Step Back In Time With Vintage Style

It can be difficult to pull off vintage clothing. All too often we can find ourselves on the wrong side of eclectic and veering ever closer to looking a bit dated. Achieving a modern take on retro styles can be tough. But with some careful consideration and handy tips, anyone can master the vintage look.


Keep Costs Down


Vintage clothing can quickly become pricey. This shouldn’t be the case. One of the reasons people like the vintage style is that it harks back to a less materialistic time. You’re supposed to buy vintage clothes and treasure them forever, not throw them away. So make sure you buy a few pieces, sensibly. Avoid overspending by buying individual pieces rather than whole outfits. For instance, a great pair of boots that you know will work with jeans you already own. Or buy the crazy kaleidoscopic dress, as long as you already have a bag and earring to match. This way you won’t overspend, but you also won’t go overboard.


Giving a Subtle Nod to Retro Style


Speaking of going overboard, if you just want to dip your toe into the vintage trend, there are ways to do it subtly. Give a nod to the trend without going too far by recreating some classic makeup looks from the past. Pin-up girl curls and bright red lips are a retro makeup look inspired by the 50’s. Similarly, try pairing some costume jewelry from the past with a modern outfit that’s already in your closet. Lastly, try replicating the popular silhouettes of bygone eras rather than buying vintage itself. For instance, pencil skirts clinch the waist and hug your figure, just like a lot of 50’s outfits.


Step Outside Your Comfort Zone


Vintage clothing is all about embracing bygone eras and styles. Forget what you thought you knew about shape, style, and fit, and go with it. To truly pull off a vintage look you need to wear it with confidence. These clothes have withstood the test of time, so stand tall in yours!


Avoid Looking Like You’re in Costume


If you’re going all out with a vintage outfit keep your hair and makeup minimal. Remember you’re trying to recreate elements of the style, do everything at once and you’ll risk cheapening the look. Loose waves, ballerina buns, and slick straight hair are all great accompaniments to bolder looks. Pair your look with some modern accessories, this is another great way to bring this vintage style into your modern life. A contemporary handbag, fashion-forward sunglasses, or trendy high heels will all do the trick.


Five Reasons Your Wardrobe Should Be Full Of Vintage Items

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The vintage and boho look is so on trend this season that the second-hand thrift shops are blooming. Style classics never go out of fashion, and the current fashions are always echoing styles of the past – it’s all about the 90s at the moment – so why not go authentic? The clothes tend to be cheaper and better made, and you’ll never turn up to a party in the same dress as someone else when your dress is 60 years old.


  1. The mismatch style is on point

The beautiful boho mismatched style is so chic at the moment. The spring summer catwalk for this year was full of beautiful 1960s style hanging earrings, but a different one in each ear. Floral patterns, tassels, and tribal symbols look fantastic thrown together, and super feminine too.  


  1. It’s cheaper

While vintage clothing can cost a bit more in store, it’s made to last. Clothes these days are almost disposable – they’re churned out in their millions in huge factories in third world companies with financial markups that would make your eyes water. Vintage clothes were, more often than not, lovingly hand-crafted. The quality is in the fabric, the detail, and the construction. Yes, it might cost you more up front, but it won’t need replacing any time soon.


  1. You might find a gem

As fashion writer Mandi Woodruff writes in How to Save Money on Your Fall Wardrobe | Teen Vogue that clothing swaps between friends are a great way to find the piece of clothing you never knew you needed, and anything else goes to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. That means these stores are brimming with amazing clothes, both modern and vintage that could give your look the X factor. You never know, you might find yourself a gem when browsing the racks.


  1. It’s better for the environment

The universal fashion industry has an awful impact on the environment. Everything is created for as little money as possible, with a lot of pollution as a byproduct. The process of creating the fabric and then the items themselves uses pesticides and chemicals which are then leached into the environment. They’re  then shipped halfway across the world into a store that you or I could walk into. Every time you buy vintage, that is one fewer item of clothing that needs making – it’s basically clothing recycling.


  1. You’ll never end up matching

We’ve all been in this horrifying situation: you walk into a party in your favorite dress, only to find someone else there in the same piece, that you then have to spend the rest of the night avoiding. Is there anything more embarrassing? If your favorite dress is 50 years old, the likelihood of that awkward situation happening is significantly lessened, almost to the point of impossibility. Your style, becomes completely unique, and very cool.


If you know how to style vintage pieces to keep them on trend, there are so many reasons you should do it. And more than anything, they can be ridiculously cute, and totally worth the investment.


The Secrets Of Styling Vintage Clothing With Ease

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While the fashion industry is obsessed with finding the next best thing, it also keeps its eye firmly on the past too. Vintage clothing continues to excite designers and provides inspiration for their collections. This is often why the same styles and trends continue to return time and time again. Vintage clothing offers a brief glimpse into bygone eras and is often affordable and accessible than designer goods. It also encourages individualism as vintage pieces are generally one of a kind. However, many people overlook vintage clothing because they are unsure how it should be worn.

This guide contains a few insider secrets that will help you style your vintage pieces with ease while still looking fashionable.

Combine new and old

Many people feel that if they wear all vintage, it may look like they are wearing costumes or going to a themed party. This is often what makes them afraid to try it. Rather than buying an entirely vintage outfit, start with a few separates instead. It could be a silk shirt or a sweater for instance. These can then be easily teamed with newer items you have in your wardrobe. You could wear the shirt with a pair of jean or wear the sweater over your favourite dress. This is the perfect way of introducing you to the world of vintage while also building up your confidence to wear it more often.

Choose items that look current

The majority of contemporary fashion design is inspired by vintage clothing. So choosing items which look current shouldn’t be difficult. Do some research into trends to see what silhouettes and patterns are tipped to be big next season. For instance, if colourful  florals are in, start looking at vintage blouses and dresses with floral designs. If you’ve seen you favourite actress wearing a sheer black shirt, see if you can find a vintage version online or in a vintage shop. This will ensure your look is relevant and chic, even though it was made decades ago.

Remember that if an item doesn’t fit or needs slight alterations, most vintage shops will offer tailoring services too. So you can give vintage pieces a more modern feel by removing sleeves or raising the hemline if you prefer.


Wear contemporary accessories

To bring vintage clothing right up to date, try teaming it with contemporary accessories. From oversized sunglasses to statement necklaces, this can add a modern twist to your vintage look. You might want to consider wearing vintage dresses with black biker boots for an edgy rock chick look. Or adding acid coloured jewellery to simple vintage blazer and shirt. The possibilities are endless so start experimenting to see what works.

As well as using contemporary accessories, you might also want to consider modern looking hair and makeup too. This will ensure you don’t look like you are wearing a costume and also makes your look interesting.

So rather than shying away from vintage clothing, you now know how to wear it with confidence. Get online or visit your nearest thrift shop to see what treasures you can find.