your way…

STEP ONE: Establish the market

Before you enter into the business of selling jewellery, you have to be sure there is a market for what you’re producing. Browse local craft stalls and online sites like Etsy to see if your designs are truly unique compared to what is currently available. If you’re making similar pieces to other designers, it might be worth experimenting with styles until you find your niche.

STEP TWO: Decide where you want to sell

You have two options for selling handmade jewellery: online, or at craft stalls. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and you may find that your best choice initially is to try both and see which works best for you.

STEP THREE: Work through the finances

If you have little experience in business, then you will need to learn how to calculate costs, profits, and expenses. While this can be a lot to process at first, there’s plenty of free assistance available for business financial management online, so you should be able to get up to speed relatively quickly.

STEP FOUR: Choose the right display equipment

Whether you’re photographing items to sell online or arranging them for display on a stall, you’re going to need to ensure that your pieces are presented well. This means opting for display equipment like hand mannequins for bracelets and rings, and bust mannequins for necklaces and earrings. This equipment will help to display your pieces correctly, and in a way that is attractive to potential buyers.

STEP FIVE: Think about advertising

Your pieces have to be known about to be able to sell, so you’re going to need to spend some time increasing visibility via an advertising campaign. There’s a useful starter guide here that can help you choose the advertising direction you wish to take.


With all the finances in place and a decision made on the markets you’re going to target, the next step is the biggest of all: go ahead and sell! It’s best to start small with just a few pieces and, should things go well, you can build your range from there.

In conclusion

Whether your jewellery designs become a handy side hustle or a fully-fledged business, it’s well worth exploring the possibilities of sharing your jewellery-making talent with a wider audience. Good luck!

Choosing the Right Jewelry for the Right Occasion

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When you are putting together an outfit, one of the best ways to add the finishing touches is with some jewelry. However, when you are going through your collection, you may be wondering which type goes best with each occasion. Sometimes, you are looking to create a casual and laid-back image, whereas other times, you want to go all out to make a big impression. In this blog post, we are going to be talking through a few suggestions of how you can finish off your outfit perfectly with the right choice of jewelry. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in and get started.

When Going Out on the Town

When you are going out on a big night with your friends or work colleagues, this is the perfect occasion to be a little more bold and adventurous with your choice of jewelry. First of all, you should look closely at the outfit that you have selected and choose jewelry that goes well with this. Bolder items tend to contain a lot more colour, texture and shine, and they certainly won’t look out of place with an elegant evening dress. Take a look at the collection from JORGE JUAN JOYEROS for some inspiration. If you are planning on wearing an outfit that is a little more colourful, pay extra attention to ensure that there aren’t any colour clashes. Simply look in the mirror, try on a few pieces and you should get a better idea of what works and what doesn’t.

When Your Are Going Out to Dinner

If you are wearing an outfit that is already quite dramatic and striking, there is no need to go overboard with your choice of jewelry. In fact, you could go for something which is a little more delicate and subtle. If you are really having trouble in selecting a piece to go with your current outfit, a simple golden necklace is versatile and fits in with a wide range of different choices. A simple rule of thumb to bear in mind is that your jewelry should be seen as an addition to your current outfit and it should never be trying to compete and overcome it.

When you are wearing clothing with fancy patterns or designs, your best choice is wearing simple jewelry. If you attempt to combine daring designs with more complicated jewelry, it is much more likely that one will overshadow the other. Sometimes, something simple like pearl or diamond-stud earrings is more than enough to give off the impression of elegance and style that you are trying to create.

When You Are at Work

For the times that you are simply going to work, you are better off being more conservative in your approach to jewelry choice. Of course, your company policy may dictate more specifically what you can and can’t wear. Try to choose jewelry which is subtle and won’t draw too much attention such as a delicate necklace or a classic watch. You could always look to your colleagues to see what type of jewelry that they wear on a day to day basis and follow their lead. As well as the look and style of your jewelry, you should also consider practicality when you are at work. For example, if you are going to be typing all day, this may preclude you from wearing certain types of rings.

When You Are at a Formal Event

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Formal events such as weddings give you a unique opportunity to go all-out when it comes to your choice of jewelry. This is the time to wear your most expensive items – possibly the ones that feature gemstones if your have some in your collection. There are plenty of specific items which are designed to make you look more glamorous such as a bib necklace, chandelier earrings or a big cocktail ring. However, you don’t want to go overboard and wear all of these items at once as they can end up overshadowing one another so you don’t end up creating the impression that you were hoping for.

When You Are Going Out for a Casual Day

Perhaps you are going out to brunch or a shopping trip and you are looking for something nice and casual to finish off your outfit. An easy enough choice is to pair a summer dress or skirt and sweater with some classy pearl earrings or studs – and you could also add some bangles as well. If you are just going for the classic casual jean and t-shirt look, you can simply pair your outfit with a long necklace with a small pendant.

When You Are Going for a Job Interview

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There is no doubt that a job interview can be a highly stressful and challenging situation, but your choice of outfit can help you to relax into it and feel at your most confident. Remember, you are trying to give off the best first impression that you possibly can to your potential employer. Make sure that you feel comfortable in your outfit and choose minimal and simple jewelry items to go with it. An understated necklace and some stud earrings may be all you need. Maybe you could wear a signature ring to show off your personality, but you want to avoid picking anything too flashy.

Remember, the jewelry that you choose could be what makes or breaks your outfit, so pick carefully from your collection. You don’t have to spend a fortune building up a collection, but if you have a few pieces that work well with a range of different outfit combinations, you will be able to mix and match your style. Try on a couple of different combinations if you are not feeling totally confident and always go with your instincts as these tend to lead you in the right direction. Hopefully, this brief guide has also provided you with something of a helping hand in this regard as well.

Seven Ways To Change Your Style For Spring

We are embarking on a brand new season and with that comes a change in the weather and how we feel. There is something about brighter mornings and longer days that actually makes you feel great inside and out. Of course, as the weather starts to warm up, we have to start saying goodbye to some of the items of clothing we have grown accustomed to these last few months. The skinny jeans and oversized knit combination. Boots of all types for all kinds of weather. Big coats, fluffy hats and scarves, and even maybe getting into our pyjamas at 5pm just because the light is fading outside.

Spring has sprung and with that comes some fresh inspiration and changes for our wardrobe and style. New trends and collection have been released, and it is your chance to try some new items of clothing and put a little more focus on your appearance. But if you find yourself in a real style rut,how do you break it? I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can change your style for spring. I hope it gives you the inspiration you need.

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Change your hair

One of the first things you could consider doing would be to change your hair. A seasons change gives you the perfect excuse to try something different. Maybe you have had the same style or even the same hair colour for a while and you like the idea of trying something new. Going online to do a bit of research will help you find some great styles to choose from. The options are endless but sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new can end up giving you a real boost in confidence that could be expelled in other areas of your life.

Try new makeup

Makeup is another way to help you change the overall look of your appearance. People can often stick with the same products and makeup style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a little more adventurous and try out a new lip colour or a smokey eye. Makeup is one of those things that unless you are confident in the application, you stick with methods that you know. Websites like YouTube are full of video tutorials that can really inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and try some new makeup styles. It may even encourage you to try new products in terms of your skincare as well as your makeup application.

Add different accessories

Maybe you want to transform an outfit but you aren’t sure how you can do it. I am here to tell you that accesories is one of the easiest ways to help make your outfit appear differently or even dress something up or make it appear more casual. It might be unique jewelry like statement necklaces from websites like Animal Kingdom Jewelry or it could be adding a jhat or a pair of shades to your overall look. Accessories can be in all different forms. It could even be the bag you choose, the scarf you put on, or added elements like belts, for example. Accessories can really be your easy ticket to transforming your style ready for spring.

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Incorporate colour into your wardrobe

One of the most instant ways to change your style for spring is to consider colour. You may love colour, but do you really wear it? Many of us find brightly coloured clothing difficult to wear, but actually incorporating colour into your wardrobe choices can really help transform the way you look. You can try and ease into it by choosing pastel shades and this is actually quite a big trend for Spring. It might be in a top or even in terms of nail polish colour. Youcan slowly start to insportate it into your style and you will slowly see how it will start to transform the way you look and even the way you feel in terms of confidence.

Prepare yourself

Winter is the time of year that we cover up in jeans and oversized knits, and often, that means that personal self-care such as taking care of our feet and defuzzing our legs become less of a priority. But now that spring has sprung why not take some time out to get yourself ready for the action. Have an at home pedicure and paint your nails in a brightly coloured polish. Defuzz your legs so that you are not afraid to put on a skirt and show off some skin. Doing these things can help you to feel better about yourself and feel ready to take on the spring style.

Create capsule wardrobe

If you are little worried about styling outfits for spring then why not simplify matters and create a capsule wardrobe? This is essentially minimising your wardrobe so that you have key pieces that work well together and can be coordinated to create different outfits. It is also a great way to experiment in terms of mixing patterns and colours, as well as trying out new styles. Limiting yourself can actually make you much more creative.

Step out of your comfort zone

Finally, stepping out of your comfort zone in terms of what you wear can actually be a great way to transform your style. We mentioned a capsule wardrobe limits you, but don’t be afraid to be adventurous in terms of patterns, textures and colours. This is where you can truly identify what makes you feel good in terms of your clothes and perhaps what makes you feel less confident. It might even be having the guts to wear something you wouldn’t normally wear,. For example, if you love jeans why not try a skirt instead, you could even stick with a denim option if you love the style. Maybe try a maxi dress instead of something tight fitting perhaps. The options are endless. Step out of your comfort zone and embrace what makes you happy.

I hope that these tips help you to change your style for the Spring.

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Feeling Fashion Confident In Your New Job

Congratulations on securing that new job role; you’ll be on the road to more confidence in your abilities, the chance to network and meet new people, and a great reason to skip out of bed each day. There are always going to be some first day, or week, or even month, nerves; it’s only natural. However, the confidence you have in your appearance, style, and work attire choices; shouldn’t affect how you feel regarding your nerves. Taking some time to organize what you’re going to wear in your new job throughout the working week, will ensure that you can stride into your place of employment knowing that you can portray outer confidence; even if you’re panicking a little on the inside!

In a new job role and place of employment; you still want to be yourself and express your personality through your clothing. However, you’ll need to ensure that the clothes you wear are suitable for the environment, and if there are any rules and regulations surrounding clothes in the workplace; you follow them to the letter. Therefore, it might be time to start looking through your wardrobe and pulling out some key items that you know will work, heading out to pick up some new things and re-working garments that you may have forgotten about. Putting the effort into your style before your first day will give you one less thing to worry about and you’ll have your ideal, capsule workwear wardrobe. The following are some ideas for fashionistas who are lacking a little self-confidence when it comes to their new job, what to wear, and how to wear it.

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A Fitted Jacket Will Work Wonders

A tailored and well-fitted jacket or blazer, in a plain hue, will work wonders in smartening-up any outfit. You can team a great jacket with dresses, skirts, or pants, and it’ll give your outfit a chic silhouette instantaneously. Therefore, it’s worth thinking about investing in a suitable option so that you know you’ll have something to throw on top of whatever you choose to wear. You could also utilize alteration services from companies like Stitch It who can ensure that your blazer fits like a glove, and it will give your garment a high-end and luxury feel. Tailoring and altering your clothing will ensure that you’re comfortable, confident, and look your best every day at work.

Keep It Neutral

Ensuring that the majority of items in your work wardrobe are neutral colors will allow you to introduce pops of bright color and prints to suit the season. Crisp white shirts, deeper toned jackets, pants, and skirts, and dark footwear will ensure that you can rock that bright red blouse or floral scarf whenever you feel like it. Keeping your silhouette clean and simple and focus on the fit of the garments and how they make you feel. Ensuring that an outfit makes you feel good on the inside will help you to portray happiness and confidence on the outside so that your first week at work will run smoothly.

Clothes Shopping Horrors (And Their Solutions)


Clothes shopping is meant to be a good thing. Retail therapy, choosing to treat yo’self– there’s plenty of ways to express the simple fact that buying new clothes is meant to be something positive. You’re meant to come away from the store, new purchases in hand, already thinking about where you’re going to wear your new outfit.

Instead, so many of us walk away from clothes stores feeling angry, frustrated, and ready to give up and just wear a sack for the rest of our lives.

Okay, so it might not be quite that dramatic (even if it sometimes feels like it is), but the truth is that clothes shopping is usually more of a nightmare than a dream. Why not read through this list of common thoughts women have when shopping for clothes and see which of these thoughts you recognize– as well as a few ideas on how to overcome the issues they identify?

“Why isn’t clothes sizing standardized?”

Oh, how much easier life would be if sizing were standard across all stores! You’d be able to walk in, grab something off the rack, pay, and be out in less than 10 minutes. Instead, you find yourself frowning in the mirror of the changing room, trying to figure out why you suddenly can’t get your usual size over your hips. It’s not a fun experience.

What Can You Do?

Petitioning clothes manufacturers to actually standardize clothes sizes is about the best solution. Also try and consult size guides before you shop in a store; it’s the best way of having an idea of the sizes you want prior to wasting time trying things on.

“Why is one size too small, but the next size up is too big?”

It’s a mystery, but we’ve all been there. You try on one size, and it sort of fits, but it’s not exactly comfortable. You try the next size up, and it looks and feels like you’re being drowned in fabric. Unlike with shoes, clothing doesn’t come with half-sizes, so you’re stuck between a choice of choosing items that are too tight and restrictive and something that makes you feel like you’re wearing a maternity smock.

What Can You Do?

The best bet is to learn to alter clothes for yourself. Grab yourself a sewing machine for beginners and learn to adjust clothes; you’ll be surprised how quickly you can pick up the basics. You can then buy clothes in the larger size and alter them to suit your shape– bespoke is definitely better than off-the-rack anyway!

“Why is the lighting so terrible in here?”

Lighting in changing rooms is a menace. The lighting is usually on the ceiling — which is never flattering — and it’s also a harsh, yellow color. Everything that you try on will look terrible as a result, and you’ll leave the store feeling like your self-confidence is in tatters.

What Can You Do?

Ultimately, trying things on at home will give you a far better idea of how it really looks. Order online, try on at your leisure, and then send back the one that doesn’t work out.

While clothes shopping can be endlessly irritating, there’s no doubt there’s some fun to be found in there as well. Follow the advice to mitigate the damage of the experience, then enjoy!

Winter Accessories That Warm Your Outfit

With winter firmly approaching and the days cooling off, your wardrobe is bound to shift. The floaty dresses and open toe wedges are being traded in for skinny jeans and knee-high boots, with cocktails in the sun traded for hot chocolate in the snow. Winter is indeed very much on the way and as your clothing swaps over to something more suitable for the season, so must your accessories. Coco Chanel once said that “fashion changes but style endures” and you should take that advice with you to the stores when you go shopping for your accessories. Fashion will change season to season and year to year, but if you’re stylish and choosy with your accessory choices, you won’t ever be out of fashion!

Choosing your accessories in the digital age is easy, especially with smart clothes on the rise. We’re not talking tailored suits and designer handbags, we’re talking a GPS trackable smart wallet that matches your outfit and keeps you safe. We’re talking this Samsung belt that can tell you whether you’ve gained any holiday weight. Winter accessories that warm up your outfit don’t just stay with the traditional anymore, not when there are smart clothes on offer to keep you looking fantastic. So, what warming accessories can you wear in the colder months to keep you toasty?

Image Source

Smart Jeans. Okay, so regular jeans are technically not an accessory as such, but smart jeans ARE a walking accessory and when you’re putting away the dresses and maxi skirts and swapping them for jeans, wearable tech is an amazing option. These Joe’s Jeans are able to charge your iPhone 6 as you walk, making them comfortable and functional as an option this winter. Pair them with some…

Image Source

Ugg Boots. Never out of fashion, comfy boots are a total must in the colder months. These authentic Uggs are waterproof and will keep you warm wherever you are, and with a pair of jeans you will be on trend!

Image Source

Oversized Scarf. The beauty with scarves is that they can be worn more than one way. They can transform an entire outfit and make it so that you look trendy and smart all at the same time. Oversized scarves aren’t just an accessory, they’re an essential for the season!

Image Source

Techy Gloves. Similarly to smart jeans, gloves that are combined with digital tech are a must. Trying to text on a smartphone when you’re out in the cold is impossible, but these amazing gloves have a fabric on the fingers that work on your phone screen so you won’t freeze while updating people on where you are!

Image Source

Hats. Winter is a time for warming and hats, while beautiful all year round, are perfect in the winter. Beanies are just the perfect mix of cute and sexy while still remaining stylish, and beanies that hang off the back of your head are a stunning way to accentuate your hairstyle while keeping toasty.

Winter accessories are not boring ones, they’re a necessity to stay stylish and bright even when the world is grey and gloomy!


Style Items That Wood Sharpen Up Your Wardrobe

As men we’re always on trying to look sharp when we leave to go to a spot where we socialize. Granted men’s fashion is the more obscure than women’s fashion because whenever something new is pushed out, it normally get rejected. At the very least, some style items we buy, slowly degrade and then, they’re not as slick and cool as they were when we first bought them. Well, it’s time to incorporate a new style that’s more inclined to last a little longer and quite literally. How about the use of wood to force open your choice of other clothing items? As a material, we think of wood as being more for other household items, but the urban and hipster scene has always been pushing the boundaries. Now you can add to your wardrobe with certain elements of fashion that make use of different woods, in a cool and outlandish way.


Source – Clem Onojeghuo

The hat that started it

Hipster culture is hit and miss, and it always has been. Some say the style is just being different for the sake of it, which discredits what it tries to achieve. However the majority of the inner city fashion icons, are adamant that something, and sometimes anything should be done to push men’s fashion in another direction. Fedora hats are to be seen especially in the cosmopolitan cities. A wood-brimmed fedora hat makes use of woods like oak, rosewood, and beachwood to circle the outside of the headwear. With different shades of red, orange and brown wood colors, you can then mix and match the different fabrics and textures for a snazzy look, which gets more apparent the closer the observer gets.

Wood you like some shade

Protecting your eyes during the hotter months is a practical solution that fashion has made a market out of. Aside from the metal or plastic shades, there are other, obscure but trendy styles out there on the market. Bamboo sunglasses are light and durable, yet they stand out from the crowd due to the contrast of natural colors, as well the uncommon use of the material. Bamboo is as strong as steel some say, and yet just a minuscule of the weight. The light yellow or beige color would go well with bright and dark tops because the natural tone of bamboo is quite neutral.


Image by – Gabriele

Skater vibes 

Times have changed, and the skater boy fashion has had to move with them. Rather than the synthetic wrap bracelets from the 1990s, you could incorporate a wooden bracelet to go with your outfit. You can get dark orange varnished styles, but the rough and tumble are wooden bracelets, that have scratches, and cuts as part of the style. If you’ve got ear hole lobe earrings, you could also swap out the casual black plastic style for a smooth oak variation. They’re less likely to bend and snap when weight is put on them because they’re a more dense than plastic, yet weigh just as light. Additionally, as they’re tougher, they won’t snap and potentially harm you.

Without a doubt, the use of wood will shake up your wardrobe. It just goes to show, you don’t need to have the latest chic styles that are coming out of Paris, and other fashion havens to give your fashion sense a new horizon on your own style.